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Germany. Chaos Descends.

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    • sarah

      Why give up your way of life or install a police state because of a bunch of barbarians acting like animals?

      Fingerprint them, send them back, and tell them if they come back into a European country they will be executed.

      Then do it.

      People have a God given, as well as a human right, to protect their homes, families, and countries.

      And, sometimes that means people must oust those holding government positions who fail in their duties to protect the citizens in a particular country or countries.

      • Bob

        Sounds Just Like The 21Year Old Multicultural Failed State Of South Africa….
        While Our ( Wanabe 3rd term Dictator President Zuma Like Obama ) Is At The Dis-United-Nations….GIVING SPEACHES ~ MORE TRUE LIES….

        Telling The World How Africa Is Good And Growing ( In Polygamous Out Of Control Breeding Yes )
        Apparently No Recession Here Just Growth ……



        Bye Bye Europe and the British Commonwealth ~ PAYBACKS A BITCH…….

      • Boxed in Freight

        A private citizen cannot own a firearm in Europe, except Switzerland, to protect oneself and family from marauders. Not even the police have firearms. This is the reason Obama wants guns removed from America, so that when he tries to open the flood gates here, the immigrants can do the very same thing. The problem Obama failed to see is that since he took office, private gun sales in American has skyrocketed and anything like what is happening in Europe would never be successful in American towns and cities.

        Thank God for the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.

        :lol: :lol: :lol:

      • Gryphon

        Sarah – of course you are right, but the situation doesn’t depend on who is correct.
        It is ‘political correctness’ that unfortunately runs rampant, and rules in today’s world!
        (Calling that man ‘Caitlin’ is a perfect example.)
        And what SHOULD happen, and the way things SHOULD be, will, in this nutty world divorced from reality, never come to pass…

    • beefree

      Audio Transcript:

    • katkaprvosienka

      Civil war is on it´s way. No doubt about it. Only hope for Europe is now Putin and russian army, how ironic is that.

      • Klemens

        Irlmeier and Co did predicted.: first civil war and then WWIII. :!:

    • dabu

      Yes, it is 100% an slippery pond scum liberal inside job! The pope / false prophet was just in the US preaching white house talking points? Did not talk about God or Jesus, except for saying “The life of Jesus ended in failure. The failure of the cross”! Last week was incredible! The pope comes to the US to lecture us from obama’s script! Incredible!

      However, the fool at the Vaticon will soon fulfill the third secret of Fatima! Prophets see him and those with him being beheaded. Ironic that those he aids and comforts are so hate filled that they them selves are the ones to kill him. But don’t listem to prophesies of the past, we had ISIS just tell the world that they have plans to kill the pope!

      • Sun Rabbit

        CHRISTIANITY is nothing more than an elaborate JEWISH TRICK upon us.

      • CrowPie

        ” 100% an slippery pond scum liberal inside job! The pope / false prophet was just in the US preaching white house talking points?”

        MMMM…Sorry. Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner has tried for twenty years to get a pope to come to the U.S.

        Don’t lay this at the Dems. feet. Most Dems still believe in separation of church and state, while Republicans are running head long for a theocracy or worse….Baptria Law, Cathlia Law or whatever their particular brand maybe.

        What ever you do…don’t try to lay this on anyone else….the Republicans asked the head of the catholics to come and mess up traffic during a perfectly good work week.

    • Klemens
    • Grover

      Fascism is in grave danger.

    • joah

      not true: stupid clickbait

    • Klemens

      Is Angela Merkel Europe´s Evil Spirit? Or Who Is Managing Her?

      • AllRoadsLead2NWO

        No- she is just owned by the Jew Money Changers-just like every other country and person on the planet.

    • freedom007

      This report is credible.
      Although things in my region of Germany – Westphalia – are far better still
      than what this man reports from somewhere in an Eastern region of Germany,
      I feel that ransackings and vandalism could occur here too, once the system becomes too overburdened by these uprooted, disinformed and latently or openly aggressive refugee males.
      Merkel ridiculed herself by her sayings about “welcome culture”
      for, though this all was good and true formerly when REAL refugees came,
      it is purely foolish to use these principles on the kind of immigrants we get now.
      They would need to be much more strictly controlled, and all of them who are caught stealing, vandalizing, bullying or whatever, should be busted out of Europe at once and for good.
      We dont need criminals to immigrate, we got enough crooks and freaks of our own!

      • Big dog.../small fish...

        I agree and that’s where the BIG problem will lie who amongst them will be solid law abiding citizens and who are really ‘criminally’ minded.

    • CrowPie

      Well, if there is one thing to be thankful for….it is that we don’t have to rely strictly on the NEWS for our information.

      We have commenters from those actual countries willing to tell it from their own perspectives and general areas.

      Thanks for those of you who are willing to post and confirm information when it’s important.

      • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

        Those are CIA shills….NO! Mossad shills…NO! Greens! Grays! Men in Blark!
        Kinda sad that the various governments (PTB…whatever you want to call the rat bastards that want us dead, or their slaves) have made people so suspicious of each other.
        No wonder they want to kill the net for us, and our ability to communicate with each other around the world stifled.
        Keep talking and LOVING one another.
        Tell it like it is.
        We’ll know you.
        Keep us informed and we’ll do the same for you.
        I believe they messed up with the web.
        It was a way to control us, monitor us.
        BUT…it still let us talk to each other.
        To spread the word.
        The word of what really happened when THEY LIED to us.
        Keep posting people!
        Sharing at the “GROUND LEVEL” is the ONLY way we have a chance!!!
        At least we can warn others.

        • CrowPie

          Thank you, Sir.

    • Paul Braxton

      Wars create refugees but usually they will want to fight to get their country back. The solution is to form military brigades from all the able bodied refugees to send back to fight for their homes.

      why should western Christian children be tasked with fighting this war.

      Note they have run to Christian lands not their Muslim brothers who have taken zero refugees.

      Europe has no option but to stop this farce as this is a religious war.

    • VirusGuard

      They need cheap slave labour let in to prop up the profits of large corporations that all owe money to jewish owned banks, aka IMF and FED

      As wages are forced down by these new slaves the debt slaves get in more debt by buying houses at seven times income so it’s a double win for the zionist bankers.

      I am all for trading 1 million slaves being let in for the heads of all the internatonal bankers who are behind this move.

    • Mondogobbo

      I am not so far from Germany. I am in Denmark, but maybe 250 km. from the german border. I have not seen one single refugee yet. Maybe you germans could send some of them to Denmark. We don´t reall have so many of them yet….and most of those who have come here, continue to Sweden or Finland because they don´t like the (in their opinion) harsh Danish immigrant politics.

      That been said, I think that Angela Merkel is a puppet to the New World Order. Notice how she always folds her hands so they form an Illuminati pyramid!

    • CharlesH

      Our own fearless leader in the U.S. has offered (make that promised) to allow 100,000 of these heathens to enter our country. The main difference between here and Europe is that a whole lot of the citizens here have guns and will have no problem protecting what is theirs. The U.S. as you know has enough problems with illegal immigrants – there will come a breaking point where all hell breaks loose.

    • charlie2dogs

      america will be in total chaos before it is over because of forced immigration, but the you idiot americans vote for things like this

      • Big dog.../small fish...

        Our canadian prime minister has made a promise to bring some in as well. The mayor of our town as put away $150,000 for integration purposes to help migrants willing to end up in this middle of NOWHERE.

      • TuffENuff

        The people of Germany voted for Merkel too. Isn’t “demonocracy” great?

      • NWO for Dummies.

        The similarity in trends in america and europe proves this is all planned to destroy western civilization which grew out of christianity lo these many centuries. sick that you commenters can’t see schit even when it is thrown in your faces….or maybe you have become them.

    • Hidden Truth

      lool I live in europe and this article is a pure lie and propaganda … the migrants subject is all related to the CIA and is a planned movement.

      • wiseoldlady

        Time for many of you to subscribe to the web site so you can see the many videos of these barbarians invasion into Europe. I watched a video whereas these mongrels literally destroyed, turned residential trash cans over, dumped out the trash, went into a main street, turned over a dumpster, and another, in the middle of the street, set fire, and destroyed a lot of stuff, trash everywhere…. broken street lights and signs. The Muslims were laughing while the Italian residents of this small village town watched with disgust and horror from their windows.
        Time for Europeans to get some 3D printers and create defense against these NWO pre-plotted depopulation annilators. The entire agenda is evil.
        If you want to help a people you know will not assimilate with culture… you must help them in their HOME locale. But George Soros even created pamphlets to entice and lure these muslims to come to Europe, knowing they would destroy. When the welfare system is deliberately stopped, hell will occur. Starvation and every ungodly filth will arise. It will be a resurgence of France and Britain’s Bolshevik Russia. The blood thirsty NWO psychopaths should be the target. But indoctrination and stupidity will lead the way again. I recently read an article stating these Muslims have an IQ in the 80s. So people must start explaining the truth to them on their level about the NWO plans. Of course that won’t stop their infidel attitude towards the good people. Pathetic in every direction.

    • UselessEater

      I am from The Netherlands aka Holland
      I am worried, media and politics are pretending nothing bad is happening.. yeah right.. ask any christian woman in a refugeecamp that.. they are being raped and pissed upon..
      Europe is lost, it’s all the big plan these superrich scumbags had all along, first create chaos and then act as saviors.. Don’t fall for this desception!!
      Just wait, there will be a war,, people were tolerant but that is slipping away.. i even hear lefties say this is unexceptable..

      Infidels vs islam.. wait and see, this is a real scenario..

      I know, Jesus has got my back, and i have got my axe.. (Only enter if you are ready to die) :mad:

    • Wayno55

      I agree with Sarah ! See what happens when there is NO 2nd amendment ! These 17-25 “ers” .Don’t they have the mucho macho to save there own countries !?

    • Klemens

      The Final Muslim Hijra: A Warning on the Refugee Crisis…

    • Mr Lightbeam

      Lots and lots of these refugees are young fit males
      The majority i would say
      Trouble is brewing



      • Mr Lightbeam

        Lots and lots of these refugees are young fit males
        The majority i would say
        Trouble is brewing



        Would these refugees fight for Germany if war broke out.
        NO,because of their religion.They would start running away again!!

        • Mr Lightbeam

          Lots and lots of these refugees are young fit males
          The majority i would say
          Trouble is brewing


          THE TROJAN HORSE IS ON IT’S :cool: WAY

          Would these refugees fight for Germany if war broke out.
          NO,because of their religion.They would start running away again!!
          REMEMBER WE ARE INFIDELS!!! :cool:


      First it was all planed. Europe must fall before the US. But we all have a bigger problem. The smartist physicists say that a pole shift is at our door and should knock in December. If so 90% of the population will die. Thats 3 months away. My story will include all that is needed to survive but few will do what is necessary. The scientific proof is undeniable.

      If Richard Allen Miller says a pole shift comes it will come. 1 of the smartest people on the planet. Check him on you tube. This is no joke. Ask yourself why Danny DeVito and Michael Douglas are already in bunkers they had built. Its not a rainstorm that comes.

      • Klemens

        first civil war and then WWIII and then the pole shift. Alois Irlmeier
        all this will happend in a very short time period. 1-3 years.

      • unidentified

        the pole-shift scare was enough to get rich celebrities to buy underground property and lots of ‘survivalist’ products were sold preparing for the disaster (which is overdue according to some) , I’m thinking the pole-shift (planet-x/nibiru) was a hoax, but with dead fish washing up on beaches, gas and oil leaks, dead birds and wildlife, something is not right
        If some disaster happens we will need to get along with each other, our lives may depend on it

    • Robert Fallin

      Good. Maybe the German people will wake up and direct their hostility against the REAL enemy, their government and the central bankers.

    • Anonymous

      I always thought that the upcoming civil war in this country was gonna be the Militia against thre military. I think I might be wrong there. And the difference between us and Germany is that if those Muslims would have gone in and trashed one of our stores, there would have been a LOT of dead muslims.

      That’s the great thing about everyone in the USA having guns and usually more than one. Bring it on!

    • Anonymous

      This is all part of the Globalist plan to destroy Europe with millions of Muslims. What better way to do it?
      Preview of coming attractions for the USA!!!!!

    • barebones

      Think! These people were happy as pigs in sh*t until NATO came along and roiled the sty! Now they are NATO member problems. Civil war looks likely. Will Russians help? Not until NATO is disbanded.

      White Guilt! White Fools! White felo-de-se!

      Have a sunni day!

    • David Montaigne

      Europe is so liberal and politically correct that they don’t see anything in their own nation or culture to defend or anyone else as outsiders to defend from. Maybe they’ll just submit to Sharia Law or the guillotine soon.
        Antichrist 2016-2019: Mystery Babylon, Barack Obama & the Islamic Caliphate

      • The Clucker


        • youpeopleareinsane

          We are getting tired of your plagiarized postings of the same thing over and over.

          One can only hope you suffer the same fate as Moocow, moron.

    • Jax

      All of this pre-planned over a hundred years ago.

      “The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati” between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…We shall unleash the Nihilists and the atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effect of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.”
      ~Albert Pike wrote to Mazzini, dated August 15, 1871

      • Room With a View

        Jax, never before have those words been able to be put into context of reality…..until now. Looks like someone’s dream is about to come true. The question is, Do you want to be around when the dust settles?

    • Gryphon

      Germany is being punished.
      After listening to Barry’s speech at U.N. (creatively embellished with pure fiction) and managing to control my nausea, it does seem quite clear that things are going on behind the scenes of the world stage.
      Siccing the American EPA on the German company Volkswagen is one of the clues!
      Because Germany (and France?) are showing signs of breaking with the status quo of the unethical Western coalition, foolishly putting their own nations’ interests ahead of those of the United States, they must be broken and tossed down. Hard!
      The E.U. must remain in permanent vassalage to the world hegemon, the U.S.A.
      Otherwise, they must be destroyed. It’s really as simple as that…

      • unidentified

        VW was selling diesel fueled vehicles which is dirty fuel despite claiming it is clean energy and environmentally friendly which it isnt, diesel has always been a dirty fuel, just like burning coal is dirty energy, that was a mistake selling in the US where we have clean air ‘standards’ which must be met to be legal

    • Doccus

      They should have INSISTED on families, and women with children ONLY. Single men can take care of themselves, In fact they can always join the army. Of course the single men that enter as “refugees” already have signed up, but not the in the Syrian Army, which most patriotic Syrian single males have done, instead of running. Instead, they are members of the Biblical 200 million man army of the Antichrist, which will eventually be installed all over Europe and the Americas.
      This was clearly prophecied, and is unfolding before our eyes. We are out of time. Thie retired military that wrote this post is absolutely correct, and the situation can only get worse. It is political correctness gone nuts…

    • LadySlinger

      We are witnessing the execution phase of Agenda 30; Before the NWO Marxist Cabal can take control of all assets, they need to install a “police state” that will transition to a UN occupation. Once they have control of all the nation’s assets, they’ll begin an allocation process, where all of the Collective will be allocated equal shares of food, water & shelter. Forget money… the Bilderberg/IMF/Fed/Greedy Bankers will take it all & equally disperse what they deem is a “fair wage” to all. Unless your nation has strong leadership like Russia… your freedom is nearly gone.

      The NWO Marxist Cabal started with fake Arab Springs, to secure the land where a pipeline is planned, from the Saudi’s to the EU; When those failed, they funded, armed & created the ISIS Caliphate to “take” all the African nations.

      When the Ukraine refused to join the EU, they used a version of the Arab Spring to invade & take over the Ukraine.

      The so called “refugees” have cash, new clothes, new luggage & new I Phones. They are the EU equivalent of the Arab Spring invasions. Once the EU hands over policing to the UN Marxist Cabal, they will execute the plan in my 1st paragraph.

      Our only hope is Russia, Iran & Egypt are fighting back.

    • ljfa

      If you only knew what their real intentions were you would pick up a gun and start shooting. This is a deceptive Islamic invasion of Christian Europe just as the Ottoman’s did before and the Moors did before them. I would suggest that the majority of these young males are the descendants of the Moors from North Africa rather than refugees from Syria. They randomly grab a small child to use as a shield as they aggressively make their way forward. They opening insult the Europeans and discuss robing and raping European women to “please Allah/Satan”. The European people are fools to not stand up to this. Their leaders are in on this deception. . . “out of chaos comes the new world order” as they believe and this is the chaos they are sowing. Yes, this is being coordinated with the black Pope/Jesuit Pope. The “cabal” is purposely manufacturing the end times.

    • ljfa

      If you only knew what their real intentions were you would pick up a gun and start shooting. This is a deceptive Islamic invasion of Christian Europe just as the Ottoman’s did before and the Moors did before them. I would suggest that the majority of these young males are the descendants of the Moors from North Africa rather than refugees from Syria. They randomly grab a small child to use as a shield as they aggressively make their way forward. They opening insult the Europeans and discuss robing and raping European women to “please Allah/Satan”. The European people are fools to not stand up to this. Their leaders are in on this deception. . . “out of chaos comes the new world order” as they believe and this is the chaos they are sowing. Yes, this is being coordinated with the black Pope/Jesuit Pope. The “cabal” is purposely manufacturing the end times. Europeans had better channel their inner Crusader and fast.

    • my2pesos

      A Prophetic Stampede ~ Empathetic adept Poser

    • jimbow

      say bye bye to Europe because of their foolish leaders.. What ever they do DO NOT GIVE THEM THE RIGHT TO VOTE, IF YOU LOVE WHAT FREEDOMS YOU HAVE!!!

    • Sun Rabbit

      Remember Anders Breivik? He foresaw this whole debacle 4 years ago and went after the perpetrators, not the Islamic pawns. He detonated a bomb right in the heart of Norway’s government district and killed 69 people at a Worker’s Youth League camp for young Marxists. This group is in league with the Labour Party, which wants to increase Islamic immigration into Norway. It’s headed by one Manni Hussaini, not exactly a Norwegian name.
      His actions were criminal, but not insane.
      The fact that this pope desires closer contact with Islam, and that the previous pope said that Koran is the word of God is proof that Christianity is the enemy of Europe, since it wants to ally itself with a particular mental disease. That disease is Islam.
      None of the major religions practiced here originated here. Just like the invaders, they have all been inflicted upon us from some desert wasteland abroad. Like Christianity, the Islamic invaders show no respect for indigenous cultures or peoples.
      On the one hand you have a “religion” that says to kill everyone who doesn’t share your mental disease, and on the other hand you have one that states that you should love your enemies. Excuse me? Doesn’t that benefit ALL enemies?
      While we’re being invaded here, the Americans think they’re being invaded as well. Think again. All so-called “Americans” are themselves descendants of invaders, so how can they claim to be invaded? The only people who can really call that are the Indians. It’s like if my lawnmower gets stolen, and I contact the local thief, who finds out which out-of-town thief stole it from me, and then pay the local thief to steal my lawnmower back, is that in fact theft?
      The only reason Europe is in such a shambles today is that the best minds had left for America, hypnotised by its promises of freedom, prosperity, and “money.” I too was decieved at one point. Even the elect have been deceived. Hypnotised as they were by all its incessant propaganda issuing forth in the form of violent movies, and idiotic trends, some people have absorbed the values of “America” and identify with it in a Stockholm-syndrome induced delusion.
      Just as the invasion by Europeans into America was not countered by the Indians who were unable to unite and rise up as one against them, so too will our own disunity reduce us down to 1% just like the Indians. When borders mean nothing, and the military need parliamentary authorisation to even be deployed to the borders, much less actually use the weapons they have, we know that we will not survive. We’ve all been fed a constant stream of Christian crap like “turn the other cheek” as well as New Age crap like “we are all one” and the number of people who actually use their God-given reason is on the decline, so I know that there is no fighting spirit left in us.
      The enemies of Europe have sent thousands of military-age men over. There was a shipment of weapons that was supposed to be humanitarian aid that was intercepted because it contained weapons for these men. We have reams and reams of anti-terrorist legislation, yet nobody in government seems to have caught on that ALL Islamic people are terrorists because Islam is ipso facto a terrorist religion, and that the invasion of thousands of men posing as refugees is in fact an invasion. And that any government officials who support this invasion for whatever reasons, are actual traitors who need to be dealt with quickly.
      Sure, Europe CAN absorb 1 or 2 Muslims, but to have first 800 thousand, then 1 million, then 1.5 million, and now “there’s no limit to how many refugees we can accept” coming here every year is nothing short of betrayal from the highest levels of the political garniture.
      The fact that Germany is willing to expend as many billions as they are, while at the same time not be willing to help out say the depositors in Greece and Cyprus, or its own masses of unemployed people exposes the fact that the governemnts of Europe are just printing up as much money as they want to, always have, always will, and are doing it right now, with all the taxes we pay just being a pretext for social control know in the past as slavery.
      It also exposes the fact that there is no democracy in Europe, and there never has been since ancient Greece. That democracy was practiced in a completely different manner, and during that period was when Greece was at its highest levels. There is no democracy because nobody asked us if we wanted these parasites her, and the only way that individual countries can go against being forced to accept these trojan horse invaders is to quit the EU. Like Austria, where they got 260 thousand signatures on a petition for a referendum on an EU exit where only 100 thousand were required. Sure, they’ll forego any financial payments from the EU, but they’ll save on any remittances to the EU, and in the case of a rich country like Austria, nothing else makes better financial sense.
      And for all of us, nothing else makes better financial sense than to disobey any order from any government official to do anything for these invaders. If you work in the Arbeitsamt, for instance, I’m sure it’s not that difficult to accidentally “misplace” some of the ALG2 funds earmarked for them by -let’s say- transposing a few numbers? Or if you’re a soldier, how about “accidentally” discharging your weapon into one of these hordes invading your country? If you’re an aid worker, how about “accidentally” delivering all their food to a different address, or delivering only pork products? If your apartment building is slated for Zwangsvermietung, how about setting up a dog shelter there? If you’re a teenager with a printer, how about plastering that Muhammad cartoon all over your city’s public places late at night, like bus stops, etc? If you’re HIV+, how about enticing the men to have sex? And so on, and so on.

      • deb3833

        I agree with every single thing you said except when it comes to Christianity.

        It’s true,religion has been used all throughout civilization by evil men(and women)to promote their cause and put the common man in subjugation to them. There will always be evil in the world and we’re all about to pay a price for allowing it to thrive and get such a foot-hold in our countries.

        At the same time,I believe with all my heart that we are in the last days,and Jesus Christ told us what to look for and the things that would be happening on the earth at that time. It’s uncanny,the things that are going on now and how they mirror what the Bible says.

        These evil minds have done a very good job of dividing us all. Jesus didn’t mean “turn the other cheek” if someone is out to kill you. Christianity has been muddled and warped into something it’s not,and people need to start reading the word instead of listening to u-tubes of so-called Christians telling them what Christianity means. Jesus sent His disciples out into the world WITH their swords,for their own protection.

        I truly hope the best for you. Yes,I’m just an American but I was born here and have never had the money to travel the world,although I would have loved to.

        Please stay safe.

        • Sun Rabbit

          That’s interesting because I was also born here but I’m an American on account of the fact that I lived in NYC for 31 years. I’m also 100% Czech.
          If you really read the Bible and understand the meaning behind the meaning, Christ basically indicated that you do NOT need any religion to believe in God. You don’t need all the apparatchiks like the pope, who says things that would actually make even an atheist cringe, like saying that the Koran is the word of God. He makes even all the hardcore Catholics I know cringe, and a lot of them are leaving the religion. Why pay a 9% Kirchensteuer to a guy like that, and an organisation like that. Did you know that the Catholic Church is actually a shareholder in Bechtel, a company that makes nuclear weapons for the US government?
          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not an atheist, I just feel that all the religions have just been ripping us off both financially and spiritually. As an example: you don’t have to be a physicist to follow the laws of physics, and similarly, you don’t have to put a label on yourself to follow the laws of God. And just like the laws of physics, the laws of God are not that difficult to follow because you can calculate them just as easily. Just look at how each of the religions treat women. Even a relatively liberal church like the Catholic church requires women to wear a hat in church (at least where I’m from) and there are no altar girls, only altar boys, and no woman can serve as a priest or deacon. That’s not equality.
          Furthermore, there’s a lot of picking and choosing as to which parts of the Bible Catholics will live by and which they won’t. Look at the labels on your clothes. Are they made of more than one type of material? Then you’re in violation of Mosaic law. Do you enjoy any of the classical German or Czech dishes? Again, you’re eating pork, and that’s not allowed. You might say “well, that’s the old testament” but as regards the new testament, didn’t Christ say that if you so much as hurt one hair on a little child’s head you should tie a millstone around your neck and drown yourself in the nearest river? He was talking about pedophilia and I can bet you one thing that there aren’t enough millstones around for all the pedophile priests to utilise for that purpose. And these men are supposed to be the bastions of the faith, having taken vows of chastity and celibacy. It’s no wonder that in jail, it’s the pedophiles who fare the worst of them all, and are hated universally by all sane people, even criminals like mass murderers.
          If, as I’ve pointed out there are many parts of even the new testament that are being ignored by even Catholics, then what reason do we have to believe any of it? Should we maintain the same set of standards of behaviour as we did back in the time of Christ? Did Christ address issues like inadvertent patent infringements, or traffic law, or tort law? Is it morally OK for a police officer to give me a 30 Euro fine for going 53 km/h in the city? I don’t know. WE don’t know.
          As for following any law, do you really need a law to be a good person?
          A contract with a criminal is useless; a contract with an honest person is unnecessary; and a contract with a family member is not really enforceable, so what good are contracts? In which case, what good are laws? When we violate them at our whim and enforce only the ones we want to?
          That’s funny, I don’t need any law to act in such a way so that nobody has any reason to hate me. I don’t need any law to give me the right to say what I want to and do what I want to. I don’t need any law to tell me to give every homeless fellow European who happens to be in the situation of a beggar 100 Euros knowing full well they’re not exactly going to use that money to get a degree in [whatever] but for a bottle of Korn because I’d rather do that than pay 40 cents for parking in the fussgangerzone because that’s going to a government which doesn’t exactly represent me or anyone else because it subsidises war against not only other people but against ME.
          Lots of people think I’m crazy because I actually put my money where my mouth is, and I actually do all the things my highest moral instinct leads me to. And believe me, I don’t need a bible to do that, or any pope, priest, president, or “law” to do so.
          You ever seen a photograph of any “law”?

          Love & Peace,

          Sun Rabbit

          • CAPTAIN CHAOS!!

            “Look at the labels on your clothes. Are they made of more than one type of material? Then you’re in violation of Mosaic law.”

            That’s a misreading of the Law, Rabbit.

            “…you’re eating pork, and that’s not allowed.”

            That’s not a misreading. Schweine ist verboten.

            “And these men are supposed to be the bastions of the faith…”

            According to WHOM? THEM? Another biblical strike-out. If we give witness of ourselves, our witness is not true.

            “If, as I’ve pointed out there are many parts of even the new testament that are being ignored by even Catholics, then what reason do we have to believe any of it?”

            This is where your reasoning begins to melt-down. If you buy the lie that Catholicism has ANYTHING to do with Scripture, except to be ACCUSED by Scripture, then you have a major problem on your hands. Catholicism is the Enemy’s outrageous counterfeit of the legitimate. Everything Rome does is a spectacular (as in it’s all a spectacle) inversion of the true. A priest dresses like mamma, wants to be called papa, and violates every single statute and ordinance ever found in Scripture. When you accuse Rome, Rabbit (as you rightly do), you should do it without in the same breath accusing the Scriptures. There is no link between Scripture and Rome of the kind you imagine.

            “Did Christ address issues like inadvertent patent infringements, or traffic law, or tort law?.

            It would take fifty or sixty freight containers to hold ALL of the written laws of the United States alone – to say nothing of the other nations of the world. All of God’s Laws are contained in a single Volume, with just north of 800,000 words. The laws of man are headed into the furnace. All that will remain will be manageable, coherent and comprehensible.

            “…what good are laws? When we violate them at our whim and enforce only the ones we want to?”

            A terminal condition of a sick and dying world.

            “…knowing full well they’re not exactly going to use that money to get a degree in [whatever]…”

            Your alms deeds are between you and your Maker. What the poor do with your money is between them and your Maker.

            “Lots of people think I’m crazy because I actually put my money where my mouth is, and I actually do all the things my highest moral instinct leads me to. And believe me, I don’t need a bible to do that, or any pope, priest, president, or “law” to do so.”

            The problem with that is, subjectivity. There is only One Code. The fact is, we all, more-or-less, know the code. But we rationalize and excuse and seldom judge ourselves when we should, the WAY we should. This leads to a lack of accountability. We need to be held accountable, even if we hold ourselves accountable. And if you do that, without recourse to the written Word, then you are in the minority indeed and one for whom there is NO LAW.

            But the caveat is this – you must do so in actual objective fact, and not according to your subjective opinion. This all resolves to absolutes. And we have an absolute responsibility to live in compliance with what is RIGHT, strictly speaking. What is right is expounded, as only HE can expound it, in the written Word. Rome has no connection with that truth. Rome cannot comprehend that truth.

            • Sun Rabbit

              I completely agree with you in that we have to act in ways that are RIGHT. And you only need your God-given instincts to show you the way, not religion. Do you need a moral compass to see that it’s wrong for parents to KILL their girl because she wants to wear western clothing, like what happened in upstate NY.
              Do you need all the garniture of the Catholic Church to understand God? GOD IS WITHIN YOU.
              And you don’t need some pedophile priest to make you understand that.
              And you don’t need ME to explain it to you either.

    • Pink Slime

      YOU should NEVER have let them in.

      You are being BETRAYED by your leaders and you will soon lose everything, right down to your citizenship. They want the German citizenship removed for the New World Odor.

      YOU will be a NWO Citizen when this is over, whether you like it or not. This is what THEY want. You did nothing about it so this must be what YOU want.

      Welcome NWO citizen. Now SIT DOWN and BEHAVE! And hand over everything, we need it for your NEW citizens of the New World Odor.

      • Sun Rabbit

        We know this. We are not represented by any of our governMental patients.
        I’m doing my part to make people aware of what’s being done to them in the best way I can.
        I’ve been to more demonstrations, protests, and participated in more forms of direct action than you can shake a fist at, but I’m getting old. It’s up to you young kids to do something.
        Some ex-hippy from 1960s Czechoslovakia like me can only put his money where his mouth is, and that’s what I’ve done all my life.
        I know that there is no democracy in Europe except what people enact through mass actions. What they did in Greece has been admirable, but what happened in Cyprus only serves to fuel the fire of the ruling class’s insane hatred of basically everybody. If that had happened to me in 2012 and I had deposits in a Cypriot bank, AXE MURDER would have been the final, ultimate, irrevocable, undeniable, and permanent result.
        Yes, I am a man of peace, but here’s the deal: you leave me in peace, I leave you in peace.
        As an aside, I always have to laugh to myself when I think about the girl at the Rewe supermarket across the street who has a tattoo on her hand that reads “Rest In Piece.” I mean, yeah, this is mainland Europe and English is not exactly dominant among the German-speaking peoples here, but that says a lot. Maybe. Maybe not.
        But when you combine 2 religions, one saying “love your enemies” (which basically benefits only the enemies) and another one like Islam which says “death to everybody.” Then you’ve got a recipe for disaster. A complete disaster. Nothing good can come of this.
        Today I drove by a herd of yaks in a yard that’s adjacent to a yak restaurant not far from here where you really can “meet your meat” and my girlfriend really got upset when I said “little do they know what fate awaits them.” Little do we know what fate awaits US.
        The Indians couldn’t do much against European exploitation because they didn’t have a common language. We don’t either. After all these years, we still haven’t figured out what our common language should be, and that’s why all our products have microtext which you can only read with a microscope where you can find out everything about that product in 27 languages.
        Who can read 27 languages. I’m considered a smart guy, and I only speak 6 of them, and that includes both eastern and western languages. And by that I’m not elevating myself above anyone because that’s typical here in Europe.
        I know I’m going off on a tangent here, but has anybody ever considered the fact that the term “dumb blonde” is actually anti European propaganda? The smartest person in the whole world whom I know personally and who has an IQ of 180+ happens to be blonde, and happens to be Polish. My command of Polish is not that good, but in line with my philosophy of “paying yourself first” I bought myself a book on how to learn Polish for Czechs and I’m learning from it.
        By the way, I also happen to be blonde, and I also have a high IQ although not as high as my Polish friend. So there!
        Getting back on track I know what will happen to us. We will end up just like the Indians, who couldn’t find a common language with which to unite against their aggresors, US. WE are the ones who are being colonised now that our “leaders” have permitted this. We will have 1% of our population by the time that this ends, just like the Indians. We are [copulated with], our children are [copulated with] and our future is [copulated with]. We are exactly like the Indians. I’ve met many Indians, including a whole Indian tribe that moved to Czechoslovakia back in the 70s where they got more freedom living under the CSSR than under American laws.
        I have great respect for the Indians because even from an early age I recognised them to be the true owners of America, that is all except for Manhattan, where I lived for 31 years.
        You know that new-age BS everyone keeps sending you? It’s all BS. Because the souls of the just are in the hands of God and no tourment shall touch them.
        You got what it takes to make justice happen?

        Love & peace

        laska, mir, atd.

        Sun Rabbit

    • Klemens

      Despite border controls daily 10,000 new refugees

      :!: :!:

    • lori


    • TubbyD

      Two things this site, and moreso, this article is missing. One, Is EVIDENCE. There isnt any just implied xenophobic nonsense, probably written by someone with far right views. And Two, Religous based clap trap and Islamaphobia.

    • Jan Beute

      Germany and the Baltic states will have enough reason to join Russia – They are part of Gog and Magog

      • Three69ingSquirrels

        You have the face of someone who would spread peanut butter on his Gooch and have his dog lick it clean

        • youpeopleareinsane

          Funny you don’t see the irony in your post considering your mature moniker.

          I shot and killed another red squirrel today in your name.

          That’s eight confirmed kills in two days.

          • Gus Fung

            Quote “That’s eight confirmed kills in two days.”


    • katkaprvosienka

      We, Europeans can not stand against this invasion, we can not say what we think, because we would be imprisoned in that moment. We can just wait to fight break open and then take some action.

    • yes2truth

      This is fear porn and disinformation to soften you up. Look at his last remark:

      “I fail to see how it can be resolved. I can only forsee a police state.”

      It can easily be resolved by bringing the military out of their barracks and restoring order and then shipping the foreigners out. Job done.

      If he’s not a disso the he’s a mealy mouthed liberal.

    • Redeemer

      Urgent update on this story….


    • redinky

      Perhaps they should dust off those ovens…

      These sub-humans need to be rounded up and sent back to where they came from. What happened to fighting for what you believe in. Oh wait….I forgot….they’re Muslims……the Koran says it’s okay to lie steal cheat and murder in the name of allah. Perhaps we should just all hand over our money and move to Russia……

    • charlie2dogs

      the forced immigration has worked well for the nwo, its happening in the usa too

    • Anonymous

      The liberals got them to give up their guns and now they have brought an invasion of muslims to take over what a bunch of fools.

    • Klemens

      Eight EU countries banned from using #Treefinder due to destructive immigration policy

    • stibbs22

      The world has no idea what is about to happen, destruction of a total German way of life is dying before your eyes, meanwhile the band plays on, and on, and on . . .

      The Nazis and their partners the Saudis have made the first strike, how will you respond? :?:

    • anastasia

      Well, you cannot say what Hitler said about the matter without getting into a heap of trouble, so I guess Germany is just stuck. Anyway, they have to empty out the mideast as much as they can. There’s a new landlord coming into those countries.

    • monika

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    • malcolm

      What this bloke’s former employment has to do with anything I can’t imagine, but I suspect it is included so that rednecks will be impressed.

      The first thing I ask myself is why? Why are so many people form the Middle East suddenly leaving the lands that they and their families have populated for centuries and descending on Europe. It’s a hell of a thing for people to do and most of those interviewed, as they trek across the Balkans, have said they would far prefer to have stayed in their homelands.

      We find it hard enough to organize a holiday trip to places far away, and after a few weeks can’t wait to get back home. So how much harder must it be for people to leave everything they have built and strived for over many years and, packing what little they can carry, set off , with no intention of returning, for a place they have never been? And why are they doing it now?

      The answer I believe is; US meddling in Middle East affairs;

      If the US had not destroyed Iraq and the regime of its former ally Sadaam Hussein, to take control of its oil fields, the people of that country would not be fleeing the chaos that the Americans left in their wake. Similary it if the US had not set out to destroy the existing order in Afghanistan, which has controlled that country for millenia, for its own pecuniary advantage (oil pipeline from the Caspian), that country would not have been reduced to a basket case and its people made to flee from it.

      And the same applies in Syria where the US has worked assiduously to undermine another Middle East leader, for no other purpose than to create more chaos, in this case to weaken its ability to threaten the real pirate state in the region – Israel.

      If any case can be made for intervening in the governance of a foreign state, because its treatment of the people under its control is murderous and genocidal, then Israel should be at the top of the list. But no, the US not only turns a blind eye to the treatment that Israel dishes out to the Palestinians, whose land that have stolen, but actively supports it with an annual aid package of armaments and other aid worth over $5 BILLION.

      And now, as refugees flee the legacy of chaos that the US has left in the wake of its meddling in their country’s affairs, that chaos is transferred to Europe, which will inevitably create a backlash among people there and we will see an upsurge of right wing bigotry and violence that will no doubt provide another market for the US armaments industry to supply.

      The more things change the more they remain the same

    • khalifas

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