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Predicted Heatwave Values Skyrocket; Deadly Heatwave Incoming 133
Weather on Tuesday Jun 14 2016 12:20
Tropical Storm Colin Impacts Florida 60
Weather on Monday Jun 06 2016 17:12
MASSIVE Florida Alligator At Golf Course 29
Alternative on Tuesday May 31 2016 08:43
Tornado Watch 142
Weather on Tuesday Apr 26 2016 09:37
Meteorite Strikes Earth; Cause of Fire in Maryland 5538
Space on Monday Apr 25 2016 10:15
HAARP Signature: Southern United States Strongest Values Detected 2788
Alternative on Wednesday Apr 20 2016 11:17
Japan and Ecuador Earthquakes Were Related 2154
Earthquakes on Tuesday Apr 19 2016 10:17
HAARP Longwave Signature Size of Half the United States 6707
Alternative on Sunday Apr 17 2016 09:45