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Kenneth Arnold And His Alien Craft Sighting 16
Paranormal on Monday Aug 20 2018 16:35
Alien Craft Spotted Over Manhattan And Jersey City 197
Paranormal on Sunday Aug 19 2018 12:59
Alien Craft Photo Over Newton Abbot Devon England 62
Paranormal on Saturday Aug 18 2018 15:51
Possible Alien Abduction In Shrewsbury United Kingdom 142
Paranormal on Friday Aug 17 2018 18:35
Triangles And Abductions In Alabama And Mississippi 163
Paranormal on Thursday Aug 16 2018 16:03
Two Families Abducted By Aliens In Australia 148
Paranormal on Wednesday Aug 15 2018 17:27
Alien Craft Close Encounter In Maryland 53
Paranormal on Tuesday Aug 14 2018 17:36
Deatiled Close Encounter In Shrewsbury England 55
Paranormal on Monday Aug 13 2018 17:27
Cambridge Massachusetts Alien Abduction 60
Paranormal on Sunday Aug 12 2018 16:03
Nasa Reveals Alien Organic Object During Shuttle Mission 124
Paranormal on Saturday Aug 11 2018 14:12