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Life, Living, Learning From Mistakes To Move Forward....

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Learning from failure and getting back up to fight another day – Andrew Thorp King joins the CTP Show to talk “Five Essential Rules To Learn From Failure.”…

Hello again all. This is going to be another quasi B4IN CHEAT (JLenardDetroit) article, taking a bit of a short-cut. I just (well, awhile ago, the Show just dropped that I) spoke with Andrew Thorp King (Michael Savage “look alike” – well as in his get-up on his book cover is) - therefore, “cheating” rather than writing a piece completely from scratch I will include the Show Video and the Show Transcript (and FYI, I use a FREE online Transcription Service (you get what you pay for, right?) therefore the Transcript is likely to have potentially bad sentence structure, some wrong words, mis-spellings, etc.; as AI is pretty good, I know well as a former IT guy that I am, but not perfect at grasping overall Context in order to interpret the correct verbiage vocalized translated (plus we sometimes are not “clear” in our speaking and pronunciation of terms/words for the Machinery to distinguish it) to text; but it is GREAT at being able to share a Conversation in print and therefore sharing (as is, well, not entirely true, I do indeed make some changes, additions, etc.) below…

CTP (S1EJulSpecial2, 20240612) Andrew Thorp King and Learning From Failure BTS/SP Video (38m 14s)



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ChristiTutionalist Politics (S1EJunSpecial2) Rules To Learn From Failure – Andrew Thorp King   
Learning from failure and getting back up to fight another day – Andrew Thorp King joins the Show to talk “Five Essential Rules To Learn From Failure.”
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[ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast begin Show intro]

Welcome to ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast aka CTP in association with and I am your host Joseph M Lenard and that’s L E N A R D   CTP is your no muss no fuss just me you And occasional guest type podcast as Graham Norton would say let’s get on with the show 

[ChristiTutionalist Politics podcast - Segment 1] 

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host): Hello, everybody. I have with me now Andrew sort King. And I’ve mentioned this on other shows. There’s a service to kind of, I don’t know what words I’m looking for here. I’m already can’t get my brain and my mouth to cooperate. A service that can bring together podcasts and people who have an expertise or our speakers to come on podcast. And I found Andrew through podcast guest list. So they opened the show. I’m just going to read what I wrote to him about why I think he’s a fix for the show. And then we’ll go from there. I wrote and I got to bring this close to my face even with my glasses. This print is small. Wow. Would love to talk to you regarding five essential rules getting value from failure. As my show tries to always be about having positive out the life outlook and ways to be happy and better selves. And this is great in the we can learn from our failures to be better and achieve future success type moments. But indeed, we need to learn how far too many are disappointed and depressed. If when God is pretty small, having setbacks and need encouragement to continue forward when life’s lessons gives us lemons, how to make lemonade from it. And you indeed agreed, it’d be a great discussion. So here you are. Welcome to the show. Thanks for having me. Appreciate it, man. Let’s get into it. Yeah, I guess the first obvious question is, give us, we know your name. Andrew Thorp King. But tell us about your background. Yeah. So like you said, Andrew,

ANDREW THORP KING:   Thorpe King, the author author here of failure rules, the five rules of failure for entrepreneurs, creatives and authentic. So yeah, it’s been kind of been like a lifelong entrepreneur and creative in my twenties and thirties kind of experience, what I would call a lot of off road entrepreneurial adventuring. You know, owned a fitness center started to record labels that I still own today. Do a lot of things in the banking and finance space, financial planning, leave generation company, online lending businesses, both onshore and offshore, had my hands in a lot of different things. And through all that experience, along with some other personal pursuits, like being a bodybuilder and being in a punk rock band and doing some other things, you know, there’s some things I think I learned about going after difficult, unorthodox career paths or personal pursuits. And so, you know, the roadblocks, the difficulties and the failures that might litter those paths more frequently, are something that you can learn from and can really help to shape your own personal story in a more profound way. And so the book really talks about that concept, both for me personally, and then a host wide array of case studies, both well known figures and emerging influencers and just other unique stories that I thought fit what I kind of unearthed as the five rules of failure. And so the book really centers around these five rules and they’re not really hard rules like do this and you’ll get X result, they’re more kind of mindset principles

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):   to think about and reflect on. Okay, we’ll go into the five when we don’t want to give them all away, we want them to buy the book, of course. So we’ll dabble in maybe one or two a little bit from now. But here’s where I usually also say this is an audio show. However, I do use video behind the scene sneak peek, sneak peek. Oh my God, my mouth will not work tonight. sneak peek video of the show on bit shoot, bright on rumble and YouTube and people can go there to see it and look at you and say, there’s no way you were a bodybuilder. You could definitely tell you’re still pretty bulked up in decent shape. Also, they can see if they are cigar enthusiast, they want to look and see you sucking on that stogie. What kind of cigar is that?

ANDREW THORP KING:   Yeah, this is a Tatuaya Kahuno 2012, one of my favorite cigars recently been smoking a lot of these.

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):   Yeah, these are outstanding. And you mentioned record labels. I talked with Jista, a rapper, originally from New Orleans. So maybe you could check out that episode. So I’ve had recording, I understand. It’s interesting that you have that also that tie, that background. I’ll be forwarding the show, this show along to him saying, hey, check out this guy who’s got record labels, you may want to look into them. But yeah, let’s, what is a, you know, a detap rule or the least interesting rule so that we entice them to want to buy to see one, two, and three. What’s the least

ANDREW THORP KING:   important rule? The least important, they’re all important, I would say. But I think the one that’s probably the most different and maybe less intuitive is failure rule number three, which is money is spiritual. And so it’s the idea that if we’re viewing money properly, and we’re viewing it in kind of a objective way where we’re not worshiping money, nor are we reviling money, right? So it becomes a agnostic tool in our lives that we can use to enhance our lives, bless other people, and lift ourselves out of failure. And we eschew the failure territories of envy and greed, seeing this kind of edge territories of failure. And if you avoid those failure territories, money can be a wildly powerful tool, a spiritual tool, really, because it’s, in essence, it’s a thank-you note. It’s a measure of a thankfulness for place value. And so when you view it that way, I think they can have a lot of power in lifting us out of certain failures, particularly entrepreneurial, economic, career type failures.

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):   I’m glad you said that. That’s a good rule in Segway, since this is Christitutionalist politics, to look at the money aspect from the Christian biblical standpoint. Money is not the root of all evil. The love of money and desire to accumulate masses of it, to reach the moon with is what is evil or can be evil. Otherwise, indeed, it is indeed is a tool. And again, you know, Jesus said, render unto Caesar. What was he talking about? Not communist government. He was talking about coin minted coin is of the government, and tax, therefore, is Caesar’s domain of the money of the governmental money supply. But yeah, because that’s a scripture often most one of the many that’s most bastardized. It is not money is the root of all evil. It is the love and lust for money that is evil.

ANDREW THORP KING:   Yeah, and when you talk about the love and lust for money, I mean, you know, people equate that with greed. But I think that the twin malevolent sibling of greed is envy too. So I think those who are envious who may not have a lot, but, you know, scoring those that might have some, there’s just as much to look at there and criticize and be cautioned of as well, right? So again, it’s looking at it in an agnostic objective way. It’s either good nor bad. It’s a tool if used correctly and if used correctly, can be something that can really, you know, have a lot of power to bless yourself and others. Right. And so I think that is, you know, for me, it’s part of my failure story, right? You know, there was a time where I was, I had gone bankrupt from some business pursuits, my record labels. I was able to save the companies, but there’s a time where I really had no income and had a lot of reinvention that I had to contend with. And through that period, it was wealthy people who somehow did not judge this heavily tattooed body builder and still saw me as a worthy human being to pour their mentorship into. And it was wealthy people who really gave me opportunities, referred me to other people, helped me build up a financial planning practice. And so, you know, I was really, really blessed by the generosity and the humanity of wealthy people. And it really didn’t teach me that value, that money is spiritual. And it allowed me to have, you know, upward social, you know, social and financial mobility. And so,

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):   you are a yuppy. I don’t know about that. Yeah, a couple of things on that. Yeah, I mean, we are in the world now, and it takes money to do things in the world. We all need money to some degree from somewhere, some source. Yeah, I, you’re right. Envy is just as bad as the sinful lust of ever desiring just more and more and more and more than it never ends. Equally, indeed, our bad. We need some. Of course, economies are different in rural areas, of course, cost of living is far less than a San Francisco or a New York City or the South American continent, the African continent money, US dollar can go a long, long, long way there, the different from Australia, different from Asia, different from Europe. And there’s that juxtaposition. And you’re right, I don’t, I’ve never gotten this envy thing. Yes, poorer people can manage to come up with cash to start small businesses. But I’ve never got a job from a poor person. Exactly. Right. It’s always been usually the wealthier people who then indeed understand the money as a tool, and they look to invest it in other things. Which yes, indeed, amasses them more money, but it gives other people jobs and fulfills needs of

ANDREW THORP KING:   consumers. Yep. And if those people are then good stewards of that extra money that they make, and they’re continuing to reinvest it and grow it, it’s going to touch different people in different ways and continue to hopefully in a correctly handled kind of way, you know, spiritualize the use of that money to enable people to be lifted up more and more out of poverty or more and more into prosperity, to have more lives that are more and more fulfilling. So yeah, you’re illustrating,

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):   you know, I think precisely what I’m talking about. Yeah. And let me admit again, I’m not perfect. I’m a sinner. I, you know, at times I am indeed jealous, but within perspective, that’s still far and away from complete envy and covetousness and desire to then fleece that person, whether it be through robbery, legally, or legalized theft through taxation. Right. Some people I know would say the biggest terrorist organization on the planet is the internal revenue service. But at any rate, and the other thing along the lines of the wealthy, if there’s so much envy, hate, jealousy, covetousness, and attempt to want to punish those people, then eventually, and ran at least shrugged eventually, atlas will shrug, and they’ll just say, fine, we’re shutting everything down. We’re going to go buy our own islands, and to help with all you people, we’ve got our money, we can live the rest of our lives out on islands off in the oceans, and you people deal with the nothing less left behind. So atlas shrug, which unfortunately why communists leaning economists like Paul Krugman don’t want that book read in schools anymore. There’s a lot of life lessons in that book. Have you read that or shrugged?

ANDREW THORP KING:   I would take it. Yep. Yep. Yeah. So 100%. Yeah. No, I mean, that’s, you know, if you bastardize and destroy the incentive structure for those that take extraordinary risk to produce, you know, institutions, business structures of value, that then also disproportionately, but appropriately, reward them. If you destroy those incentive structures, you’re going to rob the world of, you know, progress and inventiveness and, you know, forward moving prosperity, right? So yeah, you don’t want the shrugging.

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):   Right. Even Bono of you two who was admittedly 25 years ago, a communist, who said he awoken during the GW Bush administration, GW Bush brought him in to be part of the thousand points of light initiative, and indeed help those on other continents to create self-fulfilling self ability, the pull them up by the bootstraps, rather than make them dependent on handout, forever. The teacher man to fish principle, right? If you constantly are just giving them a fish, they’re dependent, whereas teaching them, even if it’s just simple basket weaving, they have then a skill to then create their own economies upon and lift more boats. You two of Bono finally woke to that fact and says, indeed, free markets and capitalism have lifted more people from poverty in the entire history of humankind. Yeah, 100%. Yeah, I mean, and, you know,

ANDREW THORP KING:   it’s not just the tangible conclusion of that or natural, you know, outcome of that, where people are able then to sustain themselves materially, but it’s also the intangible development of their spirit and their esteem that happens throughout that process, which is even, you know, potentially more important, and is then the transferable asset that could take them from one pursuit to another.

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):   Yeah, someone who was dependent, and there are a lot of people, unfortunately, Jesus said, the poor will always be among you. There will always be, as part of human nature, lazy, highlighters looking to coast their way through life on handouts. That’s always going to be the case, but most people, most people want that whole that would be left out being dependent on someone else all the time, to be able to be filled by becoming self-sufficient. And I’m glad I made a note. I wrote down Merrick, because when we were talking about Atlas Shrugged, some want to replace the meritocracy with a kleptocracy and ineptocracy, you know, just giving people jobs, do work jobs that don’t really fulfill any needs or service, just for the sake of, again, making them dependent in a way for that do nothing job, and eliminating meritocracy. When we eliminate that again, we’re back to Atlas Shrugged, but I wanted to ask you about the book again, which I will read the title again to make sure I get right, five essential rules getting value from failure. Let’s talk about your publishing process. Did you self-publish or were you fortunate enough to find a publisher who believed in the book to want to publish it and hopefully put some upfront money in your pocket?

ANDREW THORP KING:   I’ll answer that question just a second. Just to go back to talking about those that have, you know, quote unquote, handouts, you know, I think you’re right that obviously there’s always going to be people in this world that don’t want to work and don’t want to do the things that they need to do to try to self-sustain themselves and handouts, then obviously become attractive. But I also think there’s a lot of people in this country that really, really do want to be self-sustained or working their butts off and still need help and still need to be out in the gaps. And my heart really goes out to those people I’ve been in that position. So I’m not one to demonize people that fall into a position where they need to fill in gaps and take handouts, which really end up being hand-ups if they’re doing all they can do and are working and, you know, are kind of part of the working for it. So those people really are close to my heart. So they’re not people that

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):   I ever want to like throw to them. I agree. And on my terror strikes that info site, you can go to terror strikes that info slash charity. I have lists of charities, indeed, that help causes because at any point in our life, you don’t know what they happen. And indeed, we may need a temporary period of help. It becomes an issue of when you expect that help to always be there and that to be your soul livelihood. That’s my point. Even the Bible says, help with those in orphans. It specifically says help those who cannot help themselves versus those who will not

ANDREW THORP KING:   help themselves. 100%. Yeah. Yeah. So back to your question about self publishing. So I did choose a self publishing route. I went through a lines crest publishing. And there’s kind of a professional self publishing imprint run by scribe media. So I hired them the same outfit that was hired by David Goggins, by James Altucher, and seemed to leave all best selling authors use them because they’re super pro. The company started by Tucker Max who wrote, I hope they serve beer and hell. And they all have, you know, all, you know, veterans of the publishing industry working there. You know, so I had multiple sets of astute eyes on the manuscript for the editing. Great designers there, the woman that did the cover art, does cover art for Stephen King, and a great marketing team that really helped me launch the book and it kind of get me out there

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):   in the media as much as I say, there’s a difference. One of my books that’s currently earned and nationally available is how to write a book and get it published, hints, tips, and techniques. There is the traditional route, which is shrinking more and more and more. They’ve got their stable of writers. They ride those horses. Then there’s what I call assisted publishing, like what you’re talking. Then there’s the entire self publishing, which is, you know, really, really low and very bare bones. If you’ve got no money, that’s your route. But if you’ve got money, it’s good to go assisted publishing like I did with a illumify media, like you did, because indeed, illumify has former big publishing from employees in that operation. They know what they’re doing. And because especially your first book, you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. You need some experts and there’s value and there’s therefore cost

ANDREW THORP KING:   associated with that. That’s right. Yep. 100%. Yeah. Now I’ve ended to be the right path for sure.

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):   Yeah. And that market is now so saturated with the prevalence of ability with Amazon. Indeed, anyone can throw a Microsoft Word document together, put it up on Amazon and call it a book. So the market is so saturated. That’s the biggest thing. And obviously, one of the reasons you’re here, one of the reasons I do interviews for my books, you got the marketing promote in that huge ocean that we are but a drop of. Yeah, that’s true. Yeah. Now it’s definitely, I mean,

ANDREW THORP KING:   you remove the gatekeepers. It’s a wide open gate, which is great in terms of access for those otherwise wouldn’t have access. But it also means that you have a lot of kind of watered down kind of, you know, entrance into a space. So there’s a lot of noise. So you got to break through it. And I think doing an assisted publishing in a professional way and having a sound marketing plan is one

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):   way to break through that noise. Well, you mentioned your cover. Someone working there used to work in some way, shape or form doing Stephen King covers. That’s in my how to write a book and get it published in Stipps of Techniques. There is a cover design chapter. And you know, just Martin Luther King Jr. was correct. Content of character. Don’t judge a person by their cover but sorry people, your book is judged by its cover. If that’s that good, nobody’s going to pick it up

ANDREW THORP KING:   and look at it, right? It’s true. It’s definitely true. Yeah. Yep. Yep. And she she nailed it in terms of my art direction for the cover for my book. And it seemed like it really represents the content and people are attracted to the book. I mean, the cover art is somewhat simple, but it kind of packs a punch. You know, it definitely draws people in with the color scheme and my image and the flames and the phoenix in the background. So yeah, yeah.

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):   I’m glad you described it a bit for those hearing on audio only. But again, people can check out the video behind the scenes if they want to see the cover. Or of course, just go to Amazon and take a peek at it, right? And then while you’re there, you may as well buy it. Yep. But I lost my train of thought because I didn’t make the note. I did want to ask since I forgot what I was going to. Oh, oh, on your cover. Do you know who Michael Savage is, right? The radio guy, the guy that got banned from England. Yeah. Yeah. I’m on your cover. If you want to hold that up again, it almost looks like him. I never heard that before. I can see that. You can see that now that I say it though, right?

ANDREW THORP KING:   I can see that. I never heard that before. I can see that. I can see why. Hats like the Pandora, I’m wearing and it’s got the beard. I don’t think he smokes cigars like I do. We’re at tattoos. But yeah, for sure.

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):   Again, we don’t want to give away all five rules. Can you give another tease, another rule? Again, not give it all the way. We want people to buy the book, but tease another rule.

ANDREW THORP KING:   Yeah. So another one would be failure rule number five, which is kind of the last rule, caps it all off is you are not your failures. It’s the idea of decoupling your identity from a failure event. So you go through a failure event, even if it’s an ethical one, even if it’s one of complete dereliction of duty, you’re really advocating your personal responsibility and there’s a failure in life. And a lot of failures aren’t that. A lot of failures are externally imposed and may not be your fault and it’s just part of living in a broken world. But the idea that when you go through a failure event, it’s just an event. It’s up to you to kind of stand outside of that. Be a third party observer of that event. Take the emotion out of it as soon as you’re able to, although that’s difficult because failure sucks in the immediate sense before you’re able to make it rule. But that’s really failure rule number five is you are not your failures. And once you realize that you can shed that old skin in your failures, sketch your life anew. I go through the example of the talk show host Glenn Beck and how before he was who he is today, I mean, he was an alcoholic DJ, Donald and cocaine, was known to be really kind of, you know, kind of, excuse my language, it kind of no if I’m cursed on the show. But yeah, go ahead, go ahead. He’s one of the people, you know what I mean? Yeah. I go through his example and how, you know, he was then concerned when he kind of like changed his life and found religion. He, you know, he became a Mormon and found a new wife and he was concerned about his word and his reputation and his good name because it had all been tarnished by the failure events of his life, mostly because of his own choices. But he was able to resketch his life and detach from those failure events. And he had eventually learned that you were not your failures. And you know, his life was turned around. And whatever you think was politics, either way, like there’s been an impact by the things he’s done with his media presence and some of the other personalities and he’s helped come along. So he’s kind of one of the examples I

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):   got through in the book. Oh, that’s great. That’s wonderful. I used to be a and I have a Glenn Beck watch. I don’t watch the blaze, but I used to when he was on CNN, he was the only person on that channel. I could stomach to watch. And then of course, when he went to Fox and then when he started the blaze, I watched for a while. One of the people that I love that he partnered with it was good. If you’re looking for historically accurate reading David Barton, if you know Glenn Beck, I know you then know who David Barton is. Yeah, yeah. Good historian. Absolutely. Yeah. And another example along the lines of what you said, like Glenn most on the right, who would be the bulk of my audience. Let’s just be honest with that. Although I tried to appeal to everybody would be a Michael and Dell. In fact, he wrote his book right from

ANDREW THORP KING:   crack character CEO. Yeah, that would be a very similar example. Yeah. What cracks me up about him, you know, again, regardless of what people think of him, or you know, do or don’t, like the idea that he was like, he specifically didn’t want to be called like a co-cat. Like he wanted to make sure you know he didn’t just do coke, like he did crack, like he wanted to know that, you know, the heaviest stigmatize like 80s drug, like that was his thing, you know, like, and he was not shined away or running from that history at all that that cracks me up.

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):   Well, part of, I think, no pun intended, actually. Right. Yeah. Well, and to tie that all together to what you were saying about failure and not being personal, I think, not allowing that to completely destroy you personally is that admission, though, self admission of your fault, or your failure, then can lead to great success. Because it shows at least you’ve learned something from it, not that you’re trying to run from it. And oh, it was so and so’s fault, I fail. When you’re touching, always a victim, somebody else’s fault for you’ve got to admit your own inadequacies to be able to build around them a foundation, you can build something solid upon that we just underlying will still be there. But if you built yourself a good solid floor to build up from, then you’re good. So I think this is all important. But an admission here, Michael and Dell drives me crazy. I am bleeping tired of the pillow ads. Yeah. And I own a few of his pillows. So for this culture, I own, you know, whatever, my pillows. But God Almighty, can we not have a my pillow ad every five seconds. It drives me crazy.

ANDREW THORP KING:   Yeah, if you might want to say about like owning your failure, right? Like, I think part of that really is that learning how to be self deprecating. And that’s part of like separating yourself from the failure. So I talk about that in the book too. I have a chapter on failure humor, where I talk about Rodney Dangerfield’s story, just about how he was bully grown up from anti-Semitic bullies. And then he, you know, is divorced, depressed. And his humor really was like the quintessential failure humor where all of his humor was basically making fun of of himself or people going through things he went through. And that was his way of dealing with it and processing it moving forward. And I think that’s a beautiful thing too. And I talk about comedians like Bill Burr or Louis CK who’ve done the same. But yeah, I think that’s part of the process too is, you know, I have a line in the book where I say sometimes you need to take yourself less seriously to seriously put your life back together again, you know, even in my terror strikes coming soon

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):   to a city near you book on terrorism very serious, though I’d like to say it’s not about death. It’s about life and living. There is a comic relief chapter to make that point. You’ve got to be able to laugh and you mentioned Dangerfield. I think a Jamie Lissau currently his comedy tour is called the divorced dad tour. And his whole stick is poking fun at his failure as a husband, and being a divorced dad. So yeah, you’ve got to admit things and you’ve got to keep a sense of humor. No matter how serious things are. I don’t go very long with my shows. And again, I don’t want to try to drag out the other things because we want them to buy your book. So let me ask, do you have an author site to refer people to?

ANDREW THORP KING:   Yeah, everybody go to Andrew Thorpe There’s no E and the end of Thorpe. So it’s Andrew Thorpe King, T-H-O-R-P dot com from there. You get to my Instagram, which is also at Andrew Thorpe King. You can buy the book on Amazon or anywhere books you sold online. There’s also an awesome audiobook as well. And you know, it’s all formats, hardcover, paperback, ebook, audiobook. So go check it out. Failure rules with an exclamation mark, the five rules of failure for entrepreneurs, creatives and authentic, the subtitle. But yeah, Andrew Thorpe King dot com or at Andrew Thorpe King on Instagram.

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):   To all the way Instagram is being a real pain again and announcing more crackdowns, more rules, more censorship of content. So please join some of the other ones. I’m on more than a dozen social media platforms. I don’t want to limit myself, right? I can easily cut and paste the same commentary to different platforms and reach different people that way. And when you’re promoting a book, social media, for the most part, the platforms are free. You don’t turn down free, right? Oh, there’s a little bit of time obviously involved in that, but you don’t turn out down free. So yes, it’s not an Amazon exclusive. It’s available through Barnes and Noble and books a million or booktopia for my viewers in Australia. Shout out. I know you’re there. I see the stats. Yeah. So yeah, available anywhere you get books. If you’ve got a mom and pop bookstore near you, please go to them first. Ask them to look it up. They can find it and bring it in for you. Support our local brick and mortar stores while we still have them to support. Thank you, Andrew Thorpe King for stopping by. Greatly appreciate it. Hold up the book and give the name one last time.

ANDREW THORP KING:   Sure. Failure rules, the five rules of failure for entrepreneurs, creatives and authentic.

JOSEPH M LENARD (Host):   All right. Thank you. Take care. 

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How am I bringing back the LITTLE WILLIE JOHN “FEVER” Song?
see: /sports/2024/06/will-wnba-actually-put-female-pro-sports-really-on-the-map-or-die-to-dei-correctness-hate-2785791.html

Going further back….

A response I made to someone (SMS Texts, back and forth) in regard to their saying a recent CTP Show “BrainDead (well that’s a harsh title LOL) part 1″ ( was/is “thoughtful”…

Thx for the feedback on BrainDead1 episode (he will be on my Show soon for an already “Listener Feedback” mini-episode in next several weeks (end of February or early March 2024) when he wanted to react and talk about S1E13 “Censorship” Show) I indeed go for “thoughtful” (always, logic and reason and facts) though I have addressed that sometimes I may indeed get HOT/ANIMATED and sound more like raving lunatic (Leftist) at times (while “spirited” in “tone” and action – still using logic/reason/strategy but just a bit more “passionately” delivered (see related 1m YouTube Short on that))! LOL Thankfully those number of Shows are the exceptions and not the Rule. I am always going for “not the same ole talking-point takes of the usual suspect talking-head parrots” (there is Hannity and a million others for the same-ole bs parrot responses (though, not to say, sometimes a particular talking-point oft heard is not worth repeating too, but parroting cannot be one’s ONE TRICK (and sadly too many are just parrots (or One-Trick-Pony, if you prefer) with never any originality — AT ALL, EVER (at least if delivering the same basic “topics” have some reasonable different approach or other “angle” of delivery than same mono-tone talking-head resting face and voice))).


Rick Walker joined me on my Show awhile back – see:

2023 in review…

CTP (S1E33, 20240203 drop, BTS/SP) “Brain-Dead Folks 1 (that’s a harsh title LOL)” BehindTheScenes/SneakPeek Video

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