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Mass Communication Blackout? Marshall Masters Reveals What Is Coming Next - “The Plan” About Waiting for the Stupid to Die? - (The Michael Decon Program)

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We keep hearing the phrase “communication blackout” bandied around, but what does it mean? An event lasting a few days or weeks, and life goes back to normal.  Or, does it mean the shit hits the fan, and we go down hard?

It is hard to imagine life after the Internet and cellular service, but this is the very risk we face.  A huge disruption that blindsides our entire economy when we can least afford it.  But what could cause it to happen?


After giving everyone ominous predictions in Signs 60, J.P. Jones and I wondered about this installment of Signs for January 2022.

Would Earth enter another gap in the Nemesis Cloud this year, or are we plummeting deeper into the inner band?

No gap, no joy.   Instead, the data trend shows that the inner band of the nemesis cloud is massive and pretty damn rocky.

What can we make of this data versus current events?

Our Greatest Concern

When doing interviews, hosts who are following current events often ask me about unusual Earth changes and weather events because they are happening much more often now.

All of the present terrestrial events such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and bizarre flooding, are disruptive concerns and they portend what we will see when things go sideways.

Full stop.  We have not gone sideways – yet!

The message is this.  We must all be mindful of terrestrial events and prepare accordingly.  However, the overarching concern at this time is space threats.

Last year, General Flynn told us “there is no plan,” and he seems to be a majority of one in terms of the pundits and anons.

Could this be because the Patriots are waiting for the stupid to die?  Given the current insanity, this is a legitimate question, and likewise, who are the stupid?

For the sake of argument, let’s answer it this way.

When it comes to sentient species such as humans, survival of the fittest is driven by one simple rule, which the universe is quite clear about; if you’re stupid, you deserve to die.

Yea, it doesn’t sound pleasant, but there it is. Like it or lump it.

With that in mind, let’s break this proposition down to see what it portends, so those of us who get it and want to get through it can do precisely that.

Earth is presently in what is known as The Holocene extinction, the sixth mass extinction on our planet.  It began 11,550 years ago (about 9600 BC) and continues.  During this time, hundreds of thousands of species have gone extinct due to human activity.

Thanks to the wholesale trashing of human rights, our species has dumped itself into this extinction through its own doing.   This takes eating your young to a whole new level.

The worst part is, that the victims chose their demise, and sadly, most prefer to remain clueless about it.

“Nothing to see here,” they usually say, “We just can’t believe it.”

With that in mind, let’s look at how we describe this, but not as a political point.  Instead, let’s examine this from the standpoint of survival and the future of our species.

21st Century Holocaust Terminology

Since 2020 a lot of nasty new terminology has entered the public lexicon, such as shedding, mandates, Hydra Vulgaris, etc.  Now we have a new term, “SADS,” in our lexicon.

According to some, SADS means Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is trending.  However, others disagree., Jun 8 2022
Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is trending — but it’s not a COVID phenomenon

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, a misnomer for Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome, has been studied for decades.

Rumours are swirling online, claiming that a new condition called “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” has mysteriously appeared since the start of the pandemic and subsequent vaccination campaign.  However, this isn’t quite true.  While Sudden Adult Death Syndrome — a misnomer for Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome — is a real thing, it has actually been around for decades.

Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome (SADS) occurs when a person’s heart appears to stop without cause, often in what appear to be perfectly healthy, young adults or those in middle age.  SADS was first noted in the late ’70s and early ’80s by the CDC as “sudden, unexpected nocturnal death syndrome.”

SADS can be caused by a range of disorders responsible for irregular heartbeats (arrhythmias), but are subtle enough to go undetected or are so rare that they are not tested for in routine checkups.

The best way to avoid consensus is to inject confusion into the conversation about the very matter at hand.

What the article shows is an artful dodge because the article completely fails to elaborate on the claim posed by the title that the term SADS is not related to COVID.

When you see “woke” publications such as this using these types of misinformation tactics, you know the game is afoot and that there is something to it, after all.

What’s the point here?  It’s how we think about it.

Critical Thinking and Vaccine Deaths

The Nazis gained control over Germany with a highly motivated minority.  They knew that roughly a fourth of the population would be critical thinkers capable of seeing through their propaganda.  To control them, they used children.

Imagine a family with several children.  After a child became a Nazi, they would begin to intimidate their families with threats of exposure for any view critical of the government.

If we’re slack, what awaits us, critical thinkers?

In WWII, it was a one-way ride to a concentration camp manned by brutal Ukrainian SS guards.  Tomorrow, it will be a one-way ride to a FEMA guillotine.

Yes, history is repeating itself, and it’s the same plan.  A vocal minority is controlling an entire nation with the help of “woke” journalists and elected officials.  The result will be the Holocaust of the 21st century.

What distinguishes this 21stHolcoust from the former?

This time, the leading cause of death is self-selection.

How should we feel for those who have and will die of SADS and other vaccine injuries?

Although the elites despise them as stupid, gullible useless eaters, we shall not.  Nor shall we call mock them with disparaging terms such as stupid, and they shall know mercy.

Eventually, we’ll sort this all out.  In the meantime, if one wants a good place to start, our education system tops the list so run for office.

For decades, our centralized education system has systematically eradicated any honest attempt at teaching our young how to be critical thinkers.

It’s time for the money to follow the child, all the way from kindergarten to the love America first college of their choice.

There are other points to be made but back to business.

Decades of infiltration and capture have been catastrophic.  The result is that generations have been pushed away from critical thinking.

This is why the coming deaths will be even more horrific because many will cling to denial while lying on a hospital gurney with parched lips.

Yes, many will come to awareness through their suffering or by watching the suffering of others, but their newfound appreciation of critical thinking will come too late for them.

Evil knows that most of its targets will be slow to catch on and by the time they do, it will already be a fait accompli.  It’s in the blood.

Many expect the full magnitude of this horror to manifest itself during the coming cold and flu season and this level of death and suffering will overwhelm the MSM.

This terrifies the MSM because they will no longer be able to snuff out any spark that could ignite a public outcry for justice so powerful that nations and major institutions will fail.

They will not control the deniers any longer, but to what end?

The tragic deaths of good people programmed fail is a coming certainty and it will be worse than we dare imagine.  So what are the consequences?

The Political Consequences

According to several whistleblower health care professionals, in the coming five years, half of the vaccinated will die from vaccine injuries.

As of late, this has become a somewhat optimistic figure as we continue to learn more about what is in this globalist witches’ brew.

Remember that we’re learning about this as we go along, so what is the science that backs the claim that half will die?

mRNA vaccines have been under development for decades, but they were never approved because half of the lab animals died, and now we’re the new test animals.  We’ll probably do much worse because they slipped us a mickey.

The goal of the Biden open border policy is clear.  He knows his party has succeeded mainly in ensuring the death of much of its base.  Thanks to the Patriot movement, no deception wins here as big pharma begins throwing away billions of unused doses of their witches brew.

Replacing the stupids is the reason for Biden’s open border policy.  Allowing illegals to enter the country without being vaccinated and then traffic them to various areas within the country like sleeper spies.  When the time comes, they’ll activate them to swing elections any way they want, and bots will do our voting for us.

Ergo, as the faithful on the left are marching to their deaths like obedient lemmings, SADS and other conditions will devastate political regions called the Clinton Archipelagoes.

These are large, population-dense, blue state regions with large coastal cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, and New York.  Here is where the vaccination rates are very high.  These areas will be devastated.

Conversely, with more conservative flyover states, what do we see?  A lot of critical thinkers saying no to the jab.

Furthermore, in the last two years, the number of conservative militia groups has doubled in response to stolen elections and the destruction of Constitutional rights.

Nonetheless, even with Biden’s poll numbers collapsing, why is justice stalled or, at best, moving at the speed of molasses in winter on the Patriot side.

Also, given Trump’s pronouncement, “we caught them all,” what is the crux of it all.  Somebody, please throw us a bone?  Give us a number.

The >80% Threshold

A popular voice of the right these days is Juan O’Savin, and his drumbeat message for months has been the >80% threshold.

He says that nothing happens 81% or more of the public from all political persuasions must come together to support the white hats.  Less than that, and the country will plunge into a kinetic civil.

Presently, he says we’re at the 70% mark and that another 10% or more of Americans must wake up to join the effort before Trump, Q, and the Patriots lift a finger to do anything substantial.

Frankly, how in the hell do we move that goal post?

More to the point, the concept of majority rule is an absurd notion, as the vast majority of Americans are being intimidated, cowed, and abused.  Its pre-war Nazi Germany, once again, a vocal and violent minority, has seized power by cowing the majority into submission.

Most discouraging is that this hard-core woke minority will happily drive the bus over the cliff, so to speak, before someone can put the brakes on, and they’re doing.

As for us critical thinking Patriots, we’re in the back of the bus streaming X22, Juan, Kash, and Praying Media.  These fellows assure us “the plan” will work, and they’ll make their move when the time comes.

The problem is that this check has been in the mail for so long, that some are thinking the worst.  That instead of rescuing us, Trump is a DS false light of hope operative and tasked to deliver Patriots peacefully into the hands of the monsters.  What to make of this?

Given that WWIII is an information war, who can know anything for sure these days so give it rest?

Politically, what do we do?  The doable.

Meanwhile, by the elections in 2024, the Democratic Party will have already killed off much of its base, and to maintain control they must successfully activate their army of illegal voting moles.

For now, the advice Q gives us, “Enjoy the show,” is probably the logical course.   However, not from the nose bleed seats under the stadium lights while we wait for the fat lady to sing.

The Fat Lady Sings

Here is where we get to the crux of the matter.  For the Patriots, White Hats, anons, etc., there are two possible outcomes in the battle: quick or lengthy.

To frame this Patriot, You’re not snowflakes.  You’re critical thinkers and students of history.  With this in mind, let’s use two key historical turning points of WW II to illustrate the outcomes.

The good guys will hit hard like the US Navy dive bombers during the Battle of Midway if it’s a quick win.  Due to repeated air attacks and concerns about our carriers, Japanese air operations were disrupted and vulnerable.

During the confusion of this moment in the battle, our carrier-based dive bombers came screaming out of the sky and caught the Japanese with their pants down, sinking three of their front line carriers and damaging a fourth, all within minutes.

The Battle of Midway was the turning point of the war in the pacific because while the loss of carriers was substantial, the loss of hundreds of highly-experienced pilots and crews was crushing.  After that, the Imperial Japanese Navy was no longer a war-winning navy.

What if the bad guys blindside the good guys with lightning-quick attacks; it will be a replay of Dunkirk.

The problem is, after Dunkirk, America was there for the British, but who will be there for us?

The bottom line is; that it’s going to take time.

Dunkirk was in 1940, and Midway was in 1942.  In both cases, the battles were pivotal, but the war did not end with them. Instead, whether you win or lose a decisive action, expect the final victory to need years of conflict either way.

With this in mind, what if the Patriots fail with another Dunkirk, the nation will fall into a kinetic civil war, and it won’t be pleasant for everyone.  Who wins?

The cabal taught generations of Americans the art of asymmetrical warfare at a terrible cost.

What goes around goes around.  This time we’ll be the ones calling ourselves Patriots and they’ll be the ones calling us ragheads.

Given all these concerns and possibilities, what should a critical thinker do?

We wait.

To paraphrase Q, enjoy the show – but from far, far away – because what God wants is live pioneers, not dead martyrs.

Far Far Away

For as long as we can remember, we’ve always heard the phrase “the end of life as we know it,” in the future tense.  Today, it’s past tense.  Life as we knew it is over because the human race has now bifurcated into two genetic sub-species, contaminated and uncontaminated.

This is a huge concept, yet few can wrap their brains around it, but it’s true.  Life as we know it is over.

Now, it’s not about saving America.  It’s more existential than that because the future of our species is at stake.  We need to be in it for the species now, even though most ordinary people will observe this as unnecessary.  How will that work out for them?

Remember Noah and the Flood?  Unnecessary eventually translates into people banging on the ark’s hull and screaming that they’re drowning and for Noah to save them.  We know how it ends for them.

In other words, the time has come to be in it for the species and what is needed now are young, healthy, unvaccinated couples in awareness to find each other and start families and communities.

My advice to them is this.

Find a quiet niche of the world where history can mostly pass you by and go to the ground.  Not as survivors but as pioneers to survive what comes and help rebuild the world for a Star Trek future.

We cannot save the stupid, but a courageous few stouthearted men and women can save humanity from genetic liquidation.

The key to making this long view of victory work is to be in it for the species as Noah was and to never lose hope for the future.

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  • Theosophist

    Outstanding Article! Highest Praise!

    When Love Guides Your Thoughts transcribed by Andrew Skadberg PhD

    • Anonymous

      MSM mediocrity at its most recycled. meh

  • @OratorBlog Information Warrior

    8 stopped listening to Marshall Masters years ago. Every year it’s the same thing.



    • Patrick

      The “sky is falling” unless your not keeping up , have you not seen how close the clouds are to the ground . Nibiru the “brown dwarf” is real and contributing to the increased surface heat that we are experiencing . It will be survival of the fitest , people need a strong spiritual source ! Wisdom , compassion , courage , and friends ! Water will dry up fast like the oil , and of course extra food , imo .

  • beLIEve

    :idea: Video 5:25 minutes :evil:


    22nd June 2022

    * :evil: * :idea: *

    :evil: VIDEO 25:27 Minutes :idea:


    22nd June 2022 :idea:

  • beLIEve

    :evil: VIDEO…..10 Minutes………PRIEST WARNING FROM ROME :idea:

    @ approx 05:40 US MILITARY can VAC-$IN-ate whole AMERICAN POPULATION in 24 HOUR$…..and…….Military were

    TOLD TO PREPARE TO DO IT……by Donald TRUMP :idea:


    :idea: SELF DEFENCE :idea:


    @ approx 06:20 We are in a very Apocalyptic scenario….



    DEFENCE; IF someone is TRYING TO KILL YOU……you can……IF the ONLY WAY you can PREVENT THAT


    It has always been the TEACHING of the church. DON’T ACCEPT the BIG MASONIC LIE that, WE


    WHY can THEY KILL hundreds of millions of people but, WE CAN’T DEFEND OURSELVES :?: :?: :idea:

    Christians have always HELD the PRINCIPLE that….YOU NEED TO GET RID OF the ROT before the ROT

    SPREADS. IF you ran into…….one of these FREEMASONS in the MIDDLE AGES, these “people” would

    be HUNG and QUARTERED (chopped into 4 PIECES) BEFORE SUNSET in their village because,


    • beLIEve


      ….NOW they are PLANNING TO KILL BILLIONS. We the PEOPLE have to STOP THEM………


      ……We MUST pray God because, WE CAN’T HAVE THIS VICTORY without him but WE MUST FIGHT.

      THERE are a LOT MORE OF US THEN THEM. There are nearly 8 BILLION OF US, there is only A FEW


      ………….WE have to STEEL our SOULS against WHAT IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN…….

      WE need to KEEP WARNING PEOPLE as much as possible NOW but, things are going to HAPPEN REALLY

      RAPIDLY now because, these “governments” are GETTING WORSE…….MORE EVIL….MORE FIXATED

      with this THING. :idea:

      WE have to WORK for the LIBERTY of the people. PREPARE youreself.


      1st December 2021

  • thatdogwillbite

    Oh what a click bait sneaky trick! Put a hot chick with an AK 47 on your headline then when you click on it she’s nowhere to be found! You suck! I’m not watching the video just because of that.


      … Most to the point comment in the whole collecive posted…
      … Ever think about starting a band… AK47 or no AK47
      ………….. and 2 3 …..

  • jeremyfeit

    Wtf is the crap. Lots of self indulgent noise then the finally started talking n it was worse

  • Odysseus

    Mass-Communication blackout? M. Masters REVEALS what is coming next!? Really? Sure sounded like a lot of ‘sit and wait’ MSM drivel you could get off most-any FBI-related Church website, to me. You know:
    ‘The wolf is staring at you, but do nothing.’ The wolf is approaching you, drooling – but do nothing. The wolf is in your midst, but do nothing. The wolf has started to slaughter you enmasse. Do nothing. The wolf is getting his fill of the ‘unbelieving’…but do nothing. Relax and do nothing, he’ll get full before he gets to you!
    Yeah, THAT kind of drivel…all the time, while spewing such misleading propaganda, he NEVER mentions ‘mass communication blackouts’, let alone ‘what is next’.
    Another ‘false prophet’…found himself a stump, got up on it and started preaching. What he preaches, doesn’t matter…the sheep are passive…as the wolfpack circles around ‘the last holdouts’….and, so it goes.

  • truthseeker4809

    Ukraine is the last strategic defense line. Its more symbolic. It’s about keeping the dollar hegemony. Ukraine as proxy is being destroyed in the process for the fight. Zelensky is truly a comedian !!!! On the other hand, Ukraine definitely had the weapons of mass destruction, the huge number of biological laboratory funded by the US and EU. The same reason they cited for the reason to invade Iraq.
    Weapons of Mass Destruction!!!!

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