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Eye Witness Captures A Strange Ufo On Video From The Phillipines 58
Paranormal on Sunday Dec 08 2019 00:12
Former Astronaut Admits To Seeing Ufo’s From The Space Station. 71
Paranormal on Friday Dec 06 2019 17:21
Army Divisions Close Encounter In Korea 102
Paranormal on Thursday Dec 05 2019 20:36
Alien Abduction Near Acapulco Mexico 105
Paranormal on Wednesday Dec 04 2019 20:44
Incredible Video And Photos Of An Alien Craft Over Lake Tahoe 60
Paranormal on Tuesday Dec 03 2019 04:52
Official Beginning Of The Ufo Wave In 1967 49
Paranormal on Monday Dec 02 2019 23:52
State Troopers Alien Craft Close Encounters In Indiana 422
Paranormal on Sunday Dec 01 2019 15:36
Elk Abducted By Alien Craft In Washington State 338
Paranormal on Saturday Nov 30 2019 01:12
Alien Craft Close Encounter With A Commercial Jet 69
Paranormal on Thursday Nov 28 2019 22:52
Young Boys Missing Time In Vidor Texas 176
Paranormal on Wednesday Nov 27 2019 20:35