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By Anthony Migchels
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The True Nature Of The Conspiracy

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Left: Solomon, the Israelite King who who fell back into the worship of Moloch/Ba’al

Moses, Joshua, and Israel stunningly destroyed the Bronze Age Empires, and started a New Age, that lasted a thousand years or more, until Jesus Christ came. But while forced underground, their enemies survived, and continued their Moloch worship, including child sacrifice. What is more, they maintained control over the arcane knowledge of the Fallen Angels, pertaining the black art of Government. And through it, they started their 3000 year long quest to reassert their lost dominance.

Disclaimer: Here on Real Currencies we have always taken the Conspiracy as a given, and have never made too big a point about who and what was behind it all. Our purpose has always been to show the nature of their power, which is through finance. Along the lines of Ken O’Keeffe: ‘If there is one physical aspect, one material aspect we should focus on, it should be the financial system. We can argue until the end of time who runs the world. Is it the Jesuits, is the Reptilians, the Illuminati, the freemasons, we can go on and on about it. But I don’t think it’s reasonable to even begin arguing about the mechanism with which this control is achieved. The mechanism is finance. The whole point of finance is to indebt, in other words to enslave.’

But as with everybody else, ever since ‘awakening’, I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of it all, and this insight, that the Old Testament is the first hand account of the perpetrators of the Bronze Age Collapse, plus what will follow below, has major implications for our perspective of the Judeo-Masonic/Banker Conspiracy.

As we previously discussed, the great and old mysteries of who was behind the Bronze Age Collapse, and what the Canaanite Conquest really was all about, have been solved.

The Canaanite Conquest, as described in the Torah and book six of the Old Testament, the Book of Joshua, caused the Bronze Age Collapse. Was the Bronze Age Collapse. It was Israel under Moses, and in the final act especially Joshua, who annihilated the Bronze Age Empires and Kingdoms (‘seven Nations greater than thou’, Deut. 7). The Bible clearly describes it: Moses says he will brutally crush the Hittites and the Canaanite powers. We have shown how the destruction of the Hittites was perhaps the central event of the Bronze Age Collapse. We have seen how Joshua 1 clearly delineates the Conquest (Canaan, all the land of the Hittites, and all the way to the Euphrates). And how exactly this area is where the supposed ‘Sea Peoples’ of the mainstream narrative operated.

Here is an interesting map that perfectly shows the geopolitical enormity of these events:

However, this really is the territory of myth and legend, there is no hard data.

Rome itself was a very brutal ‘civilization’, based on slavery, usury, tax farming, and destroying every competing power center, including very much tribes, which were all assimilated in the Roman Borg, basically the Globohomo of its day.

But while the supposed ‘patricians’ openly held child sex slaves, they didn’t sacrifice them. And they found the child sacrifices of the Carthaginians horrible, it was one of the reasons they destroyed the place.

However, importantly, the story of the Phoenicians did not end there: Carthaginians financiers had held major possessions in Rome, and continued their operations there. And after Rome fell, they fled to Venice.

Venice is Venetia which is Phoenicia. They’re etymologically the same.

And Venetia was of course the power base of the Black Nobility, the Guelphs, etc. They had an enormous influence on European history, and their tentacles were all over the Capitalist Empires that succeeded Venetia: Amsterdam, London, and New York.

So what we have established here, is that those who were destroyed by Moses, Joshua, and Israel in the Canaanite Conquest/Bronze Age Collapse, were those who were behind Venetia, and basically all the blights of Modernity.

They are Amorites, Canaanites, and they worship Ba’al/Moloch, and their Cult to this day sacrifices children.

The Jews
The Jews are the second major strand of surviving Moloch Worship.

Who are they?! That’s the first question.

The Old Testament ends with Malachi, the last Israelite Prophet. This was after the House of Judah, as the last remnant of the Israelites, had returned from their Babylonian Captivity.

He accuses them of insincere law following. After this, there is a 500 year silence.

Then the New Testament starts, and suddenly, the word Jew enters the Bible. This word is not present in the Old Testament.

In the Greek version of the Old Testament, known as the Septuagint, the house of Judah is called Ἰούδας.

The Greek word for ‘The Jews’ in the New Testament is Ἰουδαῖος. This does not refer to the House of Judah, but to people from Judea, the province of the Roman Empire where previously the Kingdom of Judah had been located, before the Babylonian Captivity.

So the Jews are people from Judea. That is not the same thing as ‘of the house of Judah’, which is an ethnic qualification, while ‘from Judea’ is a geographical one.

This problem is further exacerbated by the issue of Khazaria, the Turkish kingdom in the Caucasus that converted to Judaism in the 8th century AD. It is by now pretty clear that the Jews of Eastern Europe are Khazars, and not at all from Judea. Let alone ethnically of the House of Judah.

What seems to have happened, is that the remnants of the House of Judah genetically mixed with the Amorite remnants living in Canaan and the surrounding territories.

Having said that, Jesus and Paul do recognize the Jews as ‘of Israel’. See for instance chapter eight of the Book of John.

What is also crucial, is that Jesus walked among them, and many believed upon Him. But they did eventually kill Him too. Both facts are of fundamental import to our appraisal of the Jewish Question.

Another key issue is Judaism, the ‘religion’ of the Pharisees. The Pharisees claim to follow Moses, but they don’t. This was the key quarrel Jesus had with them, He was constantly calling them out for this. The ‘holy book’ of the Pharisees is not the Torah, but the Talmud, which basically is a man made subversion of the Torah. And it is a wicked book, one of crime, degeneracy, of Jewish supremacism. Or, as Jesus said: the ‘law’ of the Elders, not of Moses. Which is apt, because the Talmud itself says that the Rabbis don’t consult with God, God consults with them.

And this is just the Talmud. The real religion of the Jewish leaders is Kabbalism. And there can be little doubt where they picked this up: in Babylon, during their Captivity in the sixth century BC. Cabbalism simply is the occult knowledge of the Fallen Angels. A rehash of Moloch and Ba’al worship. It also very much involves the Black Magick that is Government.

It’s no secret that satanic sects within Judaism sacrifice children. This accusation is called ‘blood libel’ by the Jews, but there are so many well documented cases. From Simon of Trent, to the Damascus affair, to Jacob Frank (whose murder trial led to the founding of the Anti Defamation League). There are several diligently researched books exposing these crimes. Including by Jews. There can be little doubt about all this.

This is certainly not to say that ‘all Jews’ do this. Far from it. It is better to see the Jews as a captive Nation. They have been under the Money Changer/Pharisee boot for 2500 years. Common Jews have little or no knowledge of what their ‘leaders’ are really up to.

They can be justly criticized for allowing such scum to rule over them for so long, and to every time pledge loyalty to them, even when they really are their worst enemies. But the Gentiles have no right to level this accusation themselves, because they are equally guilty of the charge. Very similar child sacrificing ‘leaders’ have lorded over the Gentiles the last 2000 years.

Who are the Gentiles going to accuse, while they speculate on Wall Street, take Usury, invade natives everywhere all the time, and tout Progressivism with its morbid Atheism, Feminism, LGBTQPXYZ agitation, and Multiculturalism as ‘Western Civilization’?!

While they themselves allow ‘Gentile’ Moloch Worshipers to rule over them, just as much as the Jewish masses do?

Conflict between the Jews and ‘Gentile’ rulers
In Protocol 1 it is described how the Jews met the Gentile rulers, and that they saw that they had some knowledge of Government, and passed these secrets on to their sons, and that this knowledge was watered down with time, which helped them immensely.

This is a very telling episode, because it confirms that all the old gentile rulers had access to the old Fallen Angel/Nephilim knowledge of Government. And yes, it stems from there.

Even in the Christian era, until about 1500, the rulers were satanic in nature. They prevailed through terror, that is what Government is. They were forced to use this terror to maintain at least a Christian Order. For instance: the Plantagenets, who ruled Britain for centuries, called themselves ‘the Devil’s brood’. The Vatican too was always a Babylonian institution. Their symbolism makes this more than clear. It was more a cooptation of Christianity, rather than a real expression of the Christian spirit. For example, the Vatican to this day maintains that Jesus’ salvation is only attainable through the Catholic Church, which is a lie that the Rabbis themselves would feel quite comfortable with.

The Templars are another example: during their occupation of the Levant, they seem to have dug up some secrets of the old ways of the Bronze Age, and this first led them to prominence, and next to their destruction.

The Black Art of Government is twofold: on the one hand a vicious mix of terror and make believe. Creating narratives to sway the masses, and terror to imbue them deeply into the souls of men. Basically trauma based mind control.

And on the other a meticulous, utterly rational and scientific study of everything observable in the natural world.

In this way, men are kept in the dark, while the rulers know everything.

For centuries there was a profound struggle between the Gentile rulers, including the Vatican, and the Jews. But while they were divided in this struggle, they were also united in the desire and need to keep the masses down. And this state of affairs was always the norm. The God Kings of the Bronze Age all ruled in similar fashion, and meanwhile warred among each other for more power.

It does seem the Jews prevailed, the Protocols describe how it was through lending to the States mainly. But for certain the Gentile rulers, including Old ‘Nobility’ turned Capitalists, are still a huge part of the gang behind the New World Order. Furthermore, non Jewish financiers to this day maintain large shares in the Banking Cartel.

Masonry and Kabbalism are basically the same things, and they lead to the same thing: demonology. Moloch worshipers are not ‘stupid’. Ok, it is stupid to worship the Devil, but it does lead to worldly power. For some time, anyway. They believe in something bad, but real.

Torturing, raping, and killing purely innocent young children is the most terrible crime known to man. And it does invite demonic possession.

Demons are very real, and texts like the Book of Enoch give a fair idea of who they are: they are the souls of the deceased Fallen Angels and their children the Nephilim. These souls are locked up in some sort of interdimensional realm, from which they can still contact the Earth and the people living here. Magick is about contacting these demons. And these demons do have knowledge, and certain powers. In fact, they do have very high intelligence. The Fallen Angels are called ‘the Sons of God’ in several scriptures.

They pretend to ‘help’, call themselves ‘ascended masters’, and many other names, present themselves as beings of light, and lure people with trickery.

How it all works, I don’t know. But it is something like this.

And these Demons have a plan, and they channel this plan to their underlings. It also involves science and technology: much of what they have developed behind the scenes has been inspired directly by them.

This is where both the utter evil, and the grandiosity of the Conspiracy comes from.

What is more, it is likely that the coming leader of the World Government will in fact be an incarnation of a Fallen Angel into a man.

The Quaint Symbolism Of Masonry
We have all at some point marveled at the strange familiarity of the Masonic symbols.

For instance the winged lion of Venetia/Phoenicia:

The fact of the matter is that this kind of beast still existed until really only a few thousand years ago.

Or the Obelisk:

It’s simply Bronze Age symbolism. This is the kind of stuff that the megaliths of the Egyptians, Babylon, Sumer, the Hittites were littered with.

To call all this rather bizarre would be on target.

But this is the true meaning of this famous quote by Jesus: “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.” ‘The Jews’, the part of them that are so problematic to both the Jewish and Gentile masses, are not ‘Jews’ at all, they’re Amorites and Moloch Worshipers. They’re Israel’s old enemy. They are indeed a Synagogue of Satan.

The key points are this: there is a very clear and important distinction between the Israelites, and the Jews. The Jews themselves usurp the legacy of the Israelites. When you read Wikipedia, you will see that they say that ‘the Jews were in Egypt, and left with the Exodus’, for example. But this is a huge lie. A huge identity theft. ‘The Jews’ only come on the scene in the New Testament. And they are the enemies of the Israelites: they are Moloch worshipers. Not the entire People, but their leaders. Judaism is basically watered down Moloch worship for the Jewish masses.

It turns everything on its head. For instance this strange idea of female lineage. This is certainly not biblical: all the genealogies of Israel in the Bible, and there are many of those in scripture, are all via the male line.

The other strand of Moloch Worship ended up in Europe via Carthage, Rome, and Venice. And between ‘the Jews’ and the Venetian ‘elites’, there is both strife, and cooperation. And this too goes back: in ancient times ‘the Nephilim’, the Giants, the Fallen Angels and their children, they warred among each other, they all had their own kingdoms, but they were united in their schemes to dominate the People. These schemes are now known as ‘Government’, which is mostly trauma based mind control.

Jewish ‘elites’ cooperate with Gentile ‘elites’ in suppressing the masses, while they fight among each other for ultimate domination.

What we’re facing now, the coming World Government, headed by a Bronze Age style God King, with all land in the hands of the World State, and the Peoples of the World under their boot, owning nothing. That is Bronze Age Government. It was like this in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East.

The Conspiracy is by those who were destroyed by Moses, Joshua, and the Israelites. The coming World Government is their revenge. Free Masonry and Organized Jewry are the children of those who were destroyed by the Israelites.

Both the Jewish masses, and the lost Ten Tribes of Israel, have forgotten who they are. What their mission was. But remnants of all Twelve Tribes still exist, and they will start remembering their roots.

And this remembering of our roots also very much involves a serious self reflection, for what we have done: showing lack of discernment, for allowing ‘people’ who sacrifice children to rule over us, to partake in their wickedness, for instance Capitalism, and its Usury, speculation, landlordism, or all the horrid social degeneracy. It is from these sins that we need to heal, that we need to show remorse for. It is these ways that we need to disavow, also very much in our personal lives.

And then we must once more take up our duty: to obey God, and destroy the demonically possessed, who continue to sacrifice children to this very day.

Because we are now facing the final confrontation with a millennia old plague.

A word of gratitude to Daniel Krynicki, who has supported my work, also on the Bronze Age Collapse, for many years.

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Anthony Migchels is an interest free currency activist and founder of the Gelre, the first regional currency of the Netherlands. His articles can be found at Contact him at [email protected]


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