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Nathan Wheeler's NDE Experience

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This a letter to Nathan Wheeler (NDE Experiencer):  You can view/listen to his videos on YouTube.

Dear Nathan,

I feel that we are brothers and the Spirit has confirmed to me that you and I are brothers; not in the sense that we are all the children of God (which we are); but more like kindred spirits, if you will.

It is as such a brother that I come to you in the only way that I know how to reach you; i.e. in this way.  It is my hope that you will read this letter all the way through until the end, for I do not believe that your quest for the truth has reached the end.  If you are very busy, skip to the end (marked “Video #8 [THE END]”), read what I have written there, and then decide if the rest of this is worth reading (and guarantee you, it will be worth your time).

You and I are kindred spirits, for our life paths have been very similar, and that is so only because you and I are searchers/questioners/seekers of TRUTH.

You have inspired me to write and/or do videos about my own journey and quest for the TRUTH, but that will have to wait until I have time to do that.

For now, I will to address YOUR journey/quest.  As I watched ALL of your videos, (1-8, anticipating #9), certain “red flags” were raised in my mind.  You seem like a very intelligent person and it has surprised me that some of those red flags did not “pop up” for you; but, a person can be too close to the situation to actually see the forest through the trees (so to speak).  So, I forgive you.  (smiley face).

Video #1

Now, before I begin: please understand that I am not trying to in any way “tear down” your story, for I believe you experienced everything that you said you experienced.  It is just the interpretation of those experiences that may require a bit of “tweaking”.  (I’ll let you decide).

In your first video, you mention briefly about your horrific fear of dying.  You mention the “void that was just beyond your arms’ reach” that you perceived at the age of three.  You said that you perceived it….that you could feel it.

Then, you went to church one day at the age of four.  You heard the preacher saying that God sent his son to die…..  And, your four-year-old brain interpreted that as: if God let his son die, then there was no way that that you were going to escape death.  (I’m paraphrasing).   You freaked out and fell down, unable to breathe.  Then, you heard a voice.  (You never explain if when you hear the voice, whether it is audible or inside your head, but I’m going to assume that it was always an audible voice.  If I’m wrong, please correct me).  The voice, which you interpreted or understood to be God’s voice, said, “Nathan, do you want everyone to know what you know now?”

Okay, that’s the first red flag.

Why would God ask (anyone):  “Do you want everyone to know that they are going to die and cease to exist?”

And then, you answered, “No.”

Finally, the voice said, “Then, get up, or they’ll figure it out.”

Nathan, there is something very fishy about the content of the message conveyed by that voice.  I don’t know.  It just doesn’t make sense.

But, let’s put the whole message aside for a moment and consider this:  How does anyone really KNOW that a voice is actually the voice of God?

The correct answer is:  we don’t.

So, I’m not blaming you for thinking that it was the voice of God.  I probably would have thought the same thing as a four-year-old.

The second red flag is how you felt in church.  You said that you felt empty.  I understand, because I felt empty in most Christian churches that I’ve been to as well.  Shouldn’t that have been a clue to you?  Shouldn’t people be filled with the Spirit when they go to church?  Again,  I don’t know.  Just a red flag.

Video #2

A huge red flag went up when you mentioned the “brown cloud” that God was allegedly on, sitting on his throne.  You struggled with the question of whether that was God or Jesus.  Most Christians would say that they are one in the same.  Mormons would tell you that God is on the throne and Jesus is on the right-hand side.  I’m not going to speculate about all that, because I don’t think it was any of them.  Why?  Because there was a “brown cloud”.  You describe it as a “nasty smoggy color brown”.  You mentioned that it wasn’t what you’d have thought God would be sitting on, and that it was different that anything you’d been taught.  So, why didn’t you question whether it really was God or not?

You obviously now know that demons can shape-shift into pretty much any shape that they wish to.  Why did you not consider that it was a demon on the cloud?

The second red flag is that the entity on the cloud just ignored your prayer.  In fact, the entity retreated after your prayer.  This tells me that it was NOT God at all.  Why would God appear to you and then ignore your prayer?

Then, on the way home, you heard the voice again, which told you something that had nothing to do with your prayer.  I have already questioned whether the voice actually was God or not.  I’m not doing this to be mean.

The third red flag is the actual message of the voice.  “You will lead the people to a place they normally would not go—a place they would not normally allow themselves to go; but they will follow you because of who you are.”

You never explicitly say in your 8 videos what you feel the meaning of that message was or how it was or is being fulfilled, but I get the sense that you think it is being fulfilled by your videos, in leading people to Christ.  I don’t know, man.  People, like Dan, followed you into the “Dark Forest” as you call it.  That could be the meaning of the message as well.

Video #3

In video #3, you explain how your “spiritual gifts” became a living nightmare.  I would not use that term, “spiritual gifts” to describe your sensitivities.  I would use the term “psychic powers”.  But, if you don’t like that term due to the stigma upon it, we can just say that you were very sensitive to the spirit realms.  (Notice I put an “s” on “realm”?)  Your sensitivities are not unique.  Many people experience the intrusions of the lower realms into our realm.  Those experiences are very real.  I have experienced some myself.  However, I like how the Shaman in video 7c explains how to get rid of them.  Was that not TRUTH?

I could be wrong, but when you get to video 8, you seem to dismiss all the little truths that you had learned along the way.  As you said, truth is truth and it doesn’t need us to believe in it; however, experience teaches us that it is true.

As I continue this review of your experiences (your journey and quest for the truth), I will be keen to point out those little (or big) truths that you learned along the way, and I hope you will keep those truths; not throw them away because you have found a new truth (which is actually a lie, and I will get to that later).

TRUTH #1:  We are love and we can get rid of pesky demons by not feeding them with fear, and by giving them love.

Video #4

In video #4, you talk about your introduction to Buddhism.  Now, I agree that Buddhism doesn’t have all the truth.  I studied Buddhism for many years, both in theory and practice.  I have come to the same ultimate conclusion that you did, i.e., that it doesn’t have the full truth, but you seem to throw away all of Buddhist teachings (basically, you threw out the baby with the bath water).

TRUTH #2:  We can eliminate karma (or guilt) by forgiving others AND by forgiving ourselves.  [Jesus also taught this:  “…forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.”]

Video #5

In video #5, you explain why you left the Buddhist religion.  In my humble opinion, you did well to leave it, for it has gone wrong in so many ways, but to throw away the idea of reincarnation???  Why did you do that?  You (yourself) are one of the strongest evidences of reincarnation that I have ever heard of….. with you learning to read by reading Shakespeare!  Holy Moly!  Even the Bible gives evidence of reincarnation when the disciples of Jesus asked, “Who did sin that this man was born blind, he or his parents?” 

[Forget about Paul.  Paul was a liar, and I shall prove it later].

 I love Jesus’s answer to the question asked of him.  It dispels the idea that we carry karmic debt into the next life, but it does NOT dispel the idea of reincarnation.

I am NOT going to call reincarnation a TRUTH, because I don’t think we can definitely prove it.  However, I’m inclined to believe in it.

Also in video #5, you talk about your vision through the ceiling while in warrior position (I do that a lot, by the way).  Now, I have to admit, that that sounds like a really powerfully convincing experience for the existence of a “higher power”, but we need to be careful when we put labels.  It could have been Jesus, but it could have been an angel.  I don’t like the term “higher self” (and I will explain why later).

I agree with you that it was NOT your higher self, and it was NOT a mere “Christ-light” or a “Christ consciousness” as the new agers like to call it.  (I’m not against all teachings of the new agers, but I vehemently dislike the term “higher self”).

Out of All your experiences, I would count this one as the strongest, most powerful for the existence of a higher power.  Whether it was Jesus or not is debatable.

Video #6

In video #6, you enter what you call the “Dark Forest”.  I wouldn’t call the charging of crystals with love and positive energy “dark”.  However, it led you into deep, dark paths;  Wicca and spells, Satanism, what have you.  Those things are real.  Why?  Because the lower realms of the spiritual dimensions are full of nasty entities that seem to hate us and want to destroy us, i.e, bring us down to their level.  The limits of what they are willing to do (and capable of doing) in order to bring us down seems almost limitless.  The “magic” is REAL!  I don’t have personal experience with it, but I believe the stories that I’ve heard about it.  I’m confident that many a celebrity (especially in the music industry) has sold his/her soul to the devil for fame and fortune.  Sad, but true.

Also, in video #6, you talk about the “scar” versus the “band-aid”.  That part is TRUE!

TRUTH:  You can heal the emotional wounds by forgiveness.  You will have a scar to remind you, but it won’t hurt anymore.  Band-aids, such as repression, do not remove the pain, especially when someone “touches” it.

However, the part about the units of daily energy, and giving the left-over energy consciousness is pure bullocks.

Video #7a

You talk about the Gnostic myth of the Arkons as if it weren’t true.  You call it “Pop Culture”.  Now, while I admit that the whole illuminati blood line thing is bullocks, the original story is actually TRUE!

TRUTH:  Arkons are REAL and they are still trying to create hybrids.  [See Credo Mutwa’s testimony on YouTube].

Video #7b

You talk about astral projection.  Astral projection is REAL.  You actually visited those places.  Those places are REAL!  However, you may not have been in the present time.  You may have traveled in time.  I cannot astral project, but I can do remote viewing, both in time and space.  Also, I dream both vivid dreams and lucid dreams.

At the end of video 7b (as a lead-in to 7c) you talk about Toltec Shamanism.  You say that shamans believe that their ultimate goal is to connect with their “higher self” and “become gods”.  [RED FLAGS!!]

You clearly know more about Toltec Shamanism than I do, but you are using a new-age term “higher self”.  Are you absolutely sure that the shamans use that identical terminology?

And, on the issue of becoming gods, why do we have to become gods?  We are already gods.  Psalms 82:6 and John 10:34 tell us that we already ARE gods (and children of the Most High!)  We don’t need to “become” gods.

Lastly, while I admit that I don’t know anything about Toltec Shamanism, I DO know a lot about Mongolian shamanism.  As I understand Mongolian shamanism, there is no mention of becoming gods.  On the contrary, the Mongolian shaman will astral-project and will do battle with those nasty lower-realm entities on behalf of clients.  Also, Mongolian shamans can and do act as channelers (Channels) for spirits (usually deceased ancestors).  [Paranthetically, I do not trust that the entities that come through are who they say they are.]

Video #7c

 In video 7c, you talk about your experience with the Nagual (a Toltec shaman, who has one foot in the physical and one foot in the spiritual realms).  That was awesome!  Thanks for sharing.  Although you don’t explicitly say so, you seem to think that it was just a magician’s trick.  I don’t have enough information to comment about the whole disintegration of walls and the shape-shifting and stuff like that.  I really don’t.  I’m out of my element.  I’ve never heard of nor experienced anything like that.

However, I would like to comment on the wave of energy that you felt.  You say that it was a positive energy and elicited elation/joy.  I don’t see how that can be a bad thing.  I really don’t.

Video 8  [THE END]

This is the MOST IMPORTANT part of his entire letter.

In video #8, you begin by talking about “The Secret”.  I agree 100% on your diddy about “The Secret”.  I read the book and applied the principles and experienced the same exact results that you did.

Then, you heard the voice again.  Is it the exact same voice every time?  Is it audible?  How do you really know that it IS God that is talking to you?

The voice told you study about his son.

Most Christians would have a “hay day” with that one, because they believe that God and Jesus are one in the same.  Then, again, there was a voice that came from heaven when Jesus was baptized, wasn’t there?  The Mormons use that verse in the Bible to prove that the Father is separate from the Son.

Whatever.  If you believe it was God talking to you.  I’ll go with that (for now).  The reason I’ll go with that is because my personal quest has taken me from the Son and back again.  We both ended up at the same place!  However, there are some things that you need to know about Christianity and the Bible.

First of all, you need to understand that the Bible is just a collection of books that were compiled by early Christians under the rule of Constantine the Emperor.  [You said that you had done a lot of research about the history of Christianity, so I’m sure you know that.]

But, what you may not know is that Paul contradicts Jesus; and he does it a lot!

I hate Paul’s writings, because they contradict the sayings of Jesus (Jesus being my most beloved teacher of all time).

And the irony is this:  People these days hold more to the writings of Paul (who originally wanted to kill all the Christians), than they do to the sayings of Jesus of Nazareth (the man who died on the cross for his friends).

You also need to understand that John 3:16 in EVERY SINGLE ENGLISH translation, is a MIS-translation from the original Greek.  It is as if the translators purposefully mistranslated and purposefully continue to perpetuate the mistranslation for nefarious ends.

The correct translation (and you can verify this on your own using Strong’s concordance of the Bible) is:

“God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son; that whosoever believeth for himself, should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

You see, you do Not have to believe in Jesus to be saved.  You have believe his words for yourself to be saved.  And, you have to do them.

For Jesus himself said, “Not everyone that saith, ‘Lord, Lord’ will enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doeth the will of my father, who is in heaven.”


Dear Nathan, my brother,

Your journey/quest is not over.  God told you learn about his son.  Why then do you study Paul?  Study the people who actually knew Jesus:  Matthew, Mark, Luke and John!  Study with Strong’s concordance of the Bible.  Know the correct translations!  And, lastly, don’t for a moment take Paul’s word over Jesus’s word.

Like I said, I have been through most of the same experiences that you have.  I have been on a spiritual journey and quest for the truth for 45 years.  I studied every single sect of the Christian religion after having been born into the Mormon religion.  I studied Buddhism, Toaism, Confucianism, Hinduism, New Age, Shamanism, and Islam.  Moreover, I have developed some of my own philosophy along the way.  I accept truth wherever I can find it.  But, my greatest source of TRUTH did not come from ANY of man’s religions.  It came from my own OBEs and the NDEs of countless others.  I have studied every single NDE that I could get my hands, eyes, and ears upon.  (That’s how I came across yours).

Let me end this letter with a short Buddhist anecdote (told to me during a “dharma talk”):

[The truth of the story is beside the point.  I don’t care if the story is true or not.  It illustrates a valid point, and that’s why I like it.]

A long, long time ago, somewhere in the Far East, there was a great king who was waxing old and seriously pondering his mortality.  He was wondering what would happen to him beyond the grave.  He called his wise men together and asked, “Who is the greatest Buddhist monk in the land.”  They told him, and immediately they set out to find that monk.

After days of traveling over torturous terrain, they finally found the monk.  The king politely presented his query to the monk:  “Good sir, what happens to us after we die?”

The monk replied, “I don’t know.”

The king, quite perturbed, asked, “What do you mean you don’t know?  You are supposed to be the greatest Buddhist monk in the land, and you don’t know?  Why not?”

The monk, quite seriously replied, “Because I have not died.”


Dear Nathan, my brother,

There are many people who have died and seen the “other side”.  You are one of them.

I, myself, have had two out-of-body experiences during sleep, where I have visited the “other side”.  The first time, I ended up in hell.  [That was over 20 years ago].  The second time, I ended up in heaven.  [That was only about five years ago].  I can tell you without a shade of doubt in my mind that heaven and hell are real places.  I did not die, as you did (and many others have), but my experiences were so real, that I can recall them with perfect clarity and recollection.  Normally, I have trouble remembering most dreams more than five minutes upon awaking, but those two experiences have stuck with me, even after five years / twenty years.

I would love to share my experiences with you, and perhaps someday I shall.  But, this letter needs to come to a close.

In conclusion, you have died.  You have seen the other side.  You were told that you still have work to do.  I believe that it means that your journey/quest for the truth is not over yet.  Mine isn’t over yet either.  I am still learning, growing, and developing.  Otherwise, I would not still be here, would I?

I am in no hurry to die, but I am not afraid of death anymore.  I know that when I die, I will go to a much better place.  I have seen the mansion that has been prepared for me.  I hope your mansion is next to mine.

With love,

Leon Priz
AKA:  Anonymous Shaman

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    • TruthMeFree

      Thank you for posting these, it means a lot to me that you would take so much time to do so. However, you call this a “Letter to Nathan Wheeler” yet you have never sent it to me.

      Also you misquote me and misunderstand a few things I said, but that’s okay the series will make everything clear in the end.

      You also make assumptions about what I know or believe NOW (meaning TODAY) based on things I say I understood or knew at the age of 5, 8, 14, 19, 24. I’m now 35 and have experienced the other-side, as you say I have and obviously my understanding has changed dramatically. The story is not complete and I have not gotten to my recent revelations yet, so I’m curios why you would spend all this time and get “red-flag” feelings about things when I say… “this is what I thought, knew, or understood at this point of the story”. If you are so wise and smart, and studied, it seems you are spending a lot of energy in a very inefficient way. The path of least resistance is carried through to all non-christian-ish religions and with your background being so vastly studied in them I would think this wisdom would carry with you. But clearly knowing I do NOT say “These are the things I think today as I’m telling you this part of my testimony” and yet responding as if I did say that just seems like a complete waste of energy.

      You said that it was a red-flag that “stored units of energy can gain consciousness according to the Toltec Shamanistic belief”. That is 101 of Toltec Shamanism, this isn’t something I made up, how do you think one remains a God on the other-side if Death has come to take back all the units the person was originally given? *(Of course this is being said within the parameters of that belief systems thinking) I did say this is what “that belief system believed” I did NOT say “this is what I believe to day in 2014 as I’m making these videos, I also did not say “I do not believe this today” so understand how one could assume I might still believe this. But I was told, as I mention in my videos to tell the story EXACTLY how it happened and in the order it happened. For me to give the revelations I have now at the middle or beginning of the story would be me going against the instructions I was clearly given.

      I again want to say thank you for taking the time do this, but your red-flags should not be red-flags and it puts up a red-flag to me that you call this “a letter to Nathan Wheeler” yet you never asked me personally to read these matters you’ve given your opinion on. I personally wouldn’t do that… again it just comes down to a waste of energy. You could have simply asked me to clarify and I would have gladly done so as I do for almost 90% of all the comments and emails I get on and

      I do not believe you have ill intent, nor do I believe you think I have ill intent. Based on your “writings” here I hope you will stick with the rest of the series because your red-flags will be addressed and so will the question of “what does Nathan Wheeler know to be The Truth today?” It is not an answer I got from a book or someone else told it to me, it is based on my personal experiences and what God Himself has told me.

      Just as Video #8 was not predicted by most, the final video of this series will send many a curve ball they are not expecting that will put the final key-stone in place. After that… then by all means write whatever you want based on what I have said is the conclusions I believe TODAY. Just my suggestion.

      Thanks again and I write this response to this letter you’ve written for me out of love! God Bless.

      • dianecee

        I had a very similar experience as yours in 1999. I saw similar surroundings, too, but the souls that met me were different. I have searched and searched for answers as to why I came back to Earth. I am still angry at the MDs that brought life back into my body. In retrospect, though, I think God sent me back and the doctors had no control over what happened.

        I was told, on the other side, that this is what lies ahead for me. Souls were screaming out “Welcome, Welcome”. The environment was clean and the building I saw was tall with a flat roof. There was an outside café on the ground floor. Everyone was happy and joyful. I felt at home. My body was on a platform above the surrounding crowd of souls. They were all dressed in robes with hoods down the back. Two souls stood behind me and draped me in a velvet-like cape and placed a crown on my head. One of those souls, very tall by the way, leaned down and spoke into my right ear “This is what you can look forward to in the future”. Suddenly, I was throwing money out into the crowd. They were loving it. Bam, I was awakened by a distressed doctor who said “we thought we lost you. Where were you?” I told him I was a benevolent Queen in Heaven.

        My experience only lasted 24 seconds but it seemed to me to have been much longer. I asked him why he brought me back. I was ANGRY. I didn’t want to share my experience, but I did tell him a little bit. He didn’t seem surprised. I knew instantly that my doctor was a child of God. I never saw him again.

        My experience has led me to find love and peace in places other than where we find humans. I am nicer to people than before the happening, but prefer to surround myself with God’s creations that are not human. Rarely do I find another human that knows that God is real. When I do, I can talk for hours on his greatness. I’ve experienced a couple of visits from beyond since that operation and my awakening. I am not sure why, but I feel at peace when it happens. I am reminded that my time here is limited, yet, I still don’t know my purpose for being here. I have left my past behind, including my children. I don’t know why. I still love them. My son is a scholar. I did well by him. My daughter is educated too, but, a lost soul. Maybe they need to find God on their own. They sure do have the IQs to do so. I await my return to the next level. I’ve lost a sense of belonging on Earth.

        Thank you for your videos. I found another Child of God tonight. We are chosen, aren’t we? I wonder why all of us aren’t given the experience of seeing beyond so that all of us can feel the peace while here on Earth. Bless you…

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