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By Dr. Bob Uda, Ph.D., CM, CHSP, ILO (Reporter)
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Dealing with Isfasts (ISIS) – Part 2 of 3

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Dealing with Isfasts (ISIS) – Part 2 of 3

By Dr. Bob Uda



Primary Targets of Terrorism and Urban Guerrilla Warfare


Primary targets.  The primary targets of terrorism include the following large gatherings of noncombatants (i.e., innocent civilians) anywhere including urban, suburban, or rural settings:


  • Stadiums with football bowl games, baseball World Series games, and Olympic Games
  • Major amusement parks and centers (Disney, Six Flags, etc.)
  • Train and bus stations
  • Airports
  • Airplanes
  • Ships and commercial ocean liners
  • Major hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Department stores
  • Shopping centers and malls
  • Churches
  • Universities, colleges, and schools


Specific primary targets.  The specific, primary targets of terrorists will include Las Vega, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills (to get the Hollywood elite or the Hollywood mafia), houses of ill repute, homosexual social establishments, bath houses, massage parlors, nudist colony camps, X-rated movie theaters, beer breweries, prisons (to get the child molesters, rapists, and sodomists), and other places of ill-repute that the Isfasts despise.


Primary targets of urban guerrilla warfare.  The primary targets of urban guerrilla warfare include any high-value target (both people and property) within large urban centers that have military fighting significance:


  • Military bases and other installations
  • Major aerospace and defense contractor plants
  • Ammunition manufacturing plants and depots
  • Weapons factories
  • Major NASA centers
  • Major civilian R&D centers
  • Seaports
  • Planes
  • International airports
  • Radio and television stations
  • Power generating plants
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Electrical substations
  • Power grids
  • Water tanks
  • Aqueducts
  • Train and bus stations
  • Railroads
  • Major highways and freeways
  • Industrial complexes
  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Dams
  • Gas storage facilities and petroleum storage depots
  • Banks
  • Newspaper plants
  • Hospitals
  • The military academies
  • US embassies
  • Beer breweries
  • Sewage treatment plants


Specific primary targets of urban guerrilla warfare.  The specific, primary targets of terrorists in urban guerrilla warfare will include the following:


  • The White House
  • The Capitol Building
  • US Senate
  • US House of Representatives
  • Pentagon Building
  • FBI Headquarters
  • CIA Headquarters
  • NSA Headquarters
  • NASA Headquarters
  • Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado (where the functions of the Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center were moved)
  • Top 10 major cities in the US including:
    • New York City, NY
    • Los Angeles, CA
    • Chicago, IL
    • Houston, TX
    • Philadelphia, PA
    • Phoenix, AZ
    • San Antonio, TX
    • San Diego, CA
    • Dallas, TX
    • San Jose, CA
  • Wall Street in Manhattan, NY
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Fort Knox, KY
  • Hollywood, CA
  • Beverly Hills, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Tall buildings, e.g., the new One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) buildings and National September 11 Memorial and Museum, Empire State Building, Seattle Space Needle, Transamerica Building, Sears Building, and Chrysler Building
  • Alaskan Pipeline
  • Silicon Valley


Weak on Defense


The extreme, left wing, radical secular progressives (SPs) think the Isfasts will give them some slack when they meet face to face.  However, these SPs will be surprised to find that they are the ones that the terrorists will behead first because the Isfasts despise everything that they are doing in the United States and the world.  Furthermore, since the SPs are “weak on defense” cowards, the Isfasts want them to win in the next elections so that they will be an easier target to overcome and conquer than would be the conservatives.  This is why Hillary is in the lead.


Congress Needs Major Overhaul


Vote out all incumbent Congress critters.  A bunch of losers, liars, thieves, cheats, and jackals fill the United States Senate.  This is why President Theodore Roosevelt said, “When you call roll in the Senate, the Senators do not know whether to answer ‘present’ or ‘not guilty.’”  Furthermore, Mark Twain said, “There is no distinctly Native American criminal class…save Congress.”  The Senate, like the House, needs a major overhaul.  We need to vote out all of the incumbent Congress critters and replace them with new blood.  Then, it will take a few years before this new blood also turns into leukemia blood.  After that, we will need to go through another blood transfusion.  Edward Langley, artist (1928-95), said, “What this country needs are more unemployed politicians.”  What wise words from a wise man.


We only have political hacks.  Not a single statesman exists either in the Congress or in politics.  In our country, we only have political hacks (e.g., Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy-Deceased, John Kerry, Howard Dean, Jack Murtha-Deceased, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Harry Reid, Al Sharpton, Chuck Schumer, Charlie Rangel, and other such wacky whackos), but no statesmen.  Whatever happened to statesmen of the caliber of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan?


Quality of politicians at all-time low.  All we now have are a bunch of godless gigolos, liars, thieves, cheaters, pedophiles, and traitors running our country.  The quality of our politicians has plummeted to an all-time low…even below used-car salesmen!  All they pursue include money, power, fame, women, and underage pages or very young congressional aides.  Will Rogers said, “I don’t make jokes.  I just watch the government and report the facts.”  As down as I am on politicians and politics, President Ronald Reagan gave them some hope when he said, “Politics is not a bad profession.  If you succeed, there are many rewards; if you disgrace yourself, you can always write a book.”[1]  After all, they are all doing it.


Means of Terror


Besides the traditional weapons, terrorists will use the following means once they acquire the weapons, capability, and or opportunity:


  • Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) – Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) or Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR)

    • Nuclear Warfare (NW) – nuclear bombs and/or weapons including suitcase nuclear weapons
    • Biological Warfare (BW) – rapid spreading, deadly diseases, spores, and germs.  This is also called germ warfare.
    • Chemical Warfare (CW) – deadly poisonous gases, sprays, liquids, and gels
    • Radiological Warfare (RW) – “dirty bombs” using nuclear waste material for its enduring radiation effects (Radiological Dispersal Device, RDD)


  • Cyber Warfare – destruction or theft of data, databases, and data transmission using viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other electronic means


  • Enhanced Effects Warfare (EEW) – violence producing extraordinary effects by conventional means such as:

    • Flying airplanes into skyscrapers
    • Assassinations of political leaders
    • High-yield explosives
    • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) warfare


Rules of Engagement


In real asymmetrical warfare, there is no such thing as rules of engagement.  Asymmetrical warfare is “free-for-all” warfare.  Islamo-fascist terrorists are unhampered by morals, ethics, and legalities.  Islamo-fascists are amoral.  If we are to prevail against them, we must do likewise.  We must be unshackled and unhampered by conventional warfare rules of engagement.  To triumph over the Isfasts, we must use against them every possible unconventional warfare strategy, tactic, means, technology, weaponry, tools, techniques, and methods.


Only Language Islamo-fascists Understand


Cast off political correctness.  The only language that Isfasts understand pertains to words such as force, power, kill, control, decapitate, humiliate, and pain.  Hence, we should apply everything within our power and means to use these tools on them.  When we inflict these tools on them, they understand when we have the upper hand.  When we apply the “political correctness” tools on them, they see us as weak.  Hence, they become emboldened to keep pursuing their main goal in life, which is to achieve world domination and their idea of utopia.  Noni Darwish said, “We are strangling ourselves with our political correctness.”[2]


Fight fire with fire.  We should use the language they understand.  The only language the Isfasts understand is what they do.  We need to do the same things that they do.  If they kill, we need to kill.  If they bomb us, we need to bomb them.  We must fight fire with fire.  Let us not kid ourselves.  They are out to eradicate democracy, freedom, liberty, and the free-enterprise system.  It is them or us.  It is better to be them.


Isfasts Do Not Believe in Compromise


Because of the intolerance displayed by the Isfasts toward the West as well as the ultimate goal of the Isfasts (i.e., world domination), we have a problem that cannot be resolved through debate, discussion, diplomacy, or compromise.  The Isfasts do not believe in compromise.  It is all their way or the highway for us.  It is impossible for diplomacy to work with such an unbendable position held by the Isfasts.


No Negotiating with Islamo-fascists


Never negotiate with terrorists.  If they kill a hostage (such as James Foley and Steven Sotloff), we go after them with vengeance and wipe them off the map—with no delay.  There shall be no “stand down” orders as they had during the Benghazi terror attack.  Teach them lessons they will never forget.  That is the only language they understand.  Send them to their twisted concept of heaven where they will live with 72 virgins.  I am sorry, but that belief will never come to pass.


Ben Franklin may have said, “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety, and ultimately will have neither.”  I paraphrase that a little bit as follows: “Secular progressives who will negotiate essential liberty to terrorists to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety and ultimately will have neither.”  Additionally, the terrorists will lop off their heads and roll those heads in the streets.  Bottom line: Do not be an idiot by trading one traitorous deserter for five of the most vicious Taliban leaders who were incarcerated in Gitmo.  Only a blithering fool would negotiate with terrorists.


No Appeasement


You cannot appease our modern-day enemy.  In negotiations, if you give them an inch, they will want a foot.  If you give them a foot, they will want a mile.  It will never end because their overall goal is world domination.  Since we cannot appease them, then we must snuff them out.  We must eradicate them from the face of the earth.  We must eliminate them before they eliminate us.  Do to terrorists as they would do to you…and then some.  The cowardice policy of appeasement does not work and will never work.  Discard it.


20 for 1


The Isfasts do not understand the New Testament principle of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  They only understand and apply the Old Testament principle of “Eye for an eye; tooth for a tooth.”  Therefore, if that is all they understand, then that is what needs to be applied to them.  They kill 1 of us; we kill 10 of them.  Better yet, we kill 20 of them for every 1 of us they kill.  That would make a greater impact on their twisted psyche.


Kill or Be Killed?


It is either kill or be killed.  If given that choice, I would rather kill first than be killed first.  Wouldn’t you?  General George S. Patton said, “May God have mercy upon my enemies because I won’t.”  We must do as General Patton said, “We as attackers have the initiative; we must retain this tremendous advantage by always attacking rapidly, ruthlessly, viciously, and without rest.”  If we want to survive, that is what we must do!  We must listen to the good general’s words and put it into practice.  I am sure that General Patton had read Sun Tzu.  Sun Tzu said, “Therefore, the good fighter will be terrible in his onset, and prompt in his decision.


Geneva Convention is Obsolete


Laboring under the viscous fluid called the Geneva Convention, we cannot effectively fight an enemy who:


  • Wants to convert you to his religion or kill you by sawing off your head at the neck if you will not convert.

  • Wants to dominate the world.  World domination is their ultimate goal.

  • Are psychopaths.

  • Will gladly die as a suicide bomber to receive 72 virgins upon going to his twisted idea of heaven.

  • Will wantonly kill innocent, non-military men, women, children, young/old/infirm people, innocent civilians, and anyone else for the sake of instilling terror in their minds.

  • Uses coercion, pain, force, fear, intimidation, and terror tactics to get their way.

  • Totally ignores the Geneva Convention.


Abandon the Geneva Convention


To win the war against Isfasts, we must abandon the Geneva Convention:


  • Because it is obsolete when fighting in asymmetrical or asynchronous warfare
  • If the enemy does not adhere to the Geneva Convention
  • Particularly when we arrive at the point of being in a final existential war for survival


What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander


All bets are off!  If the terrorists (i.e., ISIS, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Hamas, Taliban, and other Isfasts) will bomb and wantonly kill innocent civilian men, women, children, the aged, the infirm, reporters, UN personnel, and Red Cross personnel, then all of their similar people are fair game for us.  “The sword without, and terror within, shall destroy both the young man and the virgin, the suckling also with the man of gray hairs.” (Deut. 32:25)[3]  All bets are off!  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.  Thus, we will let the world know that we will not fight with one hand tied behind our backs any longer.  We shall fight ruthlessness with ruthlessness.  We shall fight fire with fire…only two orders of magnitude more.


A tit-for-tat war.  If the terrorists will not adhere to any rules of engagement, then we too will not adhere to any rules of engagement.  If the terrorists do not recognize and adhere to the tenets of the Geneva Convention, then we are not bound by the tenets of the Geneva Convention.  We will fight a tit-for-tat war.  Whatever the terrorists dish out, we will dish back to them an order-of-magnitude greater (even two orders of magnitude greater) retaliatory force and firepower.  As General George S. Patton said, “We won’t just shoot the bastards, but rip out their living guts and use them to grease the treads of our tanks.”  Where is General Patton when we need him?


Retaliate Tit for Tat


No such thing as collateral damage.  If the Isfasts poison our water supplies, we poison their water supplies.  If the Isfasts use germ warfare (anthrax or whatever) on our people, we use germ warfare on their people.  If the Isfasts use poison gas, we use poison gas.  If the Isfasts blow up our power stations, we retaliate by blowing up their entire infrastructure of power stations, utilities, dams, bridges, highways, farms, airports, military bases, government buildings, and other infrastructure.  Forget about collateral damage!  There is no such thing as collateral damage when we are fighting for our survival.


We will speak their language.  If the Isfasts explode briefcase nuclear weapons in our big cities, we retaliate with tactical nuke weapons and decimate their cities.  We turn their cities into huge glass bowls, which would make nice lakes in the Middle Eastern deserts when filled with water.  Also, blow out the Isfasts from their caves in the Afghan mountains by using tactical nuke weapons.  If the Isfasts derail our trains and blow up our gasoline storage tanks, tanker trucks, and gas stations, we do likewise to them only an order-of-magnitude greater damage.  If the Isfasts create havoc on our computers with viruses, worms, and Trojan horses, we do likewise to their systems.  That is the only language they understand.  We will speak their language but only more so.


Obama Continues No-Win Strategy


The trouble with having an incompetent commander-in-chief (CINC) with zero military experience and no guts for winning is that he does not listen.  No matter how much we talk about when you go to war, you should go to war to win, not to conduct a business-as-usual strategy, which is a loser.  A war of attrition does not work!  He has already announced that he will not have any “boots on the ground.”  That, in and of itself, is a losing strategy.  Why do we have such a knucklehead running our Armed Forces?


What is going to happen is one of our pilots will be shot out of the sky and will bail out.  The ISIS will then capture him and parade him before an international audience.  Then, when they decapitate him on worldwide television, Obama will be in deep trouble because he is the one who killed the pilot.  This sad occurrence is what will happen.  That will be the time to remove Obama, the incompetent leader, from office.  Therefore, we write it; so let us do it.





[1] Reagan, R. (2006). Ronald Reagan’s wisdom. Retrieved from Newsmax website:

[2] Darwish, N. (2006, November 25). Quote extracted from the television documentary titled Obsession: The threat of radical Islam. Shown on Fox News Television as hosted by E.D. Hill.

[3] Deuteronomy 32:25. The Holy Bible.

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