The Channel Crisis! England’s borders are wide open

The BBC and the rest of the lying media are trying to cover it up, but the statistics do not lie…England is being invaded and we are being DEMOGRAPHICALLY replaced!

1,487 ILLEGAL migrants entered our country through the English Channel this month alone, a record high and more are on their way.

A study estimated that the taxpayer will be FORCED to fork out at least £4 billion to support the channel migrants. 

How many hospitals, schools and new homes could be built for our own people with that money, Henry?

Our government is TOTALLY complicit in the Replacement of the Native English people!

Couple this with record high “LEGAL” immigration and the future looks dire for our people!

If the Patriots that braved the German bullets in two World Wars could see how our government would transform England through Third World immigration, they would have laid down their arms and refused to fight!

What has become of our people?

Why are Englishmen and women sitting back PASSIVELY and watching their own replacement? Why did our people do nothing when 200,000 young English girls were groomed, raped, enslaved and trafficked by MUSLIM gangs?

It is time we band together and fight as one nation, one England and reclaim what is ours. If we do not our children will curse our name!

For decades, The English Democrats have FOUGHT to expose the grooming gangs and highlight the CATASTROPHIC effects of REPLACEMENT immigration.

In years to come, what will you say to your children and grandchildren when they ask you what did you do, Henry, when England’s future hung in the balance?

Will you say you joined with your fellow patriots to fight for their future or will  you tell them you did nothing because you were too afraid of being called a “racist?”

I Know Patriots like you, Henry, are made of tough stuff. We conquered almost half the globe. It is time to conquer England and reclaim our birthright!

Join the REAL English Resistance today, Henry!

Let’s get to work and reclaim England for our children and grandchildren, Glen!

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Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Chairman – The English Democrats

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