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Jim Willie: Trump, Putin & Xi Secret Reset Meetings to Beat the Globalists & Avoid WWIII - Video

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Published on May 30, 2019


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Randy Best

Randy Best6 days ago

China and Russia are not the enemy. The enemy is within.


ImaPatriotJr4 days ago

central bank MUST fail for the US to get back to sound money.

Fake News

Fake News1 week ago

Say what you want about Jim Willie but I think we can all agree he is more legitimate than CNN.


TICO5 days ago

If your new to Jim Willie he sounds like a hyper blow hard, but if you’ve followed him for many years hes 90% right and usually 1-2 years in advance.hes tied into people that know and he leaks info all the time.

User Name

User Name1 week ago

The vaccine info is really sickening. Stop big pharma!

Lena Romero

Lena Romero1 week ago

The elite 10% don’t give a damn about us and the feelings mutual.


ascensionenergy6 days ago (edited)

Jim willie had the correct insight in one of his other videos. You need to collapse the British territorial public service provider and the Vatican controlled municipality and return back to a gold/silver standard pre 1933. This collapses, city of London, DC and the Vatican and restored Americans as property holders and primary creditors of The United States of America unincorporated land and soil jurisdiction. Anything else is lipstick on a pig that allows criminals to keep control of the world. Half measures will lead to a full global government eventually, a table flip is necessary the same one that was purported on the American people in 1933 when we gifted all our property to the private corporations that were posing as our republic.

Victoria O'Shea

Victoria O’Shea1 day ago

Dustin Nemos is suing Big Tech re: Censorship

pishocath acwrcyn

pishocath acwrcyn1 week ago

7000 views. This should be 7 million views. Jim is so knowledgeable and so enlightening , he is number one+ in this field.

Chas Rawicz

Chas Rawicz1 day ago

According to Joseph Farrell, China signed an agreement with Italy to have a port there.

Forrest Franks

Forrest Franks1 day ago

And who is behind all this U.S. aggression??? The Rothschilds, Zionist International Organized Jewry. Supplying and both sides of all conflicts and WWI and WWII. And instigating conflicts.


georgemav71 week ago

Keep your second amendment USA Citizens need to be able tp protect themselves from corrupt governments. I wish Australia and New Zealand kept their gun ownership. Great information.

Do Ray Jane

Do Ray Jane1 day ago

Awesome interview. Thankyou.


mijmijrm1 week ago (edited)

what will the United States do? = What would the Mafia do?


J USSC21 hours ago (edited)

It does have a year-and-a-half more to go, maybe 2. End of 2021

robert holt

robert holt6 days ago

Naive, but informative… appreciated!

Catherine O'Connell

Catherine O’Connell1 day ago

China has stripped Oz of all its assets …………China has the monopoly BRICS

Vivian Valdi

Vivian Valdi2 days ago (edited)

Thx u for that gold discount central bankers ! Let’s help them (& us) run out of this : gold, because they stored it for decades and for nothing… just in case.

Dr. John Taylor Kent

Dr. John Taylor Kent4 days ago

This failure of the Federal Reserve demonstrates to everyone the Evils of Usury.


n916054 days ago

Stop!!!!! watching CCN ..NAZI propaganda …yes really ….totally evil with subliminal-programming.

Randy Best6 days ago

Tightening was a failure because everyone was addicted to cheap money

Always Learning4 days ago

The world needs to appreciate what our President has done for our children. He went through hell, literally to save us. 🇺🇸❤️

Michael Macek

Michael Macek1 week ago

Good job Bubba’..:) Just let the Jackass talk…

So Fly

So Fly1 week ago

Love this crazy guy–we have no excuse being uninformed.

Mother Goos3

Mother Goos31 day ago

I was on board with this presentation, having already made similar observations, until 48min. The bull in the china shop has a method. Let loose the traitors in our midst. And watch them. Closely. No compromise.

pure truth63

pure truth634 days ago (edited)

My 64 trillion dollars question is this, when is the reset coming? 😃

Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne1 week ago

the port of Darwin in the northern territory of Australia is already owned by the Chinese …….. also the ebola virus has been on the go from the congo …cia footprint all over it ….us troops all throughout that region … yes their agenda virius to be spread …

Micky Talon

Micky Talon1 week ago

They’re all part of the swamp….The Constitution Republic is DOOMED…. THEN THEY CAME FOR The Zionist State of lsrael….and world peace broke out..L0L..

Patrick Lacy

Patrick Lacy1 week ago

Thanks for all of the important info you bring to the discussion Jim! BTW, the Saudi-Israeli connection has already been exposed to those of us who are doing the research.


whydotheheathensrage6 days ago

The lust for world domination will be awarded to Satan, not silly little men.

Matt Nelson

Matt Nelson1 week ago

JW is right, so right that many people think he is off his rocker, however the debt backed system that we have been living on since 1971 has left the world off their rocker as they still accept the dollar which has no value for their work they send to the US in the form of finished products and we in turn sell them more of our unpayable debt that will be either defaulted upon or hyper inflated away like 1920′s germany.



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Oracleofthewest1 week ago

Yay! Dr Willie! Thank you so much for having him on!



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james williams

james williams3 days ago

I could listen to Jim all day.



Killer T-Cell

Killer T-Cell10 hours ago

Trials & Executions for Globalist FILTH REQUIRED!!


Lora Roark

Lora Roark6 days ago

Start out talking about working together between the big 3…end up just bashing America in general…



yepisaidit socry

yepisaidit socry1 day ago

The only thing is Jim dont trust the plan Q Hes getting info from people that think the deepstate will win they won’t China isn’t going to be the super power American will watch



Remember WWG1WGA Together

Remember WWG1WGA Together1 week ago

LOVE Jim Willie he has so much info I don’t know how he keeps it all straight. Thank you Silver Doctors I hope to have my order soon. Trish



Ridgely Fisher

Ridgely Fisher7 hours ago

Jim, Big fan always great inspiration on global news!


stefan antal

stefan antal2 days ago

China is also part of the NWO , they are bringing the social credit system and also app money or digital money . It doesn’t mater witch country wins, if the people don’t stand up we all lose !



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Anna Belinda

Anna Belinda4 days ago (edited)

I ❤️ Jim. Saludos de canarias 😁 its like a jamesBondMovie


Janice Snell

Janice Snell4 days ago

I like Jim Willie ~ he has a couple of brain cells that he can rub together which is more than I can say for some people.



Thomas Carter

Thomas Carter6 days ago (edited)

I do not believe everything I hear from any person anymore that think they know what is going to happen. If you know what is really going to happen you know the future. No man alive can do this ever…. There is corruption in every country even those that he was talking good about… God only know the truth. period…. Note. Soros looks to destroy all countries including America… nothing new here. What all countries need to do is to take down all the private banks. Why they control the money, gold, and economies of all countries world wide is beyond me… The globalist want America to go to war with either Nort Korea, Syria, Iran or venezuela so ww 3 can start…This plan did not work so they moved to illegal migration to destroy countries within.. Note: JFK already started a way to back the dollar with silver look it up. This could work…

Read more7


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Dennis Spain

Dennis Spain6 days ago

To Hell with Fractional-Reserve ‘Debt’-Based Banking Constitutional Amendment (It is extremely important that the average citizen understand our present system of debt-based currency issuance, which most people, unfortunately, do NOT understand, although it amounts to nothing more than a simple extortion racket clothed in a lot of financial mumbo jumbo: YOU (hereinafter referred to as the Serf) sign a promissory note of some kind, a mortgage, a business ‘loan’, or you swipe a credit card or acquiesce to some other credit instrument to THEM (hereinafter referred to as the Neofeudal Lords); they then create the money out of nothing (“ex nihilo”), and you pay it back over a lifetime with blood, sweat, labor, creativity, and tears; (here comes the truly diabolical part) then, they EXTINGUISH the principal portion hidden in every single one of your ‘loan’ payments while skimming off the interest portion to keep and play with (hey, they gotta pay for those mansions in the Hamptons somehow); this extinguishment of principal reduces the money supply and thus compels the population as a whole to take out more ‘loans’ from them in order to keep a requisite quantity of currency in circulation for advancing business and trade. Let me simplify it even further: You are a Serf on a tread mill of eternal bogus debt to Neofeudal Lords. The more ‘debt’, the greater the quantity of currency in circulation (there is no other way to create it under the present system), the less the purchasing power of the dollar, the higher the consumer price index (most importantly, the higher the costs of production), the more our manufacturing capacity is gutted by outsourcing, the harder you must work to maintain a standard of living. If we can spend mystifying trillions of dollar on a worthless war on terror—which, surprise-surprise, only creates more terror—we can afford to do something different and beneficial for American citizens! We can afford to allocate our productivity in ways that benefit us all, not just the 0.1% in the financier class.) The amendment proper: (1) Rescind the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and replace existing Federal Reserve notes and check book balances in all U.S. banking and credit-creating institutions on a 1-to-1 basis with U.S. Treasury-issued dollars and U.S. Treasury-denominated bank balances. Bankers are prohibited from creating credits to themselves in anticipation of the date of passage of this amendment, and any strategies employed by them involving ex nihilo credit creation specifically to take advantage of the transition to U.S. Treasury-issued dollars or U.S Treasury-denominated bank balances will be considered treason to the American people and punished accordingly. (2) The principal portion of installment payments on presently existing financial loan contracts which originated via credit creation by institutions in the Federal Reserve system are not to be extinguished from the money supply, as is heretofore the case, but are to be distributed annually to existing individual U.S. citizens holding accounts in those respective Federal Reserve institutions in possession of the financial contract, in amounts proportional to the product of the minimum daily account balance for the preceding year and the number of days the account was active. Interest payments continue to redound to the parties which hold the promissory notes of existing financial contracts. (3) Henceforward, credit creation by banking and financial institutions in the United States is prohibited. Loans are required to originate from previous savings of U.S. Treasury dollar notes and U.S. Treasury-denominated bank balances which are to be held in specific sequestered accounts designated solely for lending by the various financial institutions, with interest charges to be determined by the contracting parties. Deposits in the form of checkable accounts or savings accounts are kept separate and are redeemable on demand. Any existing financial contracts involving the transfer of earnings or savings into various funds, trusts, pensions, and retirement accounts and whose payments do not originate via direct credit creation remain fully in effect. All holdings of United States Treasury bonds existing at the time of passage of this amendment qualify as valid debts of the U.S. government. (4) Fund the U.S. government directly via Treasury-issued currency authorized by the Congress in its yearly federal budget. The borrowing of money from banking institutions to pay for federal government expenditures, including the issuance of Treasury Notes and Bonds to the Federal Reserve system of banks, financial institutions, or individuals, is prohibited. (5) Abolish the Federal Income Tax on individuals, corporations, and business enterprises and institute a federal sales tax with a varying yearly tax rate adjusted by the U.S. Congress in session, the sole aim of such adjustments being to maintain a stable or decreasing Consumer Price Index based on data collected by the Federal Government. Any such sales taxes taken in by the Federal Government are extinguished from the currency supply to keep the Consumer Price Index stable or decreasing and are not utilized for further funding. The Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is hereby voided. (6) The adoption of this amendment does not prohibit the use by the citizens of the United States of any alternative currencies they should choose to use in their private or commercial transactions.

Read more5


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TheF8ofman1 week ago

You’re (still) killin’ it Jim!! And a Big Hats Off to Silver Doctors!!



The Empress Speaks with Denise

The Empress Speaks with Denise15 hours ago

Italy has been reported to have signed a port agreement with China as well


Oliver Clothesoff

Oliver Clothesoff6 hours ago

This dude looks like teddy spaghetti in 10 years from now, and if tedward smoked 2 packs of cigs a day


Tom Starwalker

Tom Starwalker6 days ago

Northern Brazil is going to grow a lot. The space economy is perfect there.



Carlos Chavez

Carlos Chavez19 hours ago

And all the dead from ww2 are flipping in their graves just knowing that major countries are about to start another war cause of the banks and the elite leaders want to ruin the world for the next generation



Allan Larmour

Allan Larmour2 days ago

lol Jim is ” guessing” at best. According to him the ass already fell out of the dollar and markets, every 6 months for the past 10 years. Hes like a broken clock.



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whitey bulger jr.

whitey bulger jr.18 hours ago

Does Jim get tired of making up stories????



Graham Dougherty

Graham Dougherty1 week ago

Great interview. Tic toc the time is near….



Snow Bird

Snow Bird4 days ago

One of the smartest man we have on the internet.



Ross Nochimson

Ross Nochimson5 days ago

Dave on X22 says same thing



Too Blessed

Too Blessed1 day ago

Why do you think the deep state has done so much to try to keep Trump and Putin apart? Putin is a nationalist too…. as much as I don’t like about Putin, he and Trump may have more in common than the globalists.



Lucky Winner

Lucky Winner5 days ago

Dr. Jim! If I want to be entertained, you are the one whom I need to watch and listen to. I really enjoy listening to you. Thank you for speaking the truth!



Les More

Les More1 day ago

Jim, question ? How’s yer Willie ??? Ha ha ha !!!


Dagmay Bereket

Dagmay Bereket3 days ago

The USA is the evil empire!!!!! Most of the ppl are ignorant of this fact. A few oligarch families have all the money & rule the country in secret!!!!



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Mathew Bateman

Mathew Bateman6 days ago

Germany & Japan are US/UK vassals



Randy Best

Randy Best6 days ago

The US is following exactly in the footsteps of the Roman Empire.



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Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson1 week ago

47:45 FARTS. “Thats lightning here.” LOL




eliz08915 days ago

There will be a new banking system called the” Quantum system” that will by pass current banking system. It will be more fair and connect around the world. It is already hooked up but will not be switched over till reset.


peter wright

peter wright1 week ago

so the leaders are working in secret well not now you have just told the world walter mitty comes to mind you are so full of it



thomas young

thomas young14 hours ago

I doubt this is anything more than your imagination and a money making scheme but it is interesting and logical and frightening for purchasing power of decadent Americans, Are you fleshing out what Buffets partner Charlie told us 2 years ago “”Life is going to stink in USA in a few years “


Justin Harper

Justin Harper3 days ago

Beware of the Chicoms and communism in general.


robert litzinge

robert litzinge1 day ago




oceej06 days ago

That was brilliant, thank you.



Forrest Franks

Forrest Franks1 day ago

We need the Ziocons ousted…


Carroll Baltimore

Carroll Baltimore5 days ago

Love JW just let him talk , best guy to interview ever


yo syntaxus

yo syntaxus5 days ago

Family`s been here since 1620s ! Lot`s of changes in 400 years my Friends !






Mark Gould

Mark Gould1 week ago

Best newsletter available, thanks for bringing Jim on.








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doyle boiler

doyle boiler4 days ago

Looks like a morning meeting in one flew over the cuckoo’s nest. LMAO. I’ll settle for a sustained increased in PM prices. Not a mix of beautiful mind and falling down.



AB CD1 week ago

Willie lists everything that’s wrong but doesn’t talk about how to fix any of it. It doesn’t matter who gets voted in everything remains a total disaster and it’s the same in every single country around the world!! Become a Prepper, hope for the best and prepare for the worst but most importantly get right with God!



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Janet Benz

Janet Benz1 day ago

Is this agenda 2030 by another name?


hopeliveson dean

hopeliveson dean4 days ago

This is correct about an Australian port… The premier of Victoria just sold our Melbourne port to China!!!



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Michael Dente

Michael Dente1 day ago

gud info some speculative.


Randy Best

Randy Best6 days ago

Rob Kirby: The SDR is a basket full of junk.



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Mr eyes

Mr eyes3 days ago

XRP its coming .




RenegadeTimes1 week ago

Jim rocks it. Excellent.


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    • b4

      jim who has a little willie has been saying the same thing for 30 years trying to sell a newsletter–this time he may be right like a broken clock

    • Busta Myth

      I would say that people like Xi Jinping, Putin the Rusky, Trump and Putins buddy Heinz von New World Order Kissinger ARE the “Globalists”

      being that Xi Jinping and loads of other countries like Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Germany, France, Italy, Mongolia, the Philipines (Dirty Harry of the Philipines is Trumps Buddy for sure) , Thailand, Myanma, Kazakhsta, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrghyzstan, Tajikista, Oman, Iran, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Palestinean, Poland, Rumania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Estonia, Croatia, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Belgium and tons more have all signed up to Commie Chinas One Belt One Road Project

      Commie China has done also deal to operate a port in Haifa Israel

      here’s a list of Countries signed up to Commie Chinas One Belt One Road Project




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