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Dave XRP Lion Discusses the Deep State Crash & the Quantum System With Nicholas Veniamin! - Video

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What a joke LOL! You think the government wants to protect you from evil? Right! Good luck!

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    • JoeXiden

      Fantastic interview with Dave and Nick; eye-opening.

    • Zinja

      XRP and XLM? Those sound familiar – oh yes they are on the WEF website as the only two cryptos that Klaus and the rest of the losers want as the digital infrastructure for the NWO. Just because you clowns believe the imaginary white hats are trying to implement this makes no difference. Crypto is slavery. Now even the Qtards are waking up – except for the die hard idiots who have too much pride to admit they have been had. Things are about to get serious in ways you cannot imagine. Do you still think those FEMA camps are for the elite?

      • Jericho Sand

        So the alternative is to support the people who have poisoned a town in Ohio by wrecking a train, set up peaceful protesters using thugs and neo-nazis at the capitol and wrongfully imprisoned them, opened up our borders, rewarded cartels and let them poison our kids, injected a biological weapon in people that is making them die, lies to us every time they open their mouth, is trying to start a nuclear war, trying to start a civil war, traffics children, sacrifices children, launders our tax dollars, set up 911, and about five hundred other dispicable things that I don’t feel like listing? You think maybe Klaus and those crap heads might be eyeing XLM and XRP because they know they are going to need money and know those two are ones that will remain? I’m pretty sure that’s what I would do if I knew my money was about to be worthless. What’s your bright idea, brain? Just sit there and pout because your dream of becoming a NAZI and getting to tell righties what to do all the time just went up in a mushroom cloud of green putrid smoke? Slavery is what you jackelopes and your incompetent control freak leadership tried to do during covid, you know, that plandemic that they arranged and executed? Who exactly has the pride challenge, huh? Jeeze you lefties are dumb as rocks and completely insane to boot. I’ll take my chances with the people who are obeying the laws, who aren’t out rioting and looting, who aren’t crapping on the sidewalks, aren’t enabling criminals and…

        • Fake News = The False Prophet

          I think you have really nailed “the alternative”, not. Reminds me of the voting asswipes, blue or red doh! Please daddy wipe my ass some more.

          “take my chances with the people who are obeying the laws”

          Oh dear. Clueless.

    • 300MBoatRockers

      Bottom Line,

      http://Banned.VIDEO for Waaay More.

    • Anonymous

      Dave crap lyin- another trash BIN jackass who thinks he knows something you don’t- these nit wits are psychopaths- full of shit gas bag blow hards- F off dave


      I hear this dude speak of, redemption centers and the people will be summoned and you don’t have a choice, they can read your soul and or hart, if the reading is bad you get casted into the lake of fire! 😂 this Terd sounds real, except for these insane side comments. Nicko V, you seemed to be like ummm hummm oh! This fucktard and DJT’s last few comments on patriot cities he wants built BOTH SOUND LIKE NWO 15 minute cities and controlled crypto Digital dollars. Boy oooo boy Patriots could be in some double crossed troubles. Oh well, I stand with LIVE FREE OR DIE, SO WINNING CAN COME ON EITHER WIN OR DIE, IF WE BEEN PSYOP’d WE GONNA BE A TUFF OUT, ANYWAYS WE GETTING CLOSER AND CLOSER TO THIS END GAME OF GAMES. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND WE WIN OR WE DIE, that goes for true patriots who will not kneel to the king !!!!!! 🚨🇺🇸🖕☠️🖕🇺🇸🚨

    • DreamForecaster

      So who gets to determine the quality of your intentions or the level of purity in your heart? This sounds like the Great Reset dressed up in white pretty promises of goodness

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        It’s just bollocks. Don’t believe a word these liars say. It’s TOTAL nonsense for people that will believe any old shite.

    • Freeus

      Have to agree this sounds HOKIE JOKIE. Don’t tell anyone? Please, that is enough in itself to ask who are the controllers? Will they eventually use carbon taxes likes other countries and use it as a tax A VERY EXPENSIVE ONE? I believe it will be hackable by the PTB Powers To Be and not what we think. They will lure us in. People will be so happy with any amount of free $ – they will own them. Like plandemic. Do it and you will be safe but now we are traceable.

    • F16Hoser

      Last Sunday of the month. Should I stay up tonight? :wink: :wink: :wink:

    • DCasey

      This man sounds so sincere – he thinks he’s talking with his god. But he wants global control of every penny. Each person must present themself to a “redemption center” in order to do any transaction, or ‘they will come and get you.’ He is obviously genius, but thinks nothing of throwing anyone who does not qualify into ‘the lake of fire.’ He believes he’s hearing from his god, but who is pulling his strings? He has much too much power. He’s changing our dependency on starlink, our internet, our phones, every purchase at the grocery. This is terrifying.


        You are correct, BIN is getting more negative replies then ever before, 107,Jaco taco,patriot street bitch,Nino (unfortunately) I liked him but seems he is more about money then anything, SGanon x22 Simon parks Charlie waddd 😂 people PATRIOTS are blowing them up ON BIN VIDEO COMMENTS! PATRIOTS ARE CLOSE TO BEING ANGRY 😡 AND DJT SAYS SAME O SAME O EVERY SHOW! Cuz it’s a show as he says shit but nothing PATRIOTS SEE PUBLIC IS HAPPENING RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    • Belgard

      I keep hearing these quantum experts talk about God and the system and how it works with our consciousness and in this case our heart gets scanned to determine if we pass the test otherwise according to Dave we go to the lake of fire? But with these shills I hear not one mention of the Lord Jesus Christ because if the lake of fire is in play here, then we are talking about the tribulation. And the tribulation will last 7 years by which the rise of the Antichrist will happen, we will see an explosion of wealth and technology the first 3.5 years, and then the world is plunged into darkness as those who followed the Antichrist will then be plunged into the Lake of fire at the end of the 7 year period WHEN CHRIST RETURNS!!.

      Christ finally casts out Lucifer to the lake of fire and his followers go with him. So, what Dave is saying is not biblical, and it’s funny how we keep being told by various people that “this is gping to be biblical” and in a micro sense maybe yes, but in a macro sense no. Looks like the quantum system is the mark of the beast so get right with God and the Lord. And let’s not forget the rapture either.

      • JoeXiden

        Who is the antichrist?

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        “those who followed the Antichrist”

        Where, where does the bible say anything of the sort? It’s as if everyone that refers to ‘the antichrist’ has never laid eyes on a bible.

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        “quantum experts” LOL

        They don’t have the first idea, obviously. Just the fact they talk like this should make any people with any thinking ability turn them off forever, but no… the dumbass’s can’t get enough of really silly liars and lies.

        I’d forget all about the made up rapture as well.

    • beLIEve


      IMPOVERISHMENT / Denial of SOVEREIGNTY…………by the FAKE “j00″…..”CENTRAL BANKING”………

      ”we$tern” BANKING CY$T~ em.


      CBDC………..CRIMINAL BANK$TER ~ DEMONIC COIN……….is a CONTINUANCE; upon the people, living in

      the WEST………of the SAME EN$LAVEMENT………that the BRICS+……….are REJECTING :!: :idea:


      WE; the PEOPLE…..also…….HAVE to REJECT………the FAKE “j00″……..THIEVING / EN$LAVING

      so-called BANK$TER$…and……..”their ” CY$T ~ EM$…….without WALKING INTO yet

      ANOTHER…..TRAP. :idea:

      * :evil: * :idea: *

      The COLLAPSE of the BANKING SECTOR…….represents; Imho and, at the VERY LEAST….

      ….INCOMPETENCE & FRAUD :?: :idea:

      The PERPE-TRAITORS are UNFIT to have EVER…….operated the BANKING $ystem / $WINDLE.

      NONE of those COMPLICIT in SUCH INCOMPETENCE are FIT to occupy any POSITION of

      “authority / power” and, certainly NO FORM of “care” of the ASSETS of others. :idea:


      Again, and Imho, I SUSPECT …..the DUNG HEAP of DEPRAVITIES….anticipated the

      GENOCIDE of ManKIND with the DEATH JAB / PCR Test….and…..therefore…..

      UNCLAIMED BANK deposits……..aka………NO Bank Runs :!:

      The $WINDLED Customers would….ALL be….”6 feet under” :!: :evil:

    • HfjNUlYZ

      thank you for this information, GREAT INTERVIEW! Praise Yehova for His merciful kindness!

    • BSdetector

      If you think the public is going to allow another controlled system to run our monetary system, you are crazy. We are not going thru WWIII to go from one asshole system to another. We want physical money backed and directly convertible to gold and silver. Yes, there can be an optional transaction system that each person can decide whether to participate in or not. Each state needs to make these decisions, NOT THE CENTRAL FEDERAL GOVERNMENT which we hope to see reduced by 90%. DECENTRALIZE vs CENTRALIZE.

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        I want no money system provided we have the land back in the hands of the people. The gain exceeds any loss from my perspective.

    • Paola

      Even puppeteers have puppeteers.

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        How ‘high’ does that go?

    • mcelgun

      One question how do they catch the bad guys using the system for drugs, crime etc. if it’s private.

    • Anonymous

      Stop it! Yet another bullshit fairytale just to get attention.

    • beLIEve

      VIDEO: 13 Minutes………INFORMATIVE :idea:


      BRICS Nations Announce Plan for JOINT CURRENCY backed by GOLD :idea: :idea:

      April 07, 2023 :idea:

    • beLIEve

      I SUSPECT (but am unable to prove it) that WE ARE BEING “FED” yet another LIE :?: :idea:

      1. From what I can see QUANTUM COMPUTING relates to the SPEED of TRANSACTIONS :?:

      2. The current “issue” with BANKING is one of INTEGRITY…….FIAT (paper currency ) is WORTHLESS when UNBACKED
      by COMMODITIES of INTRINSIC VALUE, whereas ….SPEED of TRANSACTION tends NOT to be a CRITICAL issue
      therefore, PROMOTING faster FINANCIAL SETTLEMENT times IS a bit of a “red herring” :!: :?:

      3. The BRICS Nations are PROCEDDING with a GOLD/ COMMODITY backed “COIN” that is UNIQUE to
      those who are MEMBERS of BRICS……..and……DOES NOT INCLUDE the BANKSTER AshkeNAZI “western”
      IN$OLVENT BANKS……U$A / UK/ EUROPE :?: :idea:

      IF you take a LOOK at the reference below to…….USA Executive ORDER$ 14024 & 14071…..NO American
      PERSON is permitted to supply QUANTUM COMPUTER SERVICES to ANY PERSON located in the RUSSIAN
      FEDERATION :!:
      ANY such supply of QUANTUM Computing SERVICES will result in the OFFENDER being placed on a SANCTION$
      LIST. :idea:

      The NON-CO-OPERATIVE “nature” of the USA TREASURY communication / DETERMINATION of 15th September 2022
      indicates to me that US / RUSSIA “relations” are at a $TALEMATE……..and there is correspondingly a ……
      COMPLETE ABSENCE of…….FINANCIAL CO-OPERATION….aka……there is… NO “UNITY” of so-called
      CURRENCY / COINAGE, digital or, otherwise………QUANTUM or conventional COMPUTING :!: :?: :?:

      ATTEMPTING to PROMOTE a WORLD WIDE COHESIVE Quantum Financial System IF, IF and IF that is
      what is being PROMOTED strikes me as………..BULL MANURE :!: :idea:

      • beLIEve


        Blog :idea: SmarTrade blog

        Thompson Hine LLP…….. (Business LAW Firm) ATLANTA. USA :idea:

        RUSSIA, USA September 16 2022

        On September 15, 2022, the DEPARTMENT OF the TREASURY… issued a DETERMINATION pursuant to….. (Executive ORDER)
        E.O. 14071…..that PROHIBITS the EXPORTATION, or reexportation, sale, or SUPPLY, directly or indirectly, from the United
        States, or by a U.S. person, wherever located, OF QUANTUM COMPUTING SERVICES TO…. any person located in…the
        RUSSIAN FEDERATION :!: :idea:
        This determination will TAKE EFFECT on October 15, 2022, :idea: and excludes: (i) any $ERVICES TO an ENTITY LOCATED
        IN RUSSIA…..that is owned or controlled by a U.S. person, or (ii) any services related to the wind down or divestiture of an
        entity located in Russia that is not owned or controlled by a Russian person.
        In conjunction with this determination, the Office of Foreign Assets Control’s (OFAC) issued a related Determination
        pursuant to :idea: E.O. 14024 ….which ALLOWS FOR SANCTIONS TO BE IMPOSED ON ANY INDIVIDUAL or entity

        Any such $ANCTIONED INDIVIDUALS or entities WILL BE PLACED ON one of the OFAC $ANCTIONS LISTS :!: :!: :idea:

        :arrow: CLICK on LINK for full article…….

    • beLIEve

      AND………Lo and BEHOLD………HERE it is…….. :lol:


      Narrative Lining Up For A (HOAXED) ALIEN CONTACT :idea: False Flag :lol: FINANCIAL RESET Event :!: – Mike Adams

      Friday, April 7, 2023 :idea:


    • beLIEve


      Copywrite 2023 :idea:

      Many researchers believe that QUANTUM COMPUTERS WILL COMPLEMENT rather than replace our CONVENTIONAL
      TECHNOLOGIES. :idea:

      Why do we want quantum computers :?: Scientists and engineers anticipate that certain PROBLEMS that are effectively
      impossible for conventional, classical computers TO SOLVE will be easy for quantum computers. QUANTUM COMPUTERS
      are also expected to challenge current cryptography methods and to introduce new POSSIBILITIES FOR completely
      Just as people could envision few of today’s uses of classical computers and related technologies back in the 1950s,
      we may be surprised by the applications that emerge for quantum computers.

      Quantum computers SHARE some PROPERTIES WITH CLASSICAL ONES. For example, both types of computers
      usually have chips, circuits, and logic gates. Their operations are directed by algorithms (essentially sequential
      instructions), and they use a binary code of ones and zeros to represent information.

      Both types of computers use physical objects to encode those ones and zeros. In classical computers, these
      objects encode bits (binary digits) in two states—e.g., a current is on or off, a magnet points up or down.

      While classical bits always represent either one or zero, a…

      • beLIEve

        While classical bits always represent either one or zero, a qubit can be in a superposition of one and zero
        simultaneously until its state is measured.

        In addition, the states of multiple qubits can be entangled, meaning that they are linked quantum mechanically
        to each other. Superposition and entanglement give QUANTUM COMPUTERS CAPABILITIES UNKNOWN TO

        Qubits can be made by manipulating atoms, electrically charged atoms called ions, or electrons, or by NANOENGINEERING
        so-called ARTIFICIAL ATOMS, such as circuits of superconducting qubits, USING A PRINTING METHOD called LITHOGRAPHY :!:
        This TECHNOLOGY reached a MILESTONE in 2019, :idea: when A QUANTUM COMPUTER COMPLETED A a specific
        the SAME PROBLEM. :idea:

        The feat is considered a proof of principle; THE USE OF THIS TYPE OF QUANTUM COMPUTER to solve practical problems
        IS EXPECTED TO BE YEARS AWAY :!: :!: :idea: :lol:

        :arrow: CLICK on LINK for full article and VIDEO: 3 MNUTES……



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