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Benjamin Fulford- The Bombshell Last Piece of The Puzzle

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I’ve always thought that the information didn’t quite fit the bill for some reason or other until now. The missing piece of the puzzle to the many questions of why the ball has been kicked to the next week, the next month and the next year after year is finely answered. We have been the victims of psychological warfare.

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    • g77enn

      Joe Biden stumbles on steps of Air Force One

      Trump Shows Clear Signs Of Dementia After Slurring His Way Through Weekend Rallies

      This looks orchestrated. True handlers would never allow their candidates to show this to the public in such an obvious manner. They could easily put in a double without the obvious problem. These behaviors are going to lose the candidates votes. We see Biden tripping three times climbing the stairs to Air Force One. Again any decent handler would not let the public view this behavior. Moreover notice Biden never gets hurt and this has happened a number of times? Also notice his fast feet catching himself just about every time. Fast feet are indicative of a younger person playing the role. The big question is, Why are the handlers allowing this behavior and apparently promoting it?

      The same applies to Trump’s bloopers. Trump says he’s doing it on purpose. Maybe he is? Why would his handlers allow this? And why would they allow him to urge the jab to his own supporters and get booed? What is the motivation for this? To waken their respective supporters? To have both candidates replaced with someone else?

      • Patient4Him2

        @G77enn — Cloning began in the 1930s. Since then, Clones and Actors have been used extensively by politicians, Hollywood, musicians, corporate leaders, and government leaders to name a few. Therefore, you cannot proclaim POTUS Trump did “this or that” while opposition Clones and Actors are deployed by SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.

        I prefer military-sourced Real Raw News, and news consolidation outlets such as Before It’s News, AMG, RumorMill, and Rumble, which reveal worldwide events that mainstream news outlets do not reveal.

    • Scrumble

      Benjamin Fulford’s deleted Wikipedia page…

    • Anonymous

      No one is coming to save you. You have been played by both sides of the fence. The military takes orders from the same bad people who have been attempting to genocide us. Virtually every facet of our lives have been infiltrated and controlled by these same bad people. You are totally on your own. Go ahead, can sit back down, eat your Cheetos and guzzle another Bud lite beer while viewing Fox (fake) news. It’s all over for you.

      • Scrumble

        But not for you? Interesting.


          …. IT WAS OVER FOR THAT ** Anonymous ** DIK HEAD

          ………….. A LONG TIME AGO….

    • DangerWillRoberson

      I believe everyone who is posting as a spy for satan’s kingdom, hint, Davos, UN, Operation Warp Speed will be arrested and tried for treason all US news tv outlets all US alt news truthers spooks all will be arrested and all will stand before the man, you will answer for all the years of bull shit you post and transmitt over the air waves! I have spoken as a child of God today heed my warning traders dressed in red! I am Kevin I will sit with Jesus under his orders I will judge the wickedness of Satan and his children! ask me how I know?………………………………….Sci24 :idea:

      • Scrumble


      • HawkBowler

        Ha! Go Kevin

        I hope you’re right but I’m hopelessly skeptical at this point.

        Have U noticed that the awakening process just keeps blurring? Doesn’t appear that we’re drawing closer to the truth, just more confusion.

        MAGA is at war with Woke, but neither side represents our best interest. We need a hand of God moment. A HOG event to flip the tables. We don’t have white hats in the command spaceship controlling everything. Can’t trust the politicians or the government in general, and we can’t trust the military without knowing who is really control.

        • ReflectoMatic

          We know that Trump was never in control of the military when he was in office. We know that shortly after covid came out that he made a statement at the presidential podium that he had turned all military operations over to the military to decide what to do (whatever that meant was not further explained by him). We know that there has been a monumental effort to convince the world that “suddenly” after he left office that all the military declared him Commander in Chief and started following his command from Cheyenne Mountain, we think we know this because Juan said so and Juan showed us video of his feet walking at the Mar-a-Lago car show.

          Here is what I personally know because I was there. I know that Joe Biden was a member of the AEI World Forum which was created by Klaus Schwab and Maurice Strong in 1982. I know that the Department of Energy was also at those World Forums.

          If the Department of Energy is running the the Continuity of Government from Cheyenne Mountain then that means that the globalist have fully captured America. It means that Klaus Schwab and Dick Cheney are running things (Cheney took over as Host of the forum in 2007 when President Ford stepped down from that position).

          • Anonymous

            Some of that pillow candy would be handy indeed…oh that was not toothpaste hmmm things seem 4d now? Having a DOE clearance tends to forbid such things but life changes – shit happens.

            So much in play tends to muddy the water but we are a highly studied and sought after commodity. The area of our DNA manipulated in some ways has been an interesting “Life will find a way”, something that was not anticipated. The reduction, snip, control left open a door in reality will beget the new construct.

            Sitting on that old corner post next to the hazelnut bush so many years ago, breaking out in hives from the chemical release from GE, watching our feeder steers smell the air and shake their heads I knew this life would not be easy. The trips to Huntsville and Cape seeing the massive magic pieces come together, our thunder to come but why take a direction when another was before. Man’s folly to control and believe they can, will forever forfeit our path to be god.

            Count on the constants, extol the variable, perceive the impossible – Past ^ Present ^ Future

        • DangerWillRoberson

          CIA spy if not me Kevin of the Ozarks then who Mr Operation DOD Warp speed Genocide? remember this day? :mad:

      • Adi Da Samraj

        👐🏻 HAVE YOU NOT HAD ENOUGH of the brute, stupid, childish, and (otherwise) adolescent, exploitative representation of human (or, really, subhuman) existence that is played out daily (in the name, and on the lives, of each and every born human being) by competing governments, politicians, militarists, scientists, technocrats, social planners, educators, exoteric and fundamentalist religionists (who aggressively propagate the provincial religions of ego-salvation, rather than practice the universal, and ego-transcending, religion of love), and media hypers (who thrive on the invention and exaggeration of conflict, and dramatically showcase the worst of human instincts in the unending “gotcha” game that denudes and exposes and trivializes and hypocritically mocks the highs, and the inevitable lows, and even the natural ordinariness in the struggling efforts of humankind)? Is it not evident, in your deepest feeling-psyche, that this Wisdom-renouncing world is now being controlled by the worst and most superficial conceptions of existence?
        👐🏻 It is now time for every one, and all, to understand themselves, and to reclaim the world from the dictatorship of the ego, and from all of those who play at politics (and life in general) as if it were a TV sporting event that is supposed to excite and entertain everyone. 👐🏻
        🌹On Liberation From ego and egoic Society🌹

    • Mike

      Last Piece of The Puzzle ??? BS

      None of the PINOs (Patriots In Name Only – pronounced ‘Pee Nose’) talk about the real problem,
      because ‘they’ have a vested interest in the filth, so ‘they’ are the problem.

      Why We’re Always At War

    • HopiumKoolAidVomit

      A very “shilling” exposure.
      I feel “grifted” to have found it.
      Well done and put together at least.

    • leahburchett

      It only stands to reason that if true evil does exist then also true good exists. From there it’s up to you. And God or whatever you call Him does help.

      • Patient4Him2

        @LeahBurchett — Humans’ Creator is known and addressed as “Father Jesus.” However, some humans know and address “god” of the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN (Baal god, Lucifer god, Moloch god).
        It’s known that worshiping Baal, Lucifer, Moloch, and other demon gods, leads to an “ass-burning” every day in hell for eternity. I presume “god” demon worshipers are masochists who yearn for “ass-burnings.”

    • Patient4Him2

      Father Jesus is coming for Americans. He said, “I shall cause an exodus that has never been experienced and written since Creation of all aliens in America, simultaneously, for their UNWORTHY INTENTIONS of coming to My favored nation of people who worship and love Me more than any nation on Earth.”

    • HawkBowler

      Komurasan strikes again!

      The Fulford Trojan horse is working. Even Nancy Morgan is impressed.

    • jeremyfeit

      alex jones is a psy op.
      if i’m wrong then sandy hook was a kiddie massacre as alex now claims after saying he was “crazy”
      ok, i’m now gonna rip off my shirt aaarrrggh, can’t help it that’s what happens when i take infowars brain power and libido power at same time
      big boner big brain big belly just like alex

      • jeremyfeit

        poor roseanne… she means well but flynn said q is bs and there is no plan BECAUSE WE ARE AT WAR AND WE DON’T TELEGRAPH MOVES



        • jeremyfeit

          so they’ll have you believe here no generals begged trump to run, trump said he’s got 200 generals (and allll their men) backing him coz he’s a pathological liar.. exed orders were bogus seizing assets of human rights abusers (wow that’s lots of dough, yo), joe really has the nike football, joe really got inaugurated that day, dc ain’t locked down, no not at all, thats really joe too the vp of obama… yeah trump is just one of them, he’s so evil that’s why establishment has to constantly makes shit up to bring him down coz they have so much actual shit on him… yeah no doubt we’ll all frustrated with how things are going but i just alex as far as i can throw him

    • Belgard

      First of all,Alex Jones is Bill Hicks and the evidence is overwhelming so he is a fraud. Infowars is owned by Turner broadcasting and it’s a total psyop being played on us.
      Check this out:
      And if this can happen, who knows how far this psyop goes. Personally, I think we are getting played by everyone in this ugly ass movie.

      And am I suppose to believe that a Satanic cabal who ruled the world for thousands of years and managed to manipulate 7 billion people somehow just cannot get Trump?

      And by the way, don’t give me all this shit about good and bad aliens. If the bad aliens who are so advanced and have been visiting this earth for thousands of years, why didn’t they just take this planet a long time ago when there wasn’t 7 billion people to have to kill now? If the Georgia Guidstones said that they wanted to kill off people and get the planet population down to 500 million, they could have just taken over a few hundred short years ago when there was 500 million to begin with couldn’t they?

      At the end of the day the is all the work of Lucifer.

      The father God in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ is the only truth.

    • Wayne

      Right for 4 Years now they have said every day we are getting them and taking them down while the Nut Jobs in WEF and WHO have been steadily moving forward and still doing as they please and only those who are exposing them are arrested and only a United together with Jesus Christ puts them down and I would say Trump is one of their Do Boys and even Putin doing their NWO part

    • non compliance

      quickly here are my 2 cents I don’t think q was a psy op I think FLYNN AND JUAN O STUPID are def using q and the trump cult they created to their OWN BENEFIT! they wanna rule and reign with Barry boy aka Barack obama aka lightning from heaven AND SATAN! they really think that the good guys are Ganna lose MOST PPL HAVE NO FREAKIN CLUE WHO THE REAL GOOD GUYS ACTUALLY ARE! the REAL ALLIANCE Russia china and Persia the BRICS and the brics+ minus India WILL NOT ALLOW AMERIKA TO CREATE THE NEW NEW WORLD ORDER BEAST SYSTEM GREAT RESET MATRIX! ain’t happening not on their watch and they will NOT ALLOW AMERIKA TO TAKE OVER RUSSIA creating the USSR CHINA creating the CCP and PERSIA creating Iran EVER AGAIN! its almost over BUT REST ASSURED AMERIKA IS THE FUCKING PROBLEM ALWAYS WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE MAGA IS MORE AMERIKAN BULLSHIT AMERIKA WAS NEVER GREAT AMERIKA IS B FAR THE MOST EVIL NATION THAT HAS EVER EXISTED OR EVER WILL EXIST HERE ON PLANET EARTH! there is so much more I could say but if you care hit me up on ENDTHEINSANITY Twitter and truth social…

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