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By Anthony Migchels
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The BRICS Bank: Next Stop On The Road To World Currency

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(Above/Left: For the time being, China still allows Putin the center position.)

Far from being ‘the end of the NWO’, the ongoing decline and coming collapse of the US Empire and its Petrodollar are the Money Power’s key goal in her age old drive to World Government. The BRICS Bank is a purely Globalist institution that paves the way for a new Currency Order after the Petrodollar has been done away with.

The endless chatter in the Alternative Media about Putin and Russia ‘fighting the New World Order’ looks a little hopeless at times. It’s not that Putin does not seem to be a fairly reasonable chap for a politician and ‘world leader’. Clearly he has the moral high ground in the sense that US/Zionist Imperialism in the Middle East and the ghoulish coup and provocations in the Ukraine are obviously purely criminal and Russia is defending legitimate interests.

But the ongoing equation of the New World Order with the US Empire is the sand in our eyes: the reality is that the US as the hegemon is dead. Why do people believe the New World Order would be interested in the United States after decades of horrendous domestic policies that have destroyed the health of the population with GMO and Big Pharma? After letting its once world class infrastructure crumble away before our very eyes? After outsourcing its manufacturing base to China, its supposed ‘strategic rival’? Do people think the Bankers are stupid? That they don’t know how to run a country properly? That they would destroy the goose laying the golden eggs without a plan?

The United States has been eaten from within and its bloated military and overvalued Petrodollar are the only things keeping its emaciated corpse still looking somewhat frightening. But both are totally overextended and antiquated and will without any doubt meet their doom within the foreseeable future.

The debate is far too much about people. Barack Obama golfing while the heroic Putin is doing so much good. This is not the kind of analysis that is very troubling for the Bankers. We need to focus on the larger picture. The who behind the scenes, instead of the puppets in the limelight. And, even much more important, understanding their strategies, their methodology, their main gun being Banking, institutionalized Usury.

Obviously a usurious BRICS Bank, that will undoubtedly be ready for a key role for Gold once the Petrodollar is resetted out of existence, is not in any way ‘threatening’ to the Globalist Bankers on their road to World Currency. No, it’s just the next step in an age old plan.

The Money Power
The Money Power is the group of age old Banking Families that rule the world from behind the scenes. They are the Princes and High Priests of Mammon’s Empire. Jewish Trillionaires are at its core, but many old European ‘noble’ families are also very highly placed.

God only knows where they came from or where they learned their tortuous tricks. Perhaps the old God Kings that used to rule the planet before the Great Flood put us back into the stone age left a copy of their handbook in Babylon, where the Jewish Pharisees and Money Changers and some others seem to have learned the trade.

The core of their Empire is the Capitalist Monopoly: all the major banks own each other, and are ultimately owned by said families. Not only that, they also own 80% of all Transnationals, plus associated patents: their technology is undoubtedly very advanced. They also control most land and related resources.

They have built this Empire through Usury: compound interest makes it inevitable that the very richest own everything within generations.

Not only do they own everything, they also own everybody. We are totally enslaved through Usury, taxation and artificial scarcity.

Our chains are invisible. Usury is the main issue and it’s invisible because most of what we lose to it is in the prices we pay for normal day to day goods and services: producers incur costs for capital during production and must pass these costs on to the consumer. These costs compound in the supply chain and it transpires that about 40% of prices we pay are Usury passed on to us.

Not only that, the State is also owned by the Plutocracy. Always has been: there is no precedent in history of a State that was not outright controlled by the Powers that Be behind the scenes. This is very important to understand, because it is quite common to look at the State for salvation against Plutocracy. But the State has, besides Usury, always been their main method of control! As the Protocols put it: “In the beginnings of the structure of society they were subjected to brutal and blind force; afterwards — to Law, which is the same force, only disguised.”

Taxation is up to 50% Usury passed on to the taxpayer, what remains is directly controlled by the Plutocracy also through its asset, the State.

The Transnational Cartel (Oil, Automotive Industry, Telecom, Big Pharma, etc) operates through monopoly and artificial scarcity. In a healthy economy, mass production crushes prices, but the Cartel keeps prices inflated by buying up or crushing all competition. Through inflated prices, they suck away most of what remains of our life force after we have paid all the Usury and taxation.

This is what looks so desperate about people worrying about the coming New World Order. It’s not a ‘new’ world order, it’s a very old world order, that is just externalizing the Hierarchy in World Government: we are already totally, utterly, completely enslaved.

Oil and the rise of Russia, Iran and China
It’s well known that Empire has traditionally built up ‘enemies’. Either to crush them, or because they are needed for dialectical struggles that can be exploited. The Money Power is a global Empire, that has the nations battle it out amongst each other. Warring is profitable, it traumatizes people so they are more easily controlled and ritual sacrifice is pleasing to their ‘god’.

A good example was Saddam Hussein, who they provided with know how and arms, so he could offer a good excuse for invading the Middle East. Enemy du jour is ISIS, which is well known to have been built up from scratch by the US through its Saudi Arabia and Gulf State proxies. Now that it is strong enough, they can start fighting it. The real war is of course against the peoples of Iraq and Syria, but a bogey man is needed to hide the resource grabs behind it all.

The same has been going on with the Sino-Russian axis and Iran.

China has been built up by handing it the Money Power’s manufacturing base. This is a disaster for both the US Empire and the American people. Two wholly different entities, mortal enemies, although the gullible masses tend to enjoy the ego aggrandizement associated with being part of a big Empire, overlooking that this comes at the price of subjugation.

Is Washington stupid? Does it not know that its power was built on the thrift of its people? Of course they’re not stupid. Washington is a tool of another power, that’s why this is happening.

Russia is a different story: it has long been controlled through its dependence on Oil exports.

In the eighties Reagan started an arms race against the Soviet Union and he has been credited for bringing down that ‘evil Empire’. The real story, however, was that the Money Power institution that actually rules America (the Federal Reserve Bank and its owners), crashed Oil prices by restoring the Dollar, that had been inflating badly in the seventies. This was the key reason that the Soviet economy finally crumbled and could no longer maintain a ‘threatening’ facade.

In the nineties, when the Money Power was plundering the ex-Soviet economy through its Jewish Oligarch proxies, Oil prices remained very low and Russia on its knees.

Then in the early 2000’s, just after Putin came to power, they started raising Oil prices again, both by US military adventurism in the Middle East and by massive speculation by Wall Street. The Money Power controls all major resources and can halve, double or quadruple all prices at a moment’s notice. Oil prices actually went up tenfold: at its peak it stood at about $150 for a barrel, up from $15 only a few years earlier.

These insane (and totally unnecessary) prices have provided Russia with an enormous windfall. Russia? Well, the Russian State and the Oligarchs, Putin included, anyway. The common man saw little of it and wealth inequality in Russia is at US levels.

The Russian State under Putin used the money to pay off the National Debt and particularly to reinvigorate the Russian military. The same can be said of Iran, which has been heavily investing in its military, which would have been impossible without the massive Oil boom.

All this is absolutely totally typical of long term Money Power scenario based planning.

An infamous, purely Babylonian Coat of Arms, used by the Rothschild Family…..and the Russian State.

Putin’s Russia
While Russia is obviously in much better shape than when he came to power, Putin has rebuilt Russia into neo-fascism.

Fascism is a form of Government with a strong State, intimately cooperating with Big Business. Marxism, on the other hand, is a strong State with nationalized industry. Both systems are highly amenable to the Money Power. They have used both modes routinely and it is quite close to what they have planned for their Global Kingdom.

Today’s fascism has not the brutal face of National Socialism, let alone Stalinism, it’s somewhat softer. Russia holds regular elections for instance, which, as we know, would be immediately outlawed if they made any difference. But there is no need for any illusions about the risks of crossing Putin or the System/Plutocracy he represents. The Russian media, the banks and the economy at large are totally controlled by the global puppeteers.

The Russian State needs the current mayhem as much as the US and the West do: States are antithetical to both Spirit and the needs of ‘their’ people and they need manufactured problems and particularly enemies for their protection racket to thrive. As a case in point, Putin’s approval ratings have been unbelievable since the Ukraine crisis started.

What is crucial to understand is, that Putin only has to represent ‘legitimate’ Russian interests in a ‘reasonable’ way to provide the Bankers with exactly what they want: ongoing tension and the build up to war, which is the goal. We don’t have to defame him unnecessarily, we don’t have to call him or even his actions evil: it is clear the US Empire is the unadulterated aggressor and all Putin has to do is defend assertively.

It cannot be stressed enough that, should there be real war, the US Empire is planned to lose. Its airforce and navy, on which it is completely dependent for global projection of power, are totally antiquated in the face of S400 (S500 even) SAM installations, Sukhoi jets (which tank all American counterparts, including 5th generation, in dog fights) and Yakhont anti ship missiles. Of course Russia cannot in any way threaten America, or even Europe, but it most certainly can defend itself and its main allies.

I think we can agree America is not going to send millions of grunts overseas to fight an aggressive war against Russia. All that would remain is a nuclear first strike and deployment of advanced WMD that both parties have been ‘quietly’ assembling over the last few decades.

The BRICS Bank
In their statement, the nations’ leaders said: “We appreciate the work undertaken by our Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors“. Undoubtedly it was those who hammered out the deal. As we know, both the Bank of Russia and the Bank of China are major Rothschild CB’s, part and parcel of the global financial system with the Bank of International Settlements at its apex.

Bank of China is led by Zhou Xiaochuan, a member of the influential Group of 30, a Rockefeller confab for Central Bankers and leading economists. In 2007 he was calling for the replacement of the US Dollar with the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights. Please note: not with the Yuan, but with the IMF’s precursor to global currency.

The official reason for the Bank is dismay about the refusal of US lawmakers to ratify the 2010 IMF reforms, aimed at giving the BRICS nations a bigger part of the vote in the IMF: they control about 20% of global output (it’s bound to be higher in PPP terms) and have only 11% of the vote, reflecting basically the post WW2 balance of power.

The plan will see two different banks: one for infrastructure development, the New Development Bank (NDP) and the Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA), which will provide liquidity to countries in need. In short: parallel institutions to both the IMF and the World Bank.

However, both institutions don’t need parallels, they need disbanding, because they only exist to usurp national sovereignty and fealty to the Banking Cartel. The BRICS Bank does in no way damage the BIS global infrastructure. It in no way addresses any real monetary problem, let alone the core issues of Usury and scarce money.

In fact: there is little doubt that the BRICS Bank will seamlessly transition to a larger role for Gold, once the inevitable ‘reset’ of the global financial system comes. Both Moscow and Beijing have been massively hoarding Gold and the Money Power has been preparing the transition to Gold after the Petrodollar era for decades now. A gold backed Yuan has been fevorishly anticipated and recently, when the US sprang their first sanctions on him, Putin was saying he would use his Gold reserves to back (and thus give ‘credibility’ to) his own payment systems, away from the US Banks.

This is a good example of why it’s wrong to focus on people, while overlooking the methodology: how is a new Bank going to end Banking, Usury, scarce money, power centralization, Globalism? How is going Gold in any way going to solve total Money Power control of the money supply?

It can’t of course. Banking is THE main tool of the enemy. You don’t solve banking by starting your own, you solve banking by providing interest-free money.

Latin America
Interestingly, right after signing the deal, the BRICS leaders met with leaders of Latin American countries. These nations are mostly led by neo-Marxist presidents, like their deceased standard bearer Hugo Chávez.

Chávez was very popular in the Alternative Media because of his routine and much warranted America bashing, But meanwhile he collectivized the Venezuelan economy, destroyed the private sector, attacked the family by bringing feminism into Venezuela and sold Oil Dollars for one third of their worth to Transnationals to repatriate their Venezuelan profits and to the wealthy, so they could import their BMW’s for a fraction of their real cost.

In short: he ended income inequality in the typical Marxist way: by destroying the middle class with the motto ‘everyone poor is equality too’. The very wealthy became even richer still.

Today, you are more likely to get killed while walking the streets of Caracas than in Kabul.

What remained of his Oil Dollar wealth after handouts to the rich, Chavez invested in uniting the Latin American nations in some sort of Latin American Union. Something very high on the agenda of his Bolivarian successors and brethren in other Latin American capitals today too.

This is another excellent example of how the Money Power uses opposition to the US Empire and the plight of the poor for Marxism and supranational convergence.

The New World Order is a group of ancient banking families that rule through money.

Money is half of each transaction, transactions cannot take place without it. It is the gateway to all goods, services and resources. By keeping money scarce, they keep everything scarce. Through Usury they take their cut in every transaction.

Through control of money, they have acquired 90% of the hard assets on the planet. Not only that, they suck away 90% of the common man’s life force through Usury, taxation and the artificial scarcity of their Transnational Cartel. ‘None are more hopelessly enslaved than they who think they are free’.

They control all nations through their States: the Jews, the Americans, the Europeans, the Russians, the Chinese. They use these nations for different purposes and to pit peoples against each other.

They rule through dialectical pseudo ‘conflicts’, where both protagonists slug it out to amuse the public, while working together towards hidden common purposes. For instance: Marxism and Capitalism are both materialist and monopolies, the hidden common features that really matter to the Money Power.

People within these dialectics believe the conflict is real and they don’t have to actually report to the Bankers to do exactly what they want them to do.

Our current era is about the take down of the American Empire, which has served the Plutocracy well, but is now, with its heavily armed and fiercely independent people, the last block that has to be taken down to usher in the Global Despotism they have been working towards for so, so long now.

The BRICS Bank is anti Petrodollar, not anti Money Power.

It has long been prophesied that Russia would lead the West out of decadence and materialism. Edgard Cayce for instance. But also a great man like Rudolf Steiner had high expectations of Russia. This partly drives the optimism of some people concerning Putin. But while I believe the Russian Soul has an important gift for Humanity, it is most certainly not going to come through the Russian State, which is purely Babylonic. A grassroots spiritual movement or even the coming of the next Prophet, yes, but not the iron fist of the Kremlin.

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    • Sean

      Read the 1st page, very well put together and 100% true, China and India no different, along with every country in the World.

      Its the Blood..Mao, Stalin, Hitler all the Presidents, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Royals, Popes, etc. all an “RH Negative Blood Type” its what took down Atlantis..Egypt and what will destroy this World of all inhabitants once again..the reason for the Georgia Guildstones..0 population

      • ez

        I don’t know many organs of the NWO are currently based in the US. UN, WHO, World Bank, IMF, etc. that could change rapidly but I don’t think so. It goes without saying that the US outside the NWO will cease to exist but I think they plan to keep a presence in the coming North American Union/United Kingdom (NAUK.)

      • heroay

        Pathetic article. “We shall lead their revolutions against us.” NOT. The destruction of the Beast and the JWO is NOT the destruction of the US or its armed-to-the-teeth citizens (Come and Get IT!), but the destruction of USURY, the ashkenazi-khazar-edomite rapine vandalic Babyloonie theft system.

        Thanks to the Internet and Mr. Putin holding the reigns in the M.E. with unstoppable missiles, not with a bunch of moronic, dumb, doped mercenaries, the RAT-a-child & RAT-a-feller overlords of world misery and death have their days numbered. 6.7 BILLION awakened humans against a piffle of a trash bag of 14 MILLION ashkenazi rapine scoundrels, will be no war, but a stomping on alley roaches.

        To summarize today’s big and worthless anti-BRIC lie (scores NO points for disinfo clowns), even a CHILD can log on to Wicked-pedia to SEE with his own eyes the DIFFERENCE. Useless liars!

        …and the one for the RATs at The City in London…

        Have pleasant nightmares in the meantime, while Oblivion or Abyss hits the ‘scene’, with NO redemption or forgiveness in sight…
        > Revelation 20:7 to 10 – (Christian New Testament)

    • Terminator

      It really looks like Terra Pappers have a big secret.

      Rothschild’s and Rockfeller’s are really descendants of the RA, dog humanoid from Sirius 6000BC.


      Obama is a hideous little uncertain minded man.
      Good post!
      What is wrong, is the fact that America is making unlawful war yet again and this time in a country 6000 miles away. Did America not learn any lessons from the war they lost in Afghanistan?

      What is wrong is that the Syrian government has not approved air strikes in their own country but America, just like old west cowboys does it anyway with no regard to life for children and woman whom are completely innocent. And what about infrastructure, let’s bomb that as well while we are at it cowboys.

      What is wrong is that America has created ISIS and have funded them through secret means and is still funding rebel militants. These are the same people who are ISIS or ISIL now.

      What is wrong is that America is playing a game with air strikes by NOT bombing the real ISIS target and deceiving the world and the American public in doing so.

      What is wrong is that Obama himself is a dedicated Muslim (the Koran allow you to lie) and he ordered the USA military not to strike his buddies but to deceive the nation with an air strike here and there.

      What is wrong is that no American leader can be trusted anymore. Their words mean nothing. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

      What is wrong is that Obama ordered the Bible to be closed in the White House. It’s no longer open on a special verse.

      What is wrong is that Americans want to dominate the entire world while 50 mil of their own people are on food stamps and almost 80 cities and towns are now bankrupt or on the verge of being bankrupt. It’s worse now than the 1930s depression. We just don’t see food lines out in the streets but if you go into food stores and see the amount of food stamps being used you will be able to form lines twice as long as we had during the depression. The economy is worse now than the depression days – it’s all hidden in smoky controlled media releases.

      What is wrong is that the general public does not want another war and how about spending that war money on American infrastructure and jobs and securing our own countries borders as a first priority.

      What is wrong is that we see too many photos of Obama in the White House with his feet on top of the furniture indicating no respect to American history.

      What is wrong is that president of America constantly appear to be on pot or drugs. He is delusional.

      What is wrong is that the American people have not seen Obama’s university records, nor is his birth certificate issue resolved, nor is his past whereabouts resolved but Obama is still in office. Who is protecting this thug from being impeached? Perhaps Sherif Joe himself!

      What is wrong is that Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton gets away with murder while their is objective evidence indicating murders, running guns, while all the evidence is there they don’t go to jail. Who is protecting them?

      What is wrong is that Osama Bin Laden was on the American payroll and then blamed for 9/11. We have not seen his body. And why did every single navy seal who captured Osama die?

      What is wrong is why did Loretta Fuddy die in a plane crash, the only one to die, and the only person who had all the information about Obamas fraudulent birth certificate as well as the issuer of this fraudulent birth certificate.

      What is wrong is where are the pictures of Michelle Obama being pregnant?

      What is wrong is the Federal Reserve, a privately owned company, controlling the USA money. They pump money into the stock market and artificially increase the market. If they pump so much money into the market why do the American people not see this money? Approximately 70% of Americans are living borderline. If they lose their job today they can’t pay their mortgage next month. Why is the $US backed up by nothing but imposed unscrupulous worldwide laws?

      What is wrong is the lies about the employment rate of 6%. It’s not true, the real rate is well over 21%. While inflation is said to be 1.5% it’s not true either, it’s more in the range of 6%. Now who is toiling the figures and who is behind all these lies and deceit? Gas has gone up 320% the last 9 years, that’s way more than inflation!

      Who is behind all these lies? It’s kingpin Obama, his administration and every leader in charge of a US government organization. They are all deceitful and get paid under the table to just go along with the plan. The plan to fill their coffins up with cash and don’t worry about the rest.

      But one day the $US is going to collapse. America cannot sustain this path. There are too many poor people in America, too many have no jobs or have to work 3 jobs to make ends meet. This will just increase. It must collapse and it will, that’s the day all s***t is going to break lose and these guys that are now head of the FBI, CIA and other government organizations will have there names remembered. Obama won’t be able to hide or change his name again. The day the USA collapse will be a day of new beginnings, a day of truth and a day of deliverance from these evil thugs in the White House. We will setup a new government, run it I n honesty and truth!

      • heroay

        “America”? “Americans”?… ME?!? MY family and friends?? It’s the ashkenazi khazar rapine vandals, for crying out loud! THEM, NOT America or Americans. But there is a time and a place for everything, even, to REAP as THEY have sown.

        > Revelation 20:7 to 10 – (Christian New Testament)

    • awakenow

      yet another tool of the Luciferian worshiping Rothschild banksters.

      GO PITIN they killed JFK when he wanted to go back to the gold standard.
      LBJ’s first action after being swarm in was to counter the efforts of JFK in this regard.
      Rarely is TRUTH seen . GOOD ON YOU ,

      • Arlene Johnson

        Kennedy wanted to base the dollar on silver. He launched over $4 billion of what were called Silver Certificates when he signed EO 11110. Once he was no longer with us, Johnson called them all back in, or virtually all of them. A few people didn´t turn theirs back in.

        I found this article brilliant, one of the best analysis on BRICS that I have read to date.

        Thank you so much.


        Arlene Johnson
        To access my work, which includes what I just wrote, click on the icon that says Magazine.

    • Unicorn

      Excellent article and when the day comes that the average man understands the truth, then the Jew utopian world government will fall. Mystery Babylon the Great!


      So what is it actually what you are trying to say that new news ?
      You’re really an idiotic moron. Go get a real job I.e. a security guard.

    • Watcher

      “Edgard” ???? Guess Mr. Morris really hasn’t read anything relative to Edgar Cayce has he?
      Mr. Morris is the biggest TROLL for the elitists I’ve had the misfortune to be exposed to for a long time. And, Mr. Morris is a Jew.

      And like his brethren, he has a talent for combining 40% truth with 60% yellow journalism to dazzle them with “informed sounding BS”…


    • Equalizer

      Once the cascade of collapse comes, do not expect it to be a lasting effect, as millions will accept the means of commerce to their eternal undoing. The biometric authentication/carbon “death” unit of the mark of the beast. All other means of economics will be against the law. Gold and even silver which is better for bartering, is all it will be good for. You will need a skill set for repairing basic needs equipment in order to earn by trading, and storage of necessities of all you will need for survival as it is. Breach of the law will be the beheading. With hardened hearts, the populations who survive will accept this.

      The largest pool of oil on the planet is beneath Israel, holding 27.3 TRILLION bls and it’s ABIOTIC ! The over flow is what has built Dubai, who pay for others not to drill. Take it from a former intel op & energy expert. In reality there are no shortages of anything. These are all deliberate manouvers of those who own everything of course. Putin is one of the players connected by Freemasonry, just as any false Jew bankster, who are really the Nazi’s. What they have been throughout history is of the synagogue of satan. Their greatest power is to curse their own offspring. Their weakness is being exposed, and their enormous EGO….Just like the adversary.

      The means of commerce today especially for the west and the developed world, has moved from bricks & mortar, to the virtual world of building one’s financial empire on sand. COMPUTER CHIPS. With the arrival of the demonic in the flesh, the Vatican which controls all commerce by the law of Admiralty today is by means of the international postal union. Money is food & energy. The straits of Hormuz will be mined and Lloyds of London will refuse insurance, tightening the grip on all transport of goods & services in “just in time” delivery, especially in shipping & trucking.

      The most advanced computer system is extremely well protected & all persons are as a virtual node within the quantum array that protects it, in the DUMB of Colorado. This is the cray five supercomputer array, supported by a billion dollar facility for monitoring all communications, as has been done since the 1960′s. using keywords to flag and monitor someone by an individual. The symbol for this is wing tips down that is the phoenix of the Vatican. Wing tips up is the postal eagle. The entire planet was taken over as an astronaught stated, I see earth as a vessel in space ! Once the vatican accepts the demonic of the flesh, the claim of causing all not to go to war, “hence, the false peace” as with the false peace treaty of Obama who will ratify this in Israel, will be to use Quantum Parse Syntax Grammer Math Interface. The brain is rated for 500 terabytes. The mind can comprehend 10,000 thoughts per second. So, once you get used to number codes, , 300 words per second is a breeze for reading contracts.
      Implementing this once it came out, CREATED the mortgage crisis of 2008 in the first place.

      The right hand of the adversary is the Pindar. He is of the 13th house of the druidic council. Among these are the Jesuit pope, petrus Romanus. The council of 13 run everything, and decide who wears crowns etc, who the next left handed president will be etc. This council take their orders from the likes of the Gorgon in the DUMB’s.

      The only protection anyone will have in the final analysis, is their personal relationship with Jesus. IF…they will keep his commandments, statutes and laws. Feel free to look into whatever peaks your interest, by a look through my obscure blog. The Blogathon Philabuster.

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