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By Judy Byington
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New Pope Expected to Be Crowned as Francis Is Issued Arrest Warrant

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Cardinal Francis Arinze of Nigeria was said to be the front runner candidate in an impending coup to remove Pope Francis despite an upcoming papal visit to Ireland on August 25 according to a source within the Vatican’s Roman College of Cardinals. 

Pope Francis Jorge Bergoglio and eleven other prominent figures have been found guilty of criminal conspiracy to abduct, traffic, ritually torture and murder children, plus being co-conspirators in the disappearance of eight children from Catholic facilities in Switzerland, Belgium and Italy. On August 10 a European Court issued a Summary Judgement including Bench Warrants for their immediate arrest.

The eleven other defendants – members of the Vatican’s Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult – were bankers, religious leaders, mafia bosses, businessmen, politicians and World Council of Churches officers. They included Irish Catholic Cardinal Sean Brady, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, Canadian Anglican Bishop Mark MacDonald, two top officials of the World Council of Churches and prominent European politicians and businessmen. (See July 12, 2018 posting at ).

In February 2013 Pope Maledict (Benedict XVI) was removed from office after being convicted of crimes against humanity. Both Popes Ratzinger and Francis were considered Satanic pedophiles after over 68 child trafficked survivors testified in two years of court hearings before six judges of the Brussels-based International Common Law Court of Justice.

The ICLCJ Court order read in part,“By refusing to respond to the Court’s Summons the accused are declaring their implied guilt pro confesso, as if they have confessed to the charges brought against them. Accordingly, the Judgement requested by the plaintiffs is hereby granted, and all twelve of the accused are declared to be guilty of a monstrous criminal conspiracy to abduct, traffic, ritually torture and murder children. A Bench Warrant is hereby issued for the immediate arrest and imprisonment of the accused prior to their final sentencing.”

Common law arrest teams converged on Dublin, Ireland in preparation to enforce the standing arrest warrants according to the ITCCS central office, which was coordinating the actions of the arresting Sheriffs. Tensions began mounting there when Gardai police locked down the “militarized” city and imprisoned low income families in police stations. After the families’ evictions by landlords hoping to profit off the tourist influx of the Pope’s visit Aug. 25, there has been police harassment of protesters and common law activists, including issuing of a so-called “terrorist watch list.” 

Irish citizens appeared to be gradually waking up to questionable actions of the Vatican. A few years back a Catholic mass child grave site was uncovered in Taum Ireland where close to 800 children’s bodies were found buried in a Irish Nuns’ septic tank. The bodies were said to have been ritually abused – meaning organs and body parts were missing, likely a result of being used in Satanic child sacrifice rites.

The Catholic Tuam home was only one of ten institutions in Ireland where it was thought that approximately 35,000 unmarried, pregnant women were sent – with no accounting as to where their babies ended up. As with Catholic mass grave sites filled with mutilated children’s bodies in Spain and Canada, coverage of the Irish child mass grave site septic tank filled with almost 800 Satanic ritually-mutilated babies’ bodies, has been non-existent in the mainstream media.

The dramatic story of Pope Francis child trafficking also never made the Main Stream Media, even though over 48 eyewitnesses testified before six international judges that the Vatican was paid big bucks to regularly funnel children through their Pedophile Ring to Satan worshipping church leaders, businessmen, politicians and other elites, including members of European royal families.

Two adolescent women told the ICLCJ Court that Pope Francis raped them while participating in child sacrifices during the Springs of 2009 and 2010 in rural Holland and Belgium. According to a former employee of the Curia in Rome, rapes and murders of children also took place at the Carnarvon Castle in Wales and an undisclosed French Chateau. A Prosecutor introduced notarized affidavits by eight others claiming to witness these same crimes organized by the Vatican.

Another witness testified that they were present during meetings with the then Argentine priest and Bishop Francis and the military Junta during Argentine’s 1970′s Dirty War. According to the witness, Francis helped traffic at least 30,000 children of missing political prisoners into the Vatican Pedophile Ring.

Some of those children were believed buried in a Child Mass Gravesite in Spain – that the Vatican continuously has refused requests for excavation – just as the Vatican has refused requests for excavation of the now over 35 child mass grave sites believed filled with mutilated bodies of over 50,000 children who have gone missing from 80 Anglican, United Church of Canada, though mainly Catholic native residential schools across Canada. See witness testimony: and

ICLCJ Court proceedings had produced a document from Vatican archives named Crimen Sollicitationas that required Catholic officials to aid and conceal child rape and trafficking. As Canon Law and Crimen policy, this violence against children was ordered to be covered up by Catholic Church officials as a “Pontifical Secret.”

“Despite the massive security around Bergoglio we are confident an arrest will be made. Fortunately, we will have the assistance of elements within the papal party itself as well as sympathetic Gardai officials. We are using to full advantage the ongoing factional struggle between the Ratzinger and Bergoglio camps within the Curia” stated a press release issued 12 August, 2018 by the Central office of the International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS). Follow further updates and breaking news at .



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    • Slimey

      I never liked this new communist Pope. And the other German guy he preceded looked like a MEAN OLD MAN. Ugly as sin.

      Plus, Pope France always got a phony long face on when standing next to any white capitalist guy. What a PHONY! :twisted:

    • CUB4DK

      So much for the theory that Bergoglio would be the last Pope …unless they elect NOT to Crown another Pope :grin:

      • 2QIK4U


    • CTrent33

      :roll: :roll: You keep on calling these people “Catholic.” They are not. They are jewish/masonic invaders.

      • Rad

        catholics, jews (the fake one’s occupying Jerusalem) and masons are all the same……think occult….satanic……luciferian.

        • CTrent33

          The Church condemns the jewish religion, masonry and everything satanic. Catholicism is the worshipping of the Blessed Trinity. I know, because im a Catholic. Scripture and Apostolic Tradition is Her doctrine. You cannot say that of the others nor any other “Christian” religion.

          • deano

            What is Satanic, is their predator priests of pedophilia. (You are onboard with this?)
            For many years , the Vatican Castrated choirboys- CASTRATO. (Are you in denial of this?)

            Eunechs for the Kingdom ? or “Celibate” for the kingdom?….Obviously they are NOT Celibate and refrain from sex. Pity they dont still Castrate themselves. Might stop their Pederestary…and closet homo activitys.

            Trent, you need to read “Celibacy in Crisis”. A Catholic psychologist trying to explain this RAMPANT pedophilia in your church. He points at this as the reason… of your own.

            MATTHEW 19:12 “…..and some become *Eunechs*(changed to celibate) for the sake of the Kingdom of heaven. Accept this if you can.”

            Why is Jesus talking about men castrating themselves for heaven, when he hasnt yet died for their salvation?
            # The GALLI priests of Pontus Galatia and thier seven churchs of the Revelation, brought their cult of Attis and Cybele to Rome in 204BC. ORIGEN, wrote much of the bible.

            # Jesuits infiltrated the “Guild of Masons” to cut costs in Cathederal construction. Their occultic rituals are now what we call Freemasonry….swearing an oath at daggerpoint. High rank Freemasons wear a Jesuit Sun Symbol on their aprons. (also on Washingtons chair)

            # Jews? INRI ~ Iesus Nazarenus, Rex Iudea. Iudea> Judeah> Juden > Jews. They were the Yiddish speaking poor that practiced Judaist faith. Your Catholic/Protest-ant leaders wanted them out of Europe, and so invented ZIONism. They invented modern Hebrew to give them a national language and legitimize the nation of Israel.
            The Vatican has covetted Jerusalem since the Crusades. Zionism has used the “Judaists” to occupy Israel in Palestine. They couldnt have all come from tribe of Judah, or be Judeans.
            This is why Jesuit Trump is fully aligned to Jerusalem…….the Catholics want it. For Jesus. They have tricked Israelis that its all about the new temple construction and patriotism.
            Catholics will destroy Judaism once Jerusalem is back under Vatican control……..

            Its pretty hard to be a defender of the faith…..a faith of pedophilia…..and one that Castrated choirboys for most of its history. Its not Jews or Freemasons (catholic inventions) , its your eunechs, worshippers of Attis. Jesus was invented to replace/cover-up Attis .

            Thats what that giant bronze pine cone(Pigna) represents in Vatican gardens. Attis was castrated under a PINE tree. The Peacocks in latin~ gallus > pretty Galli priests. Transfiguration or Transgender?

            Time to stop throwing the blame on Judaists and Freemasons, both Catholic agendas. Its time you really looked at the real history of your church. For a start, the bible was written in Greek…..and so the Greek religions is where one needs to look. The Alpha and Omega …….(greek alphabet).
            Why in France is it called the GALLIcian Church? Man from Galli-lee? GALATIONS?

          • 2QIK4U

            No they don’t that’s why they circumsice all Catholic babies, And remember all the different types of Catholics, AUSTRALIA is Christian, the then Church of england, the fake bible all masons and us go by… ?

    • Debbie

      I hope the luciferian/communist pope goes to jail where some really big bad guys can molest him….

      • Slimey

        How ’bout a small guy with a BIG bad one? :lol:

    • LindaJoyAdams

      Many Catholics have a sincere faith and sure they do not like what is going on if they even know as the media is not sharing this…and this is not against them at all. Popes cannot resign as its a life time ordination, isn’t it.?. and others do the work when they become unable to?? So these are ‘false ones’ Some might say one part of the UNHOLY TRINITY of a political institution ruling a nation ,,, So the ‘real’ last Pope would be who holds office at tbe time Pope Benedict goes to meet his judgment with the DIVINE REAL Holy Trinity? His guilt might be not exposing and cleaning their ‘swamp; and going off and hiding from the world. when he was called to lead. and answer the charges and then cooperate with legal authorities. TOO MANY HAVE DONE THIS FOR WAY TOO LONG ALL OVER THE WORLD IN GOVTS AND NON GOVTS INSTITUTIONS. with leaders who let us down and cover-up when faced with the crosses to bear when in charge. (I am not Catholic. so in my faith group the local congregation can “fire the preacher” and much of these scandals and crimes among the Catholics are their locals not able to remove their religious leader:: when politics promotes a cover up at the expense of the faithful Linda Joy Adams

      • Rad

        99% of all catholics are on their way to hell. You can’t perform occult rituals week in and week out and expect to end up in Heaven.

    • Mica Molecule

      Judy continues her barrage of fake news and the ICLCJ Court is a sham.

      • Rad

        Which rabbit’s ass did you pop out of?

        • Slimey

          Last time I checked, yours. :mrgreen:

          • Rad

            You don’t have a clue what I was inferring in the comment to molecule man. How do I know? By the other comments you’ve made. It’s best to stay out of the conversation when YOU’RE clueless.

            • zgc0028

              Slimey is too stupid to understand what you wrote and Mica is a shill with his head so far up his back side that when you asked him ‘What rabbit’s Ass did you come from’ all he could think was Mom is that you! Morons can’t help being stupid. It’s in their DNA from the donkey there mom rode on and impregnated them with.

    • Lt. Gen. Rt.

      Total fabrication, click bait and bolderdash. Lol, man, you guys have lost the plot.

      • zgc0028

        Look it up moron. It’s real. I mean if your able to read that is. Since its so fake maybe they can take one of your loosser kids (assuming a woman would even sleep with you) and see how fake it is. The only fabrication here is you claiming to be a man. More like a boy who spouts off the first thing he thinks of before doing any real research. I hate morns and your one of the biggest one’s out there.

    • insane2bme


    • jdpent01

      They couldn’t find a Western Pope candidate ? Nigeria, as a country is mostly remembered for ID theft and mney scams. Are they still going to have a Cardinal vote? White/Black Who are the others they would vote on? or is this to be omited for policy and political sakes?

      • 2QIK4U

        Black pope would be the biggest DEEP STATE symbol

    • Anonymous

      I do not want a Spanish or negro pope they would only continue in the same path, communism, cultural-Marxism and race baiting and multiculturalism that is slang for killing all the whites, by whatever means, they can go to hell.

      • Anonymous

        What I am saying is: If they still do we are in a direct colliding path. And the Nobility will not get away this time. Just to make sure you know what you are doing, think before action, think even twice.

      • Anonymous

        I want a white pope who isn’t a Catholic. :smile:

    • El_Puerco

      Revenge Round 2. In progress.
      Why Is it so Hard to Live the Christian Life?

      This happened because she was a crypto Jew, masquarading as a Christian, to damage Christianity and infiltrate prominent
      Christians, and she did that job VERY WELL.

      The beauty of the Jewish tradition part is quite stomach turning.

      Jesus condemned their traditions quite forcefully.

      For example- Luke 11:39-54. They’d call that “antisemitism” today though, which is probably why the ADL wants to ban the New Testament.
      :idea: :arrow:

    • digdug30

      I wish everything you have written would come to pass but from what I’ve seen and read the European court you speak of has as much chance of arresting the pope as my grandmother and she’s been dead a decade. No, I’m sorry evil will continue for the time being, I wish I was wrong but a little detective work suggests I’m not.

    • 2QIK4U

      I can’t find anything agreeing to this Article? Is this true? I am behind you 100% Because of the Obvious topic but he seems to be happily travelling the planet still. Any updates or something to hope for please? I DELIBERATELY haven’t commented as I gave it a week or so and still nothing??? thanks

    • yes2truth

      I’ll believe it when I see it!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • digdug30

      *sighs* I really believed the pope and all his stooges were going to be arrested in Ireland, I am so shocked it didn’t happen. I read that it was going to happen here on BIN, I’m sure the Author/s must have made a genuine mistake, I mean they seemed so convinced and sure their information and sources were right, we still believe…..

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