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Epstein “The Kraken” Escaped Federal Custody During 6 Jan Riots

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As Trump supporters prepared to lay siege to the Capitol and stop electors from certifying Biden’s Electoral College victory, Secret Service agents loyal to Trump were clandestinely escorting a VIP to  the United States Senate Chamber. That person was none other than convicted pedophile Jefferey “the Kraken” Epstein.

As Real Raw News exclusively reported on 2 January, Epstein was alive and well and part of the government’s witness protection program. Operatives loyal to Trump had sprung him from a New York City correction center and faked his suicide, and when Trump realized that Epstein was indeed “the Kraken” and willing to name Joe and Hunter Biden as frequent guests of Lolita Island, he offered the pedophile the deal of a lifetime—clemency and a new identity for open testimony.  Epstein promised to “spill the beans” to Congress at the 6 January Electoral College certification.

But then came the riots, and what should have been a triumphant moment for Trump became an inescapable morass.

At noontime, as President Trump stood at the Ellipse and addressed nearly 250,000 faithful supporters, two Secret Service agents prepared Epstein for his date with destiny at a safehouse near the Library of Congress. They made Epstein wear dark, baggy clothes and a hoodie with the hood drawn over his head. Tinted, jumbo sunglasses obscured his face.

One Secret Service agent, who has since been fired, told Real Raw News that Epstein started acting squirrelly minutes before his debut before Congress.

“He started acting all nervous and shit, then cried like a baby, saying “these people are fucking dangerous, you can’t protect me, no one can. They’ll get me. You just don’t understand who we’re dealing with” before we gave him a valium to calm his nerves. We were supposed to get him to the Capitol—take him in through the underground tunnel—and wait outside the Senate Chamber until President Trump got there after his speech,” our source said.

“We told him he better do his deal or else he really would commit suicide,” he continued.

By 2pm Trump had finished his speech and a massive crowd of his supporters assembled on the west side of the Capitol exterior, which is typically off limits to visitors. Meanwhile, the Secret Service agents led Epstein, who was not handcuffed, through the tunnel and up into the Capitol proper, just as protesters breached doors near the Senate Chambers, then stormed through the hallways skirmishing with an overwhelmed Capitol police force. Outmatched and outnumbered, some officers retreated for fear of being trampled or, worse, killed.

“It was pure mayhem. Upon entering the building, we walked right into wall of people a thousand deep. Me and my partner each had one of Epstein’s arms, and we tried to guide him in through the mob. Everyone was squeezed together like a can of sardines, ass to ass, elbow to elbow. It was like a fucking mosh pit. Suddenly a body came flying at my partner and knocked him strait to the floor,” our source said.

A second later, he, too, was cold-cocked and collapsed to the floor. When he and his partner came to their senses, Epstein was gone, nowhere to be seen. While many protesters were garbed in outlandish, polychromatic costumes and happily snapped self-incriminating selfies, an equal number of insurgents were inconspicuously garbed in clothing identical to Epstein’s dark hoodie and sunglasses. Not everyone wanted his visage blasted on the evening news.

Within minutes, two dozen Secret Service agents and US Marshalls fanned throughout the Capitol and D.C. in a covert, exhaustive manhunt to find Epstein, but he was gone, nowhere to be found. Epstein must have blended into the mob and absconded, probably never to be seen again.

“The very people claiming to support Trump ended up fucking him,” our source said. “If they’d stayed outdoors, we would have made in with Epstein, and Trump would’ve been vindicated. The mob hurt Trump’s chances of ever getting the full truth out. If the event hadn’t happened, Trump would be in the White House right now instead of at Mar-a-Lago,” our source said.

Asked whether he believed the disastrous encounter was random or part of a Deep State snatch-and-grab operation, he said, “I don’t know. I just don’t know.”


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    • jr7

      The nimrods that decided a high value target like Epstein only needed two secret service, sound like they aren’t even qualified to manage a den of cub scouts.
      Sounds like the geniuses who planned this were complicit…

      • 2QIK4U

        ……😐😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 Hahahahaa More BULLSHIIT ! This is just Embarrassing the stack of Crap piling up.. This is all to cover up the first story that Epstein is singing like a 🐦 And was going to testify ! L O L 🤣 Epstein did not commit Suicide and that was not his body taken out to the ambulance

        • Anonymous

          Just when I thought you were getting it you had to go acting like a fuckin’ retard again. Epstein is DEAD, just like Buckwheat. He is not going to come up bouncing out of his coffin. Dead is dead everywhere but in BIN. Accordint to BIN, Obama, Bush, Bush, Biedn, Hillary, Trump, Epstein, Yogi Berra, Dr. Fauci, Biden’s dog Ranger, Eisenhower, Chaney, Bill Clinton, Ihonka, Barron, George Washington, Hitler, Putin, and Jesus Christ are all in GITMO waiting to get their heads lopped off. BIN is the BOMB!!! :cool:

      • Debbie

        This story is so ridiculous…..who writes this nonsense?

    • Anonymous

      This story is BS, all it does is reinforce the lie that it was Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol. No individual of respectable intelligence would have paraded Epstein in this manner into the Halls of Congress. They could have done it remotely with Zoom or some other platform and he would have at least been ziptied with an ankle monitor and secured with a minimum of 10 agents. I am losing respect everyday since the 20th with this website. Look up gullible in the dictionary and see how many people’s pictures are next to the definition, you won’t see mine!!!

      • Romach

        one hundred percent!! this story is absolute bunk. disinfo fecal matter.

        • Anonymous

          Just like every single article that has ever been posted in BIN, is being posted in BIN and will be posted in BIN in the future. Very perceptive of you Romach. :cool:

    • raburgeson

      Beyond suspicious a large number were dress like Epstein. This was not apparently just a riot. You still have custody of the videos, release them to the public. I don’t want to hear the BS that they are porn, they are evidence.

    • DiiSegreti

      Really. None of us believe Eppy killed himself and many of us have postulated he’s in some sort of cover program. But you really expect us to believe Trump came up with the idea to march Jeffrey actually into the halls of Congress to do what? Just kick in the door and point his finger ‘you fuck little kids, and you drink their blood, and you madam speaker have a poop fetish’
      Does this sound like the dumbest fucking plan ever hatched to anyone else? If not please go to your garage, start your car, and sleep on this. For the rest of us who can think beyond a third graders paper sack lunch, this is the dumbest damned thing I’ve ever heard. Trump was a lot of things but retarded was not one of them. Can’t say the same for the Windex licker who penned this work of heaping runny shit. Fake news is all over BIN. Time to search out a new platform.

      • Anonymous

        Trump thinks that windmills cause cancer. Trump thinks that solar power can’t work at night after the Sun goes down. Trump told everyone on national TV that it just may be a good idea to get rid of Covid 19 by mainling Clorox into your system to kill the virus. Trump thinks that Covid 19 is a “hoax”. So, guess what? Trump IS fucking retarded and so are you for posting this comment. :cool:

    • nill

      nice fiction

    • Jude

      This reads like a poorly researched work of fiction. TWO guards for a prisoner with such important information? When I worked at our local jail, we had two guards for “Big Mike” (prisoner’s name changed to protect my ass) , the guy was also leg chained AND handcuffed. He still could have taken out both guards, but not gotten through the concrete corridors, or the ten man response team. The point that I’m trying to make is, the “Maestro”would put a better guard on a witness of such importance!

    • HTLIII

      Epstein’s security detail undoubtedly was in the same batch of sluggards who allowed Antifa, BLM, and the other knuckle draggers in to destroy and mark their turf. Not even remotely believable.

    • Barry

      Kilo Charlie = turd that need to be flushed.

      • Anonymous

        This kind of BS only serves to remind us at how bad the Orange fraud, Epsteins private party pal, betrayed his voters and country.

    • Faylee

      More proof please

    • HOC

      Story is crap, Trump speech ended shortly after 1 pm and the riots had already started. Also if Epstein was indeed still alive, Im sure he wouldnt be out in a crowd in disguise, common sense tells you that is BS.

    • AJ

      Have to say it; You have zero credibility……..

    • vlewis

      I find this very odd and highly unlikely. Why would Trump and the US Military let a high-valued asset like Epstein just walk through a mob of ANTIFA and Patriots when they knew in advanced that ANTIFA was planning false flag? Why risk losing him in the chaos with nothing to gain? I say he is still in GITMO where he’s been since shortly after his faked suicide. If Epstein was to identify certain persons as child predators, he would do it in a court of law in front of judges, jury and counsel and on the record in a formal legal proceeding, not just march into the chambers of congress out of nowhere, pointing a finger saying, “him, him, her, him, her, her and him.” This claim is asinine.

      Consider that ANTIFA/BLM/Deep State goons have somehow infiltrated this website with nonsense hit pieces like this.

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