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Was Moore Tornado Created To Cover Up Scandals? Compelling Evidence!

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I was watching a satellite loop of the tornado yesterday. I have to say, the HAARP wave patterns in the surrounding clouds was insane. Keep in mind, this tornado came out of nowhere, and in 16 minutes exploded into one of the most destructive tornadoes in history.

I went searching for a satellite loop with a google search, and I found this link.

When I clicked on the first link in the search results, it was 404′d. Why? Fortunately, it was still cached. ;)

Here is the satellite loop.

I’ve taken a screen grab of the first image.

Notice all the crazy wave patterns. HAARP on steroids. 16 minutes later, it looked like this.

Notice the highly defined ELF wave patterns.

Stanford. Uggh!

Here’s the weird thing. I’ve been flipping between CNN and Fox this morning, and they are covering only the tornado aftermath. While I certainly understand the major news coverage of this horrific event, why don’t they break in at the top of the hour and just cover other news stories for a second? They certainly have time for commercials. In a half hour, I counted 17 commercials, even though I pay $80 a month for my satellite TV.

What news would they want to keep out of the public eye today?

The head of the IRS is testifying in front of congress today for the first time.

More whistleblowers come forward about Benghazi.

And of course we have the ongoing AP scandal, birth certificate, gun confiscations, fingerprinting people leaving the country, tons of scary financial news, etc…

For people who want to understand the science behind this weather warfare, please read my article about it. I’ve posted it in three different forums. Take your pick,


Update. I find the changes in the casualty counts highly suspicious. Yesterday, it went from 4-10-37-51. Then this morning the news is 91 dead, now they’ve revised it back down to 24 dead? Something is very weird! Another strange thing. Yesterday, they were interviewing a guy, saying the FBI was kicking people out of the area, The FBI?? Why would they be there?? So this morning I did a google search ‘fbi moore tornado, and this is what I found.

Notice how the NY Times mentions the FBI patrolling the streets? But when you click the link, all reference about the FBI has been removed. Very, very suspicious. Let’s stay on top of this, and we might be able to expose one of the most disgusting crimes to humanity ever done. Chemtrails, weather warfare and HAARP. Anyways, on with the story.

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    • Thorin

      Excellent story! Spot on!

      • wizard

        Load of crap. :razz:


        HAARP is being done through the cell towers..

        • ThenAgain

          sincedutch in my link below is far more informative and is not controlled ops. Stop posting for stone all over.

        • ThenAgain

          That said people better understand that most of the towers they see now are Not ‘cell’ towers but are HAARP.

      • Fish

        This story is a false flag! Do not fall for it!!!!!

      • Fish

        another false flag story that is a false flag itself.

        • ThenAgain

          ha, see my post below.

      • ThenAgain

        Almost but no. Diversions are everywhere, inlcuding the HAARP tornado. The diversions are for amnesty that’s going to KILL the US. Cost Trillions, and has forced Biometrics for ALL Americans. Tens of millions of Citizens should be yelling about amnesty, instead focused on ‘benghazi’ and ‘gun march’ background checks. Stupid.
        Also the liars in zionist congress/senate are reworking the AUMF, as if the NDAA wasn’t enough.

        Amnesty will Kill the US, and, you’re being sprayed with chemtrails. Who gives a s-t aobut ‘scandals’. This bs post takes my diversion analysis to use for more diversion bs. Fail. Even if obama was replaced it would just be another zionist banker puppet. Pay attention to amnesty and what liars in govt are doing with amnesty.

    • fuzzy696

      YEP I agree to disagree this was a heavy tornado no harp…..after all hurricane season is here and this is hurricane alley……stop the crap.

      • stompk

        Of course you don’t shill.

        • wizard

          Fear porn. :razz:

      • stompk

        If one wanted to create a tornado, they wouldn’t do it in Arizona. The conditions have to be right, they just amplify it. Oklahoma City has a long history of being targeted by the NWO, like the OKC Bombing.

      • Anonymous

        Why are you called a”schill” here if you are grounded in reality? I mean, I admit I make great money being a freelancing schill here, but I don’t think most people here are.

        • Anonymous

          “Why are you called a”schill” here if you are grounded in reality? I mean, I admit I make great money being a freelancing schill here, but I don’t think most people here are.”

          its done by those who have absolutely nothing left to argue for to back up their reality..

          pete santilli would have to be the worst culprit

      • Tesla

        Hurricane season starts June 1st. And there is no such thing as hurricane alley. What country are you from?

        Tornado season – tornado alley. Get you’re phrases right.

      • ThenAgain

        No, you stop the crap. HAARP caused the tornado and Murders just as it did in Katrina, Haiti, Fukushima, Sandy.

        • ThenAgain

          Best video on chemtrails/haarp and overall. No controlled ops and a lot of info. It’s 4 hrs and unlike jerktube don’t have to watch all at once, can start at any point.

          Copy link, share w/others -

        • AxisOfEvil

          They also sent HAARP back in time and created Noah’s flood. And that whole dinosaur extinction thing. Obama did it. With the help of Zionist false flag weavers.

          Also, Chemtrails appear when Obama farts.

    • ItsWhatIhear

      If you do your research as there are others, there is always a major natural event days after an admin is facing a scandal,

      Benghazi 9-11-2012, Super Storm Sandy 10-25-2012

      Benghazi, IRS, AP phone records 05-10-2013
      OK Tornadoes 05-20-2013

      I have no doubt it’s HARPP

      • wizard

        HARPP is not about weather modification.
        Get an education.
        Eric P Dollard has the answers you need.

        • stompk

          Not one article on BIN written by wizard, but plenty of lame comments. Shills are getting desperate. lol

        • Joerg Klaemt

          Or should I better call you Maverdick?
          Maybe I am wrong but you are either him or his Brother,same moronic attitude.
          But then shills are supposed to do that!
          By the way learn how to spell Kid HAARP not Harpp. Cant spell but you know all about it eh…..

        • ThenAgain

          Wizard, I have years of research, physicist white paper etc. Dollard’s opinion framed as ‘tells us the truth’ is not complete. The fact is HAARP has many, many PROVEN functions. People can start with my links. There is no ‘one’ place they’re going to go for all info in one sitting, much less to dollard. see my links.

      • debunker

        If you actually did “research” then you would realize that Oklahoma is prime tornado country and May is the height of that activity.

        It is not unusual for a tornado to spin up seemingly from nowhere although the TORCON for this area was a 7 days in advance.

        • ThenAgain

          HAARP has been recorded as involved in OK by sincedutch. He is the authority, not you. You are a loser govt troll. Using the word ‘research’ does not cover your bs.

      • Anonymous

        By that childish thinking and lack of logic then there should have been man-made disasters after these events to give cover for Bush and Cheney. Were there? HELL NO!

        911 (happened on Bush’s watch and Cheney told the military to stand down, treason)

        Failure to find ANY WMD in Iraq.

        Failure to find Bin Laden.

        Failure to find Saddam (it was a double, folks, not even the real Saddam)

        Failure to keep the budget SURPLUS Clinton handed Bush and the Repubs wasted on two wars ($2 trillion!), tax cuts for the rich who do not need them, and Medicare Prescription Plan that was not needed.

        Failure to prevent the collapse of the U.S. economy in 2008!

        There are more I could list.

        Did ANY disasters occur after each of those to cover to Bush? Of course not.

        Case closed.

      • WelnitzHall

        I have no doubt too ……

    • stompk

      Thanks. It’s with heavy heart, as I watched the whole thing unfold yesterday. It literally made me cry. There were several other communities that suffered from tornadoes yesterday too. Let’s not forget about them, even if the news is.

    • Anonymous

      HAARP is only one accessory to the Tornadoes and EQ’s in OKC and elsewhere.
      Without the electron beam warfare technology it is unlikely HAARP would have much if any effect. These electron beams are quite visible, hundreds of times each day, online in animated weather reports.
      Failure to note these beams and ascertain their origins, targets and intent, let alone the mechanism of action, will not produce conclusive answers.
      Dutch has ignored, or explained away, the beams for quite some time. Everyone who sees them, and can’t explain or understand them, generally ignores them also.
      We do so at our peril, as evidenced in Moore, Shawnee and elsewhere.
      Like someone once said; “you ain’t seen nothing, yet”.
      Note: As in Joplin, May 23/2011, the body count is skewed for reasons. Then it was FEMA doing the cover up, now, apparently, it is the FBI. Block after block of hundreds or even thousands of completely leveled residences, schools, businesses. It is not possible to have such small body counts relatvie to that much damage.
      Don’t forget the black fungus infectiions etiher.
      Anyone in a Tornado devastated area with open wounds is subject to secondary termination from infections. Oregano oil, colloidal silver, propolis or Tea Tree oil may be effective in control of this infectious agent.
      Expect more and bigger Tornadoes and Super Storms. They are in the works for both current and future events.

      • stompk

        I agree with the electron beams. They are hard to nail down though, but I believe they are using sattelites to aid in heating the atmosphere, sorta like if you heat the water infront of a hurricane, it will increase the hurricane. But we are talking about a massive, massive amount of silver iodide in the atmosphere, with electrical properties that may not be understood for decades, if ever….

        As for keeping from being infected? Hydrogen peroxide. Naturally produced in the ozone, the chemtrails are reducing natural hydrogen peroxide, which normally falls in the rain. That’s why it smell so good after a fresh rain, but lately the rain has smelled funky, and foams up on the street, kill the maters, things are pretty bad.

        Even if we stop it now, it will take decade to recover, but if we don’t try, demand, scream for it to stop, we will all suffer.

        • Justthinkalready

          Does Elvis talk to you guys? Does he tell you to do things? Maybe you were all hit in the head with bricks. It’s the only solution I can think of to all this retardation. Please don’t breed…though with this sort of insanity, I’m pretty sure the potential breeding partners aren’t exactly lining up.

        • ThenAgain

          This bs above is another govt shill. What’s really rich loser can’t even get a job at the walmart so they get a job posting crap for the govt, then, they turn around and insult people who take apart the lies. What a pathetic bootlicking nobody, and a treasoner on top of that.

          Go back to the msm ya loser.

      • Anonymous

        Do you believe everything you read in the alternative media no matter how dumb, absurd, and ridiciulous?

        I am always amazed that even on a third density world for new and immature souls that so many buy into this kind of nonsense!

        • ThenAgain

          You look like a moron. This isn’t the msm with a bunch of idiots sitting around to buy your bs. Take your govt trolling back to the msm you loser.

      • ThenAgain

        moriyah/stompk, Agreed, though think plasma ,may also be a factor. Plasma weapons are also in use. HAARP is multi functional and a definite proven wmd, but I agree that it may also be other wmds involved including beam and other, at least in some of these cases.

    • Anonymous

      What a lot of people here don’t know is that the great flood was caused by HAARP and electronic particle beam guns by the lizard aliens, which is exactly what happened yesterday. Noah barely had time to throw the ark together before that storm hit. These strange weather patterns have been around as long as the lizard aliens have.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for your information research. We need more like you.

      • stompk

        I appreciate that. There’s plenty more evidence, that I have reserved to counteract the shills, if they show up.

        • Anonymous

          well youd better show it because theres nothing compelling here to make your case…


        • ThenAgain

          What anon, do you think buy posting bs for the govt you’re going to be one of them? Sit around eating lobster with the bankers? LOL. No, you and your kids are being poisoned and chipped with chemtrails, and they will dispose of you when the grid is done.
          Now, take a nice deep breath of that chemtrail air, moron.

    • FreedomsWings

      Just to confirm the FBI thing: Sheperd Smith said on his show today that the FBI was checking IDs and keeping the media and most people out of area. Struck me as weird since what the hell is FBI doing there? That is National Guards’ job. I found this article that mentions FBI is there on second page

      • stompk

        Papers please. Yeah, the FBI would have no reason to be there. I imagine they are sifting through peoples belonging to gather information. Who knows, there may have been a whistleblower in the path.

        • wizard

          :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :razz:
          Keep taking your medication. You will be fine. :idea:

    • Anonymous

      Nobody can create tornadoes. The idea is too stupid for serious debate.

      • apache5

        evidently your the one too stupid to know ! they have been experimenting with the weather for years and they can do many things to, with and sometimes create weather, why don’t you go to school and learn for yourself, or are just another disinfo. working for the same bunch of scum running this country!!! :twisted:

      • Z-Boy

        You are too stupid to be posting here.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you! Happy to see another adult soul on here who can THINK for himself or herself. Bravo! Seriously.

        • ThenAgain

          You mean happy to see another scumbag loser posting bs for the govt to divert from facts.
          You exactly do NOT ‘think’, you and your fellow sellouts are guilty govt bootlickers. Nothing else.

    • Room With a View

      To Anonymous (whichever one it is who wrote the above comment) You are right, nobody can make a tornado, but a machine can. Microwaves can. Remember they have technology that would make our toes curl and are hundreds of years ahead of what they let the public know they possess. And also, to have the finesse at which these machines possess, now, means years in the making. All of this is planned to demoralise and destroy hope and faith, to take away dreams and replace them with nightmares. You don’t get from one place to another without crossing space in between, the worst tornado in recorded history doesn’t just suddenly materialise in 16 minutes. Something happened, something BIG, the natural forces were manipulated and BAM. So I ask you please, stop denying the probability and face the truth.

      • Justthinkalready

        People make machines, dumbass.

        • ThenAgain

          Think you’re tough do you, ya little punk govt troll. Can’t even get a real job but you think you’re in a place to insult others. Right. LOL.

        • AxisOfEvil

          peaking of Jobs, ThenAgain, what exactly do YOU do?

          Your comments seem to come at any time of day or night.

          I guess you must not be a productive member of society. All you do is spout false info about BS. The only proof you bring is BS links that bring you to blogs written by mentally ill morons.

          Get off your a*s, go outside and enjoy the sun. Unless the sun is a zionist conspiracy…..

    • Rufus Juice

      i ran out of toilet paper today. the paper was on a round roll. haarp?

      i made a tornado once in a 2 liter soda bottle. haarp?

      hot air rises. cold air drops. jet fuel doesnt burn hot enough to cause a tornado ~ oh wait… mixed up there for a second.

      • ThenAgain

        Yes, you are mixed up, you need to take your bs back over the msm.

    • Anonymous

      You do know that no one is safe from those willing to use, and are using, Tesla Tech, right? The technologies being used are the real cause of strange weather patterns attributed to “climate change”, which is a cover for “environmental operations” being conducted domestically and internationally.

    • Anonymous

      For crying out loud! Do you really believe this?

      Who could be so immature as to think Obama would pull a Bush/Cheney act and do something that they know will kill Americans and others for their own political purposes?

      I am thinking about the TWO wars Bush started that have already cost $2 trillion and killed Americans, Iraqis, and Afghanis FOR NOTHING, NOTHING! The U.S. is not even sitting on the Middle East oil fields as Bush and Cheney hoped. Not even that.

      The “scandals” are not even scandals; more like controversies ginned up by the mainstream media who coooperate with the right wingers and Repubs. But in this Orwellian world we live in the Repubs continue to insist that the media is liberal biased. OMG! The opposite is true!

      Did you NOT notice that Obama’s approval rating is 53% and is thus unaffected by the “scandals” the media is pushing down our throats? NO EFFECT because Obama is not behind any of them, none.

      But it gets worse: Who but a child would think that any human beings can affect the weather to the point of CAUSING tornadoes? That is how CHILDREN think, buddy!

      • stompk

        Children, and arrogant govt employees who want to be God’s of the weather. They were so out of control in the 70′s, they had to form a treaty to not use weather as a weapon. Unfortunately, since these people consider themselves above the law, a treaty is laughable.

      • ThenAgain

        If you’re uninformed then get informed, don’t be sitting around carping because you choose not to do the research. If you’re too scared and don’t want to believe it, that only makes YOU the child.

        As for diversion, you’re being duped. The tornado and those ‘scandals’ rate ZERO, got that ZERO next to the amnesty that’s being shoved down our throats. Did you even bother to read my comment and view the link on the FORCED BIOMETRICS in the amnesty bill and the trillions amnesty will cost, along with all the chaos. Get informed.

        • ThenAgain

          cont. ‘obama’ is owned by the zionist bankers, see links. You don’t even know who runs this country, or, you’re a troll. There has been over TEN TRILLION spent since 911 just on military and fake ‘security’, FOUR TRILLION just since the zio bankers put obama in office. He did the NDAA, the NDPPA, renewed patriot act and is in FIVE more countries since taking office. That is, his zionist paymasters have done all that along with YOUR congress/senate liar and the media liars who help them, all in the cabal with the zionists. Don’t pretend he’s not part of it. This fake media take down lately of obama is to divert from the amnesty treason and it appears to be working.

          Facts are facts. Get informed. See links above.

    • Shiloh

      interesting. If I see a pic/film of the glowing HAARP cloud prior, I’ll be convinced. There is something wrong about HAARP I don’t care what anyone says. A facility shaped like a skeleton key? Come on, folks.

    • liberal army veteran

      More great comedy! Got to love it!

    • LightandLife

      Oh I guarantee you that Sean Hanity, Alex Jones and the other liars in bed with them will not let the Tornadoes override their lies about Obama… Fear not, you can still hear their lies.


      If we are honest with ourselves, we must look at the strange timing and political implications of recent weather related phenomena, especially hurricanes and tornadoes.

      What about the timing of Hurricane Issac’s disruption of the Republican National Convention in Florida; the timing of Hurricane Sandy being the new poster child for an October Surprise, and now how ironic that a tornadic megastorm ‘steals the show’ from the Obama Administrations criminal investigations.


      Dr. Nick Begich has explained this technology a decade ago if not longer.

      I’m glad others are bringing this to the public’s awareness.

      The technology is simple. It’s called, ‘PULLING A VORTEX’

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