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By Joseph Zrnchik for 5th Estate Media Email: [email protected] (Reporter)
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Do Not Work as a Foster Parent for The Family Compass or Angel Morales of Dyer, Indiana

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Do Not Work as a Foster Parent for The Family Compass or Angel Morales of
935 Sheffield Ave, Dyer, IN 46311
 Ph (219) 227-8521

Here is my nightmare experience working for Family Compass, a totally bizarre and incompetent agency that files false reports against its own foster parents. All issues have been adjudicated in my favor, but had I known about this agency beforehand I would have never been a foster parent for them. Please read the exact letter that was sent against them to the Department of Child Services them so that you will know that if I was lying about anything, they would have a basis for a lawsuit. Obviously, truth is a defense against slander and liable, so have no fear of any lawsuit. Please take the time to read this before you work for them and call me at 219-433-1712 so I can fill you in on the rest of the story.

I am asking that the DCS ALJ consider this as a complaint to their office and open a file to be consummated later by an official request by me, Joseph Zrnchik, a foster parent licensed through The Family Compass.
(Please see attachment below for a MSWord formatted version of this email.)
(Below is the letter by Family Compass and below that is my response to their nonsense.

Dear Joseph & Paula,

This is to remind you that, during our meeting on 01/11/17, the following licensing concerns were addressed:

• Whether you are able to meet your household financial needs without using funds designated for the foster children. You were re-educated about the CANS, per diem rates, and what the per diem is designated for.°

• The appropriateness of discipline techniques used on the foster children.
You were reminded about policies prohibiting the use of corporal punishment and use of physical restraints with foster children. You must use appropriate discipline techniques, especially those that have been recommended by service providers, to address behavioral issues with the foster children.°

• Ongoing disregard for agency and service provider directives, especially those to address behavioral issues with the foster children.
You must consistently cooperate and comply with the agency, DCS, and other service providers.
You must demonstrate consistent and ongoing professional, respectful, and productive communication with the agency, DCS, and other service providers.

Your progress in resolving the licensing concerns will be measured through personal interaction with you, through verbal reports shared by agency staff, as well as information obtained from DCS and other service providers. Once this has occurred, the active placement hold can be lifted.




I will not dignify your contrived concerns or your bogus accusations with serious consideration. We are also sending all of our correspondence to CASA, an ALJ, DCS and the Indiana Attorney General. You foolishly stated that your concern, which was never addressed once during the previous 17 months, was that a red flag was raised regarding my financial ability to care for the children because a brand new FCM, who I had never met before, unsolicitedly stated that food stamps may be available. You still never explained in any logical or meaningful way how that reflects upon my ability to meet my “household financial needs” or how that “raised a red flag with your agency”. Then, because you tried to force us into respite by lying and saying we requested it, when we told you we had no money to waste and had a family activity of bicycle motorcross racing already planned as part of a reward schedule system, for which you lying stated we didn’t follow the care providers’ instructions of implementing. First, we objected to what you were doing and the DCS FCM, who knew the truth, overruled your decision about forcing us into respite. So, we did not violate anything. You lied about us requesting respite and were exposed and overruled by someone who knew all the facts.

You next proffered that because my wife and I stated we did not have money to waste by going out when we had no plans after you lying stated we requested respite, that this is also indicative of us not having the ability to meet our household needs. However, one who meets their household needs is one who sets budgets, pays for necessities and refrains from wastefulness. We actually spent over $100 dollars that night taking the children to the racetrack and out to eat. I have the pictures of the racetrack if you want to see them. Moreover, my wife had a cold and did not want to spend the night out and only went out because we had made promises and behavioral contracts with the children.

My wife and I spent so lavishly on the children that we did not buy each other presents, so after Christmas I did not have money to waste. This is true for about 99% of Americans. Since Christmas, I spent $600 on a dog because the therapist told us it would be good for the children, but I guess you will find some way to use that against us too.

You next state because my wife and I stated we did not have money to waste by going out when we had no plans, that this is also indicative of us not meeting our household needs. One who meets their household needs sets budgets, pays for necessities and tries not to waste money on impulse buying. This is true even if a uncertified case manager tells us we must.

Next, you state, “You were re-educated about the CANS, per diem rates, and what the per diem is designated for. For your information, it was DCS who made (NAME REDACTED) a CANS 7, then a CANS O, then a CANS 4, then a CANS 2 and now a CANS 3. So, we understand CANS, it just seems you guys are the ones that can’t get the CANS levels straight.

Next, you state another false concern as being, “The appropriateness of discipline techniques used on the foster children and a concern of abuse. There was no abuse. Nicole Hrej lied about the abuse. This alleged abuse allegedly occurred right in front of the FCM. She stated in the investigation that no abuse occurred. What happened is (NAME REDACTED), a CHINS foster child who is now going through testing for specialized services, spilled some crackers on the floor and was about to step in them. As my wife sat in her chair, she guided (NAME REDACTED) around the crackers. Natalie, the FCM never noticed any incident even though she sat eight feet away and watched the entire incident. It was so non-descript and uneventful that she never noticed it as an incident and was mortified that a report was made out to DCS by Nicolette Hrej.

You then bring up an incident of my holding XXXXXX while I was at his psychiatrist, Dr. Ilias’s office. You claim that another “red flag” and “issue of concern was raised by my holding XXXXXXX in front of Nicolette Hrej, your unlicensed social worker, and the psychiatrist himself. Then, you claim this was abuse and not in following the care providers’ instructions. Again, you look foolish. Upon (NAME REDACTED) return to the psychiatrist, I told him about how the unlicensed social worker you hired, Nicolette Hrej, reported my holding XXXXXXX during the previous appointment as being an “issue of concern” and against the instruction of care providers. He stated that not only was this incident, again, so routine, non-descript and uneventful that he had absolutely no ability to recall the situation even though he sat five feet away facing us, but he also stated that holding XXXXXXX when he is episodic is proper, therapeutic and needed at times to prevent property damage or injury. Maybe you don’t consider a licensed medical doctor’s directions to be on par with your unlicensed social worker, so maybe this needs to be addressed by DCS or by an ALJ who can speak reason to those unwilling to accept it. So, what is your brilliant and sassy comeback to this, Jennifer? You are threatening my license, abusing your authority and engaging in retaliation. Moreover, you are threatening me with disciplinary action for doing exactly what a care provider stated needed to be done. You may want to ignore the truth, and decided to ignore the truth, but you will not be able to ignore the consequences of ignoring the truth. You can’t allege I am not following the service providers’ guidance and directives when I do exactly what they say but your instructions are contradictory to what a psychiatrist advises. But, I guess both you and Nicolette think you know more than a psychiatrist. My question is: Do you even have a degree and if you do, do you think it trumps Dr. Ilyas credentials?

Neither incident, (the guiding (NAME REDACTED) around the Fish Crackers and holding of XXXXXXX to calm him while in the psychiatrist’s office) involved corporal punishment. In fact, these acts and behaviors were not even situations for which any disciplinary was called for, intended or even considered by my wife or I. We had no intention of implementing any discipline for these two events you conniving and maliciously turn into pretended issues. They were so mundane as to not even be noticed by DCS or a psychiatrist in both cases only feet away, fully observant and completely cognizant of reality and situationally aware. All of this makes me question your motives, methods, competence and sanity.

Also, you still never explained why you waited for six hours and only lodged a complaint with DCS for child abuse when my wife guided (NAME REDACTED) around spilled crackers until after Paula called and told Nicolette and Lori that they were overruled by the FCM who stated unequivocally that we had not requested respite even though you lied and said we did whereupon we decided to do with the children what we had planned.

To address your last “concern” of us not following a care provider’s guidance, you brought up us not using a behavioral chart as suggested by their therapist, Jon V. (I will get his full name later.) First, my wife did this and XXXXXXX tore the charts up when he was mad. And, this was not directed, but suggested. We explained to John that we tracked (NAME REDACTED) and (NAME REDACTED) school behavior which was compiled on a chart for the week at school and given to us by the teacher to monitor on a daily basis. This chart was then used to determine what rewards were to be provided or withheld. Jon stated this was an acceptable option for him. He demanded to come to your outrageous, insulting, contrived “licensing meeting” as the FCM stated she would also come to provide testimony about the false allegation of child abuse by Paula and provide testimony regarding her overruling your insistence of us being forced into respite you lied about by saying it was requested by Paula and I. But, you purposely refused to allow anyone to attend. You also refused to review my W2 to determine income, you refused to allow Jon, who volunteered to be present, to come and explain the behavioral chart contrived controversy. You refused to make a single concern made known to DCS in their meeting after your false portrayal of the entirety of this situation was blasted out of the water at your “licensing meeting”. I am amazed you can now mischaracterize this meeting as being anything less than a complete fiasco and complete humiliation for which Angel Morales did not even want to attend even though he sat in his office.

You, and we, have proof of several dozens of shoes, a dozen winter jackets, two dozen fall jackets and sweaters, huge dressers and closets all stuffed and over flowing with clothes, and four toy boxes and another dresser filled with toys. We have a garage filled with new bikes, 2 different Power Wheels vehicles, a $300 stroller, a pedal tricycle, a tricycle powered by swiveling your legs because (NAME REDACTED) has trouble with bikes, a $600 therapeutic pup advised by a therapist, large flat screen televisions for each bedroom that includes a 47” Smart television, tablets for each child, internet, cable, two bunk beds with four mattresses, two cribs with two mattresses and a youth bed with a mattress. We have at least a dozen pillows and changes of linen and blankets for all the beds. We bought a $6000 minivan and put $3000 down on it and then paid $300 each month and had the van paid off over 15 months ago, only two months after receiving (NAME REDACTED), XXXXXXX and (NAME REDACTED). We have the children in soccer, and dance. Besides the regular dance and tap for (NAME REDACTED), we also have (NAME REDACTED) attend dance for the mentally and physically disabled. We get up at 7:00 on Saturday and sit at the YMCA for three hours so (NAME REDACTED), and XXXXXXX can attend soccer two different soccer camps. They have memberships a the Boys and Girls Club and YMCA. We have pictures, which we shared with Family Compass of them at trampoline centers, bouncy parks, water parks, Lake Michigan, fishing, riding go-carts, recreating at Great America, biking, hiking and swimming. We take them all out to eat at a restaurant at least twice a week. They have been to campgrounds, festivals and carnivals. None have ever missed a school party they were invited to even though this requires we buy scores of toys. They have missed almost no school, and we have XXXXXXX in after-school mentoring, which means we have to pick him up instead of the bus just dropping them off. We bought them a pool for the yard and then supervised them all summer. We take then on bike rides and hikes. We took them to indoor bicycle racing. We did all of these things not once or twice, but we did many of the activities scores of times.

(NAME REDACTED), age 7, has William’s Syndrome, which is very much like Down’s Syndrome. She is also being scheduled to see a neuro psychiatrist for what my wife and I think are other associated mental disorders. This assessment was prescribed by a doctor. On a weekly basis we take (NAME REDACTED) to attend speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral therapy and play therapy. (NAME REDACTED) is also severely cognitively delayed. Her brother, (NAME REDACTED) age 5, attends speech therapy, behavior therapy occupational therapy and play therapy. (NAME REDACTED), age 3, is in pre-school and has been assessed as seriously cognitively delayed and is currently undergoing assessments by Northwest Indiana Special Education Cooperative. We have received nothing but laudatory comments about improvements in the children’s progress and hygiene. We have received nothing but laudatory comments about the cleanliness and appropriateness of our home. We have received nothing but laudatory comments about all the recreational opportunities we have provided.

My wife and I were very seriously considering adopting these children. Their mother is scheduled for a TPR hearing tomorrow. However, while I can tolerate fools, incompetence and insults just fine, what I will not tolerate is the bearing of false witness, the creating of pretended disputes, the willful dereliction of resolving false accusations by purposely denying witnesses and evidence and the issuing of contradictory statements and directives used to threaten, intimidate and engage in discipline and administrative actions that are only retaliatory and vindictive in nature but baseless in fact or logic.

One therapist insists on not having Nicolette in the house when she has therapy scheduled. Yet, Nicolette comes to the therapy sessions, sits at the table with the children and interrupts their therapy by interacting with the children during their therapy. While I can excuse her lack of professionalism, competency and common sense, what I can’t excuse is her bizarre habits of making false allegations and misrepresentations while simply refusing to correct things even when she makes allegation that are blatantly false, patently absurd, illogical and contradictory while so easily resolvable. For the reasons named above, I am asking the immediate transfer of my license to DCS or the immediate removal of the children from my home and immediate voluntary termination of my license without prejudice or any negative connotations so that my wife and I can go to another agency. The above-mentioned therapist stated what was going on with precise exactness when she stated, “So they just opened up some nonsense only so they could keep a case opened against you.” I simply will not allow that to occur under any circumstance.

There is no way to work to a resolution of concerns if all evidence and direct testimony is denied. There can be no proof offered, if all proof is disallowed. There is no resolution that can occur if Family Compass failed to identify what needs to be resolved and by what means and manner. There can be no resolution for pretended disputes. That is the exact purpose for creating them and then denying the means by which they can be identified and dispelled. It is clearly apparent that Family Compass means to maintain an open case only to prevent my wife and I from leaving the agency. It is unacceptable for DCS to allow this charade to continue.

The above very laughable action plan was only drafted after my insistence and was insisted by me only because I wanted to have a record to specifically rebut your false charges. Why did you lie about providing a transfer when you told Paula neither she nor I could attend foster parent training with your agency because we were not going to be with you. You hid all of this from DCS and pretended the issues were resolved until I contacted you concerning when the transfer would be effected. You and your agency refused to say one thing to DCS at their meeting after I stated that the only things that needed to be addressed were the issues that were not resolved in my favor after which I explained to DCS that I still wanted a transfer. Here is the verbiage from a previous letter that forced your hand but proves this was all bogus and only contrived after my insistence:

Lastly, I would like to know why Family Compass is only now drafting an action plan, and only after I complained about how the lack of citing any corrective action to be taken proves this case is totally contrived. After being exposed, Jennifer suddenly was made aware of how poor her case is. Also, and again, if she denies us the ability to participate in foster parent classes, it is clear that Family Compass is not fulfilling their duties and responsibilities as a foster care agency.

Why was and currently is this issue of us being banned from attending foster cares training not being addressed? Can you explain why you did not take corrective action in this regard? Please respond as soon as possible. If you demand compliance and seek to resolve issues, wouldn’t it seem logical that you would want your foster parents to attend training so that there would not be licensing concerns?

Very Sincerely,

Joseph Zrnchik


Since this incident, and while my wife and I go through the process of getting our license transferred to DCS, Family Compass has made false reports of my house being dirty and unsanitary. The funny thing about this is that my wife and I have received nothing but laudatory comments from numerous inspectors and investigators from DCS, all the care providers, social workers and DCS personnel including the Family Case Manager about the cleanliness and orderliness of our home.

The Family Compass personnel actually made a false complaint about child abuse but yet refused to allow my wife and I to leave their agency. They then violated HIPPA and shared my medical information amongst staff members of their agency and illegally demanded to know what medications I was using.  They then illegally took my medical form of the medications I needed after having heart surgery.  I later found out that that lied about the foster children belonging to them and DCS told us that they have no authority with regard to effecting transfers or taking children away. I am lodging a HIPPA violation with the State of Indiana.  Accordingly, my wife and I have banned them from our home unless they are in the company of a DCS inspector. The last DCS inspector conducted a surprise visit after at 8:00 in the morning after The Family Compass made more false complaints about my home. The DCS investigator and inspector were absolutely amazed at the cleanliness, orderliness and sanitary condition of our home. They continue to discredit themselves and make fools of themselves in front of DCS.


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