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Is Prayer Alone Enough?

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[Book from Joseph M. Lenard TERROR STRIKES:
includes section on FREE SPEECH assaults and advocacy
ATROCITY chapter outlining not only NAZI but Russian (even others') Genocide actions/mass-murders
and NOT just about foreign Terrorists, but USA FASCICRATS ( destroying us from within - and, yes, issue of ILLEGALS as Security risk/threat discussed therein
see too: <ISBN: 978-1-955043-66-3>
Plus, my book about writing and publishing
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Is Prayer Alone Enough?
[NOTE: Admittedly this is NOT my most "clean" and "best developed" piece, but I wanted to get it out ASAP initially here on B4IN to see if it gets some feedback (of course, can respond below, but would prefer you reach out Privately at/via This is the ROUGH-DRAFT of Chapter 7 (current planned placement) for/in WORKING-DRAFT of "ChristiTutionalist TM Politics 2" book (planned to drop June 1st 2024) and planned for (completed version) TheLibertyBeacon Article drop some time in July 2024 as well as then a CTP Show episode (which will correspond and drop same Sat/week).]
[Also note: Sun. Apr. 7th 2024 update included now here-in down-thread]


Pray? Yes, absolutely, HOWEVER…. Actually do things too….


Pray? Yes, that’s nice, but 2 Chronicles 7:14 says AND TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS which obviously COMMANDS AN ACTION not just WORDS – we are given FREE WILL and like the Rush tune says: If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice (other important Quotes, some from Bible, some from famous people, others like this from “Prophetic” but not Prophets type utterances – see: /alternative/2024/03/famous-quotes-3809796.html (another B4IN piece from me also dropped today Fri. Mar. 8th 2024)). In other words: YOU DID NOTHING TO STOP EVIL BUT WHINE!

SHALL BE KNOWN BY FRUITS, not Virtue Signaling and pretending are above it all…

And, “All required Evil Prevail, Good Peoples Do Nothing!


From ChristiTutionalist TM Politics (first edition)

There are supposed Christians estimated to the tune of 30-50 million
not even Registered to Vote let-alone (another 10-30M Registered that don’t
even Vote or) who refuse to get off their hind-sides in any way to do a darn
thing to change our Nation’s downhill slide. They cling to 2 Chronicles 7:14
(see my also related Before It’s News © 2020 piece on 2-C-7:14 at and ignore all other Biblical
contextual calls for actual action (also ©
2021 piece).

Sadly they, in-my-opinion, are as bad as the scum as they just sit around and
whine about (Virtue-Signaling online, is NOT virtue but vice), just coasting
expecting and entitled in a different sense; and don’t expect (as “Known by
Fruits” (Your Fruits, actions you take to Sow and grow something — “If you
choose not to decide, you still have made a choice” certainly RUSH Rock
Group not Bible Prophets, but that line prophetic none-the-less)) ever be
Judged (read the rest of the Bible’s “Judgement” scriptures)? Remember
inaction is an action unto itself too – feeling they are aloof and Holier-than-all
(hubris/pride) to ever be held accountable for their idleness (as all that
required for Evil prevail is good people do nothing (more on this next

[ related VIDEO (3m 31s): Should Christians Vote? | Does God Expect Christians to Vote? | © 2018.]

[ related VIDEO (4m 49s): Exposing the TRUTH about the MAYFLOWER COMPACT! - Cathy Reichel: © 2020.]

And like I say, did so again on WAAM (1600 Ann Arbor Michigan)
Radio Saturday April 15th 2023, as I was on with Bruce Fleury ( Abolitionists
RoundTable Show 9a ET (primary host Phil Stargell was out)), compare and
contrast the FASCICRATS (which I do not say hyperbolically – all the factual
details in © 2018 piece) Party Platform
with that of the NSDAP. In-my-opinion, the last “reasonable” Democrat was
J. F. K. who is likely rolling in his grave these days as to what that Party has
become (but let’s be clear the corruption was rampant back then too, as the
Chicago Mob often boasted about “delivering Chicago” and thereby Illinois
to “GIVE” J. F. K. the Presidency; and then “potentially” (some highly
“allege”) had a part in him being Assassinated as well as hero M. L. K. Jr
(who likely has a special place in Heaven for his “content of character” line
in his “I Have A Dream” speech alone))

Use DuckDuckGo to bring up a historically accurate copy of The
Communist Manifesto, The NSDAP (the 1930′s Nazi-Socies) Platform, and
today’s Democrat Party Platform — and see for yourself they are one and the
same!!! Oh, sure, today’s FASCICRATS (see too: Originalist Federalists vs
Today’s Fasci-Federalists
(part of which is reprinted in the “Flashbacks”
chapter of my use more flowery,
often vague or twisted language/words because they have to hide their intent;
but it is all one and the same. Then bring up the MAGNA-CARTA, THE
CONSTITUTION, and the GOP PLATFORM, and see how they are
the same. Which, though, you will never hear me saying all Republicans
are great and about preserving our great and most unique
Republic – there are CINOs (Conservatives In Name Only) and RINOs
(Republicans In Name Only, but obviously “fair minded” people can have
some varying degree of difference in definition of what a “real Republican”
is) as bad as FASCICRATS but the direction of the Parties could not be
clearer!! So spare me the Uni-Party bull (related, in: – yes,
#CINOs, #RINOs, #FASCICRATS (as discussed in an old RedState / Townhall
whom I used to write “Diaries” (their variation on “blog”) for) piece of mine © 2009,
just all at different pace, are destroying the U. S. A.. Again, spare
me the “there is no difference” bull-excrement. Look in a mirror and ask:
What have YOU done regarding your contention? If the answer is “nothing
really” then get off your butt and become a Delegate (details at
and help make the GOP great again.


Rage, RAGE, against the dying of the Light,
RAGE too against they dying of our Free Republic…


and too – Burke ” All required for Evil prevail, Good peoples do nothing” (as addressed in my ChristiTutionalist (TM) Politics book)


[SUN. APR. 7th 2024 UPDATE...]
[as I finalize the chapter by this name for my CTP2 book dropping June 1st 2024, additions there and therefore UPDATE here...]

My friends bottom-line is Prayer alone is not enough. We must proclaim and profess our works/deeds in the name of Jesus Christ and to be a “channel of his Peace” (Peace Prayer of St. Francis) and a purveyor and messenger of “God’s Will” – which as I stated in “Acknowledgements and Dedications:” through whom I/you/we can do all things, and without whom all is lost.

We must Pray for those (like a Penn, professed Atheist, of Penn and Teller fame, as I spoke of in the original CTP book and will repeat in “Flashback” chapter of CTP2 book) that while may see the “value” (as Penn has) in the tenants of “Religion” as just being a matter of “Common-Sense” and “just being a good social being on this planet” (as a whole, but not necessarily Christianity specifically) that he/they see the Light. However, while great for “morality” of this Earth – there is no eternal Salvation without our Lord Jesus Christ. That indeed “Shall Not Steal” and “Shall Not Murder Innocents” worthy on own merits for society, again without Jesus Christ (our Lord, our God, our Saviour) as having commanded such loses one’s eternal Soul.

For Satan wants separation from God, no matter/manner how he gets it. If Satan can convince some that being “moral” (and in ever lessening definition of the term(s) without it rooted in connection with God) of one’s own volition indeed does provide Satan a victory too (in many senses). Any way, shape, form, that Satan can convince there either is no God or that we do not need God separates those Souls from their rightful Salvation and place in Heaven (as indeed “deeds alone” are insufficient, we must profess and accept God in our hearts; but too is proclamations alone (without deeds, again “Shall Be Known By Your Fruits”).

[END SUN. APR. 7th 2024 UPDATE]


I also dropped today…

I discuss #BiDUMB (#SOTU? #StateOfTheUnion? NO) #LiesAboutTheUnion address and more in just dropped B4IN piece…
“Tale of Two National Guard deployments (NY/TX)”


QUOTATIONS (some really smart people once said…)
Friday, March 8, 2024 17:45



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An aside, Rick and I (of Maverick News, also) spoke on Elon’s Brain implants, potential for good and evil… Added thought I hadn’t considered before now (I texted him): I’m sitting at restaurant and now thinking about the chip implant thing cuz there’s part of me that would love to be able to have the chip implant because my mind always goes a million miles a minute and the minute I hit publish on a new article for days afterwards I think about things I’d like to reword or ADD and having the chip implant to be able to crack open the article and make updates for me anytime anyplace of the day or night would be a great thing – but of course I wouldn’t do it because I fear all the other negative downside parts 😂


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