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Politicians Bought Off by Fluoridation Lobbyists

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                            Politicians Bought Off by Fluoridation Lobbyists


Once again, collusion, deception, and fraud are being used to pass legislation at the State Capitol. Sadly, any legislative bill can be brought for enough money offered! A fraudster is someone who gets money by deceiving people. Follow the money to go behind the scenes and discover the players who are promoting the toxic water fluoridation, and you will then have your eyes opened.

Big Money is involved all the way around!  See below for information that could expose Delta Dental and their questionable practices of shuffling money to politicians around the country. 

The FBI may be interested in the information in this article and can be contacted in Little Rock, Arkansas at their Field Offices at 501-221-9100Click here for the FBI’s Little Rock website.

Public corruption is the FBI’s top criminal investigative priority.

We will get back to the corruption and deception… after we share this latest optimistic news:

Still holding out, thank goodness! The Ozark Mountain Regional Public Water Authority (OMRPWA) plans to take their case to the Supreme Court! 

This water wholesaler DOES NOT want to be forced to add poison (fluoride) to their drinking water. Here’s a fantastic news article written by Becky Gillette of the Eureka Springs Independent from March 27, 2019. Directly below are excerpts quoting Andy Anderson, Chair of the water authority:

“We have to get the law changed,” Anderson said. “The more I learn about fluoridation, the more it irritates me that our state legislators and ADH have forced this on us. They do not seem to understand or are willing to admit the harm fluoride causes to a lot of people. It is a neurotoxin, more toxic than lead, and has been linked to autism, ADHD and Alzheimer’s disease. A couple weeks ago, a new study showed the eyes are affected by fluoride increasing glaucoma and macular degeneration.”

Anderson said there is no doubt in his mind that the addition of fluoridation chemicals to the Carroll Boone Water District in 2015 is to blame for increased lead levels seen in the drinking water of Harrison and Eureka Springs. Harrison has exceeded the EPA threshold for lead and is taking corrective action. In 2018, lead testing in Eureka increased to .014 ppm, which is just .001 ppm away from the EPA lead action level of .015 ppm.  

“It has been demonstrated that fluoride will leach lead out of plumbing,” he said. “Around the country there are reports of when they stopped feeding fluoride the lead levels dropped.”
[Bold font for emphasis, Secure Arkansas']

Now back to what occurred in 2011 regarding the water fluoridation mandate… 

We’ve linked two articles from that timeframe and some excerpts directly below. Keep reading to follow the collusion.

Arkansas Senators Don’t Let Science – or the Public – Stand in the Way of Mandatory Fluoridation - February 25, 2011

NEW YORK, Feb. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/  
Despite admission by the Federal Government that American children are being over-exposed to fluoride, and that fluoride’s benefits are primarily topical, the Arkansas State Senate passed legislation on Thursday to force fluoridation on the entire state. This legislation will require cities to add unnecessary, untested fluoride chemicals into the water supply, clearly risking the health of many Arkansas residents.

Fluoridation chemicals—often purchased from Mexico, China, and Japan—are waste products of the phosphate fertilizer industry that are often contaminated with arsenic and lead. These industrial-grade chemicals have never been tested for safety in humans or animals, and have never received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

While the Arkansas House and Senate rush to cast votes that will affect most residents of the State, the public’s voice has been excluded from the process. Oddly, the push for mandatory fluoridation in Arkansas comes in the wake of an historical shift in the U.S. fluoridation program.


Arkansas legislature ignores science, mandates toxic fluoridation for entire state

- March 01, 2011 by Ethan A. Huff

 The decision, which comes at a time when many studies and reports are questioning the safety of fluoride, especially in children, is highly concerning. It is also based on neither the public support of Arkansans nor valid science, which is illustrated in part by the fact that the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press, a Washington D.C.-based think tank that claims not to take positions on policy issues, was one of the driving forces behind the initiative.

And perhaps one of the reasons they avoid the science is because it proves fluoride is harmful. Many studies have shown that artificial water fluoridation is linked to thyroid dysfunction, bone damage, and lowered IQ, among other things (

“There are at least 24 studies that have found an association between lowered IQ and levels of fluoride in water as low as 1.9 ppm,” said Paul Connett, PhD, director of the Fluoride Action Network, a non-profit advocacy group devoted to exposing the truth about the dangers of fluoride. 


So, how does this affect Arkansas?  SB 359, now Act 197 from 2011, is known as the water fluoridation mandate bill in Arkansas. Much of the entertainment and lobbying for the bill was done by Delta Dental through lobbyist DBH Management Consultants, and it appears that this was done to hide the true source of lobby funds given from Delta Dental and their other clients to DBH. Remember: Delta Dental is a client of DBH Management. 

To get around the election laws, DBH formed multiple PACs (Political Action Committees).

There is no difference between the nursing home bribes from Michael Morton to Judge Maggio’s campaign funds that ended up in the judge going to prison and the Delta Dental bribes to the Arkansas politicians to get SB359 passed as Act 197! This is not the only case where Big Corporate Money came in and paid off the legislators to get legislation passed.  Click here to read one of Secure Arkansas’ articles on Judge Maggio and the nursing home connection with several Arkansas politicians. There are still other politicians mentioned in this article who have not yet been charged with bribes in exchange for voting for favorable legislation for nursing homes.

The contribution limit is $5,000 from any person per Political Action Committee (PAC) in any calendar year. DBH being organized under NINE current entities means that contributors can donate up to $45,000 total. (NOTE: Election Law Reform should be required.) 

Bruce Hawkins, the DBH founder, was a former Arkansas State Senator who became a lobbyist, and he set up seven of those separate DBH PACs. 

DBH Management Consultants is organized under the following nine entities (again, to bypass current election laws):  

  • D. Bruce Hawkins 2 PAC

  • DBH Management Consultants 3 PAC

  • DBH Management Consultants 4 PAC

  • DBH Management Consultants 5 PAC

  • DBH Management Consultants 6 PAC

  • DBH Management Consultants 7 PAC

  • DBH Management Consultants PAC

  • DBH Management is a Client of FHF Enterprises, LLC (Register Agent and Incorporator/Organizer is Fredrerick Freeman, Forrest City, AR)

  • DBH Management Consultants is client of The Perimeter Group (Register Agent and Incorporator/Organizizer is Len Pitcock, Hot Springs Nationa Park, AR)


The recipients of the DBH money past political campaign contributions are as follows:

  • Rep Andrea Lea $ 500

  • Senator Bart Hester $ 2,750

  • Senator Blake Johnson $ 2,000 

  • Rep Brandt Smith $ 500

  • Senator Bruce Holland $ 3,750

  • Senator Bryan King $ 750

  • Senator Cecile Bledsoe $ 2,000

  • Senator Charles Collins $ 1,200

  • Rep Chris Richey $ 1,750

  • Rep David Meeks $ 1,000

  • Rep Deborah Ferguson $ 750

  • Rep Dwight Tosh $ 1,000

  • Senator Eddie Joe Williams $21,950

  • Senator Garry Stubblefield $ 750

  • Rep Greg Leding $ 500

  • Senator Jack Crumbly $ 5,000

  • Rep Jack Ladyman $ 1,000

  • Senator James Hendren $ 2,500

  • Rep Jana Della Rosa $ 1,000

  • Senator Jason Rapert $10,250

  • Rep Joe Jett $ 750

  • Rep Danny Watson $ 250

  • Senator John Copper $ 6,500

  • Senator Johnny Key $ 3,000

  • Rep Jon Eubanks $ 2,225  

  • Rep Jonathan Dismang $ 250

  • Rep Josh Miller $ 750

  • Rep Justin Boyd $ 1,000

  • Rep Ken Bragg $ 500

  • Senator Lance Eads $ 4,000

  • Rep Lanny Fite $ 250

  • Senator Larry Teague $ 1,000

  • Rep Les Eaves $ 500

  • Rep Mark Lowery $ 1,000

  • Rep Mark Perry $ 1,250

  • Senator Mathew Pitsch $ 500

  • Rep Matthew Shepherd $ 750

  • Senator Missy Irvin $ 4,000

  • Senator Michael Lamoureux $ 2,000

  • Rep Monte Hodges $ 1,000

  • Rep Nate Bell $ 1,250

  • Senator Linda Collins-Smith $ 9,150

  • Rep Rick Beck $ 3,761 

  • Rep Ronald Caldwell $ 250 

  • Rep Douglas House $ 250   

  • Senator Stephanie Flowers $ 1,785

  • Rep Stephen Magie $ 3,000

  • Rep Stephen Meeks $ 500

  • Senator Terry Rice $ 1,250

  • Rep Tommy Thompson $12,500

  • Senator Trent Garner $ 8,000


We want to remind you that the predatory Delta Dental Foundation provided the grant money for the startup costs for all fluoridation installationand the Delta Dental Plan of Arkansas transferred these startup costs to Delta Dental Foundation of Arkansas.

Years ago, Secure Arkansas reviewed the 2011 IRS 990 filing of Delta Dental of Arkansas and found that Dr. Lynn Mouden was a Director of Delta Dental at the same time he was director of the ADH’s Office of Oral Health.

The Harrison Daily Times also reviewed the filing and found Dr. Lynn Mouden’s name listed as a director of Delta Dental. This is a direct conflict of interest between the ADH, Delta Dental, and Dr. Lynn Mouden, Director of Oral Health of the ADH in 2011.

Dr. Mouden moved on to become the Chief Dental Officer for the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in 2012.  This con man has travelled from Weston, Missouri, all the way to Washington D.C! That’s quite a step up for a small town Missouri dentist!

Update on Mouden: Mouden retired as the Chief Dental Officer for the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) September 30, 2017. (Medicaid is a huge cash cow, folks!) He then went to work for Avesis, a Guardian Company. We are sure Avesis hired him to develop ideas for state-based Medicaid programs and for Medicaid and Medicare Advantage partners. Unfortunately, he also still holds three faculty appointments at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) in the Colleges of Medicine, Public Health and Health Related Professions. In the past, this man has proven to be unethical in order to get his way and move up the ladder.

For more important information that you may have missed on Mouden, click here

Secure Arkansas is still holding the 6 affidavits which state that the reports Mouden used to promote the need for water fluoridation NEVER HAPPENED, meaning he falsified his reports!  

Click here for more information on Delta Dental.

Pay Attention! Delta Dental of Arkansas has given $194,700 to 131 different filers spanning 14 years.  The split of the money is as follows:

Democrats           $137,450   70.6%

Republicans          $ 54,500  27.991%

Not Designated     $ 2,000     1.03%

Nonpartisan          $ 750        0.385%

                             $194,700     100%


This practice of bribing politicians is still going on, in order to keep the public water supplies fluoridated. Delta Dental preys on greedy politicians and knows how to cover all their bases in government! 

SB 359 was referred to the Senate Committee on Public Health, Welfare and Labor. The committee members in 2011 and total amount received from Delta Dental and DBH (Delta Dental is a client of DBH) were:

Chair Senator Percy Malone $ (unknown at this time)

Vice Chair Senator Randy Laverty $ 500

Senator Cecile Bledsoe $2,500

Senator David Burnett $ 500

Senator Jack Crumbly $5,000

Senator Jonathan Dismang $3,000

Senator Missy Irvin $2,500

Senator Bill Pritchard  $ (unknown at this time)

SB 359 was passed out of committee. It takes 5 members to pass a bill out of the committee. 


The recipients of the Delta Dental past political campaign contributions are as follows:

  • US Senate – AR Blanche Lambert Lincoln $7,500 (Re-ran but lost race)

  • Rep Monty Davenport $500 (Ran for Comm. of State Lands but lost race)

  • John Burkhalter $500 (Ran for Lt. Gov. but lost race)

  • John Fogleman $500 (Ran for Sup Ct Pos 3 but lost race)

  • US House Dist 4 Mike Ross $10,500 (Ran for Governor but lost race)

  • Judge Rhonda Wood $250 (Re-ran for Appelate Court Dist 2 Pos1 but lost race)

  • Governor Asa Hutchinson $7,300

  • Governor Mike Beebe $5,500 

  • Atty General Leslie Rutledge $2,000

  • Atty General Dustin McDaniel $1,250  

  • Senator Jason Rapert $5,200

  • Senator Jonathan Dismang $3,000

  • Senator Cecile Bledsoe $2,500

  • Senator Missy Irvin $2,500

  • Senator Stephanie Flowers $2,500 

  • Senator Jane English $2,500

  • Senator John Cooper $2,250

  • Senator Keith Ingram $1,500

  • Senator Fred Allen $1,250

  • Senator Bob Ballinger $1,000

  • Rep Justin Boyd $1,000

  • Senator Linda Chesterfield $1,000

  • Rep Deborah Ferguson $1,000

  • Rep David Fiddler $1,000

  • Senator Kim Hammer $1,000

  • Senator Mathew Pitsch $1,000

  • Senator Matthew Shepherd $1,000

  • Senator Terry Rice $750

  • Senator Joyce Elliott $750

  • Rep Frederick Love $750

  • Senator Greg Leding $750

  • Rep Mark Perry $750

  • Lt. Gov Tim Griffin $500

  • Senator Gary Stubblefield $500

  • Senator James Sturch $500

  • Senator Larry Teague $500

  • Senator Randy Laverty $500

  • Rep Kenneth Bragg $500

  • Rep Andy Davis $500

  • Senator Lance Eads $500

  • Senator Blake Johnson $500

  • Senator Mark Johnson $500

  • Senator Jeffery Wardlaw $500

  • Rep Laurie Rushing $250 

  • Rep Chris Richey $250

  • Rep Aaron Pilkington $250

  • Rep Bruce Maloch $250

  • Rep Karilyn Brown $250

  • Rep Bruce Coleman $250

  • Rep Jana Della Rosa $250

  • Rep Rebecca Petty $250

  • Rep Dan Douglas $250

  • Rep Jon Woods $1,500  convicted felon

  • Senator Gilbert Baker $1,000  indicted for felony charges

  • Senator Paul Bookout $1,000  convicted felon


Here are the steps the bill went through in order to be signed by former Governor Beebe, in order to become law as Act 197.

Please scrutinize the bill sponsor and supporters carefully: 

  • Former Senator David Johnson. Currently, Johnson is the General Council of Central Arkansas Water. Johnson, the lead sponsor of Act 197, said he became convinced that everyone should have fluoride after reading a report on dental health done by the Pew Research Center, a Washington think tank. The PEW Report that gave Arkansas an “F”! The PEW Report that has been so widely used but is proven not to be accurate! Even the Arkansas State Dental Association (ADA) had issues with the PEW report(A Power Point will be downloaded to your computer. See slide 2 for info.) The ADA stated that six out of the eight benchmarks was PEW’s opinion with unproven efficacy. PEW had a lot of collaboration with appropriate state officials which resulted in erroneous findings for Arkansas. ADA stated that they don’t agree with everything in the report. Click here to see the Fluoride connection between the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and PEW. The whole PEW report behind Act 197 was based on fraud!

  • Former Senate Pro Tem Michael Lamoureux, ALEC member and was a member of the board of directors there, then went on to become Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s Chief of Staff but had to resign. Now a lobbyist with Washington Advocacy Group in Washington D.C., headed by Texarkana Attorney John Goodson (married to Supreme Court Justice Cortney Goodson). One of their clients is RJ Reynolds. Lamoureux is also a registered lobbyist to DBH Consultants of Morrilton that is headed by former Representative Bruce Hawkins (who loaned $30,000 to former Senator Jake Files). In another case Files received a $80,000 wire transfer to his FFH Construction business on November 24, 2014, from David L. Norsworthy of Arkansas Superior Select (Nursing Home business). It appears that this $80,000 wire transfer was connected with SJR 8 on which Files was a co-sponsor. SJR 8 was a tort reform bill which was heavily supported by the nursing home industries in which David Norsworthy and Michael Morton have a huge interest.

  • Former Senator Jake Files, ALEC and now a convicted felon

  • Former Senator Paul Bookout, convicted felon

  • Former Senator Gilbert Baker, ALEC and was indicted by federal grand jury on Friday, January 11, 2019 on conspiracy, bribery, and wire fraud. Click here to view the nine-count federal indictment. Baker was connected to a scheme involving former Faulkner County Circuit Judge Mike Maggio. Maggio was convicted of bribery and sentenced to 10 years in a federal prison in 2016.

  • Former Represenative Jon WoodsALEC and convicted felon

  •  Former Representative Hank Wilkinsconvicted felon

  • Former Representative Micah NealALEC and convicted felon


The Pew Report was the main report that the lobbyists used in persuading the legislators to pass SB359. This was a fraud since six of the eight items in the report did not apply to Arkansas. 

From the Arkansas Ethics Commission “Rules on Lobbyist Registration and Reporting”  under Prohibited Acts and Penalties § 517. Prohibited acts page 17:

(g) No person engaging in lobbying may:
(1) influence or attempt to influence, by coercion, bribery or threat of economic sanction, any public servant in the discharge of the duties of his or her office;
(2) purposely provide false information to any public servant as to any material fact pertaining to any legislative or administrative action;

(h) (1) Any person criminally convicted for violation of any provision of Ark. Code Ann. § 21- 8-607(a) or (b) shall not act as a lobbyist for three (3) years from the date conviction and shall be subject to a fine of not less than $100 and not more than $1,000.
(2) Any person violating this three (3) year ban will be deemed guilty of an additional violation of subchapter 6 of chapter 8 of Title 21.



SB 359 went through the Senate Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee in 2011. The former committee members in 2011 were:

  • Senator Percy Malone – Chair – Occupation: Pharmacist

  • Senator Randy Laverty – Vice Chair – Occupation: Insurance

  • Senator Cecile Bledsoe - ALEC 

  • Senator David Burnett – Occupation: Retired circuit and chancery judge for the Second Judicial District of Arkansas

  • Senator Jack Crumbly – Occupation: Educator

  • Senator Jonathan Dismang - ALEC

  • Senator Missy Irvin - ALEC

  • Senator Bill Pritchard – Occupation: small business/rancher; Razorback Rentals (now lobbyist)


In addition, UAMS backed the water fluoridation back in 2011. Other groups that backed the water fluoridation are as follows:

  • Arkansas State Dental Association

  • American Dental Association - ALEC 

  • Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families

  • Delta Dental


Here’s a brief excerpt from the UAMS article linked directly above:

UAMS joined several health advocate organizations in support of the bill, including the Arkansas State Dental Association, the American Dental Association and Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families.


All of the Arkansas Water Districts were threatened by ADH that they must enter into and sign a contract with Delta Dental for the start up money needed for public water fluoridation, mandated by Act 197. The problem is that for a contract to be legally binding or valid, an agreement must be formed between two parties. Any contract that lacks an agreement between the two parties is NOT VALID. A water district cannot be forced to sign any contract with which they don’t agree, due to threats by any individual, group, or government agency.

Reminder: The SENATE PUBLIC HEALTH, WELFARE AND LABOR COMMITTEE in 2011 was the committee that pushed and passed SB 359, the fluoride mandate legislation. This was an Act to mandate fluoridation in all systems that serve 5,000 or more.

For the 2011 Arkansas Senate Vote on the Fluoride Mandate SB359, click here.

For the 2011 Arkansas House Vote on the Fluoride Mandate SB359, click here.


So, what’s been happening lately regarding water fluoridation? Some news from last week (March 2019): The skilled actor/player Senator from Berryville, Bob Ballinger ran a good bill, SB 604, in the Senate Public Health Committee … yet, the problem is, it looks like he knew that this good bill had NO CHANCE in this corrupt committee. Secure Arkansas sees this as a charade in order to please his outraged constituents in his area that are concerned about the hazardous water fluoridation, knowing all along that his 8 negligent Senate buddies would never vote in favor of this good bill because they are all dominated by their master manipulators in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) that promote toxic water fluoridation. Ballinger (ALEC) and the committee put on a phony show like always, but regretfully, the fine folks that travelled to the Capitol to testify about the dangers of fluoride, from all across the state, left disappointed once again because there was no rebuttal allowed. Could they be afraid to let the truth come out? 

Note: you may recall that Attorney/Senator Bob Ballinger from Berryville represented Ecclesia College and is still hiding records on how the GIF money was spent and how many other legislators were involved in the corruption.


Current Senate Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee (ALEC) members:












Irvin (Chair) and also

ALEC State Chair




[email protected]

Wallace (Vice Chair)




[email protected]





[email protected]





[email protected]



501- 682-6107


[email protected]





[email protected]

Hickey, Jr.




[email protected]





[email protected]



In closing, it seems that we cannot get GOOD bills through this Senate Public Health Committee and haven’t for years, and it appears that the committee is working for the lobbyists and not for we, the people. 


Stay tuned…



Stay aware, stay involved, and stay vigilant.



Remember:  eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

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Securing the blessings of liberty,

Secure Arkansas
[email protected]


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