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Do as Cuban says, not as Cuban does - usual Elitists positioning from Leftists on CLIMATE!

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Short and to the point…. From my LOCALS social-media account….

Dear Lord: My POTUS ticket?
(Extinction Level Event 2024, ERASE ALL HUMANITY from the Earth and start over, or at least evaporate away all the #ClimaTards and their BassAkwards policies that MAKE MATTERS WORSE (self-fulfilling prophecy then, and excuse for what it is really about TAX INCREASES they can then Launder more Money to their Donors, Family, Friends) not better (more on that coming))…

Moron @MarkCuban says “cannot #Vote for anyone doesn’t think #ClimateChange real” (meaning, Trump, cuz he and his ilk are doing JUST FINE, they have plenty of Money to weather (pun intended) the #BiDUMBnomics storm while it destroys the average folks’ bank accounts).

#FACTSmatter #CONTEXTmatters #HISTORYmatters  

Scientists/Archeologists claim SAHARA once Mighty Sea!
Why, moron, GREENLAND called that?
Old Maps show ANTARCTIC LAND MASS free of Ice!
etc… etc…
SO, how about AN HONEST DISCUSSION (something Left can never have) about The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, of all the contention over CLIMATE?!?!?
[keep reading, unless you're a Leftist don't want your DELUSION burst]


So, YES, was, is, always WILL BE, some #ClimateChange and SHIFTING (It is called WEATHER and Natural Climate ebb/flow). BUT RETARDS like #MarkCuban do not mean that, they mean #ManMadeClimateChange HOAX CULTISM and a BIG FUCKING DIFFERENCE. Meanwhile, of course, HE ADMITS he will still fly around PRIVATE JET (and very low efficiency gas powered stretch Limos that of course need to idle for at least 10 minutes to warm or cool it before he gets in (but you, your Car, is likely subject to an IDLING ORDINANCE which you will then get a Ticket) - when will Tesla help Mark out and come out with the Stretch-X-Tesla-Limo?). The Planet was A LOT WARMER in past, when there were fewer Humans, no SUV’s, no Factories, etc…


Of course, YOU are to suffer, NOT HIM, he is a Ruling Elitist that Rules do not apply. And, as saying goes: ACTIONS LOUDER THAN WORDS. Just as #obaMAO, #Sanders, #Gore, all recent purchases of WATERFRONT PROPERTY while “pretending to believe” in #ClimateHOAX and “waters are going to wipe out all Coastlines in a few years” manure.



YES, MAN did cause “a CLIMATE ISSUE” at one point – it was CALLED THE DUST BOWL as we clear-cut far too many contiguous swaths of land and took away NATURAL BREAKS. We SUPPOSEDLY learned from that and CHANGED OUR WAYS to not do stupid like that again. HOWEVER, LEFTARDS learn nothing, ever, really, always repeat History/stupidity – while they CRY about WILDFIRES they put in place policies (like Dust Bowl times) THAT NOW ALLOW THOSE WILDFIRES BURN QUICKER AND DESTROY MORE FOREST (they claim they care about) cuz we no longer MANAGE the Land (clear the brush fuel, created Fire breaks, POOL WATER (no, gotta let it all flow to the Ocean and waste it out of imaginary concern for “Delta Smelt” or whatever, meanwhile BAMBI burns to death, and people go THIRSTY and Farmers cannot sufficiently Water Crops which will lead to MORE HUNGER))!!!! So, in a sense, is there REAL MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE, I guess I now have to admit YES and it is the LEFTARDS causing the FORESTS TO BE BURNT AWAY (a “change in that Climate” caused by LEFTARDS). I was on with Rick Walker (Maverick News, Ontario, Canada) earlier in the year, but I do not remember which episode it was to link to it (but I have appeared with Rick/MaverickNews several times and a few of those Shows are on my LIVE section of my YouTube channel (if, when, where, I was able to STREAM them on my side of things))).

The #ClimateGATE Data scandal, PROVES THE HOAX. The desire for many in order to continue to get GOVT GRANT HANDOUTS to keep creating MORE FAKE STUDIES to support the Elitists’ narratives and agenda (again, NOT about saving the Planet, but more LINING OF THEIR POCKETS). It is NOT “SCIENCE” it is bought, paid-for, FRAUD pseudo-science — just keep SELLING the LIE and use the Suckers own money stolen from them to keep refunding more LIES to keep selling it to more Suckers (again, meanwhile, LAUNDERING much of the monies to Donors, Family, Friends).

THERE IS ONE AND ONLY ONE LEFTIST that I have any degree of Respect for on this. He is WILDLY delusional on all this, BUT HE AT LEAST IS EARNEST IN HIS MISGIVINGS!!! HE (who?) Ed Begley Jr. at least attempts to WALK THE WALK not just spew shit! He does live a much more reserved Lifestyle. He is NUTS, but I salute his being the only Leftist NOT A COMPLETE HYPOCRITE!!!! And myself as A CONSERVATIVE (hey, you know, CONSERVATION comes from root of that) and am a REAL CONSERVATION MINDED person; as a ChristiTutionalist am about “being a good steward of God’s Planet we have been given dominion over; we can, could, WHEN/WHERE FEASABLE and REALISTICALLY POSSIBLE to do some things (like Manage our Forests to stop them from Burning away) WE SHOULD (within reason, does no good to BANKRUPT ourselves trying to do many of these PIE IN THE SKY supposed solutions, but indeed I am more for Technology and advancement that can help like ALUMINUM being easily and inexpensively recyclable and for recycling such (reuse, makes sense, rather than DEPLETE, when/where possible), trying create better Plastics that are more easily recycling friendly as now most plastic types have to be separated and treated differently ADDING MASSIVE COST to the process, recycle paper as best we can to indeed not need to keep chopping down so many Trees (but, again, The Left is HAPPY to let the Trees BURN as they peddle it as “Climate HOAX” reasons narratives and agenda, while Bambi and Thumper burn too (I thought they care about Animals? Murder Babies, but save the Animals) rather than slightly inconvenience some of the Animals making them MOVE if we need to create a Break or clear Brush, inconvenience NOT LET BURN UP, hey Leftists STOP being complicit in KILLING CRITTERS), etc…(but again, WITHIN REASON OF ABILITIES TO DO SO)). 

ASIDE, TAX THE RICH scam/con too…. Meanwhile Bernie SANTARDS owns 3 Mansions (again, ONE BEACHFRONT) and drives a quarter-Million dollar Sports-Car; but his #BernieTARDS still think “he’s for them” and the “Tax the Rich” idiocy (TAX THE RICH = Fascicrats rhetoric for TAX EVERYONE THAT ISN’T THEM and give kickbacks and subsidies to cover their Tax payments back to themselves).

It was NOT Climate CRISIS (the Climate Hoaxers scream about) that took the Lives of Rachel Morin, Mollie Tibbetts, Lizbetch Medimna, Kate Steinle, Sarah Root, Laken Riley, and so many others – IT IS LEFTIST Open Borders policies that did and they have ZERO INTEREST in doing anything about THIS REALITY and only focus on their DELUSION narratives.

CTP S1E39 SHOW NOTES ( listen (Sat Mar 16 2024 and thereafter) at: )… 
ChristiTutionalist Politics (S1E39) “Newcomers (The Left again with Orwellian Newspeak language twisting)”
This episode strays from my norms. While over at TheLibertyBeacon my piece (for Sat. Mar. 16th 2024) is continuation from last week (Quotations) here on CTP taking a turn and a flashback to my TLB pieces (parts 1 and 2) on ‘Twisting and Warping’ of Language as The Left tries to call Illegal Immigrants just “Newcomers” as if they are equal to and no different from LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. The FULL CONTEXT of who and what someone is matters, how they got here matters, words (or attempts to distort them) matters! Plus the Orwellian rewrite of what a ‘Spending Cut’ is (no, when you spend more, it is an increase, regardless of it may be less than you were going to raise the spending level to). ‘The definition of IS is’ again. The ProuNouns dodge/deflection/distraction. Redefining Pedophiles as MAPs now Illegals as HOAPs (Hand Outs Attracted Persons), more.
See Buzzsprout podcasts Transcript of Episode for related addl info
Transcript Bonus: TLB “Twisting/Warping Language” (parts 1 and 2) and “Tale of Two National Guard Deployments (NY/TX)” [upcoming TLB drop preview]



CTP S2E53 SHOW NOTES ( listen (Sat Jun 22 2024 and thereafter) at: )… 
ChristiTutionalist Politics (S2E53) “CTP Show Goals, Social-Media Online Life, and TLB-Talk Relaunch”
Reverse order – Segment 2: Social-Media Online and TLB-Talk Relaunch and can we make online life a better place vs all the negative nelly Trolls just looking to upset people. Yes, be informative, share information which can often be ‘less than positive’ but let us remember to share some pleasantries and common courtesy from time to time also. Segment 1: Show intro from S1EJunSpecial3: A break-out of Segment that will be included in a few other Shows to focus on point/purpose of the CTP Show and us together as Christians (despite sects/brands)… We are thousands of years removed from Christ’s time. Does anyone deny humankind is flawed, frail, capable of mistakes. Can anyone deny we are sometimes, IMO too often, divided even in our own views of “Christianity” (somehow we are all followers of Christ, but at times still divided than united in Christ) – it is undeniable there are variations, revisions, differences, in the various sects/denominations Bible version texts, otherwise how can there be so many different versions of supposed ONE BIBLE. Satan has entered Hubris in our Hearts, trying to taint our Souls, wanting us to focus on the divisions THAT MAN has introduced from, in, with our “supposed ONE and focused in Christ” FAITH (as none of us were there thousands of years ago) and these various rewritings of the original texts. The point and purpose of CTP is to try focus us on things we can all agree and come together under CHRIST – not let Devil steal our Joy and our Love of Christ and instead be at each others throats in these Satan and/or Human created “differences” in the last couple thousands of years that have entered in our discourse. Until we are all ONE together in Heaven and all and full truth revealed (direct from the source, not tainted by Human game of “Telephone”) we take it all on FAITH (none of us KNOW with 100% certainty and assurance, not me, not you; again unless you have a Time-machine to go back and hear it all first-hand; no-one, that’s why we all Pray (don’t we) for guidance and forgiveness if/when/where we get something wrong in Life at times). Let us be TOGETHER in Christ, not bickering as Satan wants us to be. And while we are to Judge (Biblically contextually) Final Judgement is for The Lord – Condemn not lest ye be Condemned. Has Jesus contradicted, of course not, had Jesus gotten something wrong, of course not, it is Humans via misinterpretations and mistranslations that have introduced any potential Scriptural contradictions and discrepancies or potential attempts to distort in our different sect/denomination texts (Bible copies) – as our Churches, our sects/denominations have Human Leadership and sometimes personal mistakes or outright quests for power/control here on Earth. Lastly, Timberlake sang “bringing Sexy back” we need “bring pleasantries back!”
See Buzzsprout podcasts Transcript of Episode for related addl info
Transcript Bonus: No transcript bonus this episode


Rick Walker (of Maverick News, Ontario Canada (one of my Canuckada friends)) joined me on my Show awhile back – see:

2023 in review…

[BRIEF NOTE: There has been, continues to be AN ISSUE with BeforeItsNews of late (in certain B4IN category sections, not all) in embedding Videos that I have filed a Support ticket regarding and still awaiting resolve. Normally, I am able to add several embedded Videos within every piece. For some reason I am limited to only including one as attempting more causes entire HTML code and parts of Articles TO VANISH. So, there will be additional links to Videos rather than my preferred direct embed of several. Related Videos that I had hoped to embed throughout are...

"(CTP S1E28) SneakPeek/BTS "Can One 'Generalize' About Women Voters?" (Audio Show drops 20231230)"
or Rumble:

"CTP BTS/SP (S1EDecSpecial (MidWeek 12/6/23 drop)) "Dating in these WOKE times" Politics dividing."

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"CTP BTS/SP Video (S1E26) Year in Review (part 2)"

These Videos are also available via Bitchute and Brighteon @JLenardDetroit channels.
To see my CTP Show "Soundbites" samples - see: 

Take these, and of course ANY of the ChristiTutionalist TM Politics episodes on the Road (or whatever/where-ever) with you via Buzzsprout or any of the 15+ other podcast platforms it is available. ]















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    • Anonymous

      Let’s not forget their fraudulent Fool School that we were all forced like slaves to attend and parrot the lies in order to get out.

      • JLenardDetroit

        Whole other topic, and YES speak out on… I address it in THREE of my FIVE internationally available books..

        Seriously, sadly Education is so da** poor in the Western World these days, people know no History (virtually NOTHING, and by design – dumbing down of America (As Carlin said) just have them Smart enough to Run the Machines (or today, capable enough to PULL THE FASCICRATS LEVER by indoctrination and certainly NOT SMART enough to question a damn thing or do own research)…

        In the USA the Indoctrination factories (and other supposed FREE SOCIETY systems) are peddling Radicalism, Raunch/peRversion (tRans, pedophilia), Racism (cRt), and anti-ameRicanism – the new “R’s” – to our Entitled/lazy, participation tRophy overblown self-esteem buffoons, know nothing brats; meanwhile China is teaching their Children the traditional/core “R’s” of Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, histoRy, scRience (see what I did there, cuz our kids are so dumb they wouldn’t know the R doesn’t belong there), biRology (not fake gendeRism), honoR, Respect, woRk-ethic, etc…

        more in

      • JLenardDetroit

        They need younger generations to be DUMBER and DUMBER and dis-interested in bothering TO RESEARCH and LEARN anything for selves – just toe Leftist idiocy lines… BUT IT IS STARTING TO BACKFIRE…

        CTP S1E48 SHOW NOTES ( listen (Sat May 18 2024 and thereafter) at: )…
        ChristiTutionalist Politics (S1E48) “Let Left Keep Pushing (Generational Shift Occurring)”
        Generation after generation often “is concerned” about the generation/generations following them, and I’m not just talking about “tastes in Music” LOL. “Concerned” about erosion of what was considered “traditional values” our “Culture” and “Societal norms” prior. And yes I joke over and over about “Gen-Y” as in whY are they here? My Friends, just a joke, just a good-natured “jab” (poking fun at the usual lamentations of what the future holds once Younger Generations gain power/control). Beyond that, and to be “serious” the point of this Show is to examine “changes in trends” toward the Right (away from The Left), backing away from lurch ever more toward Fascist dictatorial Statism and wanting to preserve Freedoms/Rights before they are erased forever. Studies are Showing, that many of our Younger people are resisting and rejecting The Leftist indoctrination attempted to be imposed upon them. Is there hope for America’s future after all? Major part of this Show topic/discussion.
        See Buzzsprout podcasts Transcript of Episode for related addl info
        Transcript Bonus: Remembering Our Rights and Freedoms Beyond The 4th-Of-July (TLB piece)

    • JLenardDetroit

      Not that I am in any way #Psychic, easy to KNOW #ClimateChange #HYSTERIA would be in #News again soon – and coincidentally indeed on #TheFive today on #FOXNEWS they covered such with “CLIMATE CRAZIES TO GRAMPS: MOVE OUT & SAVE PLANET” as the banner across the bottom.

      OBVIOUSLY, the THINKERS on the Panel (meaning, The Leftist (Richard FOWLer) on the loon side again) pointing out – LEFTIST ENDLESS #HYPOCRISY and “Do as they say, but they will never do” Elitist standard —- as I discuss (and more) in my piece from Tuesday on such (when Mark Cuban had no problem showing his hypocrisy for all to see, ADMITTED HE will keep flying Private but YOU should suffer cutting things back) and more…

      Do as Cuban says, not as Cuban does – usual Elitists positioning from Leftists on CLIMATE!


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