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Jim Willie: The New World Order Isn’t Going to Happen

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In an interview with Dr. Jim Willie, he says, “The events now are systemic game changers. How few Americans are aware that Vice President Biden made open references to the New World Order, like it was a good thing.

The New World Order is global totalitarianism. A global fascist state.

If anyone thinks the NEW World Order is going to come into being, I think they are wrong.

Putin is making references to Nazis being Neo-Cons in the United States. He says that the Russian army repelled the Nazis and is strong and will not be taken over by the West. The Patriot Act was a Nazi takeover. People need to understand the New World Order in the West (US, Europe) are trying to establish totalitarianism.They need to stop listening to the news and realize it’s all propaganda.

There’s no representation of the people in the Congress. They are trying to totally reshape the democratic order. We are at the point where the New World Order agenda is coming to a head.

I think we are at a point of climax, but if anything thinks the New World Order is going to come into being, I think they are wrong.

The constitution has been trampled and shredded. What happens in banana republic when the leader goes astray? The military usually takes over. The US is acting like a banana republic. I think that the military could step in and say the US Government is going astray.

A military takeover would re- install the Constitution. How do they define money? Financially, it’s the gold standard.

As far as the economy, it pretty much broke down in 2008, evident by the move toward QE, which meant ” life support.”

In 2011, the Germans requested their gold back from the NY Fed. A couple of months ago I learned that the Germans are the big focal point which will decide tha fate of the cabal bankers.

The Germans were given a briefing in 2011 about the future of Crimea. They were told that in 2 years to cut the dependence between Europe and Russia’s energy supply – to isolate Russia. The US State Department told Russia it was going to be cut off, using the natural gas pipeline. Then they asked for their gold back.

Germany has not been aligned with the US for at least 3 years. I heard that in 2009 the Germans were coming up with a new gold-backed Euro, called the Nordic Euro.

The most recent enormous event was a deal struck in 2013 with nations to do a currency reset. They never really completed it. The US agreed to it and then broke the agreement.

Most of the events have a very big gold bearing.

Start investing in gold. It will be the only thing left standing.

The consequence of QE is dire. It is deadly to capital. Profits are squeezed and businesses are shut down. The falling oil price is not part of their plan. The US is going to succeed in isolate themselves.

85% of all increase in all oil production in the last 5 years is from shale. We are going to kill our own shale production. The price of oil is falling again today. Some people think that the oil price could fall to $30 per barrel. After having locked in contracts of $90-$100 per barrel , what will happen to the trillions of dollars invested in oil at that price?”

MIchael Snyder reports on this situation, adding, ” In many cases, it is the big Wall Street banks, and if the price of oil does not rebound substantially they could be facing absolutely colossal losses.

It has been estimated that the six largest “too big to fail” banks control $3.9 trillion in commodity derivatives contracts. And a very large chunk of that amount is made up of oil derivatives… we could be facing a situation where many of these oil producers have locked in a price of 90 or 100 dollars a barrel on their oil but the price has fallen to about 50 dollars a barrel.

In such a case, the losses for those on the wrong end of the derivatives contracts would be astronomical.”

Willie states,

“The fact that the dollar is rising so much is indicative that the global fincancial structure is having a heart attack. It’s not going to fall, it’s going to be replaced.
The US dollar won’t fall, it will disappear.

The dollar disappears and is not the reserve currency anymore and the US has to come up with its own currency. We are in a liquidation phase that has not been publicized.

The gold standard must come back if we want tranquility and we must liquidate the big banks. The big banks are the beneficiaries. If you were to make a list of the banker cabal captain, you’d probably have about 300, and I’ve heard they have cut deals with the other side in order not to be exterminated.”

Jim Willie’s interviewer Rick Wiles says, “Prior to 2001 the Moscow Times reported that an economic advisor to the Kremlin told in a hearing, said there would be an attack on the US in August 2001 and she went into detail.

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    • Redeemer

      Whether it happens or not is down to the people, who outnumber the psychopaths by millions to one. Although the agenda is now clear, it cannot possibly succeed unless the population of the planet allows it to…..we live in interesting times!

      More on the end game agenda here……


      • Boxed in Freight

        State governments must adopt a gold and silver standard in their state. States cannot depend on Washington D.C. to do the right thing for the people. Some states have made Gold and Silver a currency, every state should, whether there is a need in the future or not, Gold and Silver must be allowed as currency within the state, it is the only real money there is.

        Sovereign states are also at the forefront of the legalization of Marijuana, because Washington D. C. continues to say one thing and do another. On one hand they understand the medical uses and allow it, then on the other they make Marijuana illegal with a Schedule 2 classification that states Marijuana has no medicinal value whatsoever. It has become too obvious that the reason Washington D. C. will not step in and universally legalize Marijuana is because our own Federal government agencies are selling Marijuana and other drugs to pay for their covert black operations. It is also painfully apparent that the Federal Government loves the easy money for thin air they have with the Federal Reserve, and being on a Gold standard would mean they would have to be prudent in their spending.

        The Sovereign States of America are taking the lead, and this must continue, as Washington D. C. is not honest with their dealings

        • AllRoadsLead2NWO

          It’s a corporation- not a country. There are no sovereign states or sovereign anything here- it is all hypothecated collateral to the International Bankers per- the Bankruptcy of the United States in 1933, which they did not teach you about in school or anywhere else. The US INC has never been a financially sovereign place to begin with- we were broke right after the revolution- King George funded both sides and his money came from the same Money Changers that took over england when they installed their Central Bank in the late 1600′s. Understand that states are companies within the corporation of the US INC. which was bought and paid for by the money changer International Bankers long ago even before 1913 and why my state used to be the ‘Ohio Company’ before statehood. Look this state flag from 1803. See, it a Pyramid with a Eye in the middle- back in 1803. Federal Reserve and Federal government are 2 totally different and separate entities.
          The Federal Reserve is the Money Changers- the International Bankers- they run the show, always have and always will. Gold, silver? Lol, you will never have a gold or silver standard here again and everyone that tried- Lincoln, Kennedy and even jesus all got whacked for the same thing- messing with the Money Changers. You do not understand- the Constitutional Republic was dissolved by FDR as a condition of the International Bankers in 1933.

          This place has been bankrupted 3 times now by the money changers and is now 18 trillion in debt on top of still being in chapter11, and is currently under 4 national emergencies. @ of them are the Emergency Banking Act of 1935 and the so called Patriot Act. If any company (state) was sovereign- they would not be included in the 50 and would receive zero Federal Reserve dollars, and pay zero federal reserve dollars. There are no ‘sovereign’ citizens either- for they would not be in the ‘system’ at all. No birth certificate and no SS number, and they would pay 0 taxes and hold a LAND PATENT’ on their property and do no banking at all here. Nobody does this unless you live mobile in the woods or something. If you are part of the system in anyway- you are NOT SOVEREIGN. As soon as you are born here- your birth certificate means that You are human collateral to the International Bankers for the debt-period. The closest you can be to becoming ‘totally free’ here is to pay the price to become a ‘diplomat’ and pay for immunity from the bankers laws and system here and it is NOT CHEAP it would cost you $600,000. I understand- most here do not understand what this place is and what position you are in- which is totally helpless, unless everyone- and I mean everyone here declare total war against the bankers and their used-car salesmen bought and paid for politicians. If you kill all the International Bankers and every last politician you may have a small start to getting to the way things should have been- but are not.

    • sean michael blacab

      It does not matter my friends all will die soon there is no escape anywhere.
      Everyone will be filtered in the pit so sad ,oh you all so bad have a nice ride.
      All laywer(liars)judges the crown all uniforms will die first.


      You won’t beleive this find of the century and it’s implications. The most logical interpretation of the evidence that “they” don’t want you to know!

    • Storm Trooper

      If you can’t afford Gold. Obtain Silver. Both Gold and Silver have been Real money for thousands of years.

    • Armed Gentleman

      How do we take our country back while in the same motion eliminate the current power system?

      • NWO for Dummies.

        Pray. :mrgreen:

      • AllRoadsLead2NWO

        Kill every single International Banker and every one of the used-car salesmen/women ‘Politician’ and every single NWO Corporate Lobbyist in this land and you will have a small start. Then you must elimintate canon, and maritime Bankers law here and return to 100% Natural Law only and eradicate all ‘democrat and republican’ anything because they are both the same, just 2 sides of the same NWO Coin- the same bird or beat with 2 heads- but the same body. There is but only 1 party here the NWO party and they always win every time, guaranteed- which is why they do NOT use the Popular(sheeple) vote because it is an INDIRECT ELECTION- not a ‘direct election -big difference. Doubt it? Then go watch both your fake NWO democrat’ and fake NWO republican’ appointed ‘presidents both related, both give their New World Order speeches on Yotube around the wolrd- but don’t go looking for this to be broadcast by your favorite NWO media mind-washing cable news channel.

    • AllRoadsLead2NWO

      Most every major and minor corporation or company are all NWO. Even their logo’s show their intent and allegiance- but most people have no idea what these symbols mean. Many corps are forced out of existence because they do not play the game. Every politician- which is the only thing worse one could be in this life than a used-car salesman are all pro-NWO or they do not get to play in their game. They are everywhere and on every continent and they will have their NWO whether you like it or not and is actually the whole intent in the ‘New World’ in the first place.

      The only question is how long it will take and home blood must be shed in order to achieve theirs goals and they care not of bloodshed nor time for we are almost there now and it is really surprising how well the tenants of the US INC. are taking with virtually no fight at all- it will be most easy for them and everyone here will wake up one day to a New World Order and they will find out about by the NWO media mind washing companies cnn, fox, msnbc, abc, cbs, nbc, hnn, facebook, etc,etc, etc. The tenants here have -no fight, if they did it would have already started long ago, but many will wait until it is too late and they finally realize that everything here is a total sham and it is too- they have already been so willingly and well played.

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