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Jim Willie: This Will Be the Trigger for the Big Banks to Explode

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The low oil price is the signal of the dying dollar.

 Sub $30 Oil -When this happens, big banks explode

“The reset has begun, the plug has been pulled. Americans and US and western press watch the dollar and say it’s strong. I watch the oil price and say the dollar’s dead.

After ’71 when the gold standard was broke, called the Bretton Woods Accord, what replaced the gold standard but the de facto petrodollar standard?

If your standard for backing, even on a de facto basis, for the dollar with oil, and oil is going down in value, does that not mean that the entity backed by oil is dying? Yes! And this is where the paradox comes. When the oil price goes down, the dollar gets flipped up. When the dollar gets flipped up, gold gets flipped down. Because they are negatively correlated,” states Jim Willie in an interview with Trunews on Jan. 4, 2016.

The ‘petrodollar’ is this: “In 1973, a deal was struck between Saudi Arabia and the United States in which every barrel of oil purchased from the Saudis would be denominated in U.S. dollars. Under this new arrangement, any country that sought to purchase oil from Saudi Arabia would be required to first exchange their own national currency for U.S. dollars.

In exchange for Saudi Arabia’s willingness to denominate their oil sales exclusively in U.S. dollars, the United States offered weapons and protection of their oil fields from neighboring nations, including Israel.

By 1975, all of the OPEC nations had agreed to price their own oil supplies exclusively in U.S. dollars in exchange for weapons and military protection. As more countries continue to move away from the petrodollar system which uses the U.S. dollar as payment for oil, we expect massive inflationary pressures to strike the U.S. economy,” states FTM Daily.


The death of the dollar is seen in the low oil price, which kills the economy. It kills the oil sector. 

We’re not having a recovery!

We’re having a death event!


I think the declining oil prices will cause Saudi Arabia to depeg from the dollar. Here’s why: Their budget deficit is huge. It’s staggering huge. So they’re going to want to finance it. They’re floating Saudi bonds, but would you want to buy them when you think they might have a regime collapse? No.


The Saudis announced pretty much done with this “dollar business”, but the American press doesn’t report it.


They’ve already pulled the plug on the dollar. They recognized their gold was stolen in Switzerland (by the US) and then decided they would set up closer relations with China back in 2014, and expanded their RMB swap facility to do trade outside the dollar.

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Most Big Banks and Corporations in the US are Satanic

I don’t think the American people have the capacity and are not going to get the information that the petrodollar has died. I don’t’ think they can make the leap to conclude that most corporations and big banks are Satanic. I don’t think they have the capacity to accept that – it’s not in their DNA.

Trigger Events – Sub $30 Oil

When this happens, big banks explode with covenant violations, and decide that they’re not going to put more loans on patches for the energy companies to service their debt.  We might see small and big oil companies go belly up.

“The price of oil on Wednesday morning plunged to another recent low as global geopolitical tensions grow, the volatility of Chinese markets continues, and the global glut of oil gets even bigger.

As of 10:30 a.m. GMT (5:30 a.m. ET) the price of Brent crude, the European benchmark, slipped to exactly $35 a barrel — its lowest level in more than 11 years. The price is down nearly 4% on the day, and it’s still falling,” reports Business Insider on January 6.



Jim Willie’s analysis:  To read the rest of the article, go to

To hear the entire 2 hour interview go here.

Want Freedom From Being Censored? Check Out This Last Frontier of Free Press – Tutorial

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Want Freedom From Being Censored? Check Out This Last Frontier of Free Press – Tutorial

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    • Redeemer

      Jim I would like to believe you this time, I really would? :???:

      In other news……


      • PeoplePower

        It Will Take 398,879,561 Years To Pay Off The US Government’s.

        The rogue illegitimate federal government will launch a false flag cyber attack to cover up the collapse of the dollar.

        • Sean

          When Bush took office the price of oil was about $25 a barrel

          Does Willie Want Another War, We Still Are Not Out Of Afghanistan or Iraq, Destroyed Libya and now Destroying Syria – Go to Afghanistan Willie and Help guard the poppy fields and stay there.

          Millions of Human Beings Murdered On A Lie.

          • endthefed

            Next up, war between SA and Iran with the US supporting Iran, they have to most oil to unlock.

        • Judge Roy Bean

          Don’t worry about it, not one penny of it will ever be paid.

      • PeoplePower

        Oops- comment above is the US Governments Debt.

      • Homeowner Of Record



        Here is undeniable proof:

    • LampStand-of-Flames

      Of course the economy will crash :!: We had The Four Blood Moons to tell us this fact :mrgreen:

    • cloudyswift

      What happens when The-Economy/Economic-Activity is merely The Casino Operation? Then, EVERYTHING is a Gamble, Divining the Future being another form of expression of Projective Thinking. That of “Futurising” Thought, there being 2 facets to Thought, which is The-Past or Gross Femininity/”Emotionality” and The-Future, which is Gross Masculinity, aka “Material-Intellect”. That of Depression vs Aggression. For the “Argumentative”/Egotistical, it is benevolent to be able to realise that NO human is born with Thought. NO as in ZERO. Especially not YOU !

      For the unwary, “Insurance” is merely another form of Gambling under the auspices of Da Governmented Kontrol Mechanism. That of Malevolence masquerading as some “Governmented”/Governmental Operation. For the benefit of those who are unable to count beyond their toes other than hurling “Zeroes” at their lacking, Gambling is the “Replacement Therapy” for Absolute Confidence, Compassion, expressed/personified as Mercy, being The One who “sees” The Complete Picture, aka The Beginning & Its Ending. OTOH, The Relativism within Humanity offers Sympathy/”Empathy” [and other Ding Dong Merrily on Highs] as a suitable substitute even when Sympathy is privy to only a tiny part of The Complete Picture.

      But guess what happens when The Stupid-Dumb/”Imperfect” were groomed as The Already Perfect? Then, these Relative Jokers will, somehow but don’t know how, be unleashing/”flowing” their pent-up/accumulated imperfections via some g_d-given right of Religion & Religiosity. Yes, somehow but don’t know how, The Sympatheticos ALWAYS expect-demand that their flawed view be used to cover for/up The Complete View. And Eet Works ! Alakazam or what. You know, when “Insurance”/Gambling is what “they” sell at Loss Leading Operations to make up for those, say, Inkjet Printers which are being “sold” at “3rd World Prices”. Cars are going that way, regardless of Tessie & Co. upping their ante, with Technojunk like “Kameras” going that way too, “The Robotic Tentacle of The Bookie” being “Tojo Inc.”

      For the unaware, Human Intelligence is merely channelling Thought towards Predicting The Future, aka Gambling. That may be AOK [for the time-being] for NASA-ites, Alien-Hunters, Treckers & Co. but not when Human Intelligence lacks Conscience. Yes, Futurising Thought is The Underly Conscienced whereas Sympathy is The Overly Conscienced. More illuminating is that when Conscience is Over or Under, Conscience then no longer exists leaving the “arena” to Over struggling with Under to ascertain which is Conscience. That of Relativity trying to become Reality. This will not work if only because Finality is Reality and for the simple reason that The Energy Creator exists. Not only To Create but also To Destroy. After all, when your “OffSpring” is always turning your abode to some Chemicalising and Partying Joint whenever you are away on “Holiday”, a moment has to arrive when “Enough Is Enough” ! Correctament or is it merely a case of some Idiotic-Lunatic escaping from The Asylum yet again. If so, then the problem resides with that lunatic but what if the above mumbo-jumbo is true?

      Then, the issue is whether there is the desire to change from being Relative to being Real. Should the desire to Evolve exists, the issue then is How to Change/”Evolve”. For The Stupid-Dumb/Relatives, issues are always resolved by Blindly Accepting-Rejecting. You know, being “Religious” about it, The Rejection of Reality being “Saviourship” whereas the Acceptance of Relativism/Saviourship is merely Worship.

      All this Yakity-Yakking about This, That & The Other, however, will not realise Reality other than going deeper into The Rabbit Hole. Not when The Periodic Table had to exists before The Advent of The Material Cosmos. You know, Reality had to exists before Relativity had Read The Manual and declare that It Is Reality. How did Humans became this Stupid/Egotistical-Dumb/Conditioned? More so when without Thought/Reading-The-Manual, The Thoughtless Infant is able to Breathe, Consume and Eliminate. Not to mention Seeing too. And so too are non-thinkers like Animals & Vegetation are able to do the same. Alakazam or what.

      Without Complexity being Simplicity too, Complexity is meaningless. OTOH, Futurising Thought is to Empower via Divison/”Hierarchy”. A Simplicity which Eludes, therefore, is that Innocence is merely the state when there is Zero Thought.

      • DeAcero

        Holy hell… i can’t believe i actually read that wall of text, but in the end, that was very well-said.

        To sum up, cloudyswift is basically saying this:

        1. Reality is what it is. Its existence does not depend on our our ability to *model it*.

        2. For some reason, there are ‘broken’ people in this world who cannot handle that fact.

        3. Therefore, these ‘broken’, small people try to cope with their fear caused by their lack of understanding of reality in two ways:

        > The ‘super-masculine’ way, pretending you have an answer, ‘modeling’, ‘predicting’, etc., which essentially are ways to try to perform the impossible task of bending the fundamental rules of reality to what they *wish* those rules were.
        > The ‘super-feminine’ way, telling yourself that ‘it doesn’t matter anyways’, and to just pick a dogma and hold on to that for comfort.

        4. These coping mechanisms are *completely* unhealthy, as the proper way for these afraid people to resolve their discomfort is to simply A) observe how reality works, and B) continue building (and living by) the best model of reality that presents itself during their observations.


        This comment simultaneously applies to 1) The sick economic system which Jim Willie is addressing in his article, 2) Jim Willie’s attempts to predict the outcomes of this system, and 3) The expressions of future-predicting and dogma this are present in this comment section.

        Once in a while… BIN does good :lol:

    • Klemens

      NWO – Religion is coming!! New Video (1:32 min) by the Pope Francis!

      • knowing

        nwo, spirituality, new age. none of these have anything in common and none of these have anything to do with religion. but all of them combined have one thing in common. they are all signalling the end of every religion. and that’s the good news.

    • cloudyswift

      Without Complexity being Simplicity too, Complexity is meaningless. OTOH, Futurising Thought aims to Empower via Divison/”Hierarchy”, the favourite/constant and irrational urge of The Already-Perfect/Number-Oner/Nazi/Fascist/Kapitalist/Kommunist/Chosened/Religious and other ControlFreaks-kum-AbandonedNutters. A Simplicity which Eludes, therefore, is that Innocence is merely the state when there is Zero Thought, the State of Innocence being what Jesus Christ, aka Yeshoda Krishna, came to potentiate within The Body of Men, aka “The Tree of Life”, via potentiating/”switching-on” Forgiveness & Resurrection. OTOH, without the Advent of Christ, who DID NOT Incarnate to establish “Christianity”, Forgiveness & Resurrection would have remained Of Thought/Imagination/Posturing/Hypocrisy. You know, when, hee-hee, haw-haw, “The Skye is Blue”, “The Sun Shines”, and that gem of a ole rope for new money, “We Are Brothas & Sistas”. Oh Yeah !

    • David Montaigne

      Saudi Arabia has many problems:
      Collapsing oil prices are only one of them.
      They are in a Sunni/Shiite war with Iran in Yemen and Syria and Iraq and other proxy war arenas.
      The people have lost faith in the corrupt old monarchy there.
      The monarchy has lost faith that Obama’s America will protect them from Iran.
      Many trends are unraveling because of one man’s agenda.
        Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate

      • David Mushbraine

        You rote a book? Big deal. I kin ride a bike. :cool:

    • Hang all drunkdrivers

      Just two years ago the controlled media was ranting about PEAK OIL. And now we have a huge oil glut. The CM lies about everything.

    • VirusGuard

      You say

      “If your standard for backing, even on a de facto basis, for the dollar with oil, and oil is going down in value, does that not mean that the entity backed by oil is dying? Yes!”

      The fiat USD is not pegged to oil so you could just replace the world “Oil” with gold in the above statement because gold is going down too.

      Don’t panic Jim because i think gold will go below $1000 and Silver down to $12 on paper so just buy more physical when it seems to hit the bottom if the spot price follows the paper price down but do watch out for big bullion operators who went long on gold and need to convert it back to cash because the money was all on loan from the banks and they are calling in the debt.

      Low oil also equals low minning costs for Gold/Silver but i don’t think Jim wants to talk about that connection because he might break out into tears.

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