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Flat Earth Kingpin Eric Dubay Exposed as a CIA Asset

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There shall be a confusion also in many places…And salt waters shall be found in the sweet, and all friends shall destroy one another; THEN shall common-sense hide itself, and understanding withdraw itself into his secret chamber, And shall be sought of many, and yet not be found: then shall unrighteousness and incontinency be multiplied upon Earth.

–2 Esdras 5:8-10

There is a tremendous amount of unnecessary confusion today about the shape of the world we live in. Through the use of neuro-linguistics coupled with fraudulent and misleading imagery (and music) in the form of videos and endless memes, a sustained disinformation campaign exploded onto the scene in 2014. These are trademark mind-control tactics that are well-documented and used throughout the “intelligence” communities in programs that have now been exposed like MKUltra.

We KNOW that the Criminals In Action (CIA) not only have access to weapons of mass distraction and mass deception, but that they control the mainstream media in the U.S., just as their counterparts in the U.K. do. So it really should come as no surprise that this completely fabricated (astroturf) FE “movement” is their concoction, and that the main players in FE are government assets or agents.

Google analytics shows that since November 2014, the search term “Flat Earth” has enjoyed an incredible and never before seen 600% rise in activity! The reason behind the sudden and sharp increase for this key-word is undeniably the publishing of my “Flat Earth Conspiracy” book and documentary pair which were both released in November 2014. The Flat Earth Conspiracy was the first pro-flat Earth book written in almost 50 years…

–Eric Dubay

The irony is FE thinks it’s blowing the lid off of one government agency (NASA) while completely ignoring the fact that another government agency (the CIA) set up their astronaut strawman.

A strawman argument is a logical fallacy. People who use logical fallacies do so because their position is inherently weak and indefensible. FE proponents who have been duped by this obvious PSYOP regurgitate “NASA lies” ad nauseam, purportedly as proof the Earth is flat, do so without ever realizing:

1) it is a logical fallacy (i.e. ILLOGICAL) in both the form of being a non-sequitur statement as well as a strawman they can easily knock down; and

2) that they are merely parroting what government-led opposition agents and assets have implanted into their minds using the well-documented tricks of the mind-control trade.

The deep-state is well-aware that it only takes roughly 3-5% of the population awakening to their evil plans for society to achieve “critical mass”. And when that happens, all hope of their “new world order” and one-world government goes right out the window.

After spending countless sums of our money studying this phenomenon, they needed a fall-back position to ensure their evil plans for total global domination wouldn’t ever reach a level of public awareness that could threaten not only their satanic, narcissitic goals but their very lives.

Their target audience: the “truth” movement. Those who are at least partially awake to the deceptions going on everyday in governments, courtrooms, hospitals and churches/synagogues/mosques/temples, etc. around the world. That’s who the parasitic criminal class desperately need to derail to keep an all-out revolution from taking place. A revolution that would inevitably lead to the public lynching of all of these sycophant glove-puppets in public office as well as their pedofile puppet master banksters and the so-called “royalty” including the pope.

The TRUTH About the British Monarchy

The TRUTH About the Pope

Obviously this last resort “ace-in-the-hole” insurance policy would need to be carefully planned years in advance and appear to be “the mother of all conspiracies” while at the same time pose no real threat to their “new” world order. Something innocuous enough to preclude any hope of a mass awakening, while at the same time hamstringing truth seekers with endless debates about something no one can change and that ultimately will help no one avoid the planned chaos and mass extermination that’s coming.

Enter the flat Earth “movement”. A controlled opposition COINTELPRO psychological operation from day 1, complete with its own books and videos full of fake and misleading disinformation, its fake internet bloggers, its fake followers and fake grass-roots” (i.e. astroturf) movement and fake spiritual awakening. A resurrected notion that was so ridiculous it was easily put to rest thousands of years before NASA, Google Earth or computers, by people who were a whole lot more in touch with their true spiritual nature than most are today.

You don’t have to believe NASA is telling the truth to recognize that FE is a fraud, specifically designed to infiltrate and take over the CT communities to distract and ultimately attempt to destroy the credibility of all conspiracy theories AND THE BIBLE (which does NOT teach FE).

That’s the REAL goal of FE, and why it needs to be exposed for what it is: a clever, satanic form of psychological warfare designed to divide and conquer by confusing, distracting and controlling the opposition who are slowly but surely learning that NO government agency is “for” the people.

The Truth About the Illuminati and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

The Hierarchy Enslaving YOU

Government, like organized religion, is a CORPORATE BUSINESS, designed to lie to, steal from, and control the masses, who would otherwise rise up against them and their evil leaders and aims.

And government agents and assets, just like their counterparts in organized religion, will continue to deceive the public until their tactics and methods are exposed.

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck…it’s probably a duck.

If it looks like a COINTELPRO PSYOP, employs their signature mind-control tactics, rolls out fake and intentionally misleading DISINFORMATION in a sustained campaign of books, YouTube videos and interviews FILLED with outright lies and logical fallacies, and comes out of relative obscurity to do all of this at a critical juncture in human history where the world stands on the precipice of the third and FINAL world war…it’s probably a government controlled-opposition job managed by the so-called “intelligence” services.

The Truth About the Banksters

The Truth About WW3

And anyone towing the government line, using the mind-control tricks of the CIA trade, is obviously a trained agent or asset.


The Survival Plan


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    • beLIEve

      So we are traveling through space at a speed of 67,000 miles per hour WHILST ROTATING at a speed of 1,000 miles per hour.

      Earth has been traveling at this speed for 300 MILLION years…WITHOUT ONE…..”down day”…for ….MAINTENANCE. ?

      * * *

      Has Edward Hendrie also been exposed as a CIA shill ?
      And Texe he also an a$$et of $atan ??

      * *

      The Greatest Lie on Earth: Proof That Our World Is Not a Moving Globe PAPERBACK – 17 Jan 2016

      by Edward Hendrie

      This book reveals the MOTHER of ALL CONSPIRACIES.
      It sets forth biblical proof and IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE that will cause the scales to fall from your eyes and reveal that the WORLD YOU THOUGHT EXISTED IS A MYTH.

      The most universally accepted scientific belief today is that the earth is a globe, spinning on its axis at a speed of approximately 1,000 miles per hour at the equator, while at the same time it is orbiting the sun at approximately 67,000 miles per hour. All of this is happening as the SUN, in turn, IS SUPPOSED TO BE HURTLING THROUGH the MILKY WAY GALAXY at approximately 500,000 MILES PER HOUR. :lol:

      The MILKY WAY galaxy, itself, IS alleged to be RACING through SPACE at a SPEED RANGING from 300,000 to 1,340,000 MILES PER HOUR.

      What most people are not told is that the purported spinning, orbiting, and speeding through space has never been proven.

      In fact, every scientific experiment that has ever been performed to determine the motion of the earth has proven that the earth is stationary. Yet, textbooks ignore the scientific proof that contradicts the myth of a spinning and orbiting globe. Christian SCHOOLS HAVE BEEN HOODWINKED into teaching heliocentrism, despite the clear teaching in the bible that the earth is not a sphere and does not move.
      This book reveals the evil forces behind the heliocentric deception, and why scientists and the Christian churches have gone along with it.

      * * *

      Flat Earth On a 1000 Year Old Buddhist Map

      * * *

      The ancient map indicates THERE ARE EXTENSIVE LANDS BEYOND ANTARCTICA………MINERAL RICH….lands. :idea:


      • PaulTarsuss

        It is a common psychological malady in times of social unrest for one to obsess on controversial topics, choosing the side of the ‘underdog’ no matter how preposterous, in order to satiate one’s deep desire to defend and protect.

        There is no need to defend the truth. The truth is like a lion; set it free and it will defend itself. – Augustine

        Promoting a lie to fight the liars is like lighting a fire to fight the fires. Sometimes it works!….Sometimes a little damage can prevent greater damage….but such a scorched earth policy should be far from one’s ‘go to’ method of education.

        God hung the circle of earth upon nothing, according to Isaiah. God revealed to Job, thousands of years ago that the the star constellation that we know today as the Pleiades, is gravitically bound to one another.

        It has long been known that when a molten material is unaffected by gravity, it hardens into a sphere, this is why so many of the heavenly bodies are spherical, and can be seen through even amateur telescopes to rotate, easily and consistently revealing their spherical nature.

        To continue carrying on the kind of psychological ‘tantrum’ such as ‘flat earth’ advocation among others, only drags any real truth you may happen to cherish through the mud.

        You do your Savior a disservice.

        Good Journeys

        • beLIEve

          T-Stew quotes….

          WHY IS THE….FLAT Earth so important ?
          BECAUSE ….IT EXPOSES the DECEPTION. :idea:

          AND….the DECEPTION…EXPOSES…the…ILLEGITIMACY…of……….”government.” :idea:

          Flat Earth is NOT a PSYOP.
          Flat Earth…..EXPOSES….the PSYOP. :idea:

          @ 1:36 — @ 9:06….on the video linked below…… :idea: T-Stews…..words of WISDOM :idea:

          ‘T-Stews message to all on Plane Earth.’

          * * *

          Reference ….T-Stews….. :idea: WORDS :idea: of wisdom.

          :idea: WORDS :idea: ……an….ANAGRAM of…… :idea: SWORDS. :idea:

          QUOTE……The pen is mightier than the…. sWORD. :idea:


          The pen is mightier than the sword

          “The pen is mightier than the sword” is a metonymic adage, coined by English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839, …INDICATING that COMMUNICATION :idea: (PARTICULARLY WRITTEN LANGUAGE) :idea: or in some interpretations, administrative power or advocacy of an independent press, IS A MORE EFFECTIVE TOOL THAN DIRECT VIOLENCE.


          the CRIMINALLY INSANE DEMENTED MUTANT $cum at the top. :idea:

          That is why they are in PARANOID & NEUROTIC “mode” reference… “communication.” :grin:

          * * *

          :idea: $ocial “unrest”…….ENGINEERED… the EL-ite$…….$ATANIC-i’ll thieve everything $CUM. :lol:

          What Is The Hegelian Dialectic?

          IF the elite HAS A RESULT THEY WOULD LIKE TO HAVE, whether it be INCREASED AUTHORITARIAN RULE or a war that solidifies their power, ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS DEVISE an anti-thesis that will lead to THE OUTCOME THEY WANT.
          This is commonly DONE THROUGH FALSE FLAG ATTACKS, where :idea: THE GOVERNMENT OF A NATION ATTACKS ITSELF :idea: so that it can respond in the way that it had wanted to all along, because it’s only THROUGH THAT ATTACK would CITIZENS AGREE TO THE …PLANNED…SYN-THESIS.



          :idea: :lol: $OCIAL “unrest” :!: :lol: :idea:

          CRISIS by DESIGN: Hungarian PM Reveals ‘Social Engineering Role of George Soros in EU Refugee Run


          ‘George Soros funds Ferguson protests, hopes to spur civil action’

          Liberal billionaire gave at least $33 million in one year to groups that emboldened activists


          Henningsen: ‘US Anti-Trump Protests Similar to Soros Color Revolutions Abroad’

          “If Trump wins, EXPECT THE LIKES of SOROS and TO UNLEASH wave after wave of FLASH MOBS, WHO WILL PROTEST, RIOT, SMASH and BURN their way on to CNN’s 24 hour news rotation.
          Expect Occupy 2.0, and #BlackLivesMatter to rage.”

      • dennis48309

        You’re a fucking retard that should be committed to an insane asylum wearing a straight jacket in a padded room.

    • Anonymous

      Hey A Freeman,
      I see no exposure here. All I see is an opinion and not a single fact. If you want a fact, simply travel to any coastline, pick a spot where you can look up the coast waterline to waterline. People are taking pictures as I have from 10 miles away and those pictures show no curvature.

    • Jango

      You are Totally Wrong. The Bible does teach that God created a flat stationary earth. Math does not lie. Neither does God. And you can Prove that we live on a flat stationary earth and Not a spinning globe by using math. If you haven’t read that then you can here.

    • RationalSkeptic

      Yeah, riiight…

      A conspiracy theory even weirder than the flat earthers themselves.

    • Look up...Wake up

      Your an idiot!
      You don’t have clue what you’re talking about.
      I think YOU are a CIA shill.

    • Anonymous

      beLIEver – nice facts
      - throw in the “chandlers” wibble wobble too.

      All those facts you quote – and not even … a ripple on my cup of coffee.

      Drop a pin next to my cup … and I get ripples !

    • rockstar21

      test any big body of water anywhere on earth, its flat. fairy tale globe destroyed in one sentence. Mathew 1537 edition bible says “flat earth”

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