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When you’re outnumbered, out-gunned and frozen out, choosing an outrageous policy is the only viable option

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Two obscenities in one moment this week. First of all, struggling skid-row billionaire Jamie Dimon demanded that homes and land be seized in order to speed up the fight to control global boiling; and when this came to the attention of Keeper of the Liberty Statue staffers at Elon Musk’s ‘X’, we Tweeters were handed the story in full:

Little Elon. Bless. Protecting we sensitive souls from the Mis and the Dis. My hero.

There is nothing the flagrant Truth-benders like better than falling back on the tedious double-think that has been their cliché of choice in this, our troubled and less than fragrant century: ”It’s just a paranoid conspiracy theory’‘. It fits their ideology of a one-size-fits-all World by lassoing 50+ typologies and smearing them all as space cadets, while at the same time providing their own stock answer to what they see as Alchemy at best : ”By contrast, we’re following the science”. But here we see the proof in black and white: Dimon spoke his piece with has bare face hanging on for dear lies, and Musk’s NOW puppet said, ”Reading the Truth can turn a good kid bad”.

Over time during the Covid codswallop, it became eminently clear that some very highly paid Big Pharma and Government Advisors had perhaps been following the cricket score, Eastenders, the price of their stocks at Pfizer, the New York Yankees or even Prince Andrew’s sexual relations with jail-bait; but it was even more obvious from early on in the pursuit thing that the last thing they were following was the limited learning to be had from virology, epidemiology or social anthropology.

So you’d think the Dimo/Musk double-act of assertion and had been blown for everyone with an IQ above minus fifty-six. UN camp follower Jacinda ‘ard-earned felt free to work extra- ‘ard on the backup pairing of misinformation and disinformation – along the lines of ”we the 0.3% and only we are the sole arbiters of Truth – so mind your manners, oiks ”. Her ever plonky mind was thinking, ”What’s it matter? They know what we’re up to…let’s get on with it.”

Why there is both mis and dis is hard to divine, but the Establishment Wickis have been on the case to explain Mis&Dis.., which was a fine thing to do, because at my age I cannot help but hear the word Misinformation and immediately conjure up the idea of a sort of blue-stocking Beauty Contest:

”And the Miss Information 2023 title goes to hot favourite Jacinda Ardern, who won not so much by a short head as her ownership of multiple extended fangs’.

Anyway, the Wickies tell us that Misinformation is the result of misinterpreted news due to innocent incompetence (another reason why 36-84-92 Ms Ardern swept into First Place); and Disinformation, by contrast, is the equally naive process by which the Pentagon says Zelenskyyyy is on the verge of an historic giant-killing victory over the Russian Federation, and in tandem, the CIA insists that Putin is a terminal cancer victim, insane butcher, megalomaniac wannabe Earth Emperor, paedophile, squirrel strangler and all-round successor to Caligula.

So now you know: allegedly, it’s an injudicious melange of incompetence and pernicious lies. In my youth, we used to call it diplomacy: now it applies to almost everything the Secret State asks you to believe, all gender and sexuality politics, excess deaths among 15-40 year olds, the spawning of a global pandemic that barely got past the epidemic signpost, gaining unspecified functions, over three million Americans voting at two in the morning and a transhuman hologram in the White House.

The now 22 year old Slog war-cry has finally come into its own: IABATO – It’s All Bollocks And That’s Official.

And yet, and yet….the events caused a barely discernible ripple on the surface of the Pond Life

Two thousand five hundred years ago Buddha pointed out that the inability to deal with a genuine macro problem is rarely based on physical scientificevidence: rather, there is an unwillingness (in everyday life) to accept doom as in any way likely.

The globalist control freaks in 2023 use their vast media resources to convince ordinary people that ecological doom will be theirs unless they obey without question. The conspiracy commentators use facts to show that the real danger is libertarian and financial, but have only a fraction of the media access or money employed by the State – which uses censorious muscular blackmail to dilute our access to media still further.

The para in bold above is the entire problem we face as citizens, summarised in a single paragraph.

However, in our electronic world – whether the self-styled elites like it or not – the connections that join the past to the future are always going to be visible for those with eyes to see them.

Stalin said, ”He who controls the past controls the future”. In early 2022, I began writing a Slogpage called Rescuing the Past inspired by George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-four… which the hero Winston Smith has a job at the Ministry of Truth censoring old newspaper articles and all books containing references that might embarrass Big Brother. Smith rebels and is told by his Party interrogator that only when he is ready to agree (when seeing four fingers held up) that there are just two fingers there will he be ”cured”.

Although in general the media explosion that came with home pcs, email, the internet and electronic Cloud preservation makes complete eradication of the Past almost impossible, we cannot rest easy.

Why is this? First of all, in 2023 most citizens are too lazy, conditioned or distracted to bother checking most facts (only about 8% of readers follow links most of the time) and the willingness to accept – for example – ”changeling” trans men becoming women in every sense of the term (either to satisfy the pc regiments or out of terrifying levels of ignorance) remains a major factor in sexuality debates. And of course, at breakneck speed, the UK State’s new law can call anything it disikes disinformation, banging the alledger up forthwith. And then Jamie have-you-got-a-dimon treated us all to his obscene demand for house ramming and land grabs.

But the second reason why very little of the Truth either ripples or rattles is that ‘1in8’ activists have an overblown idea of the size of both Twitter in particular and the influence of social media in general.

Even before Musk got to work destroying the market value of ‘X’, it was only 14th in the global rankings – way behind Facebook and Instagram. A great many FB users (as we know) are egotistical dullards who’d believe anything that might have excused them from ‘Thinking For Yourself’ Classes at College.

Even within those numbers, 10% of Twitter users account for 92% of tweets. In short, given that 40% of the global population do not use social media at all,  getting engaged with Twitter opinion leaders effectively gives a writer-bloggist-journo bod like me access to – in round figures – roughly 480 million interested folks or a tiny 6% of Earthlings.

Second, all the well-known and provable stats about enormous fraud vis-a-vis shadow bans and junking by ISPs are so much gooble-de-gook to the 94 per cent – who never experience this, because they visit social media as passive receptors rather than active contributors.

It’s not just that we’re in an echo chamber: we’re in a tiny and atypical one.

In theory, we in Britain and our American cousins across the sea are due to have major elections in 2024. I would imagine that the dominant subjects will be climate change, personal liberty as applied to ”vaccination”, migration, sexual orientation, and endless attempts by Davos, the Left, Warmists, the MSM, Silicon Valley and Big Pharma to persuade the various electorates that what they think happened in the past didn’t really happen at all, and although man-made viral nasties will rear their ugly heads – and oceans burn in the near future – the sole concern of the State (they’ll continue to claim) is keeping us all safe and healthy…..provided that we do as we’re told and keep the species and the planet intact by being jabbed and grounded respectively ad infinitum. In the background, of course, will be the thinly veiled threat of removing the Duty of Care if we choose to defy this metaphorical yardbrush up the arse.

”Ah but,” insist many social media optimists, ”We fell for that before….we won’t be fooled again”.

That, my friends, is pure hokum. Remember that Klaus Schwab told us all a new economic revolution was going to change all those horribly unfair billionaire gargoyles into much nicer people called Stakeholders who would build a better world? And not to worry because Onkel Klaus the bald Mengele-mental tooth fairy was going to Build Back Better, right?

People believed it then, and they want to believe it now. As ever desperate to believe in anything likely to have a happy ending, Hollywood’s wide-eyed fantasists flock to sit at the feet of Santa Klaus as never before. Alas, Herr Schwab remains what he’s always been; our Klaus has criticised Wikipedia for ”lack of neutrality about my intentions”. So before Picky Weedier becomes the next victim of Thought Crime legislation, read on…..

Just as Geli Merkel’s father bucked the trend by emigrating to East Germany in 1946, so too did Schwab’s parents leave neutral Switzerland and move to Ravensburg in the Third Reich (where Klaus was born in 1938) his father Eugen having taken up the role of director at Escher Wyss AG, an industrial company and contractor for the Nazi regime. In the documentation relating to post-war investigations of Nazi employment of forced labour, Escher Wyss is described as ”among the most important Swiss-capitalised companies supplying the Nazi war effort”. I don’t believe that Schwab’s father was ”in a senior Nazi circle close to the Fuhrer” as some sources have claimed (there is no evidence to support that conclusion) but Eugen Schwab was very clearly an enthusiastic collaborator – and user of forced ‘Untermenschen’ labour.

Klaus seems to have inherited more than a few of the views and genes of Schwab senior. While studying in the US for example, he found a mentor in former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger….he of infamous ”useless eaters” renown. In 2003 Schwab appointed José María Figueres as CEO of the WEF – his intended successor. But in October 2004, Figueres resigned over his undeclared receipt of more than US$900,000 in consultancy fees from the French telecommunications company Alcatel while he was working at the Forum. (The somewhat fuzzy line Onkel maintains between social action and profiteering has attracted the attention of regulator Transparency International on several occasions).

Even the FT – reviewing Schwab’s book ‘The 4th Industrial Revolution’ – was moved to remark with more than a little irony – ‘the clunking lifelessness of the prose leads me to doubt whether this book was really written by humans’. There is more than a little Mein Kampf about the prose quality, but the FT reviewer was of course referring to the more bonkers ideas put out by WEF on the bizarre subject of marrying Homo sapiens with the AI bot. For me this is where clunky meets cranky….and those people back in 1960 who didn’t get the joke in Dr Strangelove.

For me, there has always been a strong suspicion that the 0.03 per cent use Klaus Schwab, his colleagues and his camp followers as a kind of weather vane. They think, ”OK, we got away with New World Order, New Normal, and Great Reset. Is it time for him to talk about penetrating the ranks of government and, you know, handing all the power to technocrats like him who don’t have to worry about what voters think because they’re all dense and we aren’t?”

”Or maybe we should let Jamie Dimon have a crack – yer know – bit of global property seizure just to keep the Reds onside…all in the cause of planetary stability – to ensure the Greenies are ‘appy….”

But the problem remains: let politicians say nice things in a nice way (using a lifetime of experience in trying to sound nice) and People want to be persuaded about a better world to come. They’d much rather hear schmalz than well- documented evidence of malign intention.

Increasingly, Civil Servants and imported experts will do the same (once they’re certain everyone is scared rigid)….and the by now desperate citizenry will – flushed with relief – do anything they ask to keep things looking rosey.

Everyone vastly prefers a prognosis of the Promised Land flowing with milk and honey to an Armageddon running on empty with no money.

So here’s a conclusion many Sloggers aren’t going to like:

Forget Party politics and the art of electoral persuasion…focus on making a temporarily captured United Kingdom ungovernable by a concerted and determined programme of Blade-Runner style antics designed to show that we do not comply.

No New Resistance is going to break through at the Ballot Box. The figures speak for themselves:

Labour 44% (-1)

Conservatives 24% (-4)

Liberal Democrats 12%

Green Party 8% (+2)

Reform 4% (+1)

Others 7% (+1)

7 in 10 voters on this basis would be anything from compliant about ditching Brexit to actively in favour of an immediate return to the Brussels fold. Almost all the newly available economic data shows that we would be far better off staying out, and I lay the blame for that not being seen firmly at the MSM’s news desks following seven years of non-stop falsification.

Allowing a few points either way (5% gave no answer) those of us who want nothing more to do with neoliberal monopolism, the EU, NATO, our US Special Relationship or our increasingly invasive surveillance State are still where we were 18 months ago: roughly 1in8.

The idea that new Party emergence can make any progress sufficient to change the face of New Normality incursions into our national politics before the next UK general election is up there with the Imamic suggestion that women in mini-skirts cause earthquakes. I predicted long ago that there will be a National Government as the outcome, dominated by the NWO lunatics. I’ve seen little or nothing to change my mind.

The American POTUS election is far less predictable – and to my mind infinitely more important. My own best guess is that RFKJr will be denied the DNC nomination by any and all means, and events in Eastern Europe will make the dumping of Biden a near certainty. Trump will regain the GOP nomination and (barring assassination) become President. Set against this is my sense that spurious reasons might well be invented to ”postpone” the election (at the minute, that’s a 1 in 4 chance). This too might conceivably lead to an unelected Unity Government to fight Viral pandemic climate change and/or Global Sars Covid25 Ozone depletion – whichever is deemed the most terrifying and least risible contention.

Those of you still awake will have spotted how these last few paragraphs are presented as powerful evidence that influencing events through the Ballot Box at this point would be gallant, ethical, and utterly pointless.

The only tactic now remaining is a level of non-compliance with any and all NWO policies such as to make the UK Ungovernable. Our beloved London Fuhrer Sadiq Khan may have unwittingly pointed the way to success already. His ULEZ emissions legislation cost Labour a likely win in Uxbridge. The trick is obviously (I’d suggest) to take the most stupid and unpopular policies being followed by the Establishment as a whole and focus on them as the target for non-compliance.

Illegal migrants flooding an already vastly overpopulated nation, the obvious refusal to dump New sexuality Normalism from the school curriculum, and the pursuance of Green policies at the expense of economic reality….all four (along with NWO fascism in relation to private transport) would be at the top of my list.

Each of these, I maintain, represent easy nonsense to sabotage. And of you think sabotage at this late stage is uncalled for, then either you are no longer reading the right blogsite – or I am wasting my time writing these prose week in, week out.

Both are potentially valid possibilities.

If you want to ensure uninterrupted access to The Slog, please consider joining my email list by sending to [email protected].


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