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Feinstein: All Vets Are Mentally Ill And Government Should Prevent Them From Owning Firearms

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by Kurt Nimmo, InfoWars:

During the Senate Judiciary meeting today to markup a potpourri of bills designed to deny the American people their rights under the Second Amendment and disarm them, Senator Dianne Feinstein opposed an amendment to her so-called assault weapons ban legislation that would allow veterans to continue buying firearms the bill would outlaw. Feinstein basically said all veterans have PTSD and should have their Second Amendment stripped. In response to the amendment, she said the following:

…this adds an exemption of retired military. As I understand our bill, no issue has arose in this regard during the 10 years the expired ban was effect… and what we did in the other bill was exempt possession by the United States or a department or agency of the United States… that included active military. The problem with expanding this is that you know with the advent of PTSD, which I think is a new phenomenon as a product of the Iraq War, it’s not clear how the seller or transferrer of a firearm covered by this bill would verify that an individual was a member, or a veteran, and that there was no impairment of that individual with respect to having a weapon like this. So you know I would be happy to sit down with you again and see if we could work something out but I think we have to — if you’re going to do this, find a way that veterans who are incapacitated for one reason or another mentally don’t have access to this kind of weapon.

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    • angeledisc2008

      I have PTSD, and a veteran of the US Navy. However my disability does not result in being involved in any of these wars. I served my country two years before I had an injury while on active duty. Would this prevent me from having a firearm? My PTSD is the result of an abusive set of parents. How can this woman bring her beliefs to prove that ALL veterans should not have firearms? If someone were at risk for potential problems, they should have been fully checked out by BEFORE a firearm can be issued. Psychological exams are key when a soldier/sailor has had a traumatic experience while serving our country. These brave people put themselves on the line to defend our country, and now may not be able to defend themselves in the future? I am appalled at how our government has taken such drastic measures to ensure we have our Constitutional rights removed.

      • ashleyrobinson

        because she’s a tyrant that is attacking the constitution that every service member swore to defend? i am thinking she qualifies as a domestic enemy. i am thinking she sees herself as a demestic enemy to the constitution and she is naturally just trying to protect herself from people who actually take their oath seriously.

      • lindarosemary

        God bless all Vets. You have my undying appreciation. I come from a famkily of vets and I would trust a VET with a gun before I would trust her. She’s is one sick puppy. And guess what, what she said is SLANDER.

      • Anonymous

        People dont you see the PATTERN here? Lieberman’s counterpart? We are being screwed, blued and tatooed by the jews and it just keeps coming. Why dont folks look at the underlying COMMON DENOMINATOR in most of these crises- from finance meltdowns, to endless wars, to media pollution, to gun confiscation, to corrupt govt…. WAKE UP!

        Here she is on another swindle of the American citizen, facilitated by the coverup and omission of her fellow Tribe enabler, who very strategically leaves out the most crucial data!!!!

        • Anonymous

          izonist owned NYT aids and abets criminality of fellow zionist in classic Tribal neoptism. Why am I not surprised?

    • wizard

      You, Sir did not put your life on the line to defend your country. Your country has never been in any danger. You were manipulated and fed falsehoods so that you would believe there was an enemy.
      The only enemy is your government. You have to be mentally deficient to enlist to kill fellow humans that are unknown to you.

      • fuzzy696

        Agree…….all you youngsters thinking of joining the armed forces are not defending your country,you are terrorizing others.You are not hereos but murderers……think before you leap.Join the militia of your state because a war is coming and better to defend your family and friends where it counts.

        • Anonymous

          fuzzy (as in fuzzy lamebrain) you call our vets murderers….you are the sick individual and it’s people like you who don’t deserve to be protected. your sick opinion does not give you license to insult and accuse our military of being murderers.

        • Anonymous

          If it wasn’t for ”murderers” you would be doing the goose-step and shouting Heil Hitler. Your thinking is fuzzy and fits you well.

        • Anonymous

          Its actually a small select clique who have pulled off a stealth 5th Column coup that are the enemy- not the US govt en masse.

      • Anonymous

        wizard you make me sick, i hope you live to regret these words. seems you are the one mentally deficient, it’s people like you who would be one of the first ones to shake in your boots and want someone else to do all the brave and dirty work for you if you were in a threatened situation.

        • SkareCro

          Sorry friend, Wizard nailed it.

          ALL WARS ARE BANKERS WARS… Has been and always will be. The “commoner” doesn’t want it.

    • James Smith

      Fiendstein is a stone cold complicit treasonous traitor communist sociopath accomplice to land conquering genocide enemy, that’s a proven fact and she is going to be arrested convicted and sentence to death, watch the patriots are gearing up for the arrests right now as I write.

      • Anonymous

        Diane Frankenstein serves her owners very well. We have allowed this for decades. She was voted in- she didnt get there by accident

    • TurtleCreeWoman

      Half the population thinks the other half is crazy and should be put on pills. Apparently Feinstein is just dumb as a rock. This would then mean we are sending Military back into combat despite the fact that they are to dangerous to walk the streets in the US Armed. Well Sister let me tell you something, there are a lot of vets who are police officers and secret service who protect your dumbass.

      • Anonymous

        Divide and conquer folks, dont label, dont judge dont diminish, we all participate, even unknowingly. Bottom line we all bleed red, spread the word.

        • Troubleshooter

          Maybe we need Drone Strikes all around for the Anti-Vets. Those who hold such opinions and make such statements are a threat to the national security of our country. The lies they tell could potentially discourage people from enlisting, thereby stripping our national defenses.

    • Room With a View

      Make this viral, send it to every military person who is not in the country, who is overseas fighting as that slut speaks, A call to the US militia, lay down your arms, come home and protect your soil from this evil government.

    • gsummit

      Shouldn’t there be a test for older senators to continue running for office? Some people handle old age better than others. This is not an indictment but an observation.

    • ashken

      Every American even the mentally ill should have the right to own a handgun. The vast majority of criminals are packing a handgun and unless we take them away all people should own and display their pistols.

    • clockman

      If it gets to be crunch time, I’d rather have a fellow armed vet at my back than any career politician. Any day, any time. HooRah.

    • justiceday

      I think this is a ridiculous statement. But you have to blame the guys who cry PTSD that are criminals and it has nothing to do with being military. The marines are the biggest offenders. A Marine raped a women in Orange County (he was a cop) and cried PTSD. A marine beat up a cab driver in NC, and cried PTSD. The marine in the site not only used PTSD but also said on facebook that his political view as “killing bodies.”

      These guys are what make the rest of you look bad and allow people like her to make comments.

    • Anonymous

      Feinstein is F——– Insane! These people need serious mental help, they are definitely suffering from some sort of brain trauma, and, obviously, shock treatment won’t work! She needs to gather up her communist, lesbian sycophants and move back her operations to San Francisco, and shack up together with her therapist for good!! I’ll be more than happy to lend her a high powered firearm, so she can do the rest of us a favor, and shoot herself in the head! Unfortunately, she probably won’t know how to load it, let alone take the safety off. Maybe we can all get the current admin to play a high stakes game of Russian Roulette with a full magazine. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?


      • Anonymous

        The problem is that few of you get it. Every time one of these zionist infiltrators (who has been revoted into office for DECADES- so WHO are really the stupid ones here??) pulls the crimnal schtick so consistent with their agenda and history, you all act as if this is just some lone, random, one-off occurrence. Despite it happens like clockwork.
        GET THEM ALL OUT OF HERE NOW or we’ll soon have nothing left

    • Louis

      All Bolsheviks such as Feinstein hate vets with firearms because vets are trained in the effective use of firearms.

    • Anonymous

      Well, what is this? Feinstein uber alles? Off with her head.

    • beta

      First off I can not stand Sen Feinstein, but this artical is missleading. You should watch before you post, just a suggetion.
      if you watch the video, you will see Sen Feinstine does not say that. She says that we need to make sure any vet that has PTSD or any other mental illness be exempt from the being able to own assault weapons. She does not suggest all vets are mentally ill. Sen. John Cornyn interprets it that way.

      • Proserpina

        Exactly. People can’t read or listen, look at all the stupid comments. lmao…

    • Dr. Bob Uda, Ph.D., CM, CHSP, ILO

      Liberalism is a mental disorder. Feinstein is a liberal. Hence, Feinstein is a mental case. I rest my case.

      • Louis

        Not to second-guess Dr. Bob Uda, but liberalism is more than merely a mental disorder. It is also a spiritual disorder — a serious one — called diabolical possession. You can tell if a person is diabolically possessed by employing the use of logic.

        For example, Feinstein is pro-abortion, yet she claims that strict gun control will save lives. But if Feinstein wants to save lives, then why is she pro-abortion, a practice that has claimed the lives of over 56 million unborn US kids since 1973?

        Diabolically-possessed liberals, such as Feinstein, mask their murderous intentions with claims that they will produce a positive effect. This is illogical and therefore is sick and evil.

        • Proserpina

          Let me guess, anti-abortion but pro-war? Kill em after thier 18, kinda like way late term abortion… but Jezuz says thats alright, cuz their not Merikans or KKKristian Soldierz.

      • Proserpina

        Exactly what has conservatism done to make anyones life better that’s not a capitialist in the 1%?

    • Banderman

      “which I think is a new phenomenon as a product of the Iraq War”. Per usual, she is out of her league and has no idea what she is yammering about.

    • Anonymous

      STOP your children from joining the military.
      You need them HERE to protect you and your family.

      Realize that wars are designed to kill off innocent people.
      We send our troops to other countries to terrorize THEM….
      There is a very good chance our childrren will not attack us.

      HOWEVER, troops from other countries coming here will not think
      twice about killing here….just as we go there and kill.

      Also, who will protect us from these foreign troops if our children are off
      in some foreign country?

      You cannot have a war if no one will enlist.
      Politicians have never fought for this country. They sit behind a desk
      and send our children to kill and mame others.

      As a reward for this shameless behavior, they are labeled mentally insane,
      and not fit to own a gun, (heaven forbid that they are capable of protecting their own
      families, friends, neighborhood…upon return)….

      Invading another country to steal their resources, assassinate their leaders, and/or
      kill innocent men, women, and children is not honorable behavior.
      Defending your own at home is honorable.
      Bradley Manning is an honorable example.
      Refusing to kill innocent people is honorable.


      Do NOT be fooled into the military where you will be shipped far away from your loved ones…. unable to defend what is rightfully yours. THIS is your country. Right Here.

      If politicians want to fight a war, LET THEM GO FIGHT IT. (and they won’t)
      They will NOT jeopardize their own lives, or the lives of their families, I promise you.

      Foreign troops have been seen and documented numerous times in this country recently…
      THINK…. why in God’s name would you put YOUR life on the line for some politician
      rather then staying right here and protecting your own?

      There is enough on this planet for everyone.
      There is free energy all around us.
      It IS POSSIBLE for us to live to peace and in harmony with nature….

      But it requires we the people to start thinking for ourselves….
      Wake up, before its too late.
      of heroism.

    • clockwork angel

      Let me ask you “vets” something I am reading allot lately to where these young men that are coming back from Iraq and Afgani missing arms, legs, sight,eating out of dumpsters and suffering from mental fatigue and only to be left out in the cold no job no home and to some nothing! for what? Where is YOUR government now? if you come backed maimed your an expense your are worthless in the eyes of your government you are a sheep and you wonder why they want your firearms? because some of you brave soldiers are finally seeing the broken promises and deceit they are taking away not only your rights but your humanity…. labeling you as mentally ill so you will fall in line with the rest of the herd…killing innocent children is cowardly murder. Standing up up to tyrants is true bravery…fighting for your Constitution and God given rights is honorable.

    • predictability

      To.Arthur. of these published document. My great grandfathers… Lived and died for this so Called Goverment. WW1 & WW2 they struggled and strived only To make a Good Life for his Own Family That was Poor & in poverty. since this was back then our technology wasn’t As advanced. as it is Now. To Know the screwed Up Things People Do just FOR money since the Thought of iT was made only For corruptive Ways Like. Bribeing Hustleing Slaveshifting Getting Black maled with More Than 5000. people Threating U that u better Be silent Before We make u Silent. kinda makes me think if i am lieing Why do so many people i dont even know Nor discuss anything about there willing to HaTe rather than make peace of what we Have left…peace predictability

      • Anonymous

        There are two kinds of peace.

        On one you live your life freely and let other live their lives freely.

        The other is the Roman peace. Is call that way because it was the peace that the Romans imposed in the countries they conquered. Everyone hate them and everyone was repressed. But no one have the military power to oppose them.

        War, is better than the Roman peace. Because with war, at least you got a chance toward true peace. While with the Roman peace, you are just living afraid.

    • cdubs69

      First of all the author of this article must not be able to read. If you look at this “quote”, if it even is an actual quote, it does not say all veterans are mentally ill. It doesn’t say that vets shouldn’t have guns. Point out one spot in her “quote” that she says this. What the quote actually deals with is the amendment to her bill that would allow retired military to purchase assault weapons. Her response is that this was not an issue with the first ban, and that it isn’t clear how the seller of the weapon would verify the person was a retired vet or that there were no mental issues.

      AS usual you have someone who wants to give inaccurate information and you have sheep that will post something like this without actually reading it. The only problem with her “quote” is that PSTD is not new, it’s just a new name for an old problem.

      • Anonymous

        Is not her call to make. Nor is government, or even the majority call to make.

        The constitution is clear and the constitution is the law of the land.

        Those who believe in collectivism think that rights are granted. Those, like me, that believe in individualism know that rights are recognizes and not granted.

        The collectivist think that the collective owns the individual and thus the collective gets to decide the fate of the individual. We individualist know that each and every individual own themselves and thus have inalienable rights. To believe in the collective is to believe in slavery. To believe in the individual is to believe in liberty.

        • Proserpina

          Better reread Marx… you do not know of which you speak. Your doublespeak fits the times we live in.

        • rebelwithaclause

          Betweenthebars: are you serious, what is your problem TROLL, the headline reads ALL VETS ARE MENTALLY ILL, pretty wild broad accusation. We the people are not terrorist.

    • Anonymous

      It’s easy to see whose really suffering here from ‘mental illness’….Feinstein! She targets vets who served the country so the likes of her could run it!!! Targets ‘vets’ yet ignores common criminals who are the source of the majority of gun crime and have no problem getting firearms. The government continues to target the ‘common citizen’ that maintains firearms reponsibly for either sport, work or protection….while the ‘common criminal’ is the real source of the problem.

    • Marc

      lol, This coming from the lady that got a firearm concealed carry permit after she claims terrorists tried to blow up her house and then surrounded herself with 24/7 armed security. If anybody has a psychological disorder its her.

      I don’t think I will ever understand how people cant see that Feinstein is projecting her fears into legislation that is destroying freedom in this country. She needs to be removed from office because her mental disorder is clouding her ability to function in a political office.

    • lindarosemary

      Feinstein is the one who is mentally ill! I would trust all the vets I knowk, and I know a lot, with a gun before I would trust that beotch.

    • pattiesimmons

      I think, due to EXTREME PSYCHOSIS, Sen. Feinstein should be removed from office, escorted to the BEST MENTAL HEALTH FACILITY the taxpayers can afford, relieved of ALL ACCUTREMENTS THAT CAN BE DEEMED AS ASSOCIATIVE TO HER PSYCHOSIS, given a very tasty Haldol cocktail and then escorted to her lovely rubber room.
      THIS woman would BE Hitler if she could!

    • icetrout

      Feinstein has dementia & should be confined to a mental institution…

    • cactusl8y

      Feinstein – She is the one that is sick. That is just another way for the govt. to get all the guns. The American people would have no guns if they took them from all vets. Go America! :!:

    • rebelwithaclause

      That wicked Jew Traitor Feinstein is severely Mentally Ill & should STFU. How dare they label our veterans, they sure are threatened by them. Gome and take em Feinstein. It seems like its about to get real closer & closer everyday. They have taken our jobs, then our houses, our privacy, now they want our guns. I don’t think so.they will not take our American pride or constitution.

    • Dolores

      At least the vets do not look like the @ss end of a cow.
      We need to chip in and get this ugly THING some plastic surgery.
      Damn, she is just so ugly I can’t look at her.

      • rebelwithaclause

        I have a contribution for her but in isn’t in the form of our fiat currency, it’s actually worth more. LEAD TO THE TRAITORS HEAD.

        • Proserpina

          Making terrorist threats will get you 30.

    • rebelwithaclause

      Everyone please take a minute and go to YouTube and search Jeffrey Weinhaus, you will all be sickened, we are in a full blown POLICE STATE, what they did to him & so many others is straight up evil. Politicians and Police are the ones that are MENTALLY ILL.

    • Sid

      I didn’t know Feinstein was a Vet; about time to commit her to an asylum, seems to me.

    • byrony81

      Who doe she think she’s fooling? If she is for it – I know it can’t be good. Of course she promotes psych drugs and gun control as the solution. So would Hitler. Hubbard exposed brainwashing in the 50s and then the rest of it in the 60s and they never forgave him for it.
      “There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to speak, producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.” Aldus Huxley [Transcript –The Ultimate Revolution, March 20, 1962 Berkley Language Center – Speech Archive SA 0269]

    • Joerg Klaemt

      Parasites will finally eat your Body and then leave,the Name reveals all.

    • Prudence Wright

      REALLY??? Our soldiers go to war and FIGHT for all of our freedoms and then when they get back we start stripping them of their rights!!!!!

      What in the hell is wrong with this country??????

    • Anonymous

      California needs to vote this parasitic pig out of office ASAP. She is useless and is trying to dismantle the constitution. Is there one working brain cell among the electorate in Cali ??? It doesnt appear so.

    • chuckwagoncharlie

      This woman like so many of her Progressive friends displays her ignorance everytime she opens her mouth. People like her are why we are in the mess we are in today. My God Bless our Vets and send this woman back under the rock from which she crawled.

    • anonymous

      All gun owners should strike from paying taxes for a week or so, instead of claiming ‘molan labe’ or whatever, wouldn’t it be easier to stay home for a week (and arrange not be paid) until congress stops the gun law stuff and you all have to do something else? Or are you all to prideful and have too much of your egos attached to the elite’s machine you claim is falling apart and you hate? Take the fuel from it.

    • Jerry

      Sit on a lit granade lady. You are, without a doubt, the most ignorant form of humanity. Retire you old fossil.

    • Anonymous

      Feinstein is not an american, she is an Israeli. Tell her to pack her damn bags and all her assault rifles and go to Israel and get the hell out of here. Its time for her to be honest with herself and us…. and go where her heart is, instead of using it as a black arts treason act against her fellow Americans. WE KNOW THE AGENDA. YOU INTEND TO MASSACRE US ONCE WE GIVE THEM UP JUST LIKE YOU HAVE DONE 9 OTHER TIMES OVER THE YEARS THAT RESULTED IN 12,886 AMERICAN DEATHS. YOUR FAVORITE COUNTRY HAS KILLED MORE AMERICANS THAN ALL MUSLIM COUNTRIES PUT TOGETHER. Go away and take your satanic slimey lying mouth with you. Your eyes tell the story. go look in the mirror and see what we see! Evil personified. You belong where evil is revered, not here, where evil is banned and rejected by real human beings.

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