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By Deborah Dupre (Reporter)
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Malaysia Plane False Flag Military Operation

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Sary Shagan, Kazakhstan, one of tens of thousands of places missing MH370 and 239 passengers could be in what increasingly appears to be a high-tech military operation.

Stay up to date with latest developments on missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 by checking here.


Signs that missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 is a hostile military operation are mounting almost hourly. Recent indicators of this are data proving the Boeing 777 was deliberately diverted off course using a military tactic of flying as low as 5,000ft (1,500 metres) to avoid detection by radar, confirmation it flew low and close to frightened villagers reporting they heard but could not see it, a British anti-terrorism expert calling the plane a remotely controlled “smart plane,” and a Pentagon official warning that a country with capacity to hijack planes at will for geopolitical motive cannot be ruled out.


The question asked around the world is how could a jet vanish, while some attribute the baffling act to supernatural properties and others invoke voodoo. Words by scientist and writer Arthur C. Clarke have possibly never been as apropos.


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” Clarke said.                                                           

Experts now say the aircraft was possibly on the ground when it sent its satellite signals, especially the last ping. Ground support staff, who might have worked on the plane, along with passengers and crew ,are being investigated. Police say no links have been found between MH370′s Captain Shah and any militant group. 


Whoever altered the path of the jet, and disabled ACARS and the transponder, “had to be a passenger or crew member who knew how this airliner is flown, and how those systems are disabled, in great detail,” many news reports state. A criminal inquiry is under way, searching for anything that might implicate a passenger or crew member. Repeatedly omitted is another possibility: that the plane has been remotely controlled, despite drones being President Barack Obama’s weapon of choice.


Potential hijackers, officials say, range from terrorists to a foreign government. With the US and Russia at each other’s throats, and the US openly employing terrorists for its political gain, many are eyeing both those governments as suspects. 


US counter-terrorism officials are reportedly examining whether the plane’s route might have changed with an “intention of using it later for another purpose” and its transponders were intentionally turned off to avoid radar detection. If data provided and a Pentagon official’s speculation are accurate, U.S. aggression against Russia of late could have prompted the Kremlin to show the world it won’t be bullied by the US, thus it seized the plane and flew it to a secret facility.


On the other hand, it’s as feasible, if not more so, that the US created this latest crisis to blame it on Russia, and thus justify more aggressive action against the Kremlin, in other words, another false flag made in the USA. Both possibilities seem irrational choices of action, but both sides have made irrational choices of late.


Military operatives using the passenger plane as a false flag today is a reality as much as it was forty years ago, when the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff suggested shooting down a military drone airplane, pretending it was a real plane, and then blaming the attack on Cubans as a way to justify an invading Cuba.  


“There appears to be an element of planning from someone with a very sophisticated systems engineering understanding,” stated  Dr. Sally  Leivesley, a British anti-terrorism expert. ”This is a very early version of what I would call a smart plane, a fly-by-wire aircraft controlled by electronic signals.” 


One reason the Malaysia Airline captain’s simulator is of interest is that it could have been programmed  – by him or someone without his knowing – to remotely control the MH370. Airplanes have been flown by remote-control since 1917, as Wikipedia notes: In 1917, Archibald Low, head of the RFC [Britain's Royal Flying Corps] Experimental Works, was the first person to use radio control successfully on an aircraft. Dr. Schindler called this ”some kind of hijack scenario.”


Officials have said the Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane could have followed a flight path toward Turkmenistan while the Wall Street Journal reports it was automatically sending data to Boeing headquarters well after it dropped off radar screens. Boeing has remained tight-lipped about the MH370, as it was in another untracked Boeing flight event just over one year ago.


Flying under the radar, a highly dangerous act called “terrain masking,” was probably conducted to avoid radar in at least three countries, investigators believe, according to Lynsday Murdock with the Sydney Morning Herald.  Also to avoid detection, the Boeing 777 with 239 people on board, stuck to commercial airline routes to prevent suspicion by countries it flew over during seven hours after turning back from its scheduled flight path over the South China Sea, investigators believe. Terrain masking is used by military pilots for stealth flights. The plane’s manifest shows over 20 high-tech passengers linked to the military.


“Experts say flying a Boeing 777 in such a way would be dangerous, putting pressure on the 250 tonnes air frame and possibly causing those on board to be air sick,” Murdock reported.  Aviation safety expert Sidney Dekker, of the Safety Science Innovation Lab at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, dismissed the idea that flying at 5,000 ft would put extensive strain on the airframe.

“The only really relevant effect is a dramatic increase in fuel use – its range would be very much shortened by that,” Dekker said.

The plane flew low over the state of Kelantan in peninsular Malaysia, investigators have confirmed. That is where police reports had been filed by villagers, as Dupré reported as a sign of life and possible application of electronic weaponry to cloak the aircraft so it would not be seen, heard only, as villagers described.

Eight Marang islanders have filed police reports about hearing a loud and frightening noise. Some even ran toward the sound to see what was causing it – but saw nothing. That was about nine hours after the plane took off.

One villager, Alias Salleh, 36, said he and seven fellow villagers were seated on a bench about 400 metres from the Marang beach at 1.20 A.M. when they heard a noise that sounded like the fan of a jet engine.


Alias Salleh, a truck driver told Malaysia’s The Sun Daily, he and friends ran towards the source of the noise, “but did not see anything unusual.” The noise sounded like “the fan of a jet engine,” he said.


“My friends and I heard the ringing noise for about two minutes,” Mohd Yusri Mohd Yusof, a 34-year-old villager, said.

Deborah Dupré had already reported on electronic weaponry that has capacity to “cloak” planes so they appear to have vanished: (See: Malaysia Plane Hidden With Electronic Weaponry? 20 High-Tech EW Defense Passengers)


Experts say they’re working to determine exactly how far the plane could have flown with fuel on board. It would have been close to running out when it was recorded in raw satellite data at 8.11am after departing Kuala Lumpur airport at 12.31am. Malaysia Airlines confirms no additional fuel than normal was on the plane in Kuala Lumpur, so it would have had enough for the almost six-hour flight to Beijing plus 45 minutes of fuel to spare. Now, however, investigators are factoring that the plane would have burned more fuel flying in denser lower air. Erratic manoeuvres such as the zig-zgas that were recorded, would also have eaten into the fuel’s reserves.


After a week, Kuala Lumpur calculated from Immarsat satellite data the plane sent six “pings,” also known as electronic handshakes, after its communications equipment was deliberately disabled by some-one on board. A seventh ping never came, indicating the plane either landed and the engine was shut off, or it crashed. Considering the high degree of expertise and planning that would have gone into this event, it is more likely the seventh ping was prevented to maintain secrecy, with investigators still obligatred to search for a crashed aircraft.


Malaysia Government released the following infographic chart of incidents:


Investigators are working to narrow the last possible observation of flight MH370 after satellite information revealed it was in one of two vast corridors: a northern area stretching from the border of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan to northern Thailand; and a southern range stretching from Indonesia to the southern Indian Ocean.


Officials concur the plane was deliberately diverted from its route to Beijing deliberately not long after it took off from Kuala Lumpur just after midnight on 8 March. It is unknown if this divertion was conducted manually on the plane or remotely.


The bottom line is that as of today, uncertainties remain about location and timing of when the plane’s communication system was turned off. In the press conference, Hishamuddin said the Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System (Acars) was turned off just after the plane flew over Kota Baru. The transponder was turned off near the Igari waypoint over South China Sea. Malaysia Airlines chief executive Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, however, said the Acars system could have been turned off any time during a 30-minute period, according to Reuters. What’s certain is the plane has been flown by someone with military training. 


Rejecting the accusation that Malaysia denied the FBI’s involvement from the start, Hishammuddin stated Malaysia has been working with the FBI since day one. The Obama administration, however, has remained tight-lipped about the crisis. His NSA is either well aware of the whereabouts of the plane, or is waiting to appear to be saving the day by publicly declaring its weherabouts, thus justifying its existence that’s caused nations globally to criticize it.


Malaysia Airlines’ CEO said the investigation shows the last message sent by the flight came from the co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid. Those words were, “All right, good night.” As media says, what that means is anyone’s guess. Pressed on that last message, he refused to say if there was any sign of stress in the voice. More analysis of the recording is taking place, authorities said. 


Hishammuddin’s opening remarks at the press conference are below:

During the last 24 hours, the Prime Minister has spoken to the Prime Minister of Australia and the Premier of China. Malaysia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent diplomatic notes to all countries involved in the search and rescue operation.

This includes two groups: first, countries in the search corridors; and second, countries from which we are seeking assistance and expertise.

For countries in the search corridors, we are requesting radar and satellite information, as well as specific assets for the search and rescue operation. We are asking them to share their land, sea and aerial search and rescue action plans with the Rescue Co-ordination Centre here in Malaysia, so that we can co-ordinate the search effort. We have asked for regular updates, including daily reports on both search activities, and details of any information required from Malaysia.

We are not at liberty to reveal information from specific countries. As the co-ordinating authority we are gathering all information as part of the on-going search and rescue operation.

Search and rescue operations

Over the past 48 hours, Malaysia has been working on the diplomatic, technical and logistical requirements of the search for MH370. The number of countries involved in the search and rescue operation has increased to 26.

Malaysia continues to lead the overall co-ordination of the search effort. The southern corridor has been divided into two sections, according to International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) demarcations.

These demarcations were agreed by the ICAO – of which Malaysia is a council member – before MH370 went missing. Australia and Indonesia have agreed to lead search and rescue operations in their respective regions as demarcated by the ICAO.

Today, I can confirm that search and rescue operations in the northern and southern corridors have already begun.

Countries including Malaysia, Australia, China, Indonesia and Kazakhstan have already initiated search and rescue operations.

The Royal Malaysian Air Force and the Royal Malaysian Navy have deployed assets to the southern corridor. Two Malaysian ships have been deployed: the offshore patrol vessels KD Kelantan and KD Selangor. This deployment also includes a Super Lynx helicopter, which can operate from either ship.

Australia has already moved a P-3 Orion aircraft to region of the Cocos and Christmas Islands. Today, the Prime Minister of Australia confirmed that Australia will send an additional two P-3 Orions and a C-130 Hercules. A US P-8 Poseidon aircraft will be travelling to Perth today to help with the search.

With the NSA’s reported technology to track suspects, many question why the US has been unable to find the suspects involved with the plane and the planes itself. Others say it’s a ruse, a psychological operation on the world’s citizenry for geopolitical gain.

“So far we have not had any evidence from telephone companies of any number that is trying to [make] contact. But we are still checking the records,” chief executive Ahmad Jauhari Yahya said During the press conference.  


Russian Military


Tensions escalating over Russia’s military deployment in Crimea plus warning it could also move into eastern Ukraine to protect Russians and Russian speakers there, have brought one of its facilities in the mix. A veteran US Air Force pilot suggested this reporter consider this facility as a possible haven for MH370′s passengers and crew.


In the seemingly less likely scenario that the 10-day flight MH370 crisis is conducted by the Russian military, it is postulated that the plane and passengers could have been taken to one of the most remote points to the north it could possibly have reached: Kazakhstan. There, at 46° 1′ 52.64″ N  73° 29′ 6.37″ E.  is a massive secret Russian military facility, Sary Shagan. It’s the primary research and development and test center for Russian Aerial Ballistic Misile systems. Leased from the Kazakh government it’s on the west coast of Lake Balkhash.


Sary Shagan has hosted Balkhash-9 radars station since 1960s and still functions as part of the Russian missile attack early warning network. 

  Sary Shagan provides coverage of western and central China, India, Pakistan and submarine missile launches in the Bay of Bengal. It’s military town is called Balkhash-9 (Балхаш-9). The station is 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) east of the village of Gulshat in Karagandy Province and 90 kilometres (56 mi) north east of Priozersk, the civillian town for Sary Shagan. 


US Military 


The US military’s direct involvement seems more than likely. The U.S. and EU are becoming increasing aggressive toward the Ukraine and Russia. Determined to take control of the Ukraine for geopolitical reasons, rather than allow Russia’s continued strong relationship with it, the U.S. and EU have just agreed to place sanctions placed on the Ukraine, and expanded it to include Russia.


Another US-led false flag is worth consideration. The following information from Veterans Today editor Gordon Duffi is worth deeply considering regarding a false flag.


A series of hacked emails from “Anonymous Ukraine” show Pentagon officials working in concert with extremist elements in the Ukraine to conduct more attacks in Ukraine, and blame Russia,  including blowing up planes at an airport, according to Duff, who said, “ Other attacks might include mass civilian casualties.”


The long series of emails include several of what Duff calls “frighteningly incriminating,” saying the following is first of the “worst,” of three “smoking gun” false flag planning documents:

Events are moving rapidly in Crimea. Our friends in Washington expect more decisive actions from your network.
I think it’s time to implement the plan we discussed lately. Your job is to cause some problems to the transport hubs in the south-east in order to frame-up the neighbor.
It will create favorable conditions for Pentagon and the Company to act.
Do not waste time, my friend.
Jason P. Gresh
Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army
Assistant Army Attaché
U.S. Embassy, Kyiv
Tankova 4, Kyiv, Ukraine 04112
(380-44) 521 – 5444 | Fax (380-44) 521 – 5636
‘Framing up the neighbor’ as Lt. Col. Gresh states so
inelegantly defines false flag terrorism.  Other documents, including a White Paper one by the International Centre for Policy Studies in Kiev dated March 4, 2014, warns of Russian ‘conspiracy theories.’
The Centre’s White Paper provides what intelligence experts call ‘deception and cover’ for terror attacks planned, as we learn, by the US Army working with Ukrainian military officials and terrorist groups.
The email below, copied to COL Igor PROTSYK, Chief, Bilateral Military Cooperation Division, Main Directorate for Military Cooperation and PKO, General Staff, Armed Forces of Ukraine, not only outlines a terror attack to be blamed on Russian Special Forces, it actually includes a map of where the wreckage is to be found:
Oleg, an urgent need poshumity (sic) on behalf of Russians at the airport in Melitopol. This should be done by March 15 . Sam understands why.
First of all you must contact Pasha Tarasenko. You must know him , he is a local Liberty and has a theme.
Before you arrive 10-12 boys from the Centre. Top fighters Trident. Chief Mike there, you should know it too . Details will know him. We need people to meet and provide everything you need.
Proceed with caution. Speak only Russian. 25 team is executing combat missions, so do not do them much damage to aircraft . There is a lot of scrap metal, with it you can do anything. Damaged aircraft you specify. It is essential that all was as real attack neighbor’s Special Forces. But without corpses.
Give me again your account. The money will come in time, do not worry. See the appendix . This is an example of action. Decisions are made in person.
Will publication of this hacked email actually stop the upcoming attack on Melitopol?  When they specify that corpses aren’t needed, does this mean that they are planning on getting them elsewhere?


“When they say ‘the money will come in time,’ are they aware of sequestration and how the US has been paying its bills less quickly than before?” Duff asks.


Pasha Tarasenko on his “My Space” account prominently features a photograph of a man in a Ukrainian Army officers dress uniform.

In this final email about the upcoming terror attack on Melitopol airport, Colonel Protsyk says about the operation:

Basil , you must quickly carry out proactive in Melitopol. There’s 25 aviation brigade . Must zamaraty our sworn friends and good neighbors. I think you understand me. 
Just proceed carefully and cautiously. 25 brigade combat mission out , so do not do them much damage to aircraft.

There is already damaged aircraft , that He can do everything. Yihny board numbers you give. Remember , you need everything to be as real attack of the Russian Special Forces.

Brigade commander there is a reasonable man . Details of know he will not, but in extreme cases it can turn to. We did come.

Chief, Bilateral Military Cooperation Division
Main Directorate for Military Cooperation and PKO
General Staff, Armed Forces of Ukraine
tel +38044 481-5407
Cell +38067 407 97 40
e-mail: i.v.protsyk @
e-mail: [email protected]

It began with what is believed to have been US-backed terrorist sniper, supposedly hired by the “new” Ukrainian government killing their own supporters. Duff, highlights the proven US involvement through the infamous Victoria Nuland phone conversation, “America ‘anointing’ their chosen terrorists to stage a confrontation with Russia.


A second call, “between Estonian Foreign Minister, Urmas Paet and EU Foreign Minister Catherine Ahston gave us that ‘smoking gun,’ that the current cabal in Kiev are terrorists and criminals.


It is not secret that the US is hiring terrorists, planning attacks, working with the Ukrainian Army and Neo-Nazi groups, and Duff adds, “to blow up planes, attack airports and clearly do so in order to blame Russia and inflame the world to the point of war.”

“Many of other documents show planning and logistic support through Bulgaria with PowerPoints in English. Mixed in with the documents are a selection of NATO unclassified news reports,” he says. “What can be safely assumed? The US government, certainly the State Department and US Army are involved.  NATO involvement is a given. The current rulers in Kiev are proving to be the criminal element predicted by Catherine Ashton of the EU and so many others.


“What we do have is a clear smoking gun, not just names but personal email addresses, mobile phone numbers and language that can never be mistaken,” Duff asks. “Gladio based false flag terrorism is alive and well, there can be no question.”


Duff’s thinking could be applied to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. 


Sources: Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, Reuters, Herald Sun, Veterans Today, Malaysia Government


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      Interesting chain of reasoning, consistent with what is known. Maybe it’s a ploy to make NSA spying seem relevant – wait and see if NSA comes up with crucial communications data that help crack the case…

    • dkossuber

      I have spent literally hours emailing the news outlets, ask a pilot, news anchors and tv stations asking if this 777 had a Boeing Uninterruptable Autopilot System installed. I have received ZERO answers from all. My questions did not include “was the plane hijacked using the UAP” just did it have one. The silence is deafening and very telling in my opinion.

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