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Written by: Marlene

Thursday 25th May, 2023

We are certainly living in the last days of this world and knowledge is increasing, just as Jesus told us it would. How long will the last days last? All the hidden things will be revealed and the light and Truth will shine in the darkness and obliterate it. The world is not as it once was, even a short time ago; there is a dominating influence here and it seems that the tares have power over us. We all grew up together and suddenly today there seems to be something completely different that was planted among us. We had no idea this was happening, until the fruits appeared, and they have also grafted themselves unto the children, and they grow up to be tares and weeds, not taken to the barn at the time of harvest, but thrown into the fire to be burned.

There are two ways by which knowledge can increase, there are probably more, but I have not yet found them. There is also knowledge and there is information. Information is knowing about something specific. This could be something that has been hidden for a long time and today the information, the truths and facts are being discovered and these things are usually Human things. Knowledge on the other hand is from a Divine source, from the WORD and from those who belong to Him. Knowledge comes from the Bible and from the words and commandments of God and the LAW. There is also false-knowledge available, especially that which comes from Angels, so the seeker must quickly develop a discerning mind.

The increase of knowledge happens to the individual, because knowledge is something that has to be found by the seeker in order for it to prosper. It is the seeker whose knowledge does increase. There are so many new things being thrown at us in this world and there will certainly be more coming, terrible things that will overwhelm our senses, even causing grown men to faint and loosen their bowels. There is only one way to prepare for these times and that is to have Christ Jesus dwelling within you. This world is a place where evil seems to be prospering, however there is a backlash against this WOKE, Liberal, Radical, Satanic and Luciferian movement which has taken over and infected all the places and Humans it touches.

Personally, I believe that they have always been here, this demonic movement, since the beginning, starting with the Watchers. They follow specific rules to achieve their dominance, and they only care about their own feelings and your feelings toward them. The world has become divided and there are still only two roads available for Humans to travel, where one road has many lanes accommodating all and every manner of travelers. It is a very inclusive road where the traveler can carry whatever they want as well as get whatever their heart desires. They are free to do whatever they want, enjoying all the pleasures and suffering the consequences of their choices, without even realizing that this multi-lane highway is leading them to a destination they will not like, straight into the Pit.

Most Christians believe that the Lamb with the 144,000 who stands on Mt Zion and destroys the armies of the world that come up against him in Jerusalem is Jesus Christ. They also believe that the song the 144,000 who are with him sang as they stand on Mt Zion, when the sounds of harps and Angels were heard in Heaven, but not the twenty-four Elders, nor the Four Beasts who were in front of the Throne of God, nor the Angels in Heaven none could sing that song, for it is the song of those who were redeemed from the Earth and only they could sing it? Do you not find that very strange? I do. The Scriptures tell us that Anti-Christ will worship another God, whom his fathers never knew, and will honour him with gold. He will be worshipping the ‘god of forces’. Who is this god?

This is what I have found in my seeking after knowledge. The god of Forces is called Sabaoth and he also resides in a Heaven. He has Angels with harps and all the things a god would have in his Heaven. This is where my knowledge is increasing based on all the knowledge I have found over the years that remained just pieces of the puzzle. Now I can find the places where these pieces fit to make clearer the Big Picture. I believe that this Anti-Christ is a false Lamb and he is allowed to come here to exact punishment and death and terror upon the Earth. The Jews and Islam and the world will accept him, and he will turn around and destroy them. Does that sound like our Jesus?

Jesus told us that His Kingdom is not of this world, He is not coming back here in this current world to rule in any way or form. We will see Him on Judgment Day when He rewards the Church and in the Kingdom of the new Earth. Even at the time of the Harvest of the Church, He remains above in the clouds where the Church ascends to meet Him in the Rapture. He is not coming back here to rule, never. So please remember this truth. His Kingdom is not of this world and the lamb found on Mt Zion is not our Jesus, although he is also a son of God, just like the Watchers, and he possesses great power. When you believe a lie, Almighty God will manifest that lie to ultimately destroy you. This Lamb will be known as the destroyer of the armies of men, which will lead to a worldwide shortage of men in the world.

Our Lord, who is the LAMB of God is currently in Heaven where He sits on the right-hand side of the Father, on the Throne of Almighty God. He also comforts the Saints who are beheaded and are found on the Altar of the Almighty in His Temple in Heaven. He was resurrected and He ascended. How is it then that He rises from the sea? These ones worship Sabaoth, the god of Forces as written by Daniel the prophet. They are allowed to come to satisfy the delusion of the Jews who rejected our Lord and Saviour when He came to them first, they did not believe and they crucified Him. The world will be given a false lamb, who will demand worship or death,, and he will rule with a ‘rod of iron’. Consider this, that even when the Rapture which is the Harvest happens, our Lord does not come to this world. This world being our current physical worldly existence.

Our Lord Christ Jesus has already done all that He had to do here when He first came and brought the Good News to the world. It is finished! These 144,000 found with the lamb on Mt Zion are from the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, who are actually Inner Earth dwellers from the city of Agartha in Hollow Earth. They have been there since around 732BC, when the Ten Tribes left with the last King of Israel King Hoshea and the Assyrian King who took them prisoners. They travelled to that far away place where no man had set foot before. They travelled for more than a year and had to cross that great river. I believe they travelled to the Inner Earth where there is said to be a great river that flows from the North pole to the South pole. I also believe that the Assyrian King Shalmaneser was indeed a Nephilim. 2 Kings Chapter 17.

As reported in previous blogs, I did do research on the Hollow Earth and found enough information to come to an understanding about this place and its inhabitants. I also found a video recently that talks about a group of people from the early nineteen hundreds who ventured into the underworld and they were never found, however there was film found from their experience that was very shocking. There are more things inside of our Earth than we could ever imagine, even strange Alien beings. Having said all of that I have also found knowledge which is considered uninspired by the ‘learned religious men’ of this world, that clearly tells us that the Ten Lost Tribes will return to Earth in the last days and Almighty God will make the way for them to return across the waters. 2 Esdras.

Think on these things for a moment… Selah. When Christ Jesus- the true LAMB takes power in the Earth, it will be in the Kingdom of God which is not of this world. He will rule in Love and Peace and He will literally be the Light of the world. There will be no more war or disease or death and everyone will be at peace because there will be no more tears. Think about that. This lamb is an Imitator and he will deceive the whole world and bring it to its knees. The reason why no one in Heaven could sing their song is because no one knew their song, no one knew their language. They were not singing to Almighty God, they were singing to Sabaoth, the god of Forces and his Angels were singing from his Heaven, this is why no one in Heaven, neither the twenty-four elders nor the Four Beasts who stand before the Throne of God could participate in this new song. I have found a lot of knowledge concerning the gods and Gods and GOD and have found some knowledge on Sabaoth who is called the ‘god of Forces’.

Daniel 11:36-39

36 And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done.

37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

38 But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.

39 Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain.

Many Christians believe that Sabaoth is the Lord of the Armies of Heaven and that Sabaoth is another name for Jehovah God. Whatever the Truth really is, this is the God that Anti-Christ will worship, whom I believe is not Almighty God, but a separate Being, even if he commands the armies of the Almighty in Heaven. From what I have found He is a god who has his own Heaven with his own Angels and Temple and all the things of gods, and this one is whom the 144,000 found on Mt Zion with a lamb will worship. They speak a different language than those of the Angels and the twenty-four Elder and even the Beasts who are found before the Throne of Almighty God and that is why no one in Heaven could join in and sing their song. This is what I believe.

We know that Almighty God is coming to Earth when ‘the great and terrible day of the Lord’ and His Wrath are unleashed upon the world. He is coming as a consuming-fire to destroy all of our physical belongings, including our physical flesh and blood bodies. This fire will burn all physical matter and all who are purged by the fire will find themselves without physical flesh; some will be found naked and they will see their shame, as their naked Souls are covered in the crimson stain and the stench of sin, while others will find themselves covered in the Holy Spirit, since they have washed themselves in the blood of the LAMB and have kept themselves unto the Last Day of the Appearing of our LORD and KING. Almighty God does destroy the kingdoms of the Earth- Babylon, however He does not seize and imprison these Fallen Ones and Demons who have power here.

Our LORD and KING who is Christ the WORD of God, He will appear with His Army of Angels riding on white horses, 10,000 strong, and these Angels will go throughout the world which will become mingled with the Psychic Realm, the realm of the Angels of Almighty God, those who were from above and did fall, or were imprisoned until the time of their judgment. The Psychic Realm is also the place of the Heavens, where Almighty God and His Angels dwell. After the fire, both the physical world and the Psychic worlds will become one, for the veil has been ripped from top to bottom; even the Kings of Babylon will lose their Human flesh-suits and they will be seen as they really are, in their fallen state of darkness and corruption. There are many who will come in the name of Jesus Christ and they will wage war against each other, and Humans will pay the ultimate price. They are allowed to rule here and are given power by Satan and Almighty God for a short time. There is also the Beast found in the desert whose rider is the Whore of Babylon.

Keep in mind also that Almighty God has many ‘Sons’. The Watchers are called the Sons of God. They are not begotten but manifest sons, only Jesus was begotten by the Holy Ghost of Almighty God. There are also those who are called ‘Sons of God’ who are not sons of the Almighty and these ones are Sons of the WORD of God, these sons are also Human and not of the Angels of Heaven. as we know them. These are the Sons who are conceived by the WORD and from the Light-seed He sowed in every Human upon entering this world, as found in John Chapter 1:1-13.

The sower sowed the seeds in us and these seeds can grow to become a great body, like the Angels on horses who will appear with our LORD and KING to gather His Elect from the world on the Last Day. These are Human Angels conceived by the WORD and the individual, and these are perfect Human Mind Spirit Beings, Beings without a Soul and at the Gathering on the last day when our LORD appears, these Mind Angels will fly to the four corners of Heaven to gather their redeemed Souls who are those who are alive and remain. Then the Spiritual MIND and the Redeemed Soul will join together and become a true and complete ‘Son of God, a Son of the Living Father, who is not Almighty God, but the Perfect Father. The One the world does not know, but His Sons know Him, for they have found Him in knowledge where He reveals Himself to those who are His, the spiritual Sons of God.

This Father is the ONE whom Jesus spoke to the Jews about, being the ONLY ONE who is Perfect. He is the Father of the WORD and of TRUTH the Comforter. He is PERFECT in His nature and does not have any wrath or jealousy within Him, for He is PERFECT and all things belong to Him. He exists outside of Creation in the Spiritual Realm, where there is no beginning and no end, in the place that existed before the Creation of the Heavens and the Earth, and all those who exist within it. The WORD of the Living Father is a Spiritual Holy Being who is not of the Creation, but exists in Eternal Life. The Sons of God are the Sons of the Perfect Father, who are also the peace-makers here on Earth. Not the worldly peace of a respite from war, but the peace that is found within the individual when they are saved, the peace Jesus brought to us, the peace that surpasses all Human understanding.

Those who are alive and remain unto the last day and experience the appearing of our LORD and KING and His Army of Angels, these are the Elect of the Perfect Father and they will be with our LORD and KING in His Spiritual Heavenly Kingdom which is different from that of the Earth. The LORD will bring His own Kingdom with Him, for He is a Holy Spirit and exists in Perfection, and even though there will be a new Earth, it does not exist in Perfection, for Perfection will be achieved after the Millennial Age, when all the Psychic things will be transformed into spiritual things and there will be a new Earth, which will also receive the new great city of New Jerusalem that will descend down from the Spiritual Heaven where our LORD and KING dwells with His Sons and Angels.

The New Jerusalem will be presented as a Bride to the LAMB- Christ Jesus who is Lord and King of the New Earth and continues to reign after the one thousand year reign when the total destruction of all evil will be finished and the New Spiritual Age will begin where all who inhabit the world will have become perfect Human Beings. I believe that the Millennial Age will be like it was in Paradise, before the fall of Man to Earth. There will be no more flesh and blood Humans, yet there will be food and gardens and water in the new Earth. There will be trees and animals, but no flesh and blood bodies, we will be given new bodies. Humans actually posses another kind of fleshly form, but in the Psychic which relates to the places where the Soul can exist. We can exist both in the physical world as well as in the Psychic world where Angels dwell. Hell and Heaven belong to the Psychic world and are not Spiritual places, for they belong in Creation.

There are three spaces or realms in existence- the Physical Realm where we exist and all physical matter even throughout the whole Cosmos. There is also the Psychic Realm where the Angels and gods and demons and Heavens are located, including the lower regions, like Hell and the Pit and and Abyss and other such places, these are the places where the Human Soul can enter and exist as well, as in the places of the Afterlife. We have both Paradise and Hell, all belonging to the Psychic Realm and together with the Physical Realm, these two Realms belong to the Creation. There is also the Spiritual Realm which is outside of Creation as it has always existed in Eternal Life and Truth and Perfection, having no beginning and no end, and this is the place of the Father of Spirits, the only One who is Perfect- CHRIST who is the Author and Finisher of all things.

Almighty God and the Angels of Heaven and those who belong to the created Realms as in the physical and psychic Beings, none of them/us are spiritual, however Humans do actually possess all the elements for us to experience and exist in all three Realms, and attaining the things of the Spiritual Realm is the ultimate Human experience, because it is then we come to be known as Sons of God. It is only when we seek and find will we ever be introduced to this knowledge. The Perfect Father is found in knowledge and He is the Father of the Light-seeds of the sower. He is the Father of those who desire to become manifest in the Light. The thought is first conceived within the individual and through knowledge and seeking the Perfect Father, He will make Himself known to you. He is not Almighty God. He is Holy and Spiritual and Perfect and all things belong to Him, so He has no need to be jealous or angry. His Sons are few, yet they are more powerful than all the Angels of Creation, since they will be judges over the Fallen Ones in the Council of our KING and LORD, who is the WORD of GOD.

1John 1:1-3

1That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life;

2(For the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;)

3That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ.

Christians today are mostly concerned with the Rapture and being taken out of the world before the Wrath of God or the great Tribulation is unleashed upon the Earth, and most preachers do not speak too much concerning those who are not taken in the Harvest and I am speaking here of those Christians who are left behind… for it is better for those who are left behind. These are the 144,000 from the 12 Tribes of Israel who are a spiritual tribe/race and not of flesh and blood. They will not be seen in this world for who they are, however they will have the WORD of God in their hearts and mouths, and they will preach to all those who will be saved in the last days. These will suffer great persecution from the Babylonian kings who will be ruling here and will be decimated through great tribulation; many will fall and few will be alive on the last day when our LORD and KING appears with His Heavenly Army.

Many years ago I was sealed in my forehead, for it is my Soul who has the seal of God and not my physical body, and I also felt what the power of the Holy Spirit feels like within. This happened right after I watched the first Rapture/Harvest happened. I was sealed by a lightning-bolt that struck me from beyond the clouds. In my journey along the Way I am mostly concerned about surviving without any or much persecution until the last day. Even if I were to be captured I would be freed without harm, because of who dwells within and who stands with me. The LORD will give us the words to speak in the moment. I have also seen the Anti-Christs and in my dream-visions and they also saw me, so I think that my future will be very interesting indeed.

There are many things I pray to receive, things which belong to the Sons of God. I always pray for perception in Perfection, as well as Indestructibility and most importantly that my Faith be increase so that I can move mountains. I want the faith of the mustard-seed. I desire to have all the Faith that I can receive as a Follower of the Way. All of these fallen ones coming here to receive power to rule are very powerful Angels and they will have power over Humans, however the power that lives within us existed before they even came into being and will in the end have power over them to condemn them on the great Judgment Day, when they will all be condemned and cast into their prisons, for they will have no part in the new Earth and the Kingdom Age.

This lamb who will appear on Mt Zion is not our Christ Jesus; He is sent here for those who rejected our Lord when He was crucified. They have been awaiting their Messiah and Prophet for over two millennia and because they have been under a curse, that they will have eyes but do not see and ears but do not hear, Almighty God will send them one that they have waited for along with the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel and he will take away their sacrifice and destroy Israel after a short time. This is not our LAMB of God who was sacrificed on the Cross for the sins of the world. He will however take on the appearance of the true LAMB and he will deceive the whole world, except for the Elect of CHRIST who is KING of Kings and LORD of Lords, being also the WORD of God. He is also not the LAMB who is Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus is the Head of the Church and will rule as Lord and King on the New Earth with His Saints in the Millennial Age.

It is very sobering when you believe that you will be here until the last day by the will of the Father. It is not like most Christians who believe that they will be Raptured out of here before all the real bad stuff starts happening. You have to consider how you will survive all of this, however, your mind quickly moves to believing that those who will be here on the last day will have what it takes to survive, being alive and remain. I do not believe that there will be very many left alive from the 144,000 of the 12 Tribes of Israel. The days ahead will be filled with great evil, evil like we have never seen before, please keep that in mind. There may be a very short time when all will seem to be at peace, but it will not last for long and then the world will plunge deeper in darkness and then judgment. We are currently living in the ‘time of sorrows’.

What is my purpose here writing these words? As I have mentioned before, Christians do not really think about what happens after they are taken from the world. I do not know who the 144,000 of the 12 Tribes are, however I have heard others who believe that they are also from the 12 Tribes. The 12 Tribes are not flesh and blood Humans in the sense that they are Jews or from the Nation of Israel today. These are of the Spiritual Tribes who have their place in the New Jerusalem, after the Millennial Kingdom Age. The Bride of the LAMB which is the New Jerusalem will descend from Heaven to the New Earth as the New City where the 12 Gates of the 12 Tribes are found. This New City came down from Heaven, it came down from the WORD who is KING and LORD and presented to the LAMB Christ Jesus who is King and Lord of the New Earth.

There are 12 Gates for the 12 Tribes and at this time during our Human development, after one thousand years have passed and all evil is finally destroyed, all the Humans will become spiritual perfect Human Beings and would exist in Eternal Life. So why am I writing these words? I believe that I must. I was given a golden quill and a golden talent in one of my dream-visions. Ever since I began my journey over forty years ago, I have always been writing, always. It is very helpful, especially when you seek after knowledge and you read a lot of words and study, once you write about it, it seems to be settled within. All I can do is give my testimony and tell you all about some of the wonderful and amazing things I have seen and experienced in my walk along the Way.

I also believe that the 12 Tribes consists of individuals from all over the world and many do not realize that they have already been sealed. The world today is so very strange and almost nonsensical to your common senses, so many things happening that are so wrong. It almost seems as though the evil ones sleep-walked us through this time and even though they did tell us what they were planning to do to us, we were alarmed, but we did not really believe, even though we did. They have to tell us what they are going to do to us before they do it, except, they did not do so with the ‘sorcerer’s brew’. Actually they did lie openly to us, telling us that we needed it and it was safer than not taking it. Why would anyone take it when the survival rate was so high… over 98%? Fear, that’s why. Was it the fear of getting infected and dying? And still today those who took the brew are the ones who are dying and many left with serious physical and psychological disabilities.

Time will grow much shorter soon and there will be major changes with the Earth and the seasons. They can call it Climate Change if they want, however we are living in the ‘time of sorrows’. Earthquakes are happening at a more alarming rate throughout the world at this present time. There is extreme weather in many places and things will only get worse. I do not think we can really prepare for the end of the world, because no amount of prepping will save you, it will surely buy us some time, perhaps, depending on what we face in the moment. Why is Climate Change happening? Why are the people raging against the governments around the world? Why are things so much different than they used to be only a few years ago? What is really happening here?

Humans must face the truth as to what is happening to our world and to our race. The truth is God is very angry with us and He will punish us for what we have become as a people. The Humans are divided in the flesh because of the sorcerers’ brew. It was a DNA altering cocktail designed to separate us from God. Let us speak plainly here- things have drastically changed in our world. People all over the world, especially the once young and healthy are dropping dead like flies everywhere of the new ‘sudden death syndrome’, and the doctors are baffled as to the cause! So many with heart disease and other chronic and debilitating injuries and diseases that just came out of nowhere and caused all these people to become ill, and the doctors still do not know the cause.

These destructive events will continue to increase because God is angry with the state of the world and the condition of Humans. Remember when He destroyed Humans with a Great Flood in the days of Noah? Well this time He will unleash His Wrath, which I believe is some kind of Angel who is usually restrained in place and is waiting to be unleashed upon the world. Evil will increase and the Earth will react to what is happening here. Nature, or Mother Nature is controlled by the Creator. He is in the whirlwind. There are so many more earthquakes occurring all across the planet and at an alarming rate. The hailstones falling in the storms are growing bigger and bigger and causing much destruction in many places, and they will continue to grow larger and larger as the Angel of Wrath and the Almighty draw near. The thief that comes in the night…

As Christians we believe that the Prince of this world is Lucifer from since the beginning with the fall of Adam and Eve and even though he has already been judged when Jesus was on Earth, he has not been removed from the Throne of the Earth and still has power over the world, until the time of his capture and imprisonment. He is let loose for a time to come in our world to wreck havoc, he is allowed to persecute those who love our Lord Jesus Christ. A few days ago a couple of members of the Israeli government put forward a bill to criminalize evangelizing and Christians who are caught even sharing the Gospel will be jailed for several months. I believe it had to be presented and voted on, but strangely, it is for me strange, that the two members who presented this bill are in Prime Minister Netanyahu’s party. Netanyahu did reject the bill, however, soon it will be accepted as law everywhere.

Christians are told to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. What does that really mean, because I am certain that Christians do pray for the peace of Jerusalem, however Jerusalem is a hot-bed of conflict and is it really at peace, or ever will be, because of the hostility among the Jews and the Arabs and also the Christians who live there? The peace of Jerusalem happens only in the Kingdom Age; pray ‘thy kingdom come, thy will be done’. We are told in prophecy the things that are to come upon us in these last days and it is important that we understand where we stand. We must examine our faith and be certain that we are secured in the loving arms of God or shielded under His wings, because we will definitely need protection from all these horrors. We must be ready and be strong and secure in our faith at all times, because many will die, as the last days draw nearer and nearer to completion.

We are told that practically all Humans will die and unless our LORD shortens the time, no one will be left alive. So from those words I think that we will become bombarded from all sides with all manner of disasters and sickness. Many Christians will die from these natural disasters and other evils that will befall us. I just saw the aftermath of a severe and terrible storm with multiple tornadoes in the State of Mississippi that happened overnight. The destruction is unbelievable, it is a miracle for those who survived because the destruction was total. Incredible. The Lord is in the whirlwind. This is why it is so important to be always ready, because in this time, Death seems to be lurking everywhere and is also taking away many of us. Hell also does open up her mouth very wide in the last days.

We seem to have entered into ‘evil-mode’ and the despicable ones who rule here are cranking it up to maximum level. We know who they are, some of those in high places and they do not even hide their agenda any longer, and by calling it ‘conspiracy theory’, they openly tell us what they are going to do to us, and how they will take away every thing we own and we become completely dependent upon their offerings, including eating bugs, we will own nothing and we will be happy. They may probably put some happy Pharma drug mixed in with the insects. These people are so insane and anti-Human, it is plain to see. They seem to be from another planet, or from some place or mindset that is set up against the Human Being. They want to continue their enslavement and their harvesting of our children to sustain their evil insatiable appetites, and they have no intention of giving up their power. Demons!

Fortunately there are many Humans who are awake and freed from slavery through the power of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, for the only freedom found in this world is found in Christ Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. This is the freedom from slavery and from the curse of Death and Hell, where all sinners will be taken and be cast into. There is an awakening happening throughout the world, and even if it does not come by being saved directly, those who are waking up are hearing from the ones who are already awake and these ones are opening the eyes of many to what is happening here. People must also understand and be told that if they are not following Christ Jesus, then the Devil has power and control over their lives, and all of their independent ideas of being whoever you want to be and doing whatever you want to do, all these thoughts are from the Devil.

These thoughts are not Human thoughts, because Humans always seek after their God. We all possess a small measure of faith which God put in everyone, so that we can contemplate His existence and our relationship to Him. We can also grow and become strong in our faith as believers in Christ. Remember also that faith can move mountains, however it has to increase exponentially. Even for the believer we increase our faith by studying the Gospel and walking in the Way of Truth, doing all we can to obey the Laws and Commandments, and also with a ‘fear of the Lord’ who is Almighty God, as He is the one who unleashes judgment and vengeance upon the world and He can also cast you into Hell. That is why we are to fear Him, because of the LAW, for it will condemn and kill your Soul in Death and Hell.

The knowledge of the Truth of Humans are not taught in the learning places here, we are being taught that we evolved from Ape-kind and many Humans actually believe this big lie, but in this life we do become what we believe. Throughout our history on Earth we Humans have always had the knowledge of God with us, even though throughout the ages there were those and some still today, who have destroyed the knowledge of the Truth, so they can be free of laws and follow their own paths in this world. Of course knowledge was very hard to come by and only the religious ones and rulers possessed this knowledge. Even in the time of Noah, when he took one hundred and twenty years to build the Ark, he preached to those who would come to see him throughout all those years, yet no one believed him and they all perished when the Floods came and washed them all away.

Jesus also told us that these last days will be like the days of Noah, when the people did hear the warnings yet continued in their everyday sinful lives, but this time it is not destruction by the water of a great flood, but by the ‘consuming-fire’ of the Almighty God. Not by water but by fire; and the fire will burn everything in the physical Realm, everything that was created, even Humans, and the children of the flesh will from henceforth be found no more. Humans will change and so will the Earth because it also has to accommodate the new Humans who are given the gift of Eternal Life and also the opportunity to live for one thousand years in the new Earth Kingdom, where flesh and blood cannot enter. What a wonderful promise and the only place to put our hope, to be a citizen in the new Kingdom Age, whether in the New Heaven or on the New Earth. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God…

There are a lot of serious problems we will face as time runs out, however we do have to live and continue our lives in this world. There is a huge problem among our children which is slowly unravelling because more States are beginning to prohibit and criminalize the conditioning of our children to become members of the Alphabet/Trans movement. There are so many kids today who honestly believe that they are of a different gender from their God given sex as an individual Humans, and these thoughts and feeling are encouraged on so many levels in our strange new world. This is normal in a way for the kids since they were being secretly taught all of this evil teachings without the consent and knowledge of most parents. These kids have been keeping all kinds of secrets from their parents and many are suffering from gender dysphoria, being so confused that they even have their bodies mutilated and they are also killing themselves.

There is a massive problem here that is being overlooked, especially in those States and places where this type of behavior is being discouraged and even becoming illegal in some places. What about the kids… All those kids who are now told that they are not normal and they are even illegal, what will be done about them? Will they be taken care of? Is there a program in place that is designed to help these children to come to accept who they really are? These kids must be considered, because they have believed these things about themselves since first grade, or even kinder-garden, practically all of their short lives. These kids need to be deprogrammed and those who are making the laws must consider all the kids who will be psychologically affected. They are very lost and fragile individuals whose minds are being damaged by evil teachings and teachers, and hopefully these kids can be helped, because they are going to need it. Only Jesus saves.

Our world has permanently changed for the worse, however even though my words may seem very gloomy in that I write a lot about the terrible things that are happening and those to come, I do not let the things of the world affect my inner peace. Be in the world but not of it. Become passers-by. If you love the world you are an enemy of God. This is a place of learning through seeking and finding, and the ultimate find for the Human as we journey through this world is to find the knowledge of the Way of Truth, which leads to Eternal Life. What I pray for most in this world is that all Humans will come to Repentance and Salvation through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and inherit the Kingdom of God. No one wants to go to Hell. There is only one way to get into the Kingdom of God and that is through Christ Jesus, for He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

All sins are forgivable except the sin of blaspheming the Holy Spirit, and by denying the existence of this essential power in ones’ Salvation and Repentance, there is no way the individual can be saved or their sins be forgiven, because they do not believe. Times are getting tougher and rougher for us all, and if you are not seriously impacted today, you soon will be. This world is descending into total and complete evil madness and we will all have our place in these last days. My answer for all of this is the world needs Jesus Christ and His Gospel of Salvation and Grace in order to navigate through this mess. These people need to be saved, however I can only pray for them and speak the truth. We also know that not everyone belongs to Jesus Christ, however everyone could belong to Him. Personally, I cannot understand how one can exist without Christ. I see them doing it and they even achieve success in the world, but I cannot comprehend a life without our LORD and Saviour present.

I also know that my perspective is a little different, or perhaps there is additional information and knowledge being read for the first time. I write because I must and perhaps I have exposed too much of my personal experiences by way of dreams and visions and other supernatural things, however I feel that I should not keep these things to myself and whether or not you believe my words really matters not, for this is my testimony in this world, this insane, twisted, depraved and lawless world. My dream-visions are always on the surface of my mind. They remain very vivid experiences like they are etched in my thoughts and this is so for a reason, so that I can have a framework of what is to come, according to my personal life journey.

I have seen some things that I still do not understand in terms of objects appearing in the sky. I do know that when these do appear, I will know what they are. Perhaps I am revealing too much, but what is the point of seeing, if you do not reveal. I have had several dreams that came to pass over the years and I did write about them online as well as spoken of some, especially my earthquake dream period, where I had dreams about them and within seven days they would happen. I do not dream about earthquakes anymore, however there are more earthquakes than ever before and they are increasingly intensifying all across the world. It is a daunting task to survive in this world, and there is so much upheaval everywhere… and the Nations raged. We each travel our own paths, however we must look out for our brothers and sisters in Christ.

There are others who are having similar experiences as I had in the beginning of my journey. I came across someone who was interested in ‘out-of-body’ experiences at the beginning, also a Catholic female, although I did renounce the Catholic Church and in my heart and Soul I am no longer a Roman Catholic which happened when I was nineteen years old, in nineteen seventy-nine. I did experiment with meditation techniques and had read several books on Astral Travel and out-of-body experiences, but I was not interested in leaving my body, ever. I went within myself, while she was interested in leaving and travelling, and still does, even today. Her world is filled with Extraterrestrials and mind manipulation and remote-viewing as well as other Occult things. We choose the roads we travel along and all roads lead to a destination.

When I began to write this blog, I wanted to write about a couple of ‘Alien’ experiences, especially my visit to the Moon. Interestingly enough the woman I spoke of previously, also did have a visit to the Moon experience. If you have read my previous blogs you will know that I was given a series of nine dream-visions, that were more interactive than usual after I prayed to our LORD to please reveal the hidden things to me. In my previous dreams I was always a bystander, never being involved in what appeared before me in light, as I stood in the darkness of the twilight. It was dark, but not completely and these images or places or whatever I was supposed to see would appear and I would only pivot from East to South to West and to North, each time something appeared in light, sometimes suspended in the sky, or a sea or huge melting icebergs, or a black dead choppy sea, with comets or asteroids or meteors flying over the horizon from both directions.

These given visions were different because they all involved me and were about me in a sense, because I was a part of the vision instead of being just an onlooker. I prayed for twenty-one days knocking on the door and it was opened, and I would have prayed for as long as it took, because I really wanted to know about these things, because I was attacked by small Greys. I wrote about the other two experiences I had that was ‘alien’, but I was also taken to the Moon. It is important that I explain to you that I believe that I was sent to these places because I asked to see the hidden things. I was never abducted, although I am uncertain with the Moon experience, because I was hiding from a ship at the kitchen window that I saw taking people up in a shaft of light. I hid in the bathroom, not sure what happened next, if anything, but after the shaft of light searched me out, I found myself inside a huge building on the Moon.

The building had very tall columns which I guess held up the roof, they were about four stories tall on the inside. I was actually hiding behind a column facing an area that looked like a massive conference centre, and I was at the back of the room and saw many rows of seats. I did not see the front from where I stood in what seems like a kind of entrance way or a large hallway filled with huge columns, perhaps about twenty of them and they were about fifteen feet apart. It was not very lit where I stood, however the back of the hall was bright and it was about forty feet away. I saw soldiers who looked like star-troopers. No joke and one of them also saw me and ‘arrested’ me, in that he led me towards the back of the hall and as I walked up to the rows of seats I looked to the right of me. I was standing in a very large conference hall, with a huge stage with smaller higher single platforms, and above the stage and about a third of the hall had a clear roof, so you could see outside. All I saw was a helicopter flying over the stage area but it was stationary and silent. There were several hundred seats if not thousands in many long curved rows all the way to the back of the hall where I was taken.

As I walked up to the row of seats directly in front of me there were a few individuals there, but I do not think they were Human, although they looked Human. They were sitting on the seats and when they saw me they stood up and began to question me. They kept asking ‘who are you and how did you get here?’ I answered and said that I am Christian. Not sure why I said that, but that is what my Soul, I said. When I said that I am Christian, it was almost as if their faces became slightly static and distorted, but they kept repeating it and I kept answering the same answer that really upset them in some way. After a short time, I was back in my bed. There is something very significant about the Moon and I believe that it was created along with the Sun, as our night light. It is also possible that the Moon has been hijacked and turned into something nefarious, as it spies down on our world from above.

In ancient texts it is said that the original Moon was destroyed Ages ago when there was a war between Angels and Gods and the Moon was destroyed. What we see in our night skies is not the night light that Almighty God created with the Sun. This Moon above us actually looks down on us and spies on us and is something much more dangerous to Humans than it appears. Why can we not see the dark-side of the Moon? There is life inside the Moon and on the dark-side. Do you believe this?

There is so much Christian persecuted in many places today, some suffering great violence as those in Nigeria and especially China, and it is important to pray and study and meditate, because knowledge is key. Do not be ignorant of the truth of the Word. Most Christians expect to be taken in the Rapture before after or in mid-tribulation and their minds are set on that, this is their journey. My thoughts are set on life after the Rapture, for many will be here on the last day to see the appearing of our LORD and KING and be a part of the Gathering. Some of my dream-visions are set in a post-apocalyptic world that is dark with very low cloud cover, where I am openly preaching, but I am always alone, except when I am not. Perhaps the Anti-Christ came with his two giant warriors to arrest me, because I was preaching before they appeared. The vision did not show me what happened after I saw them and they saw me.

Finally, grow your faith and seek after and find knowledge of the Truth, for we are still under the LAW in this world and the LAW has condemned all of us. Christ Jesus is wonderful and faithful and true. He loves those who are His and He will come to take His Church in the Harvest where He will be in the clouds and His Church will ascend to meet Him in the air.

Peace and Grace to you all in the name of our LORD and Saviour Christ Jesus. M.

Written: Thursday 25th May,2023

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