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Sandy Hook Murders crafted to gut 2nd Amendment

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Chocolate Jesus Walks Upon Children and Cries Crockodile Tears!

As he reached far back into his Animatronic memory to produce a single. liquid crockodile tear to display before his servile audience of press corps sycophants, Barack Hussein Obama did his very best to convince his electronic world-wide viewers that he really and truly did care for the innocent children and adults who were murdered in cold blood at a gun free zone at The Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut this past Friday.   Undoubtedly, he relied on Americans’ noted non-ability to recall any details beyond the latest “Dancing with the Stars” winner, or the finalists names on “America’s Got Talent.”  Otherwise, those with longer memories might reconsider the incongruities of this theatrical display by our acting President, a man who appears to care so deeply about the tragic, senseless deaths of children and adults while his Communist core is already salivating over the ways this tragedy can be — pardon the expression — ‘capitalized’ and exploited to push the last yet most essential element in his quest for his consolidation of power and control over America — complete civilian disarmament and the nullification of the 2nd Amendment to The Constitution of The United States.

There are those who will read the words above and recoil in shock and horror as to my apparent callousness and cynicism.   They will remind you that Mr. Soetoro, aka, Obama, has two young school age daughters whom he clearly loves, and use this as proof that his grief is genuine.  To this I replay that this same Barack Obama is the man who voted to allow the killing of children who accidentally survived abortion outside the womb; who has allowed and expanded the remote drone strike killings of ‘suspected’ Al Qaeda terrorists throughout the Middle East, drone strikes which routinely kill 80% of non-intended victims who are then described as  “collateral damage” — a euphemism which a more civilized person might more accurately describe as women and children.  Yes, this is the same bronzed demi-god who walked thru a corridor of Greek columns to accept the laurel wreath of victory during his first Democratic Party nomination –  only to silently collude in a treasonous conspiracy with his racist Attorney General, Eric Holder, to violate both international and constitutional law to allow thousands of “high powered assault rifles” to be ‘walked’ directly into Mexico, an act which produced hundreds of murders of Mexican men, women and children, and finally resulted in the killing of U.S. Citizen and border agent, Brian Terry, which is the only reason the American main stream media even bothered to report it.

Of course, many liberal/progressives will object and state that no linkage between The White House and this “rogue” gun walking operation out of Arizona was ever established.  True, the American Public was harassed and cajoled by the Establishment Press and The White House to view this ‘gun walking’ operation as something that was developed totally independent of the knowledge of Eric Holder or Barack Obama.  Yet think of the absurdity of low level bureaucrats of the ATF deciding, on their own, with no knowledge, communication or involvement of anyone higher than their local Phoenix office, instigating a program of ‘walking’ thousands of ‘high powered assault weapons’ over the Mexican border to known drug dealers and drug gangs, without the knowledge of either Washington or Mexico, in order to supposedly ‘track’ these weapons to see where they would end up — altho they had no way to ‘track’ them once they left their straw purchasers, as they did not bother to imbed the rifles with any remote tracking devices!  What a truly amazing oversite!

Yes, it’s almost as if someone wanted to have all these weapons smuggled into Mexico so that all the killing they produced might be considered as proof to a supine American media that lax U.S. gun laws had resulted in the death of hundreds of Mexicans, and that something had to be done to stop such carnage.

For those of you who think this scenario is too cynical, consider that the mainstream media never even told you that similar operations were happening spontaneously out of other ATF offices in Texas and Florida and even Indiana!  Yes, you see, all of these ATF offices and the people in them had the same idea — at the very same time — without ever communicating among themselves or with their superiors in Washington, DC, to allow illegal straw purchases (felony) to be made multiple times by known felons (felony) and for their purchases to be given to known criminal drug gang members (felony) and have these weapons brought across international borders (felony and violation of international law) to be ‘tracked’ and ‘traced.‘   Their desire to ‘track and trace’ these weapons may have been thru psychic means, as all of these ATF field offices never bothered to insert any remote tracking devices into their firearms to allow this ‘tracking’, which was the alleged media inspired ‘reason’ for this operation, to occur. 

Yet the biggest miraculous coincidence of them all is that neither President Obama nor his 2nd in command and head of The Justice Department, nor the head of the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms knew a thing about it!  Which explains why,  when the feces hit the fan, that St. Obama invoked Executive Privilege…. because, of course, he knew nothing about it, and by invoking Executive Privilege, he made sure WE would learn nothing more about his non-involvement in this treasonous conspiracy with Mr. Holder.

I say all this just to illustrate the fact that the only lives that are meaningful to the people who currently run our government are the lives of people that they can use to push their agenda; and nothing is of more paramount importance than the evisceration of the 2nd Amendment and the disarming of the American Public so that the ‘progressive’ Utopian vision of a ‘Unitary’ Executive, a vision which appeals equally to ‘Neo-Cons’ as well, will be established.   Another word for this flowery title might more properly be termed ‘Dictator’, and both NeoCons and Progressives, being at their hearts twin heads of the same Socialist serpent, see an American Dictatorship as something for which they both yearn.

What makes the killings of innocent men, women and children at Sandy Hook, Connecticut even more reprehensible, is that their is already substantial evidence to point to a staged government psy-op!   That is, the official story of yet another ‘lone’ gunman going berserk may really have been another staged event to push naive, low-information Americans, led by a primed American media, to demand “gun control” as a panacea and a preventative so that such horrific violence would never happen again.

We are told by the lemming lame stream media that the lone gunman, Adam Lanza, 20, came to school with weapons and went on a shooting spree, killing 20 children, and 6 adults, including his mother, before killing himself.  No motivation is offered, other than he was a loner who had problems relating to people, despite the fact that he was quite intelligent.  No one event seemed to precipitate this outburst of violence.  Yet already there are major discrepancies in this very pat story which seems tailor made to push the Obama/Progressive disarmament gun-control agenda to fruition.

One major discrepancy is that the Medical Examiner has declared that every child and adult was shot with a .223 round at least 3 times, and some as many as eleven times.  Yet the .223 Bushmaster ‘assault’ rifle used to do the killing was not found near the alleged assailant’s body, but locked in the trunk of his car.  Two handguns, a Glock and a Sig Sauer, were found near his body, but apparently these were not the firearms used to kill the children.   Police reported finding numerous casings of spent .223 ammunition, yet both handguns shoot 9mm shells.

A further anomaly is the simple math involved.  If every person murdered suffered at least 3 shots from the .223 Bushmaster, that would mean that at least 90 shots were fired (including the person shot 11 times).  However, the Glock pistol holds no more than 17 rounds; the Sig no more than 15.  Even the .223 Bushmaster holds no more than 20.  This sort of massive killing would then require multiple magazines of ammunition to be used, but none of these magazines have been found at the scene.  However, police did announce that a Henry repeating (lever action) rifle and a shotgun were also found.  Curious, isn’t it, that one person would be able to carry 3 long guns and two hand guns onto the crime scene with no apparent help from anyone else.

But perhaps there was someone else committing this crime.  Eye witnesses describe two men running into the woods at the time of the shooting, and YouTube video shows the police actually catching one of these men, who is wearing a dark jacket and camouflage pants!  Yet he protested his innocence (innocence of what?  How did he know anything had happened, and if he were innocent, then why did he run away from the police?)  There is also a YouTube audio of police calls (lasting 37 minutes) where this man is apprehended by the police and made to lay on the ground in a ‘prone position.’

Unfortunately, young Adam Lanza, the alleged lone gunman, supposedly shot and killed himself, so we will never be able to ask him why he supposedly did it.  Nor will we be able to ascertain that he was as much of a ‘patsy’ as Lee Harvey Oswald.  It will be interesting to see if Adam used one of the 9mm handguns found near his dead body.  Or whether he shot himself with the .223 Bushmaster rifle found in the trunk of his locked car….

Now the incredulous among us must become even more so, because there is also a strange ‘link’ with this shooting and the recent Aurora, Colorado theatre massacre alleged to have been committed by one Jason Holmes.  Please consider the remote mathematical probabilities of these ‘co-incidences’ actually occurring.

It turns out that there is an interesting connection between the father of Adam Lanza, alleged shooter and killer at Sandy Hook Elementary school, and the father of James Holmes, the ‘Joker’ shooter in the Aurora, Colorado ‘Batman’ movie massacre.  Both of these fathers, Peter Lanza and Robert Holmes, were scheduled to testify before a U.S. Senate committee to discuss the LIBOR rate fixing scandal that has cost investors billions of extra dollars around the world.  Robert Holmes is the lead statistical scientist for FICO, which most of us know does our credit scores.  Peter Lanza is a Vice President and Tax Director of GE Financial.  Really, just what are the ‘odds’ that these two would have sons who would be involved as the perpetrators of mass murder within months of each other?

In fact, this strange relationship also brings to mind the recent case of the two children who were murdered in their New York City high rise condo by their ‘nanny’ of many years.  It turns out that father of the children and husband of the wife whose children were murdered, Kevin Krim, is the same Senior Vice President and television executive who decided to post the story of the $43 Trillion dollar law suit involving all the major figures of the Obama administration and the New York banking and finance community on the CNBC website, and then 3 hours later, after an anonymous phone call, had it hastily removed.  A day later, two of his children were dead.  Coincidence, especially when dealing with the corruption of the international banking elite, is a curious thing.  But I digress.

A common theme of mass shootings is that they happen where guns are banned (gun free zones) and no one is armed.  Think on this.  How many ‘mass murders’ can you recall ever happening at a police station?  Why do mass murderers always choose places where the odds are that no one will be armed?  Simple — because they want no resistance to their homicidal urges and even in their demented state realize that a person with a weapon willing to use it is sufficient to thwart their plans.

Now as to the discrepancies mentioned previously, it would be a simple matter just to examine the video recordings of external and internal cameras at the school to determine if there were truly more than one shooter.  However, I will hazard to guess that for some inexplicable reason, those cameras were not operational that day, or the recordings were somehow lost or destroyed.  It will just be another co-incidence.

The bottom line in this tragedy is that the progressive liberal agenda, headed by Barack Obama, will use this mass murder for further political fodder to try to ban all semi-automatic handguns and rifles; after that, their next goal will be to completely ban the civilian possession of firearms  of any type.  This feeding frenzy to further gut our Bill of Rights seems curiously tailor made for their agenda, for in their world, ‘gun violence’ can only be stopped by the elimination of guns.  Let us totally forget that it is not the gun that commits the crime (which is what the non-sequitur, ‘gun violence’, actually implies); it is the individual who uses that lethal tool in a criminal manner.  For if we, as a society, were truly interested in eliminating ‘things’ which cause children’s deaths, we would also eliminate swimming pools and bicycles, both of which cause more childrens’ deaths annually than firearms.  But don’t expect a federal/media campaign to outlaw either within your lifetime.

What truly leads to the use of violence and mass murder committed with a firearm?  Is it the ‘easy availability’ of these weapons to the general public?  Consider that semi-automatic handguns and rifles have been a part of American culture for over 100 years; it’s only been since the killing of Robert F. Kennedy in 1967 that ‘gun control’ took root in the psyche of the American ‘progressive’ Left.   It was even easier for teenagers to buy howitzers and bazookas as well as semi-automatic ‘assault’ rifles thru firearms dealers before 1967, yet where were the mass school murders and shootings before that time?  Essentially, mass school shootings were nearly non-existent.

So what has changed in our lives, our society and in our culture since the late 1970’s, when mass school shootings started to occur in our society?  While it is true that our media culture has become more violent, and violent video games have become extraordinarily popular, while single family parents are nearly the norm, where child abuse and teen-age pregnancies soar against a backdrop of over a million abortions a year, while all of these things are a factor in the psychic background of these murderers is true, the one almost universal commonality found in nearly 100% of all the mass school shooters is that the perpetrators were on prescription psychiatric, psychotropic drugs. 

If you go back thru all the school shootings of the last 30 years, you will notice a constant litany of these shooters on ‘approved’ psychiatric drugs, such as Ritalin, Luvox, Effexor, Valium, Prozac, and a whole host of anti-depressants and serotonin uptake inhibitors, which are known to produce violent mood swings, psychotic breaks, suicidal impulses and murderous rages.  Since Adam Lanza was described as nearly autistic and also suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, it is more than likely that he was being ‘medicated’ to deal with his mental ‘issues.’  Yet have we ever heard even one politician or media personality call for an end to this massive psycho-therapeutic assault on the mental health of our nation?  Even tho such prescription drugs can be found in use by nearly 100% of every school shooter since this phenomenon began?

This hypocrisy is even more incongruous when seen against the backdrop of our current societal fixation with drugs.  On the one hand, we have ‘zero tolerance’ for drugs, campaigns to ‘Just Say No’ to drugs, and countless television police reality shows which show the devastation of drugs; yet we think nothing of allowing psychiatrists, psychologists and others to prescribe drugs for our children, drugs which have a trailing history of death, suicides and murder, yet we allow their use in the hopes of modifying the behavior of a loved one in a positive direction.  This is the true insanity.

The mental illness, precipitated by psychiatrically prescribed psychotropic drugs IS the issue which Obama should have addressed and highlighted.   But the donations of Big Pharma to the coffers of both Democrat and Republican campaign machines will certainly preclude the media spotlight from ever being shone on this one indisputable commonality among nearly 100% of every school mass murder.  All we can look forward to is a constant barrage harping upon the evils of firearms in private hands, especially those deadly semi-automatic ‘assault’ weapons.  Almost as if on cue, media personalities sing in unison to ‘get serious’ about ‘gun control’ and always without addressing the underlying issue of the latent mental illness which is the fomenter of these atrocities, the driver which causes an unstable person to plan these murders and pull the trigger.

Yet while the media refuses, as usual, to investigate the story surrounding this event and prefers their normal prone posture of simply acting as a government conduit for ‘official’ news while relegating uncomfortable, non-conforming facts to the memory hole of obscurity and oblivion, the bottom line is that there also appears to be more than co-incidence at work here.

The idea that such murderous situations being conceived, scripted and carried out by a small, secret faction of our government may seem preposterous to many.  Yet there are simply too many ‘co-incidences’ and unanswered questions in both this particular atrocity, as well as many others in the past, which cries out for full investigation.   But whatever you do, please do not expect any member of the so-called ‘main stream media’ from following leads into uncomfortable areas or unchartered waters.  They had their grand opportunity to do that with a thorough investigation of the ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal, and did nothing more than regurgitate the repeated lies and obfuscations of the Obama Administration, rather than following the trail of leads back to their source in The Oval Office.  Now that The Anointed One has captured another second term, the media mouthpieces will be even less inclined to pursue The Truth, no matter where it may lead.

The problem, of course, is that it may lead directly back to the current puppet in the White House, and his puppet master, George Soros, also a perpetual proponent of ‘gun control’ and complete civilian disarmament.  After all, it will be so much easier to corral the great mass of Americans and herd them into FEMA camps when the economy totally collapses under the weight of massive derivatives fraud, stock and bond price manipulations, and endless TARP ‘stimulus’ programs, with the resultant hyper inflation of prices combined to coincide with the planned deflation of our currency.

What a heady brew!  And since most American’s will have been disarmed to ‘save the children’ they will no longer be able to save themselves from the intended consequences of this manufactured calamity.

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