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Paris Shooting Appears Fake #falseflag

% of readers think this story is Fact. Add your two cents.

Guy runs up to cop on ground and shoots him in the head, point blank.

Don’t worry, no blood..



Notice, the camera pans past the police officer on the ground, still no blood..


Now, this is what happens when you shoot a watermelon from 10 ft away..




You can see, a point blank shot with an AK-47 would make an awful mess..this alone is enough to call the event a false flag..there are also other problems, like they reportedly spoke perfect French with no accents, and entered the wrong building, before being told where the right building was, all while the police never responded..

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    • htmurph

      Maybe he missed?

      • stompk

        I can only go on what is being reported, and CNN is reporting the police officer was shot in the head and killed….

        • Dyro

          first of all find me where it was told he was shot in the head, i read all the news on CNN i cant find what you are saying. Secondly if it wasn’t the head you won’t see any blood if he was shot in the back/chest. Thirdly if you are right, what is the point of faking it?

        • NM156

          HAHAHAHAHHAHA Fake like Sandy hook. Totally staged complete with blanks. I’m not gunna get into ddetails of why.. but point blank range and blood would be splattered everywhere. Go hunting sometime and tell me what happens :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

        • The Seer

          NM156 you don’t have a clue

        • lightwork8

          Stomp, you may have missed the point of this site. It is that we do not blindly go on what is being reported by CNN. The days are long gone I’m afraid when you could believe a single word printed by MSM. Hence BIN.

        • airportengineer

          They also said Saddam’s Troops were throwing Kuwait babies out of incubators! Then, weeks after we bomb Iraq find that no babies died, and no incubators destroyed, and the woman that testified to Congress making that outrageous claim was the Kuwait Ambassedor Daughter!

          Wake up! Wag the Dog has you believing the biggest, tallest tales, and even when you watch the video you still believe this BS story? You are the reason our country is in the mess it’s in!

        • PSYOP Earth

          SKY also reported the same. Here is the link saying this police man was shot point blank in the head. Obviously he was not

        • neanderthal

          Show me the bullet hole in the concrete.
          Show me the blood stain on the sidewalk.
          Show me something. Besides BS.

        • Elekwense

          With today’s technology we can translate almost anything. Thanks to Google I was able to translate your post.

          “I can only go on what is being reported, and CNN is reporting the police officer was shot in the head and killed….”

          Translation: I blindly agree with the media without question no matter what they tell me.

      • chefjim

        I have an AK 47 and when I am target shooting, if I miss my target, let’s say a bowling pin or old computer monitor (if I miss that is, I rarely miss! :) all that energy can be seen hitting the side of the hill at my range in the form or a big chunk of ground blowing up. In other words, if he missed (or even if he hit his target) a 7.62 x 39mm round would make a nice size hole in the sidewalk either in front of his head or through his head! Why are they showing us lies and do they think we are stupid? Well, most of us are so I guess they are not wrong on that.

        • Douche McCallister

          He did miss. There is a slowed-down version you can find on google. However, it was a squib blank (paper wad round). The gun didn’t recoil, and the squib hit the ground near the officer’s head. You could see it hit and puff out. Nothing like a real bullet.

          I tried to post a link to the vid in another comment but it might not get approved.

        • stompk

          Wonder who the shooter is waving at right before he gets in the car?

        • rustywhite

          Why would you tell everyone that you own an ak-47?


      • Alan

        Deliberate miss yeah, seems so.
        Sound shocked him to stillness.

      • Veriton

        Whether it was staged with crisis actors or not, it is a clear false flag. And the globalists WANT us to know that:

    • Dude what

      Bullet could have hit bone and stopped or diverted itself further into his body.

      They more than likely used FMJ round (Full Metal Jacket). the watermelon video most likely shows a hollowpoint round that expands on impact thus causing the fruit to explode. An FMJ round would just pass straight through with a small entry hole and slightly larger exit cavity.


      • Equalizer

        Clearly a “false flag event”

      • scott

        ah an armchair gunshot expert… I love you guys… A 7.62×39 is not an extremely powerful round as far as rifle cartridges go but vastly more powerful than a 44 mag. He wasn’t shooting a cape buffalo. No human head would stop the round from 6 feet away… Even if he was wearing a helmet. Sorry to say, you don’t put a hole through a human head, even with a drill, without blood. There wasn’t blood even on the second camera pan 10-12 seconds after the coup.

        • Jesus smokes crack in Valhalla, whilst gargling Liquid Nitrogen

          I know linking an image from a scene of a movie is not the most reliant source, but in the movie “reservoir dogs” there is a (pseudo)accurate depiction of a gun shot victim. It seems that poor “officer” was shot center of mass, in the the stomach or the solar plexus. We can assume that because he was doubled over holding his belly, could of just been some bad acting or some really horrible escargot :lol: but certainly not a gunshot.

          I personally have no experience with gunshots, but common sense says, when a projectile moving at a very high velocity smashes into somebody there should be blood, given that the human body contains roughly 5.5 liters of the stuff. there is not a single drop, none, the sidewalk is completely clean.

      • neanderthal

        Show me the sidewalk TODAY.

    • bustattmoveliata

      I’m not a tin-foiler, but this doesn’t look right. The officer on the ground had a side arm (clearly visible and easily accessible), why didn’t he use it. They would of probably still shot him, but his training would dictate to try to stop the attack. The time it took him to raise his hands he could of reached for his weapon and fired a few shots. The attackers were most likely wearing vest, but a small chance is better than no chance at taking one of these guys out.
      Also the equipment (attire, gun, etc) these guys were wearing is not standard stuff, bring this into France would have set off flags. Maybe its legit, I don’t know, but there are some unanswered questions and hopefully good journalist will do their jobs and get them.

      • The Seer

        not standard stuff ho no not one more arm chair general

        • Jesus smokes crack in Valhalla, whilst gargling Liquid Nitrogen

          this shills are out in force on this one.

          I get the feeling most of these naysayers are getting paid to spew their bullshi*, its kinda obvious. You guys need to get better at blending in, and passively manipulating people. :lol:

          All in all, i have a feeling that this was a staged event. If you think not, than okay fine, live in the hopeless abyss of ignorance.


          ^answers all questions.

          Also i should mention, perfect timing, this will get the clintons and the prince out of the limelight for their devious perversions.

    • nappinglady - 1931

      Already? Seriously…. you peeps need help… professional help

      • Anonymous

        wake up, it is agenda driven psy-op. there is more proof of it being fake then they are giving us for it being real. it’s out there already go looking for it.

        • Man

          anything in the news is a false flag… whole governments are in it and actually nothing really happens even the olympics are a false flag… you think athletes are actually there? it is all CGI and they never existed.

        • The Seer


        • The Real Deal

          @Seer – Are you going to act like a child and throw out ad-hominem attacks all day, or are you going to eventually add some of your own ideas to the conversation? Ad-hominem attacks are a sign of a sub IQ halfwit who lacks critical thinking/arguing skills, so your only option is to attack that which goes against your programming. Grow up.

        • The Seer

          the real deal ya right I think with my head you only listen to what your cat told your dog that was talking to the rabbit in other world the way u get info is going to other conspiracy site to get your info clearly I think you need to grow up ,how did the Boston bombing false flag go that soon died down I wonder why lol and all the idiots saying they where innocent and I bet you was one of em

      • NM156

        You got that right bro. They must be new,cause I don’t recognize the names. BLOOD WOULD BE EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

    • Mikeol1987

      much as i’d like to unwatch them, the headshot videos i’ve seen do not add up with this. there would definitely be enough time for a viewable chunk of that pavement turning red in the 6-8 seconds the cop remains on camera for.

      It does smell a bit, but… whatcha gonna do?

    • prisonerno6

      Brain splatter is determined by the type of ammo used. If you are using Full Metal Jacket not much splatter. Bullet goes right through with very little mess. Use a Frangible or Hollow Point, then you have quite a mess.

      Does anyone out there know what type of ammo was used?

      • Parisfalseflag

        Who knows, but there would still be blood. The sidewalk is dry with no snow or dirt of anything on it. You would see something! As it is, you can see that it’s a blank round and that it was fired over his head. You don’t see any damage to the sidewalk and you see the air and dirt from the round hit the ground, but no evidence of a bullet.

    • DennisB

      This was fake. You can see the blanks powder charge hit the sidewalk about 2 feet from the officers head. Look carefully and you will see it.

      • Dr.Turdi

        Took the words right out of my mouth Dennis

      • The Seer

        DennisB I think you should go back to sleep (powder charge hit the sidewalk) No it was the bullet powder is powder next time you drop powder see if it breaks concrete but yet 8 idiots think your right am not sure you and the 8 should be released in to society

    • Shorty

      I could see blood spatter you nincompoop … and he’s probably using a small caliber rifle, like an AR-15. Comparing an AR-15 to and AK-47 is quite ridiculous.

      • scott

        I use an AR-15 to hunt coyotes sometimes. I use full metal jackets to keep the hides in one piece, even still I have to sew up the exit holes. If you shoot one in the head, throw it away…. A small caliber rifle, lol. Shoot a dear with a 220 swift and then tell me how “ineffective” these pop guns are. For human sized animals(deer) I would say the hyper velocity 22s are the deadliest guns ever made.

      • Mikeol1987

        Its a Kalashnikov Ak-47 as being reported…

    • You People Are Nuts

      Could anyone be more stupid ?

      You’re probably the kind of person who would think that his quadriplegic wife was cheating on him.

      I’m pretty sure if it was a false flag, you would be seeing too much blood.

      Now go apologize to your parents for ruining their lives.

    • Ideas Time

      False Flag and if CNN is reporting it as the truth you know it is a false flag. Remember they make up the fake news.

      • Bill Lyle

        I’m not defending CNN in any way, but this is BIN. Fake news is all the rage around here. I find it comical that the MSM gets accused of making up stories, but the crap that floats around here is taken as truth.

    • rustywhite

      Not only was the equipment suspicious, but listen to the driver as he was getting back into the car and yelling at someone behind him….He CERTAINLY doesn’t sound Arabic to me…He kinda sounds….well….MAYBE African American……and he is probably on a Swat team in some podunk city in the U.S…..It all seems pretty staged to me…………


      • The Seer

        so you know everything about the equipment lol I drought it very much next does it really matter what he sounded like a terrorist is a terrorist what do you want them to do go to elocution lessons, Geez

        • rustywhite

          No I DON’T know everything about the equipment….geeezzz…That what I stated in my post…It looks “suspicious”……

          How in the hell can someone with NO weapons knowledge even begin to comment on what type of weapon it might be?

          I can tell by your typing you probably don’t reside in the U.S. or you are 13 yrs old living in mamas basement………..

          There are programs for “voice recognition” dimwit….that’s why I alluded to the voice…It should be a clue into the investigation….

          Guess YOU and all the cops forgot they have …the make of the car, video, possible gps positioning ability, CCTV cameras all over the city that could tell them where the car went……AND!!!…AND!!!!! they Actually have a round of ammunition that they can do a ballistics test on to determine where it came from and what caliber it is…….

          YOU are no SEER….You wouldn’t even make a half assed journalist…..


        • The Seer

          rustywhite clearly you are a dum wit and not I don’t live in the US Where idiots live go back to mummy

      • nappinglady - 1931

        They were speaking perfect french you numbskull

    • Ideas Time

      The shooting on film is a blank. No bio matter for a guy shot three or more time. Really. Streets blocked off? If one shooting is faked and filmed the whole false flag is staged yet again to push the war against guns and manufactured terrorism. The prestitutes in the MSM will no doubt report and regurgitate the lies.

    • Terminator

      Yes this is FALSE FLAG operation!

      They shooting blanks!

      • The Seer

        your wife said you shoot blanks

        • scott

          So says the steer…

        • NM156

          What a cowardly, teenage thing to say

      • Terminator

        But the most interesting is that this is made on occult date: 7.01.2015=16=1+6=7
        Signed by Jesuits!

        Oh la la!

    • Ideas Time

      I am glad they made is so easy to see this was a false flag and how the MSM is discrediting themselves yet again pushing the lies. How low can they stoop? No limit for psychopaths.

    • igot1thatcansee

      This very suspicious to me as well. The gunman obviously missed the officer’s head when he tried to shoot him in the head. Maybe I am wrong on this one, but if this happened in Paris, France, then why is their a van that says in English “Rent a Car,” just saying.

      • htmurph

        2 rent a car vans suspiciously taking up parking spaces to assure a clear staging area.

        • The Seer

          clearly your from the USA because you would have noticed that from France to Britain is a tunnal where 1,000 of cars Daily from France go to England and English rent a VanS GO TO France and wot makes it worst 3 idiots have no IQ to work that out all for them selfs

        • srsly1

          No IQ to work that out because it doesn’t fit their “false flag” agenda.

      • Anonymous

        It’s called Rent a Car because it’s the company’s name you idiot! English terms are (sadly) often used in France too, something you’d know if you travelled a bit. And it’s absolutely real. You don’t try to “fake” the death of 12 people including some very well known people. You guys want to believe so badly that everything you’re being told is part of a conspiracy that you can’t see reality anymore. Learn a bit about Charlie Hebdo, Wolinski, Charb, Cabu, all those great guys that were killed today: they’d be the last ones to jump into a government scam.

        Remove your tin foil hat once in a while

        • The Seer

          someone with real input

        • htmurph

          Oddly, I never questioned the language issue, just the fact they were conveniently reserving spaces for the staging area.

          Reading 101.

    • Anonymous

      Whole event is staged. The gunman clearly missed! The officer on the ground rolled over toward the gunman as he approached and you can clearly see some type of covering over his right ear! Protection from a shot near the right ear! Too bad so many people will fall for this deception.

    • Cognacenti

      There are a number of ‘uninformed’ comments here about firearms and ammunition.
      The rifle used appears to be an AK47 not an AR15.
      The 7.62mm fully jacketed ammunition for which creates a temporary cavity as it passes through a body, which is 30cm in diameter!
      If you don’t remember the Kennedy assassination, Google images ‘JF Kennedy headshot’.
      This will give you an idea of what would (should) have happened.
      Real or fake? – not even a close call!

      • scott

        The 6.5 Carcano is not much more powerful than the 7.62×39, certainly not from the 100+ yards Kennedy was shot from… except he wasn’t really shot with the Carcano… no self respecting “actual” shooter would use one. The Carcano was a stage prop for the stooge.

    • Anonymous

      Psyop all the way.

    • Anonymous

      Video of this event on another website shows the same thing, but it appears that this video put out by LiveLeak has been retouched. The other video shows the officer on the ground turn over toward the gunman and its clear the officer has something white coveing his right ear. The video by live leak does not show this. I can attest that LiveLeak has put out many a video of other events that were not what they said they were! One was a video showing an alledged intense firefight at the start of the Ukraine revolution between western backed rebels and eastern Russians, but it was a video taken at an annual gun festival that took place in the southwestern US! Many more examples can be given. PAY ATTENTION! The ability to deceive is out of this world!

    • Eyeswideshut

      Not only that, but guns are not permitted in France. So how is a vehicle with darkened windows, and guys carrying AK47s allowed to be roaming around Paris happen? And why does the police officer who was supposedly shot yell to these guys, who were heard speaking “perfect french”, “don’t shoot” in English?

      Another definite FALSE FLAG!!!!

      • srsly1

        “guns are not permitted in France. So how is a vehicle with darkened windows, and guys carrying AK47s allowed to be roaming around Paris”

        Are you serious? Maybe the same reason thousands of individuals here in the US have illegal weapons. You’re a dumbass if you think gun control laws actually work in prohibiting criminals from owning weapons.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      so obviious that the guy missed him, shooter fires above left of the cop (our right) can see the concrete dust puff, watch it back a few times, see for yourself.

    • jay67

      Oh please don’t start these enormously stupid threads.

    • Nanar

      The cartoonists (oldest is Cabu 76 years old) that have been shot dead are very well known in France.
      their death is not a false flag…
      As much as I do not like Charlie hebdo, their cartoonists have been constantly threatened since 2006 (the caricatures of Mohammed from the Danish).
      And they never stopped attacking all kind of fascism (except their own). So in some since, they were naive but had balls.
      For us, french, this will only lead to the loss of more freedom and the presidential election of 2017 will be hot hot hot.
      Shooting cartoonists…more and more absurd.

      • Eyeswideshut

        Isn’t that the point?? More lost of freedom just like us Amerikans after the inside job of 9/11!

        • Nanar

          yes, all power systems, if they maintain themselves long enough will stop seaking approval and will enforce compliance.
          Place two incompatible cultures side by side and there will be rivers of blood.
          Funny thing though in France, all politics are waving the flag of hope with the word “republic” and not democratie. A republic is not necessarily a democratie.

    • FusedNail

      We know staged shootings do happen because of Sandy Hook. Real shootings happen, too. Let’s accumulate more facts before drawing conclusions here.

      • srsly1


    • jay67

      dumb thread of the day award

    • Anonymous

      Just re-watched the Zapruda film. To my eyes there seems to be quite a lot of differences, maybe it’s just me?

    • Ideas Time

      For those who think this False Flag was real, go look at some real shootings. I saw one where the guy was shot in the head and the starting coming out of his head like a spray as the heart was still pumping. This is totally fake. No blood or body matter which would be everywhere on the light concrete. Don’t be fooled again.

    • Anonymous

      Concentrate on the barrel of the weapon. There is zero muzzle rise indicating no lead and a blank round. It’s the lead that gives you recoil and there is no recoil. This looks like the Three Stooges playing cops and robbers.

      • scott

        Sorta… technically recoil is caused by the counter effect of accelerating a weight of mass to 2800 feet per second in 18-20 inches of barrel length… good point tho as a blank doesn’t have much weight and certainly doesn’t speed up to 2800 fps. At close range that would be about as deadly as a bullet. It is a simulation of a gun shot, to make noise… and as you say very little recoil… ((Seer)) come by and I will let you shoot a “real live round” and a blank so you can have some clue about what you speak… just saying

    • htmurph

      I almost forgot about Prince Pedophile! :lol:

      • stompk

        Weren’t the French involved in that somehow?

      • The Real Deal

        That’s the whole idea! :wink:

    • robobbob

      stop it, just stop it already. I don’t trust the gov anymore than anyone else here, but lets at least hear their lies before starting to debunk them.
      human beings are not balloons filled with blood that just explode on puncturing. just how much goo are you expecting from a FMJ at close range. Just wath some isis videos if you want to compare.
      what I find far more suspicious is that the police say they already know who did it.

      • Anonymous

        robob, you must have no experience with shooting whatsoever just as these fakers are expecting from the average lemming.

      • rustywhite


        A 7.62 round is what comes out the end of an M-60 machine gun.
        The Marine Corps uses them still. Just a simple BALL round will do tons of damage.
        The concussion from the round passing you at 100 yards will phuck you up pretty bad. If within 3 feet, it has been known to be fatal.
        The movies have brainwashed people from movies like Rambo and Terminator…..You DO NOT pick up a M-60 or 50 Cal. machine gun and start firing from the hip……It doesn’t work….I got to try it many times….I always had to have someone standing behind me pushing me forward just to stay in the same spot. I have fired thousands of rounds and know what they can do.
        Something is fishy with that whole story…but 2015 is SUPPOSED to be a wild year……The conditioning going on right now is incredible. You can barely look at your phone without some kinda weird stuff popping up…
        Why would ANY story on this page amaze you anymore?…..When some of the MSM carry stuff like this, I get concerned….


    • Grover

      Favor gonna kill you faster than bullet.

      • rustywhite



    • Anonymous

      Whole mobs of non-Muslims are now being reported entering some Muslim communities looking to lynch some of them according to some news reports coming out now! Mob rule is anarchy! Police need to step in to stop this insanity, but I’ll bet you they won’t!

    • Grover

      Is Paris Burning?

    • Things that make ya go hummm

      It’s freaking clear the bullet hit the sidewalk. Look again.

      • Anonymous

        If a bullet from an AK-47 hits the concrete sidewalk at that range there’s going to be a noticeable chunk of concrete missing, with pieces of concrete flying up, and a larger plume of dust.

    • Lance

      After watching this video multiple times on different sites my opinion is either the shooter missed on the head shot or he is shooting blanks. A 7.62×39 round is going to make a bloody mess on a head. I’m also curious as to the lack of blood around the officer while he is on the ground.

      The other thing that really bugs me is the tennis shoe on the street next to what would be the passenger side of the car here in the states. Both shooters appear to have boots/shoes on. When the return to the car, the brown vested one stops and picks it up before getting in the car. That just seems weird to me.

      • Anonymous

        He MISSED and he was using blanks! You’re right, no blood on the ground either! The vehicle was more than likely stolen. The tennis shoe may have been in the vehicle and fell out when the gunman got out. Could have been the gunmans tennis shoe which he would change into after they got rid of the car, changed out of their cloths, and put on tennis shoes? Pure speculation on that though. MSM is showing only the blurred out image of the officer on the ground, nothing else. They’re purposely blurring it out because it shows more than they want people, who watch their programming/propaganda, to see! Many people on this and other websites know there is definitely something amiss here.

    • The Seer

      got to love the Americans everything is a conspiracy even before the paint dries all the Loony tunes come out to play how did the 9/11 workout for you lot where is the 100% proof wait how did the sandy hook pan out where is the 100% proof wait wait the moon landings I wounder why the world laughs at the Americans ho I forgot the Boston bombing and JFK Nothing like watching idiots on here saying its a red flag at least when the SHTF Russia and China would not need to bother with the Americans because they would be too busy shooting each other and saying its my God given right to have a gun well when did god have a Gun :lol:

      • The Real Deal

        Look at this clown. Ho ho ho, what are you, Santa Claus? Mr. internet tough guy? Yeah we’re all a bunch of idiots, you got all the answers. Anyways, when you find time to climb down off your STOOL, go ahead and pull your head out of your…how do you effeminates across the pond say it? oh yeah…”ARSE”!

        • Mayhem

          Eh? Your lot butchered the English language and we, who speak it, are poofter dinosaurs? That’s hardly fair but you do make a good point so i’ll let it go, this time.

        • The Real Deal

          LOL…gee thanks. :wink:

        • The Seer

          you are upset because I tell the truth about what about your pic is that not about the truth but yet you are the one with his head stuck up your ASS What as santa and the internet got to do with it I think your marbles are loose so if you find time grow up and grow a set the real deal seems a fake deal :lol:

        • The Real Deal

          I’m not upset about anything. That’s a strawman argument; A failed attempt to create a new argument about me to deflect attention from away from you. This isn’t about me. This is about you. I hooked you up for attacking people who never provoked you.

          Are you a narcissist? You like bullying people? You think you’re smarter than everyone else? What’s with the attitude? You don’t know how to engage in a conversation without hurling insults? That’s why you need to grow up. Learn how to communicate if you have to open your mouth.

        • Bill Lyle

          RD has a point. You’re talking out your arse. I don’t have all the evidence that any of those events were False Flags, AND NEITHER DO YOU. If you’re willing to claim that you have “100% proof” that these incidents were not staged, then by all means, bring this information forth. Until then, spouting off garbage solves nothing. BTW: if you don’t want a gun, don’t purchase a gun. Easy fix.

          @Real Deal
          As much as I hate to admit it, Seer has a point as well. Often times, the term “False Flag” gets thrown around, long before any evidence is presented. A lot of times, I see premature reports of a nefarious false flag, and all I can do is laugh. It reeks of propaganda, just from the other side of the story. Just my opinion.

      • scott

        S(t)eer… You forgot about the USS Liberty… That’s today’s big story… well that and The Balfour Declaration… “when did god have a Gun” …when did he have a car or a computer??? Beating plow shares into “guns” wouldn’t have meant much 2000 years ago…

    • kiwibloke

      ??? sure thats blood pool under his arm, pavements slope towards roads, hence any blood loss will be soaking into his uniform before spreading out

    • amerikanazi

      That was terrible acting….. the worst actors were Sandy hook actors though. all you need to be on Cnn. A willingness to act, to be the actor, democrats and neocons will stand together as puppets. in support of bad acting. because they are that stupid.

    • Shoni

      :?: If this is a false flag, what/who killed those who died there? What’s the purpose?

      • Osimandias

        To keep you diverted from the kiddie fiddling prince & the rapist ex-president.

      • ecclesiatical

        The killing of the journalists is real,the police killing is fake.
        The reason is found at the link below.
        I know only of 2 real false flags,one is called stars and stripes and the other is called star of David.

        The purpose is to incite hatred and the application refused.
        If the application is accepted Israhell would have to give up 75%of its stolen land.
        Cant you see the mossad signature.

    • ConfuciousSay

      Its hard to say but very disturbing just the same.

    • G

      Oh ya, definitely another fake event.

      How in hell could elcadia travel from iraq to france with all those weapons and why do those players look so well trained and fit. elcadia is a rag tag mountain sheep herder gang who are dirty, hungry and raggedy.

      these guys weren’t any a that.

      • scott

        Yep, that about sums it up… Cell phones have pretty much ended FFs and hoaxes… What’s a poor lying government to do?

      • NWO for Dummies.

        doesn’t look the slightest bit frightened either as he’s about to get his head blown off.

    • LampStand-of-Flames

      Illuminati has no-brains @ all. Nothing but crisis actor’s. Same as with sandy hook,ebola, and the list is endless practically. My favorite saying: demons have no brains :!:

    • DG

      Yup FAKE, A very bad fake, at least could have made it more believable, watch few frames in slow motion of the fatal point blank and the dust blow, his head should have at least jerked when he received the bullet. nothing. its like nothing hit him. Oh man what are they trying to do now. Sigh!!

    • NWO for Dummies.

      One thinks about fake nuclear bombs falling all over america —- ah, all is well!!! :arrow:

      :mrgreen: :idea:

    • NWO for Dummies.

      an accused just handed himself in when he saw his name on social media – in other words he’s innocent.

      there was no blood in the London ‘beheadings’ either – get a grip people you are being subjected to trauma conditioning to soften you up for the microchip. Don’t take it!

    • Critic2016

      Where is this location of police shooting? It is not near the actual incident. This incident happened before or after the actual shooting? This video is surely a fake and no way related to the actual event

    • kingbabylon

      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :evil: :evil: :evil: 100% fake thanks for sharing With that gun they fired more than 10 shot and there wasn’t any blood 1st ,2ndly that close range shot in the head will blow off the brain all over also the police didn’t fire back at them fake the reason they want to impliment the NWO wake people :idea: :idea: :idea:

      • NM156


    • NWO for Dummies.

      move along, nothing to see here ………………next!

    • kingbabylon

      Also the person who was filming this why didn’t continued the filming till the ambulance arrived and the cops was their any one bypass stop to help ……..
      .htmurph if you think he missed he must be training in the back yard

    • worldordernews

      it missed you retard, but ooohhh its a conspiracy! you probably think this is all a hologram.

      • Bill Lyle

        Well, obviously. Just like the Olympics, 9/11, and everything else that’s happened since 1964. It’s holograms, I tell ya! Given to the government, by aliens from Fresno! To force the people into eating worm meat, laced with LSD! All so they can turn us into sex slaves for the Jewish/Catholic, reptilian Royals! :roll:

    • Morgawr

      What strikes me OD apart from the lack of blood is, the shot should have sent his head in a violent jerk to his right, but instead he just gently lays down, I don’t know nothing about gun impacts put common sense tells me this don’t add up.


      I won’t watch the video. No I won’t explain but for those saying there where blanks used, is there a blank adapter on the flash suppressor of the rifle? If not is he seen running the charging handle back before he shoots? You can’t fire multiple shots from a gas operated rifle without a blank adapter on the end of the barrel unless you want to pull that charging handle back before each shot. And why was the 60 and .50 brought into the conversation? Maybe I missed something in the comments. Yes you can fire a 60 from the hip if you brace yourself by placing your right foot far behind you perpendicular from your left, have a sling on it, and lean forward. You may have to reposition yourself after every burst if your not used to it but it can be done. Your shots wont be as accurate as if you were in the prone but don’t forget the beaten zone. You can shoulder fire it as well. Before you “experts” run your mouths I was a 60 gunner for almost 3 years.

      • WIDOWMAKER 92

        Correction. “Shoulder fired” from the standing position.

        • rustywhite

          oh yeah…btw…



      • rustywhite

        60 and 50 was mentioned because of the 7.62 round.
        You must be as big as Shrek to be firing an m-60 from the hip….

        I was 0331 from 78-82……..Not just some armchair expert.

        You know good and well a 7.62 round would have “splattered” that skull on the cop even if he just took a nick from a ricochet……..

        What amazes me about stories like this is the fact that we NEVER get anybody on any of these “alternative” news sites that says, “I WAS THERE”….and saw it firsthand.

        just sayin……


      • rustywhite

        Another thing I don’t get from your post……

        Is that REALLY you?…..

        You got all your 60 gunner skills from world of tanks?


    • calmdowndear

      In this false flag/psy op/faked footage world a lot of you people seem to live in, nothing is ever allowed to be real (apart from blurry footage of bigfoot, Nessie et al). Get with the programme, there is a religion out there that hates freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of the press and in short; freedom itself. When these people come knocking at your door offering conversion, submission or death are you going to pull their beard hoping it’s someone in fancy dress?

    • chefjim

      Clearly fake. If they are going to fake something, why not do it right, at least like Hollywood? Unless they wanted most people to believe it was fake (or if they wanted to spark controversy). But why would they want to do that? Ah, perhaps things aren’t what they appear to be in the big scheme of things.

    • whosat

      False flag is my guess. Look away from Paris for what will be “overlooked” by the media over the next two days. With the price of a barrel of oil approaching $40, we can expect another market crash soon. Perhaps late on a Friday afternoon so that everybody is broke on Monday morning? Also some pretty large rocks (comet Lovejoy) out there. Do we really expect a “heads-up” when one of them comes our way?
      The important thing is that despite our widely differing opinions, we are talking about it at a level well beyond what CNN offers. Sadly, the vast majority drink the Koolaid and then carry on watching ‘reality’ shows… They believe everything they’re told, and question nothing. Come on, as professional looking as this was, are we really to believe that some guy dropped his shoe and his identification in the car?! Reminds me of how they found Atta’s passport on top of the burning rubble…. I prefer to QUESTION EVERYTHING! Enjoy the internet while we still have it.

    • Anonymous

      Why is there so much hub-bub over freedom of speech in this incident, and in others? Well, I’m glad you asked! You see, information is being used as a WEAPON! Those who claim there should be unlimited free speech are at the forefront in using information as a weapon? Social media is a used to target individuals and audiences with taylor made information. Automated systems present information to specific individuals or groups via information technologies and limit the availability of information published to selected audiences. The information is designed to appeal to the “target audience”. Using Automated PsyOps on social media conflicts are generated through feedback. That’s what the Internet and social media are designed to do! Who created the technology of the Internet? The MILITARY!

      • whosat

        Actually, the world wide web was created by Tim Berners Lee while he worked for CERN. The goal was to connect hundreds of thousands of computers so that they would be able to better analyze the massive amount of data generated by the Large Hadron Collider’s search for the Higgs’ Boson (God particle).

        • Anonymous

          Actually, the technology that started the Internet was develped by ARPA, the Advanced Research Projects Agency, now called DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, both agencies of the US MILITARY!


          I thought Al Gore invented the internet… & global warming?!?!

    • Proteo

      It’s real!
      I’m in Paris and i can say it’s not fake!

      France is not accustomed with such happenings and news, it’s kinda big shock for all of us :( .

      Why do these people have such “hate” in their heart?
      We’re all brothers and sisters… and we’re free.

      We still don’t understand why this happens. :???:

      • calmdowndear

        You don’t understand? Then I suggest you read Surah/Chapter 9 of the Quran!

        • stompk

          Or read the book of kings in the bible. King of Jews David kills 10′s of thousands, and gathers foreskins. Or, how about Jesus, rounded up and crucified at the behest of the Jews, for whipping their money changers.

        • The Real Deal

          Or you can read Sanhedrin 59a in the Talmud!

    • VirusGuard

      Well ATS is removing post about the Paris shooting if you call it a false flag and they are twisting the T&C to say its banned due to gore.

      Must be too hot for them to handle and any links to this site are now also banned.

      if you shoot someone in the head at close range with an AK-47 then you would exspect to see a lot of blood me thinks

      • stompk

        Yeah, I was banned by ATS years ago.. they are ran by the Dept of Defense, and BAE systems

    • richard

      agree and strange they brought their ID WITH around with masks and ak.blanked number plates.the hallmark of a false flag.perpertrators once again known criminals

    • Anonymous

      With todays modern high tech information systems technologies, ANYTHING can be faked! You cannot believe what you see, hear, or read in the electronic controlled digital media! The technology is so good many audio and video reports, posts, comments, and even people whom you think are real, are artificial constructs!

      As it is written, “the deception is great”!

    • Mother mary

      Divert from prince Andrew pedophile sex scandal. Queen sends out Mi6 to cause chaos.

    • Anonymous

      Here’s where this “event” will lead to. They can’t find the “terrorists”! They’re looking everywhere for them, but they remain on the loose! Yet, in France, there are all kinds of electronic surveillance cameras and sensors EVERYWHERE! How will they ever find these “terrorists”? Oh, wait, I know! We’ll require all citizens to have some type of electronic device be put on them so they can locate individuals “…anytime, anywhere…”! Just watch what happens shortly!

      • clockwork angel

        true ….MSM in the states mentioned spomething about how everyone in the uk will be chipped within this year and the entire “world as we know it ” within 3 years..only way it can be done is if a major event would happen

    • BlackPage

      I agree, and I noticed something in the video. As the 1st gunman is walking back to the vehicle he is looking at someone, he then gives some sort of wave or signal, it looks like a confirmation signal. You can see him raise his hand and wave.

    • underdog

      every time i hear about shootings i think . o great another false flag op . i wish thay stop doing it thay not no fooling people with this nonsense . it only increases the sales of guns . not scare people . about guns . but oh well . it will take them a long time before thay realize it is not working .

    • The Real Deal

      This of course was intended to deflect attention from the Royals who are now involved in a pedophile scandal which could lead to their undoing. How convenient a mass shooting occur for the talking head media meat puppets to keep you looking over here, while over there they sweep the royal scandal under the rug.

      Secondly, i spent three years in the service, qualifying expert in both the the .45 and M-16…yes telling of my age, i understand, lol…the point is, i know what a weapon could and should do. When i first watched the video, the very first thing that came to mind after the supposed shot to the head was…”wait that shot looked like it missed”. AK’s are known for their recoil and unique sound when fired. The thing literally jumps all over the place because it has no buffer spring in the stock. There should have been recoil, and most certainly blood and spatter from the impact wound to the head.

      • rustywhite

        musta been one of those new 3-d printed guns that have no recoil…..hahahahaha


    • PSYOP Earth

      Here is the link to SKY news saying this police man was shot point blank in the head. Obviously he was not

    • lightwork8

      I have no experience with guns but I too cannot get past the feeling that there is something wrong with these images and consequently the event itself. One thing that seems very clear is that if you wanted Prince Andrew off the front page of every western newspaper, for instance, this would certainly do the trick. We know the French & British intel links after Diana. The gunmen could easily have been encouraged, coerced or controlled. So reading the scepticism regarding the gunshots is no surprise at all.

      • rustywhite

        REALLY?????….You think Prince Andrews’ sex news is so important that they would false flag something like this?

        So the fact that oil is crashing, the economies of numerous countries are crashing, unemployment is out of control, the governments are out of control, we have idiots like Obama and Boner and Pelosi in charge OF ANYTHING is not of a little more concern than what Prince Andrew may or may not have slipped his royal penis into?

        Seems as if things are spiraling out of control but there is a news article on Yahoo about Jennifer Lopezs’ butt…..

        WTF is the matter with this world?…..It is time for a cataclysmic disaster that will take out 95% of the population and do a major reset for mother earth…….

        THAT will certainly stop all these goofy headlines……………….


        • stompk

          Oh yes, because he is just the tip of the iceberg.

        • htmurph

          Prince Andrew? Maybe not, Bill Clinton and the future American political machine? Fer sure!

        • Omega Files

          Every event is the tip of the iceberg with you featured fearporners.

    • rustywhite

      I am done bashing for the day..
      Can someone please tell me the status or name of the “officer” that was shot in the head?

      This story keeps getting weirder……

      It almost looks like they are filming a Monty Python or AbFAB episode………


    • Sun Rabbit

      I would reserve judgment as to whether or not it’s fake right now because we still don’t have all the facts straightened out.
      Why isn’t anyone asking about the identity of the cameraman?

      • rustywhite

        Because the headline news agencies already KNOW who the camera man is….He works for them……….How do you think they got the film so quick?

        This bs is getting ridiculous…….This is worse than watching the stock market being manipulated………..


      • Ross

        Very good observation… who was the cameraman?!

    • RDeBeaux

      The density of a watermelon and a cranium is VERY different. Will not react the same.

      • rustywhite

        AND this comes from someone that has shot BOTH?

        I can cause havoc with a bb gun if done right…..

        Step aside for a moment and look at this news story as if it has nothing to do with you………….

        There ya go…………….IT has nothing to do with you………….



      • ecclesiatical

        Right on @ RDeBeaux.
        But people who eat burgers with human DNA in them can’t possibly know that.

    • Martin Luther

      The most logical explanation is that the police officer was paralyzed with fear and played dead when the shot missed him.
      As a result of this the French Intelligence service stepped in. So to prevent people from acting out against him, and preventing further attacks on his life because of his cowardliness. So, the FIS fabricated his death.

      Not everything has to be a conspiracy. The fact is, there are tens of thousands of radical Muslims fighting in the middle east. Now, once these guys return to their respective countries, don’t you think that some of them will want to vent out and terrorize the population in the name of Jihad. What have they got to loose? In their twisted doctrine taken straight from the Koran you need to get rid of the infidels. And in doing so, you get a free ticket to heaven with 72 Virgins. That’s a free get out of Jail card. please refer below to some of the verses found in the Koran

      The truth is, statistics may soon show that it will be impossible to keep our western judeo christian traditions in the coming decades. Here in Australia the Muslim population are having on average 9 kids per family.If you work out the maths, how long before they become the majority? out of that majority all you need is a small percentage of radicals to get rid of all the unbelievers. Isn’t that what ISIS managed to do in Mosul Iraq a City of over a million people?

      The Immigration laws of many western nations have failed. Multiculturalism has failed. There is no turning back now.
      Its too late to turn the clock.

      This is the eleventh hour!

      Solution – We need a true awakening! How?

      2 Chronicles 7:14
      if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

      If you call yourself a christian then cry out for revival!! For the sake of our families, our friends, our neighbors.

      What did Jesus say “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

      Jesus = Love, Peace, Joy, Patience, Forgiveness, Hope, Eternal Live, Faith, The Savior of the World, Love all people of all beliefs and race.

      Jesus does not = Hatred, Terror, Fear, revenge, hopelessness, death, the Crusades, The Vatican, man made doctrines, man made churches, Hypocrites, Most professing christians!!

      And, I know that there are many muslims who are law abiding citizens who try to do the right thing. Unfortunately they have
      been deceived but our God does not discriminate and they to can find salvation through Jesus the anointed one.

      Our God does not discriminate and even the most radical of radicals can enter in to the Kingdom of God.

      For the bible is the Good News!

      “The gospel of Jesus Christ is good news. It remains forever, good news, the best news imaginable, for absolutely everybody and everything. It is not merely good news for the few who came to know Christ before they died; it is good news for the whole of creation”

      Islam Permits Lying to Deceive Unbelievers and Bring World Domination!
      al-Taqiyya: deception; the islamic word for concealing or disguising one’s beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies.

      O believers, take not Jews and Christians as friends; they are friends of each other. Those of you who make them his friends is one of them. God does not guide an unjust people. – 5:54

      Make war on them until idolatry is no more and Allah’s religion reigns supreme – 8:39

      martyrs…. Enter heaven – Surah 3:140-43

      Slay them wherever ye find them and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution is worse than slaughter. – 2:191

      If you should die or be killed in the cause of Allah, His mercy and forgiveness would surely be better than all they riches they amass. If you should die or be killed, before Him you shall all be gathered. – 3:157-8

      You must not think that those who were slain in the cause of Allah are dead. They are alive, and well-provided for by their Lord. – Surah 3:169-71

      Let those fight in the cause of God who sell the life of this world for the hereafter. To him who fights in the cause of God, whether he is slain or victorious, soon we shall give him a great reward. – Surah 4:74

      Those who believe fight in the cause of God, and those who reject faith fight in the cause of evil. – 4:76

      But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever you find them. – 4:89

      • Anonymous

        Judaised/Romanized/Hellenized Christianity does not represent Christ, or the doctrine of Christ. They practice and preach the doctrine of humanitarianism. Humanitarianism is defined as, “1. The distinctive tenet denying the divinity of Christ; also, the system of doctrine basd upon this view of Christ. 2. a. The doctrine that man’s obligations are limited to, and dependent alone on, man and human relations. b. The doctrine of Saint Simon that man’s nature is perfectible through his own efforts without divine grace. 3. Regard for the interests of mankind; broad benevolence and philanthropy.” (Definition is from an old printed on paper dictionary) Do a word search and look up the word humanitarianism or humanitarian and then come back to this comment box and tell me what you find! Search the web and the news, and tell me what you find! What is the largest single electrical and electronics association on the planet that practices the “doctrine of humanitarianism”?

    • rustywhite


      Someone go thru these headlines and see if they ever give a NAME of a cop that was shot…………


      sorry …won’t paste………….

      just google…name of cop shot in paris…………..

      see what you get……I already took a screenshot of it so they can’t change it in the news…………


    • Anthony

      I have always been good at remembering faces…and when the picture of Cherif Kouachi came up at the Paris shooting, recognised him a Mohammed Merah.
      I don’t live in the States,so I always check out any terror activity in Europe and Mid East.
      Most Americans will not know much of M Merah……he was involved in the Toulouse shooting (look it up) 2012.
      And to cut a long story short was killed by over a hundred French special forces,half the room he was in was gone.
      Now I was suspicious then,as no body was ever shown.
      Now I find out he was an Algerian Jew, and worked for French Intelligence…as so many patsys do round the world (their own intelligence) then I found a video offering far more info on him on a site called nodisinfo,search with his name.
      I believe he is back working and is part of this Paris shooting…if this is the case, then it is definitely coordinated with French Intelligence and mossad.

      • rustywhite

        you kinda sound like a spook hanging out in Europe…………
        Your perfect typing skills almost give you away…….

        bye now……

    • Morgawr

      Everything is planned and clearly everything is intended to distract us from what their really doing but everything they do has duel purpose, it’s a mind mash.
      But I still get a buzz knowing there’s no place for their puppets in their paradise, and at the right time they will remove each and everyone of them from life and the sad thing is their innocent children will pay the price because they maybe the only ones left to fill their sick needs.
      Traitors can’t be trusted and will be removed because they will be the only threat left.

    • Anonymous

      Psyops and socialbots! For every one human being on the Internet using a social network there are anywhere from 5 to 10 socialbots interacting with them, providing feedback to generate “conflict”. Information is taylored to specific individuals and nations to manipulate and control perceptions. You been had, dad!

    • FindtheTruth

      Most MSM aren’t showing the cop getting “shot” in the head. Earlier today, I tried to find it on YouTube and other sites so I could enlarge it and check it out frame by frame. I saw the one posted here. I looked at it frame by frame and I’m no gun expert, but – I saw a shadow by his head, which I suppose could be blood splatter, but was still not convinced. I did come across a wedding party video of 3 people accidentally shot dead, which was extremely bloody and gross.

      The part that disturbs me the MOST is that the perpetrators were reported by multiple news sources as having been on France’s no-fly list AND Terror watch list. If that were the case – then this wouldn’t have happened in the first place, right??? Nope.

      Also, the day before – The U.S. said that Palestinians should not be allowed into the UCC after France suggested that they should. Of course, at the same time, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and others are under scrutiny (I am not saying investigation, because, face it – they are “above” that. Also coinciding with all of this are the protests by right wing parties throughout Europe against Muslim people.

      Talk about “killing 2 birds with one stone”. It’s more like 3, 4, 5 or maybe more. 2015 is going to be a big pain in the ass because those ruling demons want to really bring the New Nazi hammer onto our already aching heads.

      The Corporation of the United States wants to usher in their next favorite demon for 2016. Most if not all of the powers that be on this planet are scrambling and conjuring up every excuse they can pull out of their festered arses to continue the mayhem.

    • FindtheTruth

      The video was in Yemen, btw.

    • FindtheTruth Another You Tube video…

      Why is the cop blurred out??? I saw the first footage on Fox News and they didn’t even show the cop, just shaky camera work and sounds of gunshots. CNN didn’t show anything either. They claim that it’s too disturbing for viewers. Yeah, right.

      • nappinglady - 1931

        Really? Really? You want to see the moment of his death? You want to see someone shot/executed? You are no better then the perpetrator.

        Did it occur to any of you that the shot might have entered below the skull and between the shoulders? For you arm chair peeps… grow the frack up!!!

        Seriously… the camera work… the guy was not a professional… and I bet he wanted to stay on the shooters to get all the information he can. The show was probably the shooters street shoes and it fell out as he got out. I don’t know if they have the right two guys… I don’t see them purposely leaving an id card… that probably was an intentional red herring.

    • Anonymous

      A very sophisticated technological PSYWAR is going on! Think about this. Imagine those conducting this war have staged a false flag to purposefully make the MSM look like they’re the one’s trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes?

    • Pete

      Watch the video very closely.
      Pause, play pause play, making it step by step. Watch the sidewalk about 3 inched up from the top of the cops head, and 6 inches out to the right. You will see a “Poof” of the sidewalk.

      Also take note that the muzzle flash of that AK was very very weak.. This suggests the use of blanks or even sims.

      Also the camera was on him for enough time that you would have seen blood everywhere from that.

      that’s a .308 round. it’s not known for being clean when hit by it.

    • amerikanazi

      the only people who think this is real voted for Obolo, kllinton, or one of the Bush-it’s

    • Anonymous

      Germany’s Merkel wants to lift sanctions against Russia. US military withdrawing over 64,000 military personel and closing 15 bases in Europe, major ones in Germany. French president wanted to lift the sanctions against Russia. A terrorist attack is staged in Paris. Malaysian authorities back in 2013 indicted and convicted former US politicians and military leaders of “war crimes” committed since 9/11. One Malaysian airliner goes missing, one is shot down over the Ukraine, another crashes into the sea. And today, on Yahoo News, it was announced that “militants” are planning “mass casualty attacks” in the West. What do you think?

    • VirusGuard

      The mail reports

      “The pair left behind their identity cards in the Citroen they used for the massacre – a move which appeared deliberate, intelligence specialists said.”

      And also says

      “French media reported the brothers were in a car when they came upon her and abandoned that to use hers instead. She recognised them as the wanted men, a police source said.”

      Source :

      Well if she is still being hold hostage then she must had used physic power to tell the police she knew they were the wanted men.

      ATS is blocking threads on the subject if you don’t tow the party line as well as Youtube who is removing videos

    • Anonymous

      A top headline on this website: “Gordon Duff: Paris False Flag Attack Not Even Filmed in Paris! Beyond a Joke!”

      He’s right, and I’ll tell you why! This event was staged to make the MSM look like they are the ones who’re trying to fool people! Everything about this event is too obvious! Something REALLY stinks!

    • Mogga

      Of course it’s a false flag. Not enough blood. Not enough tears. The Cherlie Hebdo offices had been closed since 2009. There were police in France even before the attack. The guy giving the press conference doesn’t look sincere. Ther’s no film of people being evacuated from the area. Somebody smiled. Terrorists could never carry those big heavy guns. The victims were pictured with Obama after the event. There’s a tribute page on Faceache that was created in the 14th century. And…..The entire population of Paris are actors.


      • Anonymous

        YOU do not understand the “Magick” that is being used to manipulate and control people, or do you?

    • Anonymous

      Something really stinks with all of this. Who are those who’re complaining the loudest about the loss of freedom, the police state, the militarization of law enforcement, etc., etc., yet these same people push and endorse using the electronic technologies that are making all this possible? Numerous articles on this, and other alternative media websites, support such events as the CES, or the Digital Nomad Conference, and the adoption of electronic methods of buying and selling. Kinda hypocritical don’t ya’ll think?

      • stompk

        The cop that was supposedly killed was on special detail to protect Charlie Hebdo. Guess he failed..

        • Anonymous

          You contradict yourself by using the word “supposedly”. Its obvious the “cop” was NOT killed because the gunman clearly MISSED! As for what has happened to Hebdo and his friends, neither you nor I know, with 100% certainty, they were killed! There are no photos of their bodies in the offices where they were “supposedly” killed, yet in police investigations photos are commonly taken of crime scenes. Where are these photos? Ain’t drinking their coolaid, pal!

        • The Seer

          your Comments clearly show you have no respect for the dead

        • The Real Deal

          And your comments show that you have no respect for the read.

    • Anonymous

      Who said in a letter written long ago that they would foment a 3rd World War between the Islamic Arabic nations and the political Zionists? Are they not now doing exactly that? Oh, yes, they are! Who said they would provoke a formidable social cataclysm to show people the effects of absolute Atheism, the origin of savagery, and a most bloody turmoil? Are they not now doing this also? Oh, yes, they are! What’s going on in France right now? What’s going on in Syria and Iraq? What’s going on in the Ukraine? Not everyone is fooled by their tactics.

    • htmurph

      Has anyone noticed, this video was shot with the steadiest hands on the planet! If you were lucky enough to have your phone handy to catch this event, wouldn’t your nerves be a tad frazzled??

      Also this vehicle has white side view mirrors, the one being hauled off has black. :cool:

      • Anonymous

        I’ve noticed lots of things, and I’m sure others have too. Latest thing is how the media, western media in particular, are reporting this. No photos of the bodies of those in the alledged “massacre” in the Hebdo offices. Videos show only the two gunmen, and one gunman who runs up to an officer on the sidewalk, who shoots, and misses the officers head, CLEARLY. No blood, no shell casings, no recoil, no chunk of sidewalk displaced by a body armour piercing round shot out of an AK-47. Eye witness accounts from one or two who were in the offices where the alledged “massacre” took place are WHO? I don’t know them, do you? One video report is obviously “edited” in which two different people were shown wearing bullet proof vests. All video reports are from a great distance away from the operations being conducted by the French militarized police. Any reporters that try to get closer are confronted and ordered to move back. The rhetoric from western media is aimed at fomenting hatred of those who practice the Muslim religion. Nothing is being said about where ISIS is getting its funding, training, and weapons by the western media, nothing! Could go on and on, but some of us see through the BS!

    • HfjNUlYZ

      I love how no matter what happens, the nut jobs and loonies start foaming at the mouth and chant False Flag!! at pretty much any news item, and it all revolves around either 2nd amendment rights, the New World Order, or a Zionist agenda. Even when the mindless innuendo can be refuted with hard facts, the idiots and fools refuse to waver from their conspiratorial ranting.

      • VirusGuard

        Just becaue you allow the state to think for you does not mean we all should.

        No blood means no blood but if you need the state to tell you its normal not to see any then that is up to you.

        You would fit in well at ATS who are doing all they can to delete threads on this subject

    • Anonymous

      I saw another video clip where the “dead” cop pulled out his cell phone, punched a few numbers, took a selfie, and looked over his shoulder to make sure the other ACTORS didn’t see him do it. That video was on FB and I don’t know where it came from but I’d sure like a copy of it.

      • ecclesiatical

        You forgot to mention that he had a cup of coffee`.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      two terrorist brothers killed in Paris.

    • Terminator

      After first occult date 7.01.2015 there is another occult date 9.01.2015 for the second part!


      Signed by “JesuiTs Charlie”!

      • Anonymous

        JesuiTs certainly know about occult dates, don’t they! You bet they do!

    • Yakove Better

      Not all GSW result in blood splatter, much of it has to do with distance, angle of penetration and if the bullet hit a major blood artery. In addition given the scope of this barbaric attack by radical Muslims it makes no sense the killing of the PO is fake.

    • Anonymous

      To: The Seer

      You said, “your Comments clearly show you have no respect for the dead”


      • Anonymous

        Still no images of the supposedly “dead” in France in the fake terror attack, but you can get on Youtube, type in “Ukraine civilians killed”, and see all kinds of graphic and sickening images and videos of the “dead” there! Why don’t you show those images on ABC, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, HLN, BLOOMBERG, RT, etc.? You people make me more sick to my stomach than the images of the “dead” in eastern Ukraine!

        • ecclesiatical

          Anonymous @
          Since you are the ones who are accusing the French authorities of a hoax,it is you who should bring proof and not the other way round.
          It is easier to bring photos of those who died,say going to work, since that they are not really dead.
          If the shooting of the cop is fake that doesn’t mean the shooting of the rest is fake.


      it was a mossad black op just like the murder of princess diana

    • nobody

      Paris Shooting Hoax Policeman Taking Selfies After 12 Murdered WTF

      • VirusGuard

        You would be fooled by just watching the short video but if you seach you will find the full version on Youtube and the cops was taking pictures of something under the car. Just what i would not know

        Also note that the wing mirrors on the car were chrome, not white that turned black like some are saying.

        Apart from that, yes it looks like a false flag to me

    • domack

      He did miss it was a female officer killed this is clearly a male here, come on guys not every attack is a false flag!

      • Shorty

        More evidence has been uncovered. The car used in the shooting is not the same as the car they used to identify the 2 suspects they murdered. The car used in the shooting was a 2014 Citroen with chrome outside mirrors and a mid-mounted antenna toward the rear of the car. The car they used to identify the brothers was a 2013 Citroen with black outside mirrors and no antenna —

    • janetspillows

      Why does everyone think that it’s fake? I don’t think it’s fake. When I saw the shooting on tv they blurred the cop who was shot because they didn’t want to show blood. Of course it’s real and it’s extremely sad. I feel bad for the the people of Paris. These terrorists are going to keep attacking and unless they are stopped it will only get worse.

      • stompk

        Have you watched the unblurred video, or do you even care to seek the truth. THERE IS NO BLOOD

      • VirusGuard

        The video shown on Liveleaks and the one that Youtube and ATS is doing all it can to block is not “blurred” and not only do we see “No Blood” but the policemans head does not jolt as the bullet hits him.

        if you watch the full; version then you will see that even seconds later that no blood comes from the cop who according to the press had been shot several times using double tap.

        Some of the stories being released are wrong like the white door mirrors and i think the images for the mark in the road next to the front wheel looked stange because more than one camera was used to capture the images and one had a higher resoloution but no blood was no blood.

    • htmurph

      Notice the chalk mark in the street in front of the passenger tire when the agents return to the car. It’s not there in the first frames. There were several takes.

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