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How to Write a Book and Get It Published... Want to really influence discussions, publish your thoughts, it's easier now than ever...

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How to Write a Book and Get It Published
Want to really influence discussions, publish your thoughts, it’s easier now than ever…

[Book from Joseph M. Lenard TERROR STRIKES:
includes section on FREE SPEECH assaults and advocacy
see too: <ISBN: 978-1-955043-66-3>]

[Info on obtaining Copyright,.LCCN, ISBN's, at the bottom of this article - plus other potential/bonus (not including in book) updates - updates will be appended to this piece probably all throughout 2023... (use  Ctrl-F (search) to skip ahead to "ADDITIONS / UPDATES / BOOK SUPPLEMENTAL")]

Have you written some poems? Put them together in a collection.
Have you written some short stories? Put those too in a collection.
How about a novel, do you have a story in you waiting to come out?
Have a collection of blogs? Get them a larger/broader audience!
Advance your career by writing a fiction or non-fiction technical book about your business/industry.
How to Write a Book and Get It Published can/will help you get your writing to the masses.

MY NEWEST BOOK (DEC 2022)  <ISBN: 979-8-218-10042-1>:

Foreword by: Robert Thibodeau
Afterword by: Don McCauley (Marketing expert)
and Bruce Fleury (Author and Radio Show host)


As stated in the dedication, this book is for and about those who love writing and aspire to become a published novelist. If perhaps instead of a novel you may wish to publish, bundle, short stories (though within these pages we will discuss how you may be able to combine short stories to create a multi-layered, novel with several sub-themes under one main underlying theme that ties them all together); and non-fiction fare also.

I hope that my decades of writing, having more than two dozen copyrights, and now having achieved a #1 Bestseller standing, that I can now share that journey with you can and will help inspire you toward realizing your dream (if becoming a published author is just even remotely one of yours). Within this book I share my journey, in a sense, in the desire to pay-it-forward (so to speak) to those aspiring internationally published status; and hopefully #1 Bestseller stature; like I have.

These pages are designed to provide some hints, tips, techniques, and tricks, that you can effectively use to create your masterpiece.

Some aspects of this book are transcribed from interviews with those interested in further discussing his “behind the scenes” look at his writing and publishing processes of the book Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You.

This book is not designed to be all-encompassing but geared to those who have spent at least some of their lives writing and now are looking to take that next step. It is for those looking for some tips, tricks, techniques, on how to potentially improve their writing to achieve a publishable manuscript. For those starting from scratch, it is recommended that you find a local high school, library, or community college that offers creative writing courses to begin your process.

[See too:
further down article]

Joseph M. Lenard (aka: JLenardDetroit)
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see related Article (and related items): /financial-markets/2022/12/massive-inflation-unsteady-cryptostock-markets-gold-your-ira-to-protect-your-retirement-4351201.html


Thu. January  5th 2023 update…

I was on with Stacy #OnSomeRealShit show again for my new “How to Write a Book and Get It Published: Hints, Tips & Techniques” book…



Honor. Integrity. Patriotism. — For some people these are words. For bestselling author of “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You!” Joseph M Lenard, these are the core values that he embodies—every day—deeply ingrained in every facet of his life and work.

It is this set of cherished values he brings to life in his #1 bestselling historical fiction novel (Terror Strikes) and now to this publication in hopes of aiding other aspiring writers.

Joseph M. Lenard is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below.

More information at websites:


Joseph’s body of works contain copyrighted and published poetry. Joseph has written and recorded music, in the tradition of the Lenard family legacy; though not entirely in the tradition of his father Thaddeus, who was creator/leader of “The Polka Kings” that often toured throughout northeast United States.

In addition, Joseph has about a dozen copyrighted short-stories including “Watchful Eyes” (sci-fi), “Blue Monday” (political thriller), “Funhouse of Terror” (horror), to his credit, as well as two novels: “The Gestapo Kidnap File” and “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You” released with McHenry Press, Joseph was also winner of CJOM (Windsor Ontario Canada) radio contest in the 1980’s with his radio play “The Adventures of Detective Idle” based upon the Billy Idol song, “Eyes without a Face,” to which it was paired with.

He resides in Michigan.

Author of Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You, blogger, cancer survivor, podcaster, political activist, speaker, writer, vlogger.

Slyvia/Christina (via Amazon review) said of Terror Strikes: Everyone has their own opinions and negativity is such a large part of this world. We give your credit for writing a book and getting it published. The book is interesting and definitely makes me look outside my box of thinking. I would suggest everyone at least take the time to read this book, make your own opinions!

Angel Giacomo (via Bigfoot reviews) said of Terror Strikes: Throughout my life and career, I know the time and difficulty it takes to research something thoroughly, the author of this book has done his due diligence when it comes to terrorism in the recent past. I have attended several classes put on by a number of federal agencies having to do with suicide bombing and terrorism, this book hits on the mark.


Normally, that would be the end of the section. HOWEVER, since this is a “Writing and getting Published” tips, tricks, techniques, book, there’s more…

You too will want a BRAND (most of what you just read in this “About Author” section, in marketing terms) developed for yourself too. I would be remiss to not acknowledge Don McCauley of “The Authors Show” and who helped me develop my brand as well as some press releases later published to promote the book (see related: Marketing chapter (14)).

If you want to reach out to me, feel free to go to or and hit the contact tab. I’ll be happy to go back and forth with you for at least some initial assistance, beyond which, at some point, would require we work out some form of paid Consultant arrangement. But, again, I’m willing to have some initial conversations and small additional degrees of assisting you outside of what is being offered in this book, for free. Yes, free initial discussion, by email or perhaps even a Skype or Zoom session or few to discuss where you are and where you can/will realistically get to (in-my-personal-opinion, but ultimately, decisions are yours), because I really do want to pay it forward in the sense of helping others become published authors as some aided me over the years.

[See too:
ABOUT THE BOOK (up thread)

I have joined the American Hartford IRA Gold group, you should too,
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Joseph M. Lenard (aka: JLenardDetroit)
Massive inflation, unsteady Crypto/Stock Markets, Gold your IRA:
see related Article (and related items): /financial-markets/2022/12/massive-inflation-unsteady-cryptostock-markets-gold-your-ira-to-protect-your-retirement-4351201.html



There are many “how to publish with Amazon” books but Joseph’s goes way beyond that and a must read if you’re considering “assisted-publishing” (as he calls the upper echelon services), but especially with lower-end self-publishing firms/outlets.

— Don McCauley, cohost of “The Authors Show” and founder of



As an aspiring author myself in the starting process of putting together my book which I still haven’t assigned a working-title. I was honored to have the opportunity to interview Joseph M. Lenard on my “Some Real Shit” show to discuss the writing and publishing processes. I am so glad now to see that Joseph has taken the interview with me, as well as others that he has done, and put his thoughts on such formally into a book to help other aspiring writers.

— Stacy Radcliffe, host of “Some Real Shit” podcast


This book by Joseph M. Lenard is an absolute must have on your bookshelf! As I was reading this book, I saw many, many instances where I made huge mistakes in organizing and formatting my thoughts and outlines for my books.

— Robert R. Thibodeau, author, host of The Kingdom Cross Roads” and “Revelation Warning” podcasts, pastor, speaker.



Hey guys if you’re trying to look for a book right now on how to write and publish a book, check out Joseph M. Lenard’s new book today. You won’t be disappointed folks!

— Michael Gardner, author of “America’s Political Warfare | Our Modern Civil War,” and host of “Savaged Unfiltered” podcast.



Joseph Lenard’s book made me shake my head as if to say, “What a missed opportunity I had” not knowing this before I wrote my books. Reading this made me realize how much of a blessing this will be prospective authors or experienced authors learning what the best-selling author, Lenard, has to offer. The specific detail in this soon-to-be best-seller is amazing, the personalization Lenard offers brings it to life. The book flows like a novel rather than a typical “how-to” book.

— Ed Temple, author “The Last Terrorists” and “Escape

From Uncle Sam’s Plantation,” and cohost of “George

Espenlaub Show” podcast.


I have been asked many times when I am going to publish a book. I am not ready just yet. However, I feel better knowing that Joseph M. Lenard has written How to Write a Book and Get It Published for people like me who are overwhelmed by the thought and are not sure where to start. The outline of this book is easy to follow, and the information is presented in a way that is not overwhelming. I am confident that HTWABAGIP will easily guide me through the process of writing my book and getting it published!

— Talaya Dendy, Cancer Thriver, Cancer Doula, Host of

the “Navigating Cancer TOGETHER” podcast.




Since it’s well-nigh impossible to have a first-or even second effort to put a book in print unless you’re an already well-known commodity or have a literary agent handling your work, you’ll need to find another avenue of approach. Fortunately, another one is available, self-publishing (or “subsidy-publishing,” as it’s referred to in some circles).

Self-publishing was the way to go for me, and I enthusiastically endorse it for anyone looking to enter the literary field. There are many self-publishing outfits from which to choose, so you should have no trouble finding a reputable one, should you ultimately decide to go that route.

— Bruce Fleury, author of The Negro Project: Margaret Sanger’s Diabolical, Duplicitous, Dangerous, Disastrous and Deadly Plan for Black America, and cohost of The Abolitionist Round Table of Michigan, Sat’s WAAM radio.



My friend, Joe Lenard, author of “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You” has gained the experience you need to avail yourself of so that you may avoid the pitfalls of publishing.

It’s been my blessing to know a few authors who have gone through the travails of publishing, Vanity press, e-publishing, etc.

And there have been warnings they gave me of what not to do. But I forget most of them.

If I ever finally write the book, I regularly put off writing, I will be sure to heed the advice presented by Joe in this book.

You should too.

— Ed Bonderenka, blogger and radio show host of “Your American Heritage” Sat’s WAAM radio, and former editor/operator of “The Courant” newspaper.



I have been putting off writing so many book ideas that have been floating around in my head with the excuse that I just don’t know how to get started. How to Write a Book and Get it Published has eliminated that excuse for me. Thank you sooo much, Joe; now, how am I going to put it off?

Seriously though, I’ve been inspired by Joseph’s book to begin writing my ideas down, once again, something I haven’t done since my childhood. The tips Joe worked into How to Write a Book and Get it Published were easy to begin implementing, and now the only thing to do is figure out which book to write first.

— Bill Hatch, host of “Not Quite After Midnight” podcast and YWL Online.



Joseph Lenard, a #1 Amazon Bestselling author, shares his knowledge of composition work in this directive of publishing a book. All the fine points of composing your own work is outlined in this easy-to-follow text. A one-of-a-kind, informative read.

— Mark Zielman


I often remind my students that “when starting a long journey, it is easier to arrive to your destination if you have someone who has made the journey alongside you. The right guide would know the hills, valleys, turns, and detours that are required to get you there”. Author Joseph M. Lenard is the guide you will want, “How to Write a Book and Get It Published”, will be as though Joseph will be there with you each step of the way. Knowing Joseph, I can say that he will base the success of his book, not by the number of books he sells but by the success you have in your journey with him as your guide.


— Richard Deitering MTS, Professor of Semitic Studies, Anchor Bible College, Ypsilanti MI; Pastor Newport Community Church; and talk show host of “Moment of Clarity” WAAM radio, Ann Arbor MI.



January 2023 update (WIN A COPY OF THE BOOK) contest open til Jan 31, 2023


A book for writers aspiring to publish or anyone curious about “behind the scenes” of writing and publishing processes…

From the author of “Terror Strikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You” the #1 Amazon “Political Thriller” Bestseller: Remember, today’s top selling authors were at one time unknowns too. Perhaps the next great novel, could/should be yours! “How to Write a Book and Get It Published: Hints, Tips &  Techniques” is your how-to guide to improving your writing and taking that next step of becoming a published author and even marketing strategy post-publication.



Joseph M. Lenard (aka: JLenardDetroit)
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see related Article (and related items): /financial-markets/2022/12/massive-inflation-unsteady-cryptostock-markets-gold-your-ira-to-protect-your-retirement-4351201.html



As discussed in the book NO BOOK IS EVER PERFECT NOR COMPLETE, there are always things that you could have changed, shifted around, reworded, or added new/additional content – and this book was no different… I did NOT have a chapter on “Copyrighting, LCCN, and ISBN’s” and which you MUST HAVE versus what is optional.

Now, I’m also not going to go too in-depth here, but refer you to external additional resources for research OR as I highly recommend insist on your “assisted-publishing” firm handle these things for you!!!

First, YOU WILL NEED AN ISBN for each “version” (eBook, softcopy, hardcover, etc.) of your book you will be publishing. See for more on obtaining them *OR* be sure to have in your Publishing Contract that your “assisted-publishing” firm will obtain (they usually have pre-bought them, unassigned, in bulk, at wholesale prices) them for you, and assure the numbers are included in your book before going to upload or actual print.

You will, of course, want to COPYRIGHT protect your book. Simple to find more information at the US Library of Congress ( website. *OR* be sure to have in your Publishing Contract that your “assisted-publishing” firm will handle this for you! You are hiring them because they are the EXPERTS and to assist you, let them handle it!

Optionally, you may want an LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number) which WILL BE NEEDED if you are going to have any chance of a Library carry your book in the Library for in Library reference/reading or check-out. Yes, see the site for more information *OR* be sure to have in your Publishing Contract that your “assisted-publishing” firm will handle this for you! You are hiring them because they are the EXPERTS and to assist you, let them handle it!

Each of these have COSTS, and may (depending) be provided by your publisher or be considered an “add-on” in your Contract and the exact charge/cost to you.


SEE TOO, what could have, had I thought of it before hand, would have been a “NETiquette” chapter in “How to Write a Book and Get It Published: Hints, Tips & Techniques” book…
“NETiquette, an update… Things to be mindful of when writing an email, a blog-post, social-media content, a technical manual, or even a fiction/non-fiction/other book, etc…”


From Mid-January 2023 update: INKUBATE in conjunction with BOWKER (where you get your ISBN’s and more (potentially hire them to handle your Copyright process with too) held a Webinar about the “Scoreit!”TM service (and more, on Marketing, and getting noticed) that I’d like to share…

Listen/Watch at:

#Bowker / #Inkubate (#Publishing experts) #analysis is in: If you love #DeanKoontz (especially “#Innocence”), #BrianHerbert (esp. “#MentatsOfDune”), or #STJoshi (esp. “#TheMadnessOfCthulhu”), #books — you’ll love my “#TerrorStrikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You” #PoliticalThriller #HistoricalFiction #book.

more (including actual graph analysis (all top-3 author comparisons))


Wed. Jan 26th 2023 update…
As already mentioned above and in the book NO BOOK IS EVER PERFECT NOR COMPLETE, for example I’d been thinking more and more about how since HTWABAGIP is Non-Fiction I probably should have added an INDEX section. Though, no, I don’t “drop alot of names” I do however mention several company and service providers’ names that I should have cross-referenced in an INDEX.

It was/is not really necessary, as brief as my index would have been, but I mention it now as a focus/emphasis and reminder that an index may need be a more important inclusion in/with your book.

And, though, it is why I did ultimately decide to add A PRINT VERSION (exclusive through me direct ( or Amazon (using Amazon KDP) as it was originally going to be eBook only via Amazon, B&N, Apple, Smashwords, Koda, others. I thought many might like to be able to have it in print so-as to be able to take a yellow (or, color of your choice) to the book, earmark pages, or even add some post-it-notes to bookmark pages for future reference; and easier to relocate something you’ll want to revisit as you progress in your journey to publishing and beyond!


Coming Mid-February 2023 update: I re-joined my friend Robert Thibodeau (who wrote the Foreword to HTWABAGIP) on his podcast and we discussed a few additional items NOT FOUND in the book (like INDEX, CITATIONS, REFERENCE, sections to consider when/where writing non-fiction books. As well as, potentially, a few other interviews (as the page is for interviews that deal with my TS book mostly), as well as you can see page where you can/will find a HTWABAGIP specific interview with Stacy of “On Some Real Shit” podcast.

Listen/Watch at: TBD/COMING-SOON




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      #Bowker / #Inkubate (#Publishing experts) #analysis is in: If you love #DeanKoontz (especially “#Innocence”), #BrianHerbert (esp. “#MentatsOfDune”), or #STJoshi (esp. “#TheMadnessOfCthulhu”), #books — you’ll love my “#TerrorStrikes: Coming Soon to a City Near You” #PoliticalThriller #HistoricalFiction #book.

      more (including actual graph analysis) see:

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