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NDE proves Mormonism is Mostly True!

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Protestant NDE Proves that Mormonism is Mostly True!


Recently I posted an article about how the so-called “Abrahamic Scroll”, allegedly translated by Joseph Smith, was a fraud.  That article was NOT intended to allege that the majority of the teachings, in general, of the Mormons were wrong.  In fact, I have come across compelling evidence that most of the Mormon (LDS) teachings are true!  What evidence? You ask.  Well, it is the most compelling evidence ever!  Most religions base their evidence upon ancient texts that have about as many interpretations as there are people who read them.  What if I told you that someone had died and that their spirit had visited the spirit world, only to come back to life and tell us about her visit with Jesus?  I know what you are saying: “I’ve heard that before.”  Yes, you have, but most visits with Jesus in the after-life are brief, very brief.  This one was quite long.  Her name is Betty Eadie and during her NDE, she was allowed to ask Jesus as many questions as she wanted.  The answers that she got may surprise you, for they fall in line with Mormon theology.  Was she a Mormon before the NDE?  No.  Did she become a Mormon after the NDE?  I don’t know; it’s irrelevant.

Meat of the Article

Let’s compare Mormon beliefs with Betty Eadie’s NDE.

Mormon belief

Betty Eadie’s NDE (in her own words)

Jesus is a God, but he is a separate being from God the Father.

I understood that he was the son of God, though he himself was also a God, and that he had chosen from before the creation of the world to be our savior.

Also, Jesus Christ was there. I understood, to my surprise, that Jesus was a separate being from God, with his own divine purpose.

My Protestant upbringing had taught me that God the Father and Jesus Christ were one being.

Jesus was the Creator, but we ALL participated in the creation under His direction.

I understood, or rather, I remembered, his [Jesus’s] role as creator of the Earth.


All people as spirits in the pre-mortal world took part in the creation of the Earth. We were thrilled to be part of it. We were with God, and we knew that he created us, that we were his very own children. He was pleased with our development and was filled with absolute love for each one of us.


Each spirit who was to come to Earth assisted in planning the conditions on Earth, including the laws of mortality which would govern us. These included the laws of physics as we know them, the limitations of our bodies, and spiritual powers that we would be able to access. We assisted God in the development of plants and animal life that would be here. Everything was created of spirit matter before it was created physically – solar systems, suns, moons, stars, planets, life upon the planets, mountains, rivers, seas, etc. I saw this process, and then, to further understand it, I was told by the savior that the spirit creation could be compared to one of our photographic prints; the spirit creation would be like a sharp, brilliant print, and the Earth would be like its dark negative. This Earth is only a shadow of the beauty and glory of its spirit creation, but it is what we needed for our growth. It was important that I understand that we all assisted in creating our conditions here.

Jesus is our spiritual brother (Elder Brother).

Also, Jesus Christ was there. I understood, to my surprise, that Jesus was a separate being from God, with his own divine purpose, and I knew that God was our mutual Father.

First things are created in “spirit matter” before they are created in “physical matter”.

Many times the creative thoughts we have in this life are the result of unseen inspiration. Many of our important inventions and even technological developments were first created in the spirit by spirit prodigies. Then individuals on Earth received the inspiration to create these inventions here. I understood that there is a vital, dynamic link between the spirit world and mortality, and that we need the spirits on the other side for our progression. I also saw that they are very happy to assist us in any way they can.

The purpose of life is to learn and grow, by overcoming the “natural” and living according to the precepts and guidelines of the scriptures.  Each individual is given individualized challenges in this life to overcome become stronger individuals, full of light and knowledge and love.


We all volunteered to come here, for ONLY by coming here, could we learn and grow in order to progress to a higher level, which Mormons typically call heaven.

We watched as our spirit brothers and sisters entered physical bodies for their turns upon the Earth, each experiencing the pains and joys that would help them progress. I distinctly remember watching the American pioneers crossing the continent and rejoicing as they endured their difficult tasks and completed their missions. I knew that only those who needed that experience were placed there. I saw the angels rejoicing for those who endured their trials and succeeded and grieving for those who failed. I saw that some failed because of their own weaknesses, and some failed because of the weaknesses of others. I sensed that many of us who were not there would not have been up to the tasks, that we would have made lousy pioneers, and we would have been the cause of more suffering for others. Likewise, some of the pioneers and people from other eras could not have endured the trials of today. We are where we need to be.

As all of these things came to me, I understood perfection of the plan. I saw that we all volunteered for our positions and stations in the world, and that each of us is receiving more help than we know. I saw the unconditional love of God, beyond any earthly love, radiating from him to all his children. I saw the angels standing near us, waiting to assist us, rejoicing in our accomplishments and joys.

The original 12 apostles (except Judas, with another taking his place) rule in heaven under Jesus’s direction.


All people will be judged by Jesus according to their hearts and actions on Earth.

[This isn’t Betty’s own words, but rather a narration.]

She [Betty] is led from the garden and into a large building before a “Council of Elders” consisting of 12 men and Jesus. Here, she is again told her death was premature and she must return to Earth. Jesus shows her life in review in the form of well-defined holograms. Jesus comforts her when she sees the negative aspects of her life and begins to judge herself too harshly.

Humans have “free agency” to determine our own destiny.

We were given agency to act for ourselves here. Our own actions determine the course of our lives, and we can alter or redirect our lives at any time. I understood that this was crucial; God made the promise that he wouldn’t intervene in our lives unless we asked him. And then through his omniscient knowledge he would help us attain our righteous desires. We were grateful for this ability to express our free will and to exercise its power. This would allow each of us to obtain great joy or to choose that which will bring us sadness. The choice would be ours through our decisions.


There are ONLY a few differences between Betty’s NDE and Mormon theology.

They are:

Mormon belief

Betty’s NDE

Mormons believe that to get to heaven, one must do three things:

(1) Accept the atonement of Christ for your past sins (by confessing your sins to God, feeling sorrow/regret, and invoking the power of Jesus’s atonement in one’s life)

(2) Obey the laws of God (including but not limited to: following ordinances and loving, forgiving, preaching, etc.)
(3) When one fails (by sinning) one must repent (by invoking the Atonement (again) and making recompense) and move on.  Nobody’s perfect, but we are suppose to follow the commandment of Jesus when he said, “Be ye therefore perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect.”  So, Mormons constantly work toward that goal.



Above all, I was shown that love is supreme. I saw that truly without love we are nothing. We are here to help each other, to care for each other, to understand, forgive, and serve one another. We are here to have love for every person born on Earth. Their earthly form might be black, yellow, brown, handsome, ugly, thin, fat, wealthy, poor, intelligent, or ignorant, but we are not to judge by these appearances. Each spirit has the capacity to be filled with love and eternal energy. At the beginning, each possesses some degree of light and truth that can be more fully developed. We cannot measure these things. Only God knows the heart of man, and only God can judge perfectly. He knows our spirits; we see only temporary strengths and weaknesses. Because of our own limitations, we can seldom look into the heart of man.

I knew that anything we do to show love is worthwhile: a smile, a word of encouragement, a small act of sacrifice. We grow by these actions. Not all people are lovable, but when we find someone difficult for us to love, it is often because they remind us of something within ourselves that we don’t like. I learned that we must love our enemies – let go of anger, hate, envy, bitterness, and the refusal to forgive. These things destroy the spirit. We will have to account for how we treat others.


[PLEASE NOTICE that there is NO mention of the Atonement!]

God hears and answers all our prayers, (but sometimes the answer is a “No.”)

Betty is shown the Earth as it appears in space. She is shown how prayers shoot like beacon lights from the Earth.  She sees angels rushing around answering these prayers.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the ONLY true church on the face of the planet today.


And the prophet (president) of the LDS Church is the ONLY true prophet in the world today.  He is God’s one and only mouthpiece on Earth today.

I wanted to know why there were so many churches in the world. Why didn’t God give us only one church, one pure religion? The answer came to me with the purest of understanding. Each of us, I was told, is at a different level of spiritual development and understanding. Each person is therefore prepared for a different level of spiritual knowledge. All religions upon the Earth are necessary because there are people who need what they teach. People in one religion may not have a complete understanding of the Lord’s gospel and never will have while in that religion. But that religion is used as a stepping stone to further knowledge. Each church fulfills spiritual needs that perhaps others cannot fill. No one church can fulfill everybody’s needs at every level. As an individual raises his level of understanding about God and his own eternal progress, he might feel discontented with the teachings of his present church and seek a different philosophy or religion to fill that void. When this occurs he has reached another level of understanding and will long for further truth and knowledge, and for another opportunity to grow. And at every step of the way, these new opportunities to learn will be given.

Having received this knowledge, I knew that we have no right to criticize any church or religion in any way. They are all precious in his sight. Very special people with important missions have been placed in all countries, in all religions, in every station of life, that they might touch others. There is a fullness of the gospel, but most people will not attain it here. In order to grasp this truth, we need to listen to the Spirit and let go of our egos.



I was born and raised it the LDS Church.  For 30 years I lived according to its precepts, but the one thing I could NEVER understand is the so-called atonement.  I mean there’s no logic in it.  Why should another man pay for MY sins?  That’s not fair.  Should I not have to pay for my own sins?

Mormon theology explains it like this:  Even one little sin makes us unclean, and therefore unfit to be in the kingdom of God.  The wages of sin is spiritual death, or in other words, eternal separation from God in another kingdom (and there are levels depending upon the gravity of the sins).  Therefore an atonement was necessary.  The ONLY being that could atone for our sins would have to be a sinless being.  Since, Jesus (the Son of God) was the only sinless being to have ever existed, only He could atone for our sins and make it possible for us to return to God.

What Mormons do not quite understand is that we are NEVER separated from God.  God is light, which light is in us!  Even their own scriptures convey this message; And I quote: “And the light which shineth, which giveth you light, is through him who enlighteneth your eyes, which is the same light that quickeneth your understandings; Which light proceedeth forth from the presence of God to fill the immensity of space—the light which is in all things, which giveth life to all things, which is the law by which all things are governed, even the power of God who sitteth upon his throne, who is in the bosom of eternity, who is in the midst of all things.”  (D&C 88:11-13)

Like God, we are also light (energy) which science has now proven.  All matter is simply energy slowed down in vibration to the point where it is tangible.  So, we are a part of God and God is a part of us.  This will never ever change.  We cannot be separated from God.  We can only be less or more connected a part of Him.

Another thing that Mormons do not understand is that when a person undergoes the “life review”, Jesus doesn’t judge us.  We judge ourselves.  Betty’s NDE description online didn’t go into this in great detail (her book might), but from countless other NDEs, that’s what the experiencers of the “life review” all say; i.e., we judge ourselves.  The love that God and Jesus have for us is unconditional.

So, what determines our next destination after we die?  The answer is so simple that it is shocking that nobody thought of this on their own.  The thing that determines our destination after we die is who and what we are at the time of death.  To expound, it is not about what we have done in the past; it’s about who we are in the present!  Those people with higher vibrations go to higher levels, and those people with lower vibrations go to lower levels.

You see?  There is no need for an atonement.  Jesus did not come to die for our sins.  He came to show us how to live!  Did not Jesus say, “I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly”?  (John 10:10)

And now it all makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

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    Total 5 comments
    • AnonymousShaman

      What? No comments? I did get an email from a resourceful individual quoting a boat-load of scriptures claiming that the Bible was the end of God’s word. Oh really? Then why is God still talking?

    • htimsxela

      I will point out that the points of her experience that you say contradict or disagree with LDS doctrine is incorrect. In Fact, the views that you expressed (except for the need of the atonement) are consistent with LDS theology. The lack of discussion about the atonement during her NDE does not necessarily imply the lack of need for one. Using her discussion of religion as a basis, she may already accept a sacrifice of The Lord and so didn’t need to hear more about it, or assumed others accepted it and didn’t feel the need to talk about it. Or, for example, we could say that our loving big brother already bought and paid for the car that he gave us. And being a loving brother didn’t/doesn’t feel the need during this experience to remind us of a debt that he will never collect.

    • Orianne

      The Atonement of Jesus Christ is CENTRAL to God’s plan for his children. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it’s not true! It is through the Atonement that Jesus Christ forgives us of our sin after we have truly repented. It is through the Atonement that he bears our burdens and heals our sorrows. It is through the Atonement that we have the opportunity to return to the presence of our Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ someday. We need to accept his Atonement, and use our agency to prove our obedience and faith in him. God’s love for each of us is infinite and eternal. He loved each one of us so much that he was willing to sacrifice He who was greater than us all so we would have a chance to return home someday. If we take advantage of that opportunity is entirely up to us. I thank The Lord everyday for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I feel it working in my life everyday. Please stop using your own finite abilities to understand the things of God. Pray for faith to believe.

    • Utfamof7

      Your conclusion does not make sense. Or one religion is true ( correct) or not. It cannot be right on part of the doctrine. A church can only have the truth from inspiration, and God does not inspire half of the truth to a religion leader or leaders that lie about the other half.
      Hope you pray about it until you have it revealed directly to you.

    • Utfamof7

      it is very interesting to me that you take Mrs Eadie’s views of her experience as the standard by what we are supposed to judge everything… so can you explain why should we give her all this credibility ? I imagine that if I had an NDE today I would understand what happens on the other side based on what I know today, meaning religious / social / cultural background. I compare it as going overseas for the 1st time. We are going to judge it according to what we experienced before. My NDE would be differently understood by another person seen the same stuff.
      I imagine Mrs Eadie is a good person, I have no reason to distrust her. But I trust on my spiritual experiences a lot more, they were given to me by a God that knows what I need . And that I hope you have – your own… , do your homework, go find out , beg for an answer, then nothing will shake your faith. The sacred experience cannot be erased. Good luck to you.

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