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DRUG-MENACE in Punjab, solution possible?

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DRUG-MENACE in Punjab, solution possible?

Had tried to indicate earlier that the issue with PUNJAB drug-addiction issue has a lot to do with corrupt SYSTEM than with GENES of PUNJAB JAT SIKHS!

However,  ”India wants to MAP GENES!


“Punjab is in grip of a deadly virus, a scourge which has wide ranging implications for the future — drug and substance abuse. The problem has reached such alarming proportions that the younger generation faces a bleak future. No one knows how it will manifest 10 years from now.” – states  Narco-terrorism: sapping vibrant Punjab
Just a tip of ICEBERG
‘Role’ in drugs trafficking
3 cops terminated 
Moga, December 1
Police department has terminated three cops from the service for their alleged involvement in drugs trafficking and protecting the smugglers by collecting ‘monthly’ on the name of senior police officials.

and still,

LINK`http``color: rgb(30, 102, 174);`LINK

Drugs flowing freely in already highly intoxicating rural Punjab › Collections

18 Jan 2011 – BARNALA: The drug supplies scene at already highly intoxicated ruralPunjab is worsening day by day. Free and open involvement of women 

Despite given factors and SYSTEM that we can’t fight since, most of our leaders are already SOLD-OUT and any genuine leader can’t survive the mess and corrupt system.
Further, very high unemployment of Punjab’s Youth is another MAJOR FACTOR in driving youth into DRUG-ADDICTION! 
Again, STATE/SYSTEM    would out-right   DENY     high-unemployment     being the major factor of stat’s DRUG-ADDICTION ISSUE!
As they never release this number “unemployment rate“,  so the cover-up is possible by   SYSTEM/STATE!
Should we throw-towel and move-on with this unworthy system that has not been able to curb drug-menage or there is something possible?
We know,
Drugs are supplied to addicts via SYSTEM in PUNJAB, we know so-called de-addiction centers are only aggravating the problem not solving it. Since, corruption has long hands and LAW can’t do anything to curb drugs-abuse in punjab, especially when SYSTEM is involved.
Therefore, the approach has to be innovative, there is a reason to believe that why PUNJAB can’t implement ‘dry-state’ or ‘drug-free-state’ since, its hard to get those in power work for the benefit of people.
Following is possible in Gujarat, Harayana, etc.etc. but not possible in PUNJAB, why?.
 The role of SYSTEM/STATE/CITIZENS ensure how well de-addiction succeeds apart from having innovative ways to reduce drug-trafficking.
It’s widely accepted what virtually 60% of crimes in punjab occurs due to drug-addicted or alcoholic youths,  reports has it, 
 ”An affidavit in the Punjab and Haryana High Court admitted that the vibrancy of Punjab is virtually a myth and many even sell their blood to procure their daily dosage of deadly drugs, even beg on the streets for money to continue their addiction. It used the word “drug hurricane” to describe the situation which has gripped the state. Multiple drug dependence is the latest bane in which the addicts get into several drugs at a time or simultaneously.”
We have everyday news of such kind, however latest is here:
Drugs drove them to crime, AIDS 
Chandigarh, December 1 
While different organisations across the city observed the World AIDS Day today by organising functions for awareness and care of the less fortunate, two HIV positive drug addicts, who were nabbed by the Crime Branch, Sector 11, were not so fortunate to receive the care.
Following is possible in Gujarat, Harayana, etc.etc. but not possible in PUNJAB, why?.
Therefore, other ways has to be introduced to reduce/curb/eliminate:
Can Gurudwaras/Temples/Mosque of Punjab be utilized for drug therapy? 

Malaysia mosque offers drug therapy

Can Gurudwaras/Temples/Mosque of Punjab be utilized for drug therapy? 

Therefore, its time to act together to fight drug-menace and bring-back the potential talent of youth into community building process and call upon elected leaders to provide employment to these youths. I’m sure if people collectivly address this issue and not wait for a so-called LEADER then things shall move into positive direction.  


In the end I leave you with interesting article

with some answers below!


BBC News - Punjab’s drugs epidemic

8 Dec 2010 – Punjab’s drugs epidemic. By Mark Dummett BBC News, Amritsar. Indianpolice near Amritsar show 31kg of seized heroin Another day, another .

Narco-terrorism: sapping vibrant Punjab


This happens here almost everyday….
Bhatta-Parsaul: FIR against 30 cops for rape

In another setback to the UP police, a city court on Friday ordered registration of FIR against five senior police officers and 25 constables on charges of raping and robbing a woman in Bhatta village.
There are countless cases of FAKE ENCOUNTERS however, this does not defame COPS, since they are just doing their DUTY? 
In punjab india’s darling supercop “kps gill” had open license to kill, FAKE ENCOUNTERS were open during 1984-1995, is this JUSTICE? 
Remember kps gill was decorated of “PADMA SRI” by india, india’s darling supercop! “kps gill” was found openly molesting Rupan Deol Bajaj a retired Officer of the Indian Administrative Service (I.A.S)! However, question is are COPS acting on their OWN or they are just obeying ORDERS from higher-ups? 
Remember kps gill was decorated by “PADMA SRI” by india, india’s darling supercop!

Padma Shri - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Padma Shri (also Padmashree) is the fourth highest civilian award in the Republic of India, after the Bharat Ratna, the Padma Vibhushan and the Padma ..


From: Surinderjit [email protected]
Subject: What did ACTIVE MINSTER ‘modi’ get by killing my daughter, asks Ishrat Jahan’s mother
To: [email protected], [email protected]
Cc: [email protected], “HumanRights” , “J.Hari”
Date: Monday, November 21, 2011, 11:21 PM

Daily News & Analysis
By Devendra T Goregaonkar | Place: Mumbai | Agency: DNA “What did Modi get by killing my daughter?,” this was the first reaction of Shamima Kausar, mother of Ishrat Jahan, on Monday after Special Investigation Team concluded that the police encounter 

A.Bachan accused of1984 GENOCIDE on unarmed/innocnet minorities! Modi accused of 2002 Gujarat Massacre.

IRONICALLY a key 1984 GENOCIDE accused “a.bachan” has been invited by ruling RULERS on November 25 to   “OCCUPY KHALSA COMPLEX“ PEACEFULLY,
  Khalsa Heritage Complex, at Anandpur Sahib on November 25.

If people are awake/ready, the ruling RULERS  can’t  DICTATE over MASSES!
Rulers know amitabbachan is another key accused in 1984 GENOCIDE, therefore the ruling rulers perhaps are PLANNING   to create conflict by calling a.bachan.  
Big B, Sri Sri to be present at Khalsa Complex opening 
Chandigarh, November 19 
Eminent personalities from diverse fields would be present at the inauguration of Virasat-e-Khalsa, earlier named as Khalsa Heritage Complex, at Anandpur Sahib on November 25. Preparations for the ceremony are on in full swing and the state government is leaving no stone unturned to make it a memorable event.



— On Tue, 11/15/11, Surinderjit [email protected]  wrote:

From: Surinderjit [email protected]
Subject: US adheres to Human Rights and denies VISA to BJP minister MODI…..
To: [email protected], [email protected]
Cc: [email protected], “HumanRights” , “Secretariat Kashmir Council EU”
Date: Tuesday, November 15, 2011, 3:06 AM

No change in US visa policy with regard to Narendra Modi: Robert Blake

Economic Times - 



WASHINGTON: The US today said that there is no change in its visa policy with regard to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, but asserted that the state has a very welcoming environment for American business to flourish.

BJP active minister  MODI

— On Wed, 11/9/11, Surinderjit [email protected]  wrote:

From: Surinderjit [email protected]
Subject: 30+ Convicted in 2002 Gujarat’s Massacre
To: [email protected], [email protected], “HumanRights”
Cc: “Kashmir Welfare Society” , “Kashmir Diaspora Alliance” , [email protected], “HumanRights” , “S. Ajit (Sahota) Singh” , “Secretariat Kashmir Council EU”
Date: Wednesday, November 9, 2011, 3:21 AM

32 Convicted in Gujarat’s Massacre

Are we seeing the change in Indian Judiciary finally?
Progress thus far
2011 Kashmir Mass Graves = Zero Convicted
2002 Gujarat Massacre = 30+ convicted + more in trial
1984 GENOCIDE = ZERO convicted
1995 Jaswant Singh Khalra (HR activist) = 5   cop  convicted 






1995 Jaswant Singh Khalra = 5   cop  convicted 
Though the CBI chargesheeted the entire team posted at that time in Taran Taran police station, then senior superintendent of police Ajit Singh Sandhu committed suicide in 1997 before the trial court could frame charges against the accused.

Whistleblower Brutal Murder/Torture case finally upheld…….


— On Wed, 9/14/11, Surinderjit [email protected]  wrote:

From: Surinderjit [email protected]
Subject: [1984genocide] Fw: ZERO concept in-PRACTICE!
To: “Secretariat Kashmir Council EU”
Cc: “editor ctomic”
Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2011, 10:12 PM



Modi lobby gets an American handle

Calcutta Telegraph - K.P. Nayar - ‎4 hours ago‎
Washington, Sept. 14: A Congressional Research Service (CRS) report on “India: Domestic Issues, Strategic Dynamics and US Relations” is likely to be used by Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi’s legion of American supporters to bring about a 

After ‘God is Great’ , Modi tweets ‘Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat’

Times of India - ‎1 hour ago‎
AHMEDABAD : Chief minister Narendra Modi is happily tweeting away these days . After his ‘God is Great ‘ tweet following the Supreme Court breather in a Gujarat riot case on Monday , he tweeted about a US report on Gujarat , which hails his 


Why Hindu terror convicts called sevaks by media?

Submitted by admin4 on 3 September 2011 – 11:31pm


Recently, court held two Sanatan Sanstha members guilty of bomb blasts. While many cases involving Hindu and Muslim radicals are currently being tried in different courts, in this case the court gave a verdict and convicted them.

Still, newspapers didn’t give much importance to the news. What I found even more strange was that some newspapers reported the matter in a bizarre fashion. Particularly, Mumbai-based English newspaper DNA’s reports surprised me the most.



I am simply writing my observations here:

1. When police claims arresting a person for terror links, he is often pronounced terrorist even before trial. But on Monday, two Sanatan Sanstha members who were arrested by Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) were convicted by a court. Most newspapers didn’t term them terrorist even after conviction. I agree that for the arrest or conviction of some members, an entire organisation shouldn’t be branded but this is the first time journalistic propriety have reached such dizzy heights that those convicted of blasts have not been called terrorists.

2. When I read English daily DNA I was even more surprised. Its reports doesn’t call them militant, radical or extremist. The report terms them as ‘sevaks’, yes sevaks [that means servants] of Sanatan Sanstha. Whose servants! They were not even volunteers as in that case paper could have labelled them ‘swayamsevaks’ or even activist. But the daily seems to be so soft on the group.

Or to avoid showing affinity to RSS [that has swayamsevaks], it terms them as simply ‘servants’. I don’t say that you defame the Sanata Sanstha, an organisation which is quite candid and accepted that they were its members and said that the group had nothing to do with the handiwork of the duo. But paper, instead of writing activist, member or volunteer, uses the term ‘servant’. Can there be such a mistake or use of the word erroneously at the desk or it was done after thinking over it.

3. A day after conviction, the journalists would have tried to do story about these persons, their backgrounds or why some members of an organisation would go astray. But instead of that, DNA printed a long story that threw light on the group for its wonderful social work.

Hmm. Why should someone be negative all the time and hound everybody! This article was published when the conviction was made but the next day the court had to deliver the quantum of judgment. One may appreciate that paper has no prejudices against any group.

It is a different matter though that the state government intended to ban Sanatan Sanstha for its alleged role in Goa and Thane-Panvel-Vashi blasts. Hope the paper will continue similar non-biased approach and also write positively about other groups after their members are convicted or jailed (and highlight the social concern of other organisations).



4. Now that the persons convicted of bomb blasts and sentenced to ten years of jail terms have not been called as terrorists, will the paper maintain the same standards of journalism in future. Or will it still call any Muslim or Hindu youth who is simply rounded up, not even jailed or convicted, terrorist!

5. This is the same multi-edition English newspaper that had published Subramanian Swamy’s article that put all Indian Muslims under suspicion and labelled the community as prone to extremism and terrorism and what not. The article had put onus on Indian Muslims to prove a whole lot of things. The particular piece has been widely discussed, criticised and even National Commission for Minorities took cognizance of complaints against it.

Just like the newspaper had liberty to publish it, which I support in principle, I too think I can take a little liberty and write about what’s going in my mind after reading these reports. I don’t know what is going through the minds of those who run this paper or decide the editorial policy.

The little an average reader and Indian citizen like me expects is that the paper should show decent standards of journalism. Either you should don’t turn suspects into terrorists or don’t term terrorists as ‘SERVANTS’. Will servants object to the usage? Perhaps, it’s a new style, which they will adhere to in future [for both Hindutva inspired groups as well as Islamist extremists]!

Sorry to say but even RSS mouthpieces Panchjanya and Organiser are [at least] consistent in their policy. On the otherhand DNA sells copies in lakhs [tens of thousands] and I wonder how many readers are mediocre and what percentage of readers are intelligent enough to figure out the unique journalism practices adopted by this great media institution. Pray for me so that my mind could become capable of understanding these issues.


— On Wed, 9/14/11, Surinderjit [email protected]  wrote:

From: Surinderjit [email protected]

Subject: ZERO concept in-PRACTICE!

To: [email protected], “Kashmir Welfare Society” , “Kashmir Diaspora Alliance” , [email protected], “HumanRights”

Cc: [email protected], “World Kashmir”

Date: Wednesday, September 14, 2011, 12:00 PM

ZERO concept in-PRACTICE!

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