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Generals Tell Trump “We Got Your Back!”

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In his first 48 hours in office, President Biden eviscerated many of Trump’s noted accomplishments: He suspended construction on the border wall; he rejoined the Paris Accords; he signed executive orders mandating that law-abiding American citizens wear potentially dangerous facemasks while on federal property and on public transportation. And, among other things, he slashed America’s defense budget, which will likely cripple the nation’s defense readiness status.

And military generals are fuming mad.

Two—US Army General James Dickenson, Commander, US Space Force, and Air Force General Glen VanHerck, Commander of NORAD—contacted Biden on Thursday to question his motives for drastically slashing their budgets.

A military source speaking under promise of anonymity told Real Raw News that Biden scolded the generals for challenging his authority.

“Give me a break. I’m president now and I make the decisions, not Trump. Get on board or get fired,” Biden reportedly said to General Dickenson. “The Space Force is going away. If you want to go away, too, just say the word.”

Biden also reproached General VanHerck, saying cash Trump had slated for the nation’s strategic nuclear arsenal would now go toward funding FEMA and expanding the national domestic terrorist watchlist. VanHerck received the same ultimatum—fall in line or fall out.

Biden was so enraged at the generals’ attitudes that he instructed Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley to admonish top military brass from expressing loyalty and obedience for Donald Trump. Any officer caught swearing fealty to Trump would be summarily fired and possibly indicted on charges of treason, Biden warned Gen. Milley.

Precedent for such fiendish house cleaning was set by Barack Hussein Obama, who fired 197 generals and admirals—including 40 in a single vindictive day—during his eight years in office. He replaced them with officers who pledged allegiance to the United Nations.

“Biden’s been in office only two days and already he’s trying to get going where Obama left off. Make no mistake about it—Obama is back, and he’s behind the scenes, pulling the strings. It wouldn’t surprise me if he asked Biden to make that call to Gen. Milley. That call floated all the way down some ethereal echelon and pissed off a lot of high-ranking officers. Dickenson and VanHerck got dressed down twice, first by Biden, then Milley. For Dickenson that was all it took,” our source said.

He claimed that Gen. Dickenson at once chartered a civilian airplane and flew to Mar-a-Lago, where he was greeted by none other than Stephen K. Bannon, who has been tirelessly aiding Trump to overturn fraudulent election results. Bannon escorted Dickenson to a secure conference room where Trump sat staring myopically at computer terminals that continuously computed simulated elections.

“Forty-five thousand simulations, and Biden hasn’t won a single one,” Bannon allegedly told Gen. Dickenson.

Gen. Dickenson informed Trump of Biden’s sinister plan to gut defense spending and fire anyone who disagreed with his obviously flawed logic.

Our source said Gen. Dickenson made a peace overture to Trump by calling him “Mr. President” and promising him the support of no less than six Army generals, two Navy admirals, one Air Force general, and the Commandant of the United States Marine Corps, all of whom stood ready to move against Biden’s regime at the “appointed time.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. President, we got your back,”Gen. Dickenson told Trump.

If all information is correct, Trump, though no longer in the White House, still has an excellent rapport with the military, and enough influence to bring the military’s power to bear against Biden’s criminal regime.


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    • S8-10

      Trump is an idiot for not conducting a similar purge. Everyone obama promoted should be looked at as a potential terrorist/communist sympathizer

      • Sven

        Trump knows all and sees all.

        • The Watcher

          He has the ORION CUBE! :wink:

          • an argie

            Don’t you see it? WHU do these new generals of Biden have to pledge alllegions to the U.N. and NOT the U.S.A.?

            Patience is a virtue… 8 days left….

            • an argie

              WHU = WHY

    • jdpent01

      Very nice to see the Generals still for Trump, but what are they going to do at this point? From this article it looks like nothing was scheduled for the 24th of Jan giving the Military 11.3 to usurp Joe and company from office, if the don’t now get it right, careers could be voided out by court marshals. We hope they put the Biden clowns down now they know funding is no longer forthcoming and the tyrant Biden has no love for the Military like Trump had/has still.

    • jdpent01

      At this point? From this article, it looks like nothing was scheduled for the 24th of Jan giving the Military 11.3 to usurp Joe and company from office, if they don’t now get it right, careers could be voided out by court marshals. We hope they put the Biden clowns down, now they know funding is no longer forthcoming and the tyrant Biden has no love for the Military like Trump had/has still.

    • BHorner

      Looks like a made up article. Who’s the source?

      • Live2Fight

        yeah – sources? actual names? Now, having served on SECARMY Staff, I’ve heard flag officers vent in front of me about big policy stuff they did not agree with during B43 years. Finding a valid source of the above assertions shouldn’t be difficult.

    • PeacePlanet

      Kilo Charlie => “Ton o’ Chit”

      ‘Nuff said.


    • Sven

      Fake. This site claims Biden is for the guillotine for Trump supporters.

    • pocomotion

      Impeach Donald Trumpf NOW! Biden FOREVER!

      • Parjaroguy

        The president is just a spokes person; a facilitator. The real power lies outside and far away.

    • patann

      -Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing? I hope it’s not the US General who called a build up of torture vehicles a dirty Mede and soon turn his war horse over to the prophet Jeremiah, undoubtedly touting no contest with biblical prophecy, fulfilling, whata you know, blessed are hearers, doers, stampders and Rev 2 Jesus’ overconmers, for the cataclysmic end of all things as we know it, is here! Thus saith Jan 22-29, ({2018}), Rev 10, Mighty Angel and fright night, he’s allied by Rev 17, 7th angel, bearing 7 worst of the worst, judgment bowls, himself, beware, Apb

      • MyTwoCents

        English please. smdh

    • Tedx

      More fiction for Q moonies.

    • Tedx

      So, why did the US Army obey Biden’s orders to invade Syria with a forty vehicle convoy on Biden’s 2and day in office?

    • Theremustbeanotherway

      This is story time for Q tards…..there is no evidence of this …. just the Bolshevik “trust” operation in a different guise.

    • truthzilla

      LOL>..”Obama behind the scenes pulling strings”…LOL…FUNNIEST STUFF EVER! Obama is a moron and, a weak pathetic ne’er do well.

      • MediaMike

        Even so, he’s 10x more cogent than Chiden.

    • Dan Hammer

      So stop talking and start doing, thx tired of this B.S.

    • feral pa paw

      I was filled with glee until this line came up in your article. A military source speaking under promise of anonymity told Real Raw News that Biden scolded the generals for challenging his authority. Then I moved on to the next steaming heap of dung article to see if I could actually find some red meat. I also love the “Sources close to” and the ever popular “According to Sources present at the meeting”. Which basically means you puled this out of your a$$ to sell BS to otherwise rational Folks. Making me wonder how much Hopium Pablum it takes to fill the stomachs of so many BS starved Masses?

    • Rich

      This is getting REAL SERIOUS, Putin cannot allow OBOZO#2 to destroy our military to the point where we are weaker than China. China and Russia are not allies. Putin will not make the mistakes of the past, China borders Russia and would like nothing better to send 2 million troops through Russia. Soon China will have a million troops in Canada. How else will they disarm us.

    • Ideas Time

      Trump knows so do 90 million Americans and soon millions more in favor of restoring the Republic.

    • thatdogwillbite

      Well lets are hope and pray that Biten………..dies a slow, painful and horrible death…..thank you God.

    • thatdogwillbite

      All not are typo. I should really proofread before I hit submit.

    • Albatross

      I don’t believe the above stuff. What national security would there be if every secret were exposed. That just makes the enemy ready. That is why I believe this stuff above is made up. If anything, it is the left doing it to get us to talk about it, and be disappointed.

      The key is to make God central, not man. We need to humble ourselves to God, turn from our wicked way, and seek Jesus’s face to be in His favor, then will God HEAR from Heaven, and heal our land. We can’t do it all by ourselves. We need Him in our personal lives, our choices, and our politics.

      We have to recognize that the people in office are very evil and wicked. They don’t represent the American people at all. We did not vote for them. The Dims didn’t vote for them either. But this is the people’s country; not evil despots. We are the ones under God that place executives in office. What we have now is occupiers. They are occupying an office that is not rightfully theirs. They are squatters. They are trash. They are aliens to the American people, chosen by rogue world powers. We owe them no allegiance.

      Neither does the military. The real president’s vow is to protect us from enemies foreign and domestic, and they are both. So is the military’s. I additionally pray to God that this occupation will be recognized as a foreign occupation, and the real President that we elected by a landslide of 90 million will be recognized as such, and obey the Constitution. Dear Lord I know…

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