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By Deborah Dupre (Reporter)
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Targeted Individuals' 24/7 Nightmare: NSA Whistleblower Tells EU Parliament

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The European Parliament recently got a glimpse of the life-threatening living nightmare that thousands upon thousands of targeted individuals (TIs) experience daily. A high-profile NSA whistle blower’s testimony to the lawmakers included what surveillance really means, far more than government watching every move and listening to every word of every individual.

Government Accountability Project (GPA) client, NSA whistleblower and TI Thomas Drake, 56, testified before the European Parliament Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs on September 30, 2013.  The Committee designated an inquiry into NSA Mass Surveillance of EU Citizens, according to the GPA.

If there’s anyone who knows firsthand about post 9/11 “surveillance,” it’s Thomas Drake. And if there’s anyone who can testify that surveillance involves far more than conventional media and other NSA whistleblowers tell (and thus, most people naively associate with it: “Big Brother watching”), it’s Drake. He was there in the inception of the surveillance abuse program. He was ”an eyewitness to the very foundations of a persistent surveillance state greatly expanded in the deepest of secrecy right after 9/11,” he said in his testimony.

“I was there at the beginning,” Louisiana born Drake said.

“Put your entire life in a box, your documents, bank accounts, your passwords, everything — and give it to a complete stranger — a fellow American for safekeeping,” suggests Drake in presentations. “Would you do it?”

He’s yet to encounter a “yes” response.

Severe retaliation, reprisal, retribution

In his testimony to the EU Parliament, Drake explained that for upholding the U.S. Constitution and taking a stand for the common good, the United States government targeted him.

Summarizing what every targeted individual known to this author has written or said to her in interviews since 2005, Drake said:

“[T]he government made me a target… and subjected me to severe retaliation, reprisal and retribution that started with forcing me out from my job as a career public servant.”

Blacklisted, no income, wasted attorney fees, financial ruin

“I was subsequently blacklisted, no longer had a stream of income, while simultaneously incurring substantial attorney fees and other huge costs, necessitating a second mortgage on my house, emptying of my bank accounts, including retirement and savings,” explained Drake.

“What I experienced as a whistleblower sends the most chilling of messages about what the government can and will do when one speaks truth to and of power—a direct form of political repression and censorship.”

What every bona fide self-identified TI experiences sends the most chilling of messages about what the government will do and is doing to people who are ordinary law abiding, low-profile people.

While Drake is a high-profile whistleblower, thousands of other individuals have had their names submitted for persecution after far lesser actions. 

Even a jilted lover with “the right connections” can add their innocent ex-partner’s name to the government targeted persecution list. Once listed, these law-abiding citizens will be blacklisted, unable to hold an ordinary job he or she is qualified to hold, be financially ruined, and thus suffer a downward spiral of a life in 24/7 invisible prison – misery all TIs know. 

In that expanding invisible prison, TIs beg for help. Like in any other U.S. prison SHU, (“Segregated Housing Unit,” better known as solitary confinement), where torture is applied 24/7 and pleas for mercy go unheard, the TI remains an in-home, in-community, tortured captive.

With their families and friends misunderstanding and rejecting their claims, targets remains isolated. In isolated confinement, it is easy to continue the targeting abuses.

To date, no effective legal or emotional support exists for such “ordinary” persecuted targets. 

Physical and electronic surveillance

“I was subsequently placed under intense physical and electronic surveillance,” Drake expalined in his testimony. (Emphasis added.)

“Intense” is how TIs typically refer to their treatment: ”24/7″.

“Physical surveillance” is what most TIs typically call “gangstalking” and what stalking experts call “multi-stalking”: stalked by multiple persons, all of who are usually unknown by the target. (This is reminiscent of Nazi brownshirts.)

“Electronic surveillance” is what most TIs typically report, including computer surveillance; repeated password hacking; telephone monitoring; telephone call interception; and in-home monitoring with hidden audio-cameras. A small percentage of TIs have hard evidence of being assaulted with electonic weapons.

Advanced Cointelpro 

In his testimony, Drake recounts his encounter with today’s advanced Counter Intelligence Program, Cointelpro (COunterIINTELigencePROgram). He was “raided by the FBI in 2007 and two and half years later under the Obama Administration, criminally charged under a 10 felony count indictment, including five under the Espionage Act, facing 35 years in prison,” he stated.

The FBI supposedly halted its Cointelpro, a program that had successfully covertly targeted and “neutralized” selected law-abiding Americans. Senator Frank Church’s committee investigated and exposed the scandalous program in 1973. 

Congress subsequently condemned and demanded that the FBI halt it. Cointelpro, however, lives on. It’s had over fifty years to refine its violence against innocent people. (See: Suppressed history of FBI Cointelpro war on ‘We the people, Dupré, March 31, 2010 and the YouTube video removed from that article by an unknown person, Cointelpro Documentary Part 1 below.)

In 2011, human and civil rights advocates sounded an alarm over President Barack Obama’s administration intensifying FBI’s old Cointelpro tactics against innocent individuals: FBI agents gaining greater leeway to stalk, or spy on people within the U.S. New guidelines allowed agents to “investigate” people and organizations “proactively” without firm evidence for suspecting criminal activity. 

The new FBI rules enabled agents to infiltrate organizations, search household trash, use surveillance “teams” (including gangstalkers), search databases, and conduct lie detector tests – with no suspicion of any wrongdoing – in other words, targeting innocent American citizens.

Once a target is chosen, he or she is “under covert surveillance in their residence, car, place of employment and anywhere else,“ according to targeted man, Robert Wood.

Targeted Individual Austin Crow of Austin Texas applied for Freedom Of Information documents related to his targeting. Through those files, Crow proved that the FBI had:

  • Traced license plates of cars parked in front of his home,
  • Recorded arrival and departure of his guests,
  • Observed gatherings that he attended at bookstores and cafes,
  • Tracked his emails,
  • Tracked phone conversations,
  • Picked through his trash to identify his bank and mortgage companies,
  • Visited a gun store where he’d sought to purchase a rifle for self-defense,
  • Asked the Internal Revenue Service to examine his tax returns,
  • Infiltrated activist groups with which he associated. (See: FBI Cointelpro intensifies against innocent Targeted Individuals, Dupré, June 14, 2011)

Since George Bush’s 9/11 operation, the advanced Cointelpro and subsequently, the targeted individual human rights abuse phenomenon – exploded, as Drake explained to the EU Parliament:

“The extraordinary charges that were leveled against me by the US Department of Justice are symptomatic of the rising power of the national security state since 9/11 and a direct assault on freedom of speech, thought, innovation, and privacy.”

Today’s Cointelpro “war on the people” is more covert, better organized and more lethal under the relatively new FBI - CIA partnership; President George Bush’s 9/11 and Homeland Security; President Barrack Obama’s “targeted killing” authorization; and today’s advanced scientific technology.

Drake included a statement about Cointelpro in his testimony: “The words of US Senator Frank Church during the hearings he conducted on the abuses of national security power in the 1970s are worthy of reminding us what can happen when a state sponsored surveillance regime is used as the excuse to keep us safe at the expense of liberty and freedom:

“If a dictator ever took charge in this country, the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back because the most careful effort to combine together in resistance to the government, no matter how privately it was done, is within the reach of government to know. Such is the capacity of technology.

In his testimony, Drake also quoted Montesquieu: 

“No tyranny is more cruel than that which is practiced in the shadow of the law and with the trappings of justice: that is, one would drown the unfortunate by the very plank by which he would hope to be saved.” 

Thomas Drake’s full video recorded testimony to the EU Parliament is below. His full testimony is on the GAP website.


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    • mississippi

      Thank you for what is the truth 24/7 for SO many.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Thank you for reading this. Sorry you seem to understand first-hand. Stay strong, Miss.

        • Ortaine Devian

          Another great article Ms. Dupre, you continue to amaze me. :)

    • Brad

      Excellent article. Thank you Ms Dupre for informing the general public on what awaits an FBI/CIA targeted indiviidual. We can only hope that an end to such injustices, and the culpability of those now so engaged, will soon come about when the people retake their government.

    • Bohunk

      Being watchful and surveillance of suspected U.S. enemies is one thing but targeting individuals for no substantial reason or for not agreeing with government policy or because of personal animosity is what was happening in Nazi Germany. Will it be long before we find out that those who disagree with the government are languishing in prison camps or is that already happening? Dark clouds of oppression seem to be on the horizon.

      • Deborah Dupre

        Will it be long before finding out dissenters languish in prison? Bohunk – that time has arrived. Look at the high profile case of Bradley Manning – imprisoned in a military camp, tortured… Why? For exposing high-level government crimes. Same would happen to Snowden if the US Nazi regime could get its hands on him. But it is not just these high-profile cases. As many as 30,000 political prisoners exist in LA jail alone. People of color, Muslims… are the new Jew.

    • Deborah Dupre

      Targeted Individuals’ plight is finally being recognized and validated. Best courage to all who know this covert persecution. Hope this article helps your family and friends understand and support your needs.

    • Adalberto Cervantes

      One of master´s degree professor was a college of her, I know that they are right, we want to see the numbers. Fraud using ERP all over the world through IT indian Companies and Indian Consultants. Necesitamos las herramientas, la educación no tiene el nivel adecuado debido a grupos en el poder. We need the tools, we have a low level of education because these elites. Of course if they do not kill her before

    • Adalberto Cervantes

      The CIA is helping mexican, indian, chinese illuminaties to destroy our economy to be millionaires
      The CIA supports Dictators of course to be millionaires.
      Obama has to be in jail with all their CIA partners. International justice. They are millionaires killing people and making frauds. NSA and other agencies are to protect their own criminal acts, they are getting millionair making frauds and killing. La CIA is starting to control everything in Mexico and USA to hide their killings in both countries. They are making a lot of money for their families only. Really a lot of money for theses lazies for their criminal acts..They are millioners for their crimes had done. It is Istlamo Nazi pólice already on place and ready, that it is the only job done by Obama, he does not care about americans

    • Adalberto Cervantes The CIA is working directly with the IT indian companies lunderying money through 100 Fortune Companies. Including banks. The CIA is working directly with the IT indian companies lunderying money through 100 Fortune Companies. Including banks.

    • Adalberto Cervantes

      NSA, CIA applying high tech against Mexican and USA citizens. Full implementation of the NSA system to have in place the Fake New Order in Mexico and USA. Several countries are behind China, India, Germany among others .The NSA system is a diabolic system created by lazies, science was not applied at all and it is done by high school workers without educative documents. It is a system that eats other systems like television, radio, internet, telephone among others. Attacks several targets at the same time using CIA techniques of dealing with different groups. This system protects operations of the agencies including in the system, it is not only USA, but also India that supplied more of the technical support. Indians is kind of race without ethic at all. Everything is in real time. Its weakness is the low level of technology used, because IT science was not applied, because they preferred domination of the technicians. Again the son that it is hated by illuminaties, indians, homosexual and CIA We have to be careful with the media, banks specially owned by Jewish and Islamo Nazis Be united to stop the illuminaties in Mexico

    • Adalberto Cervantes

      CIA confessed implanting me nanotechnology in my body in Internet. Twitter : youallsuck. CIA threating me. THey will be taken care of their millions of dollars they have, specially in this economy.!

    • Adalberto Cervantes

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      Mexican Macroeconomic and microeconomic models of NAFTA have been repeated in other parts of the world leaving millions in extreme poverty.

    • Adalberto Cervantes

      Money and control…period. That´s all CIA and indians activities world wide The song of the illuminaties The South Gods against the illuminaties This illuminaties only wants our money and if they have the chance to kill us to have it. They enjoy it. The illuminaties are copying spies, do not trust in their credential, everything is fake

    • Adalberto Cervantes

      Indian IT companies were invited by Calderon, to start their frauds in PEMEX, The Indian consultants monopolized the project in SAP, no mexican was involved in this project. It smells fishy and with tax money worse. No a mexican american involved in the project. Smell like a fraud with tax money. Indians work together and they protect each other, but they do not support other kind of people that could disagree with them, allowing that the fraud in government and Corporates. No indian alone has done a complete implementation os SAP in LATAM, You do not know spanish well, legal requirements, you do not know the economic system. I do not want LATAM to suffer as USA for all these IT fraudsThis is a international problem, Corporates supporter for IT indian companies are not paying taxes legally as it suppossed to be made. Countries should look for the consultants to put them in jail. This is like FOBAPROA in Mexico, Obama copied it from Mexico. This is a total fraud- The bail out is totally a fraud. Americans believe to much in their government, Another fraud.

    • Adalberto Cervantes

      What it is comming to Mexico because CIA has a complete building in Mexico at this ttime is happening in Mexico, many have died for sure. It is already implemented in Mexico, CIA handled to mafias to continue doing their criminal activities in Mexico. Obama wants to silence Mexican government, but mexican americans are not going to be silenced after killing thousands of mexican and mexican americans because he is a capo from Chicago mafias. Indans are killing americans as part of the CIA partnership. Go away from USA and Mexico killers India is not an allie according with NSA system, so why are they working as spies in government and Corporates? Are they just comming for our money and lives because of course they like to kill?

    • Adalberto Cervantes

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    • Adalberto Cervantes

      NSA tiene programas de espionaje en México para recabar información particularmente sobre energía y narcotráfico.
      Answer of PEMEX, they did not find any agreement with Orracle Spread the world of who created the ERP technology and its Data Base Technology Oracle starting operations does not spend any penny in my own ideas, PEMEX paid everything for the business data base and the business software. Of course to SAP, they use NSA or similar spy system. But IMP and PEMEX are full of spies. Obama and his CIA partners are using a fake New Order, it is a copy of my work. It is his boot leg. Minuta de la Trigésima Octava Sesión Ordinaria 2013, del Comité de Información de Petróleos Mexicanos.

    • Adalberto Cervantes

      I think that Mexico and USA may be better than India, if we let the mexican and US PhD and scientists work together in each module of the ERP, and créate something really advance for our civilization, mexican american should be working together for a new Era. The true is that the mexican and US education is without direction, to have it, it is necessary to unify all the level of education, and structure the knowledge by modules at all the levels to créate the productivity models, I created. The mexican and US government should work at all levels of the mexican and US education and structure the knowledge in the way to be more productive, protect our companies, our Nation. No podemos dejar las empresas mexicanas y americanas en manos de estos tipos por falta de acuerdos en el sector educativo, realmente falta un reforma educativa que redunde productivamente en el sistema mexicano y americano

    • Adalberto Cervantes

      The NSA system is a diabolic system created by lazies, science was not applied at all and it is done by high school workers without educative documents. It is a system that eats other systems like television, radio, telephone among others. Attacks several targets at the same time using CIA techniques of dealing with different groups. This system protects operations of the agencies including in the system, it is not only USA, but also India that supplied more of the technical support. Indians is kind of race without ethic at all. Everything is real time. Its weakness is the low level of technology used, because IT science was not applied, because they preferred domination of the technicians.

    • Adalberto Cervantes

      Aztecs, Toltecs, Mayas are alive, they survived, and they are against the illuminaties, lazies, homosexual among others The Aztec, Olmecs, Mayas and others are alive in Mexico against the Illuminaties, I hope can be extended to the north of Mexico and South of USA. Integral education at all level to protect our companies and our nation. Bill Gates copied me wrong

    • Sharon Poet

      Thank you Deborah. The difficulties we are forced to endure, with no real help in sight, are indescribable! Our destroyed lives and broken hearts remain hidden in the shadows of a Technological holocaust that seems too cruel and too wrong for the rest of humanity to even want to face. God! I hurt lately. Our fight seems endless and our strength sometimes runs out. But thanks to people like you. . .our hope for an end to the targeting is periodically reignited.

    • Jackwad

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    • Black Humor

      Good Job Ms Dupre, evil can only win if good people do nothing. Best way to stop these things is to drag them to light and expose them. Wonder why I did not read anything about this from MSM? :roll:

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