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Why Are We Surprised?

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Theology and Politics from a Conservative, Biblical Perspective

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James opens his letter with the words, “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, 3 knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience…” (James 1:2-3 NKJV). If you’re like me, you have to ask, “What?!” How can I be filled with joy about trials I may be suffering through? James provides the answer and it is that trials produces patience IF we allow that to occur.

While evil people design evil things for others, God intends that these same evil things that come our way are intended only for our good. Admittedly, that is a difficult concept to wrap our brains around solely because our sin nature is guided by SELF and it demands that we preserve SELF above all things. Therein lies the daily difficulty of trying to see beyond ourselves to embrace God’s will for our lies.

The many trials that Christians are experiencing today come because of individuals who, by doing Satan’s will, seek to control all of humanity. This, they believe, will grant them supremacy over all global society. Talk about “white supremacy”! It’s globalist supremacy that the world is having to deal with now.

Anyone who continues to believe that the individuals who seek absolute control (and their agents), are doing what they are doing for our health, safety and good, is likely beyond help at this point. In spite of everything that comes out against their chosen narrative, globalists continue to push ahead with their plans to dominate and we hear new comments from Klaus Schwab on a nearly weekly basis. He clearly believes his time has come.

We are now warned civilization faces a “tripledemic” that is said to “decimate” the globe if people don’t get the next set of jabs (but will likely add to the growing numbers of people “suddenly dying”). [1] I already spoke of “Catastrophic Contagion” in a previous article. Powerfully evil people show no signs of letting up, attempting to force their will on the world. Who can blame them because if they relaxed their grip, they would lose everything they’ve worked for to this point.

It’s all about control. All of it and we should not be surprised at all, nor should we be anxious, as though this whole attempt by Satan to overcome the established order is abnormal. This is what he does.

Through his human minions, Satan needs to gain full control of global society because unless he has that, his plans come to nothing. So to that end, he works, deceiving the masses into believing that if we are not careful the following things will overtake society:

  • pandemics
  • climate change

The most deceived people in the world (rich globalists), are the same ones trying to create the final global government. The two things above are the main objectives used to bring about world domination. They work off of tremendous fear. We are warned that if we don’t have enough fearful respect for these viruses that are said to be here or coming, we will all die. If we fail to reduce the carbon footprint each person produces, we will all die. It’s always about our impending deaths because globalists know that most people do not want to die and will do whatever they can to remain alive, even if that means giving up freedom. Even Christians fall prey to this and this is not to say that all caution should be thrown to the wind. It is to say that when our decisions are based primarily on fear, we imprison ourselves. Death via pandemics and climate change is big business and it’s how society is being corralled and controlled, forced down a predetermined path toward a new world order of domination.

For instance, Oxfordshire in the UK has adopted even great controls over the people living there.[2] They will soon be faced with “climate lock-downs.” This means citizens’ comings and goings will be fully controlled, enabled by locking gates at each entry/exit to a town/village. That means that people will not be able to leave as often as they’d like. In fact, the city council there has determined that “…residents will be allowed to leave their zone a maximum of 100 days per year, but in order to even gain this every resident will have to register their car details with the council who will then track their movements via smart cameras round the city.” Isn’t that exciting? Sounds like prison to me, but it’s a highly useful method to gain control.

Another example is in the EU, where they’ve adopted a new taxation policy according to a person’s “carbon” footprint. The more of a carbon footprint a person creates, the more taxes they will pay.

Everything that’s happening today is due to Satan who seeks absolute dominance over global society. Everything. His time is apparently here. None of this should surprise the mature Christian because God’s Word warns of it throughout as we get closer and closer to the final last few years of human-led history. Too many folks are completely unable to see this and still believe those in power are doing what they do to keep us safe and secure. This is not to say that the Tribulation will start next week, month or year. It is to simply reiterate that we appear to be swiftly moving toward the start of that final seven years. When it begins only God knows.

In Middle East developments, it appears that the Abraham Accords continue to be refined and pushed, with many leaders in that area of the world moving ahead toward this potential “peace” deal. [3, 4] Will this be the actual covenant Antichrist confirms (Daniel 9:24-27)? I have zero idea. It could be, but there could also be something coming after this one.

Here in the USA, Jonathan Brentner at Rapture Ready opines that America is really at the end of the road because God’s judgment is here.[5] I’ve talked about that as well in previous articles, noting that the apostle Paul makes this downward progression in society clear in Romans 1. All the upheaval throughout the globe is causing a huge shift politically, which is making it easier for Satan to implement his will (with God’s permission).

Daymond Duck’s article (link #4 below), also discusses eight reasons showing we are nearing the start of the Tribulation. He does not predict when it will start. He simply notes indicators that to him, mean we are approaching that day when God will begin pouring out His judgment. This is fact.

Yet, error persists. I ran into one person recently who, through a great deal of mathematical calculations, has decided the exact day that the Tribulation will begin and when our Lord will return. It always amazes me how Jesus’ statement that no one knows the day or hour is completely missed or ignored by those folks.

Satanists and his minions are nothing if they cannot control people. They cannot force, so they do so using fear, threats, taxes and other things to coerce people into doing what they’re told. If people’s movements aren’t being controlling, controlling their health through forced experimental jabs that causes more harm than good. They then attempt to refuse to allow people to talk about it or ask honest questions, vilifying anyone who believes there are problems with the CV cocktail.[6] Satan is not backing down and in fact, he seems to be digging in because he has a great deal to lose if the current narrative is overturned with truth.

But if Satan and his globalist predators aren’t doing all the above, they are also trying to overturn the moral code that has existed in the USA and other countries for generations. In spite of the fact that God made only two genders and aside from the fact that a man should only marry a woman, from Jesus’ own mouth, the idea today is that people can be “fluid,” changing gender as they change clothing. Beyond this, there are a growing number of people who identify as “furries,” meaning some form of animal. Years ago, those people would have been confined to insane asylums. Today they are pandered too, elevated and celebrated. Anyone not accepting their narrative is treated as a bigot and hater. This is a form of persecution against those who follow Jesus.

The Left always does things that confuse issues and stretch credulity. Like so many other “acts” passed by Congress, the recent “Respect for Marriage Act” does not respect marriage, but simply forces people to accept what God has said is unnatural. Congress has removed options from the states’ control and forced the federal opinion on each state, effectively tying the hands of state legislatures. The Left is never concerned about what is right. It’s always about overthrowing the established order, which makes them the true Fascists.

The apostle Peter details a great deal of this in 2 Peter 2. He talks about destructive doctrines, then breaks it down with the coming doom of false teachers, describes the depravity of false teachers as well as the deceptions used by false teachers. Obviously, he is talking about those within Christendom, not those outside of the visible church. But many of these false teachers are in lock-step with globalists and their agenda. Remember, Jesus spoke of the wheat and the tares, the latter being impersonators and not true believers within Christendom. These liars work against God and His will. They seek glory for themselves so that they will be highly esteemed by the world. It is because of these imposters that error continues to work its way into the Church and weak, spiritually immature Christians are enslaved by their lies and deceptions.

Between Paul, James, and Peter, we gain a clearer picture of these end days. Many portions of the Bible shed light on end times things, but these specific writers offer insights into specifically how the deceptions are inculcated and grown throughout society.

Folks, the issue today is all about control. The Left is doing all it can to gain and maintain control over us. It’s probably best to walk away while maintaining an attitude of resistance wherever possible. God will protect and provide for those who rely on Him and trust Him in spite of the way things may look.

In order to survive the increasing technocratic control of global society, we must become more self-sufficient just like our ancestors were, which will allow us to resist the controllers. We must also force ourselves to give situations to God and trust Him for His outcome. As far as I know, that’s the only way to give yourself a buffer and distance yourself from the system of Babylon that is currently being erected in earnest right now.

We are warned to come out of Babylon (Revelation 18:4). Even though we are not at that point of the Tribulation yet where the Babylonian system does fall, it would be best, in my opinion, to begin to rely less and less on that system that will ultimately fail and fall.

The coming/growing system of Babylon – and possibly a city headquarters of the future – is being ushered in through electronic surveillance, loss of freedoms and top down technocracy. I’ve written about this quite a bit going back to 2011. Let me remind readers about the Smart Cities that are being “built” (as newly added infrastructures), now into cities that already exist.

I firmly believe God wants us living in peace, trusting Him to provide, regardless of what comes at us. He wants us to continue being light in the growing darkness. While we should be aware of what is being built in the world, it should not cause us to become rigid with fear and unable to move one way or another.

These days are the perfect time to exercise our trust in the Lord!

[1] scientists-explain-why-covid-spared-unjabbed-pdf

[2] Oxfordshire County Council Pass Climate Lockdown ‘trial’ to Begin in 2024





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Theology and Politics from a Conservative, Biblical Perspective


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