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If the following is true it would represent the most meaningful action (against any virus) ever taken and restore faith in humanity. It challenges everything Fauci is doing. Transcripts from an actual speech is this?   or fantasy?


As a journalist I cannot confirm this… let’s make that clear.   But even if this is someone’s wishful thinking or a serious response by a governor, this action plan addresses the most common form of disease transmission. Hand contact. It addresses the vaccine risks and the ridiculous medication decisions made by a federal agency. It forbids shielding centers. It forbids mandates in some cases.  Did the Florida governor just mandate universal precautions in lieu of mandatory vaccines and lock downs? Did he forbid involuntary confinement?  Anybody else getting this stuff? Am I being played?


As governor of the sovereign state of Florida I hereby implement an executive order which finally address hand contact transmissions. It makes absolutely no sense to quarantine yourselves only to congregate at a super market. There at your super market cashiers handle money and all of them then turn and handle all of your items and with respect to food items, this makes absolutely no sense at all. The door handle to the frozen peas have been touched by hundred  different hands.

We will address that situation here and now and seek to limit those risks to Florida’s citizens.   It is true that Hospital staff wearing the best protective gear in the community experienced wide spread transmission rates. Review of the hospital environment by my team of medical professionals, including primary care professionals reveals huge breaches in infection control. We see hand contact transmission is of particular concern. We see that masks are poorly used and even MD’s are grabbing the outside of their masks to adjust them and reposition those masks. Wearing disposable masks from patient to patient is of concern. Furthermore, we have one report of a patient handing his medication to a practitioner to validate pharmacy accuracy of his pills as they were different size. The practitioner poured the man’s medication into his own unwashed palm and then put them back into the pill bottle and handed the medication back to the patient. Stating that the pills varying sizes were simply different manufacturers. The practitioner left the room without washing his hands. Now this is unacceptable. This grotesque disregard of basic universal precautions will no longer be tolerated.  Also,Retail space is a nightmare and we are going to be the first state to mandate that people are obligated legally and morally to not contaminate any handled items. A man can pick his nose, pull up his three week old handkerchief that smells of sweat, grab your door knob with his contaminated hands and then handle all the produce in the store, and all of that is ok as long as he is covering his faith with the dirtiest thing in the store his week old handkerchief.

I hereby enact an emergency order that will protect you without violating you. This order Will offer improved public experiences and protect the private businesses from future lock downs.

I will order that All handled items in the retail space shall be deemed contaminated unless washed after said handling. This is to be a Universal Precaution that is practiced by health care workers and doctors. To protect yourselves and your families you must assume the all persons have covid for your own protection. Therefor hand contact and cross infections will not be an issue when you go shopping or out to eat if all persons practice universal precautions.

All retail must stock and supply hand sanitizing stations just inside their entrances. Doors are to be propped open whenever possible to discourage door knob transfers. Hand sanitizers must also be positioned externally to any public restroom.


In restaurants, Violations of food handlers regulations can result in a 5000 dollar fine to the individual and the establishment. Waitresses who deliver food are forbidden to buss tables and handle used items such as salt and pepper shakers as well used plates and silverware.

If a waitress or waiter busses a table she is required by this order to use hand sanitizer.  Always, after handling used utensils and items your hands must be sanitized. It will not be tolerated that any person handling contaminated items be permitted to serve food. As of now all used plates, glasses, silverware, and containers are to be considered contaminated.

The salt and pepper shakers are huge area of concern and all tables and condiments must be washed externally with an approved virucidal agent in between patrons, and the sanitizers used on condiments must be a kind of sanitizer that is not a threat to food safety. 10 percent bleach solution, alcohol based sanitizers are acceptable. The use of inexpensive, transparent gloves for bussing tables is encouraged as any hand covering that is water proof is a viral proof barrier. This would ensure the safety of your customers and your very own staff. These inexpensive transparent gloves are not the greatest fit, but they do work and one size fits many! They can be sterilized numerous times with alcohol based products before they degrade. The practice of sterilizing your own gloves makes this order easier to comply with, cheaper for the retailers, and is your social duty under today’s circumstances. This practice of sterlizing your gloves will save lives.


Any persons who handle money, used utensils, or other contaminated items, (assumed) they must discard their gloves and re glove and/or use sanitizer on those gloves, or use their sanitizer on their own hands, or by washing in a sink. Any persons handling money or used items who does not resterilize or reglove their hands will be subject to significant fines. The establishment will be subjected to stiff fines as well. The intent of this order and these fines is to stop the spread of this freakish virus that seems to never burn out or go away. The intent is to specifically encourage the use of gloves and to encourage people to sterize those gloves after contaminating them with any previously handled or used item.

Hospitals in this state must provide a way for staff to have access to two n95 rated masks and once taken off the facemask for meals, must be replaced with a new mask, it is unacceptable to take a hospital mask and place it on a table, in your lap or in your pocket, it cannot be worn around your neck or high on you forehead, it cannot be placed in your locker unless it is sealed in a plastic bag or container so that the mask can be washed at some later time, and if staff chooses not to wear these n95 masks then the standard medical barrier shall be a face shield and a lesser rated but approved mask. All persons who must violate the six foot distancing in order to provide care, all persons riding in elevators must have an n95 mask, or a lesser mask plus facial shield. The face shield and paper mask is a duel strategy and is far superior means to discourage the spread of pathogens than just a paper mask on its own.


All masks are to be considered contaminated once they are worn. Using the strings to adjust and discard these masks is strongly encouraged.


In retail settings, Facial coverings using bandanas and handkerchiefs should be washed at the end of the day and not placed in pockets or left in dining areas. Real science shows that these cloth masks can concentrate pathogen and therefore should be washed daily and changed daily just like you would for socks and underwear. Real science shows that even paper masks can discourage face touching, nail biting, and such. But if everyone’s hands are contaminated, all protections suffer efficacy problems which is why the dual use shields with a mask offers greater efficacy in preventing transmissions.

My team of professionals have identified the riskiest areas in health care. Hand contact transmission always has been an issue in all health care settings. The spread of covid amongst staff has been identified as a hand contact issue. Just watch a doctor or nurse eat lunch and see what he/she does with his n95 mask. It should be recycled prior to lunch and a new n95 available after eating. This is why two n95 masks should be made available to all healthcare workers choosing to wear them. At meals or Lunch time these masks have to be removed and therefor must be removed responsibly. They must be handled responsibly as any contaminated item.

I hereby mandate that hand sanitizer be available in every break room and its usage encouraged when operating vending machines where hand contact and cross contact is actually being encouraged just by the nature of these machines’ own mode of operations. Buttons and cash are high risk items.  This is a problem area. All break rooms must have sanitizer available period and there will be sanctions and penalties for not preventing vending machine transfers and cross infection.

I want to emphasize that we are encouraging the use of inexpensive hand barriers or gloves that breath better than latex or vinyl and to sterilize those gloves with sanitizers. These are the same gloves used by cafeteria workers who handle food in serving lines.  They are over sized usually and therefore breath better. Sanitizing these gloves after contamination will protect an individuals hands from the harshness of these sanitizers. Alcohol based sanitizers will not hurt your hands if you sanitize your gloves instead.

In skilled nursing and nursing homes it is ordered that all symptomatic persons be delegated to a “sick table” salt/pepper condiments are means of transmission in these facilities as they are shared. Disposable salt and pepper packets are suggested. But in the event there are salt and pepper shakers being using, it is ordered, Isolating the sick to a sick table, to be served separately and bussed separately. This is an awesome strategy to prevent meal time contamination, and this is a good strategy that all senior living facilities should practice pandemic or no pandemic. Also, All sick tables are to be bussed last! Period! Violation to any part of this order can result in citation, bed holds, and fines to the skilled nursing facility who want sick people to share the same table as non symptomatic persons.

My medical advisor has suggested these following Vaccine precautions for all fellow Floridians, You should follow these guidelines and pay close attention: Any individual should exercise extreme caution in getting an anti covid injection if they:

  1. Have had covid in the last six months
  2. Have a history of stoke or heart attack.
  3. Experiencing Pregnancy or taking birth control pills.
  4. Active infection or vomiting and diarrhea.
  5. If the patient cannot confirm the age of the thawed vaccine.
  6. Have allergy to any of the disclosed ingredients.
  7. Have Advanced auto immune diagnosis.
  8. If they have a history of blood clots.
  9. Any History of seizures or Parkinson is high risk for neurologic adverse events.

All medical staff administering anti covid injections must screen all individuals prior to giving the injection. An informed consent cannot be given if a person is not informed of these higher risk categories.

I also want to encourage all citizens to avoid retail establishments who do not offer sanitizers and who violate basic food handlers regulations. If your waitress is handling used plates she should not ever deliver food without proper precautions.

Bartenders are high risk transmissions as they grab cocktail glasses by the rims and then seek to handle money and the  clean glasses that you are to drink from. Bars must have a buss boy for the bar or the bartender is required to sanitize hands after touching used glasses. The use of disposable cups in encouraged but can be added expense to the owners. If the bartenders are to wear gloves they can sanitize hands freely each and every time they clear off the bar and touching used glasses. Any bartender who handles another patrons drinking glass or handles money after touching a contaminated glass, (assumed) can be subjected to 5,000 dollar fine and so can the owner of the bar. DO NOT BUSS DIRTY GLASSES AND THEN GRAB ANOTHER PERSONS CUP OR HANDLE MONEY.

Air filtration. Any area with closed air filtering system must change those filters once per month and this includes buses and airplanes. Exemption to mandatory air filter changes will exist for any filters treated with an inhibitor such as silver, iodine, or non benzoid anti viral spray. Filters can be washed with soap and water, dried and then re used as well. weekly washing of filters is ideal but not mandated at this time.

Please note: All health attendants and servers must adhere to face shields and paper masks combination whenever a six foot perimeter is not possible. We have also set up an emergency fund to assist our schools with treating their air filters with safe antiviral substances. Also, Teachers are exempt from double protection order. Do to the nature of their profession they may revert to single mask, single covering, or single face shields.

Please understand, once Again, it is emphasized to all persons that the handle on a drinking fountain is just as important as the water spout itself. Janitorial staffs across this state are asked to re focus their priorities on hand contact surfaces and frequent washing thereof strongly requested from you.

To all cafeteria and restaurant staff. The persons handling food should not be handling money. PERIOD! Violations of food handlers rules may be catastrophic to your businesses but no where near as catastrophic as another lock down. To ensure your own compliance on a busy day, wearing gloves and then sanitizing those gloves will be crucial to compliance and effectiveness of these measures. Washing your gloves will protect your hands from harsh chemicals and insure proper hand contact controls.

These mandates will expire in six months and at that time, our re infection rates will be evaluated.


Ladies and gentlemen, It’s time we brought real biology and real science into this pandemic fight. In this spirit, I have directed my health services staff to seek out clusters of infections to determine if any new transmissions, outbreaks, and clusters look suspicious and do not comply with standard transmission models. This will be done to ensure that this virus, who’s origins are contested, suspiciously obscure, is placed under a more scrutinizing eye. This oversight though must be by persons not sharing any conflicts of interest with controversial entities who are involved in pandemic response, pandemic management /reporting , and or pharmaceutical development.  Investigations of suspicious transmissions must be conducted by concerned public servants who do not have ties to any pharmaceutical companies.

My health services staff are all in agreement; Many things about the covid situation are not adding up. Therefor we owe it to our Florida families, to ourselves to take meaningful actions that do not circumvent civil rights, that also secure and do not threaten the constitutions of our country and our state as well. I believe, along with my medical advisors, that it is possible to protect both our citizens and to protect our rights as well.

We also declare all involuntary confinement centers as rediculous and as grotesquely illegal. They cannot be used to house high risk individuals. They can only be used to provide disease management of active infections. They can be used for overflow patients but not for asymptomatic persons. No asymptomatic persons shall be involuntarily detained. It is forbidden to separate children from their parents in the name of shielding or quarantines. I will instruct all local police to report any an all involuntary confinement complaints. I will hold any person engaging in involuntary confinement as accessories to kidnapping. They will be prosecuted to fullest extent of the law. Anybody learning of involuntary confinements should call my office, or the police or sheriffs’ office 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Nobody will be involuntarily detained in FLorida as long as I am governor. Anybody supporting or promoting involuntary detention can be subject to arrest for inciting illegal activities, encouraging criminal activity.

Furthermore, I have instructed my state attorney general to open an investigation into vaccine deaths and injuries and promise to hold all persons accountable for concealing vaccine injuries or deaths that may occur from this new application of a pharmaceutical, attempting genetically induced immunity. Any persons that can be shown to hide dangerous side affects to any medication shall be cited and/or arrested for reckless endagerment and may be held as accessories to fraudulent practices..

I hereby forbid any genetic anti covid pharmaceutical to be given to children under the age of 18 years of age. Anyone caught using a COVID 19 injection on a minor will be subject to imprisonment, restitution, and criminal fines. Once again science and logic must prevail. The constitution must prevail. On its face, altering a child’s DNA is a terrible idea and a horrible endeavor for a disease that does not impact youth in any significant way.

Also, it is hereby recognized that natural immunity is real, factual and logical. Nobody in my state of Florida is permitted to ignore natural immunity when requiring covid injections. Natural immunity can be established through a laboratory report or doctors note and no employer in Florida can mandate covid shots to persons demonstrating natural immunity via antibody testing.

Also, we are going to forbid PCR testing twice a week as there is no scientific justification for using the PCR test as the gold standard for diagnosis in the first place, but also real science has shown that asymptomatic persons have much, much lower transmission rates than symptomatic persons and that body temperature is a very good indicator. Hospitals in Florida will be encourage to use daily temperature screening for all employees in lieu of PCR testing. All staff should have their temperature taken prior to interacting with others. Once again, PCR testing has proven to be a flimsy baseline for diagnosis with unacceptable margins of error, but will still be available to those who choose to go that route. It is forbidden to subject any citizen to take twice a week PCR testing. Once per week testing can be mandated by hospitals but with significant limitations on those mandates. Hospitals and nursing homes can adopts mandatory PCR tests once per week, as a means of policy, however, it cannot be written into previously existing employment contracts, no existing employment contracts can be amended to require such testing, and can only be made mandatory for new employees via a new agreement. Also, the employee can refuse PCR testing in favor of blood testing for antibody and spike protein as long as there is a baseline test to compare it to. Any one who presents with fresh antibodies or newly discovered spike protein should self isolate and social distance for 14 days and must seek the guidance of his or her doctor.

Ivermectin will not be banned and licensed doctors should have the right to prescribe any therapy deemed as necessary because that is their job in the first place, and that is why they went to Medical School. All reliable information has deemed Invermectin safe and effective against covid invitro, but also clinical reports and case histories have demonstrated efficacy especially if given early in disease. Ivermectin usage is up to the doctor and not Anthoni Fauci. Laboratory  research has validated Ivermectins anti covid activity and real world applications show consistent promising results.

Also, there will be a ban placed on the drug Remdesivir and in this comprehensive order I am issuing this immediate ban, as science has proven there is zero efficacy and perhaps even negative efficacy in its use.  Real concerns over Kidney function have not been addressed. Remdesivir can and will receive authorization for use in Florida only upon such time that a relevant double blind placebo trial contradicts that which has already been peer reviewed and established that this drug is not statistically relevant toward survival. The use of hydroxychloroquine will not be banned in Florida as there have been no or almost no documented deaths from this medication unlike what we are seeing from these gene changing medications.  It’s reversal as emergency use alternative was not based upon implied efficacy but the reversal was instead based upon a safety concerns which were over inflated. The  Cardiac arrhythmias cited as concerning are low incidence from the use of hydroxy chloroquine and are reversible upon withdrawal of the medication. To this day nobody in the FDA or NIH can produce more than two or three cardiac catastrophes that are on the record as being caused by responsible  usage of hydroxy chloroquine. Considering over 30 million people have used this drug, catastrophic death rates are significantly less than the covid injections.  The deaths are nearly zero and side affect much less common than the adverse events documented in all vaccine adverse event reporting systems. To me it would be a criminal act to block the use of chloroquine when its effectiveness against cousins of the COVID 19 virus had been  demonstrated and explained in the medical literature. In 2005 the NIH described chloroquine as a “potent inhibitor of SARSCOV 1,”  with 100 percent efficacy as observed in primate cultures.

I have instructed my attorney general to also investigate the conditions and circumstances under which chloroquine drugs were withdrawn and blocked from saving lives. As even I can understand the laboratory writings on this drug.  Chloroquine blocks attachment by increasing the pH in the vesicles and by neutralizing the charge on the spike protein. It also may have a stimulatory affect upon white cells. 

To be clear! 

Retail workers cannot be touching cash and then handling your items.  Cashiers must santize their hands in between cash transactions.

No food server or bartender may handle dirty items without santizing immediately after touching these items.

All healthcare workers must use rated masks or they must use face shields paired with paper masks.

Hospitals must require n95 masks to be changed out during meals so that returning workers and doctors are not recklessly mishandling used masks.

Hand sanitizer must be made available in all venues featuring vending machines but also at the entrance to all retail establishments.

Involuntary confinement on Florida soil is a crime and will be aggressively prosecuted.

Madatory PCR testing cannot be performed twice per week unless requested by employee.  Madatory PCR testing can only be required in new employment contracts only. Blood tests can be used in lieu of pcr testing.

Daily temperture checks of all staff is required and may be used in place of PCR testing.

The use of Remdesiv is prohibitted in this state.

The use of chloroquine and Invermectin shall be up to attending doctors and must be covered by health insurance providers.

Natural immunity must be recognized in place of PCR testing providing baseline blood levels can be demonstrated.  The appearance of new antibodies  must result in social distancing and Dr. Supervision.

No genetic therapies can be performed on any minors unless it is a treatment against cancer or autoimmune disease.  No genetic therapies can be injected int o any minor as covid prevention.

Violations of food handlers regulations may result in severe penalties.

All Florida citizens are encouraged to report any incidents of involuntary confinement.

Treating and cleaning air filters shall be required of all public establishments, buses, airplanes, and schools.

These orders will expire in six months from today’s date. Calendar days used to calculate time.


Please support my efforts to save our freedoms and protect our health. Thank you and god bless Florida.





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  • duncombemu

    At last some sensible regulations.

  • grayeagle40

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Do not ever trust the medical industrial complex. Remember the swine flu fiasco in1976.
    “60 Minutes Mike Wallace Exposes the 1976 Swine Flu Pandemic Vaccine Injuries”
    Realrawnewsdtcom Dr. Fauci: “Heck, No, I Haven’t Been Vaccinated”
    Even the guy that invented this hog slop wont take it.
    My opinion. Pharmakia of Revelation 18:23 Pls like & link this video thank you. Over 8,000 views.

    • pocomotion

      The 76 flu shot almost killed me. I was lucky because I was in a military hospital – on the third week they picked a last resort effort to bring/ brake my fever. They gave me an alcohol bath. It broke the damn thing and I start to recover, slowly. Even the doctors told me they lost faith and thought I was going to die.
      God is great and God is good. BELIEVE PEOPLE!

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