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Military Video Of Multiple Alien Craft Over Mexico 49
Paranormal on Tuesday Feb 18 2020 21:25
Commercial Pilots Close Encounter Approaching San Francisco 63
Paranormal on Tuesday Feb 18 2020 00:26
Policeman’s Photo Of An Alien Craft In Wisconsin 138
Paranormal on Sunday Feb 16 2020 18:56
Weird Ball Of Light Ufo Encounter In Billerica Massachusetts 61
Paranormal on Saturday Feb 15 2020 15:55
Strange Ufo Photographed In Valley Alabama 82
Paranormal on Friday Feb 14 2020 18:13
Military Jet Chases An Alien Craft Over Oklahoma 160
Paranormal on Thursday Feb 13 2020 20:07
Photo Of An Amazing Alien Craft Near Area 51 131
Paranormal on Wednesday Feb 12 2020 22:24
Airline Passenger Photographs Alien Craft Over Mexico 190
Paranormal on Tuesday Feb 11 2020 19:54
Weird Alien Craft Encounter In Utah 109
Paranormal on Monday Feb 10 2020 18:23
Photo Of An Alien Craft Over The United Kingdom 95
Paranormal on Sunday Feb 09 2020 20:28