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“H.R. 2847 – July 1, 2014 the U.S. Dollar Will Officially Collapse

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March 27th, 2014


I found this one… anyone know anything about this????????

On July 1, 2014 the U.S. Dollar Will Officially Collapse; because, on this date, U.S. House of Representative Bill “H.R. 2847” goes into full effect, making it essentially impossible for Americans to protect their savings

Sounds like the USA…. at 47 minutes on…



From Ron Paul Daily…. 

Obama’s new July 1st 2014 law will shock most Americans

Dear Reader,

We’ve been critical of several Obama Administration policies over the past few years…

But a new law set to go into effect on July 1st, 2014 (less than six months from now), might be the Administration’s worst decision yet.

On this date, Title V of House of Representative Bill #2847, known as “FATCA,” goes into effect.

We believe this could precipitate a huge collapse in the U.S. dollar… and a rapid decrease in our standard of living.

Of course, we’re not the only ones who believe this new U.S. law is going to be a disaster for our country and American citizens.

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    • Jerry

      Yup…let’s kick the Doom and Gloom can down the road till July. Let’s keep the fear at a mild but tolerable level. Another date that will come and go as a NON-event!!!!

    • Sunshine

      Yea, cuz they are doing so well for us since 2008_ no wonder this could never happen…. sarcasm…
      it’s in dispute cuz some people don’t know when they got beat. Shun, shun, shun the nonbelievers…

    • Shorty

      What a worthless piece of commentary. So what does this “H.R.2847″ supposedly do to cause the collapse?

    • Country Codger

      Hi Gang,
      If you follow the link to the dailyPaul be forewarned. This is the typical Porter Stansberry very repetitive video. I listened as long as I could, over an hour, and finally just had to give up. I’m not knocking Stansberry, his research is good, I just don’t like his style of videos, very long and boring.

    • Ideas Time

      Our biggest assets are land and raw materials not fake paper money and debt. Just cancel the debt and what do you have left? Land and resources. That is what is real not all this unconstitutional debt.

      Every time the fed creates money out of thin air they resent the value of the currency.

    • Anonymous

      I heard the vary same date 2 months ago, I’m keeping a sizable amount of cash in my brokerage account to place PUT Options on various stocks.

    • Gojiroiscoming

      Oh, yes, because providing tax incentives for American companies to hire Americans is totally going to collapse the economy.

      Who the hell comes up with these conclusions?

      • Anonymous

        taxpayer’s money went to CHINA to open up factories and assembly lines OVER THERE. Wake up
        American worker got ZIP

    • Telecoman

      I would not worry to much about this unless you have holdings in another country.

      Title V: Offset Provisions – Subtitle A: Foreign Account Tax Compliance

      I think they should have actually gone to the Library of Congress and looked up the bill before they say the sky is falling!

    • srsly1

      Whoa whoa whoa…wait a minute. What happened to all the February dates where the dollar was going to collapse. Hell, I remember even more predicted dates in March in which the dollar was going to collapse. So its July now? Ok, I’ll set another reminder to take all my money out of the banks and buy gold then.

      • Mot

        The Dollar IS collapsing right in front of your eyes. This is why you are paying twice as much for gas as you did only several years ago, why you see grocery prices continually skyrocketing. Gold and Silver would be rising but is of course being manipulated. Would you like proof of this ? Wake up because it will only get WAY worse then it is now. Why would you even want your assets in paper in the bank anyways ??? Gold has intrinsic value, is NOT taxable, is NOT traceable and has been going up in price for years and years. Also it is accepted ANYWHERE in the World. Are worthless US Dollars accepted everywhere ?

    • Saber

      Lindsey Williams has NEVER been right about ANYTHING… so it stands to reason he’s wrong here too. When are people going to see this flake for what he is???

      • Betsy.B.Scott

        You would think he’d stop listening to his “elite” friends who he claim are giving him this information since not one “heads up” happened.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      The best kept secret of all is that China owes the United States of America more than 3.6 trillion dollars. After WW2, England, France and the USA lent China about one half billion dollars with which to rebuild their war torn country. They presented their creditors with Chinese bonds to cover these loans. Over these 60-70 years, these bonds have been accruing interest and penalty. England and France have cashed in their Chinese bonds for American dollars. Mr. Obama refuses to collect on this debt as the USA owes about 1.7 trillion dollars to China.

      When the Chinese and others seek another currency other than the dollar, this country of China will have to satisfy their now outstanding debt. In the interim, I and all my friends are buying gold coins and placing them in places that no one could find or confiscate. :lol:

    • johndoey

      OMG! This hogwash! This site is absolutely ridiculous. You dont have to have any cred’s or proof, facts. You can make up your own stories, past a chart and a youtube video and they allow this crap….HORRIBLE!

    • Solanoid

      July 1-2014- The IRS will begin going after Americans with off shore assets.

      “•The objective of FATCA is the reporting of foreign financial assets; withholding is the cost of not reporting”

      This will simply make it very hard on all the wealthy people with swiss bank accounts to get away with not paying up.

      This ain’t some fabricated story; look here before calling B.S.

    • kyrie

      I have heard the currency will occur around the end of March 2014. We are in May 2014 and nothing has happened.
      I heard the dollar and all other currencies will be around 10 percent of each other in value. So instead of say 3000 mexican pesos to one US dollar, it will be 90 US cents to the Mexican peso. It means other countries will afford our products. It also means NO MORE CHEAP LABOR GOODS AND JOBS OVERSEAS. More jobs back in America. More competition. Higher quality products. Sounds like the US dollar won’t be the reserve currence. But, oh well.
      I dont know what will be the reserve currency. World dollar, gold, silver, etc.
      Sounds like a win all to me.

    • slider

      Really.. again? Darn. Another collapse and reset. Sounds like marriage and divorce.

      collapse and reset
      collapse and reset
      collapse and reset
      collapse and reset
      collapse and reset

    • slamdance13

      Liberator! When nothing happens on July 1st will you stop posting here?

    • Intelharvest

      Wasn’t the dollar supposed to have died like 8 times since 2010? This won’t cause the collapse, no single event will (unless it’s designed to do nothing but that), it’ll be a series of things that compound over time and cause the collapse. One piece of ash on your roof won’t cause it to cave, however, if Yellowstone goes active, the ash collected on your roof will collapse it from the weight. It’ll be a series of events, and this is just one event in the series. As always, keep your money out of the bank, pay off your debts, invest in precious metals (silver and copper jacketed lead), live below your means, stock up on commodities, live as self sufficiently as possible, and you won’t have to worry too much about a financial downturn.

    • The Hot Gates

      I think the US is making a bad, bad mistake, here. Essentially, the bill in questions is a threat to other nations, and we’ll be sending FBI and IRS agents around to make sure they comply. Yes. it’s part of the deal. How many nations will put up with that sort of intrusion?

      Meanwhile, the BRIICs set up their own version of the IMF, which will go ‘online’ in July of this year – and the first big transaction on the new exchange will tell the tale. If the BRIIC exchange works? In the West, a possible market crash and hyperinflation will follow. The fed and treasury won’t be able to move quickly enough to absorb all of the dollars (T-bills and bonds, etc.) that will rush back into the US and into the West – EU, England, etc.. (We’re still headed for a crash no matter who does what or when. It’s just a matter of time, not of outcomes.)

    • gmontaine

      This is old news and should NOT have been posted.
      On May 2nd, the IRS changed the enforcement date to January, 2016.
      We have eighteen more months. See . . .

      ( 1 )
      ( 2 )
      etc., etc.

    • Greg Mitchell

      Let me tell you something, my dear fellow readers.

      From all the available currencies, The United States Dollar will be the last to collapse on the face of the Earth.

      The United States Economy is aswell the last to collapse on the face of the Earth.

      This is simply because it will not be let to happen.

      The people of the United States of America should not think they do not and that they will not have issues, that there will not be economical crisis, but that is a normal gaussian movement of the global economy. <— that is let to happen, and purposedly, because the global economy and especially stock markets are wanted to be working as they seemingly are working.

      There will be no second civil war in the USA and there will be no economical collapse due to which you should be "prepping".

      I can also tell you something else more. And if you do not believe what I say, go back to this site and search my comments on the follow up of the plane that recently got lost. I told you all that it will be in the bottom of the ocean and so it was.

      What there will be for the U.S. is natural changes, earthquakes and tornadoes, floods. And I will tell you this; so it will be happening also elsewhere on this planet.

      But if you want to really know something useful it is that many of these incidents are not coming as surprise; some of the big catastrophes on this planet will be caused and orchestrated, not by our Mother Nature, but humanity itself.

      And here I do not mean exhaust pollution or burning coal. What I mean is that there is an ongoing experimental level work regarding the control of the Earth's atmosphere phenomenas aswell as the underground activity (the core of the Earth, teutonic plate movements).

      This work is ongoing and it is monetized by the government and military on Top Secret projects in order to both take further control by other geopolitically and militarily important areas and cause controlled disorder, plus preventing such geographical incidents on mainland U.S.A. that would possess any risks for the current ongoing development and status quo.

      This all will be too complex and too long story to be told by me here, but if you wish I can put up a blog post about all of this, because I do have the knowledge, but ofcourse publishing all I know would not mean a very safe and sound oncoming times for me. I am still atleast a little bit interested on keeping my life's status quo, if you know what I mean…

      Be safe, be good and God Bless!
      Signing off.


      • TheLastOfTheWACs

        Greg, why not post this up on a Facebook group account, you can create your own FB group and then you can post to your hearts desire about this stuff. Then we can either “share” with others, after we (those of us on FB) request to belong to your FB group page. Instead of taking up space here, FB allows whatever space you need with the millions of members on it now. Since you posted this back in May, I assume, or not assume maybe, that either (1) you still have this information or (2) it’s all forgotten and no need to “worry” about it, or (3), you have no credible information to back it up. Not saying you don’t, just that if you post what you say on these things, at least put up a link that is close to what you are saying here. Most people don’t believe some others if they don’t have something to back it up, You sound sincere and even maybe truthful, but let’s not scare the general (uneducated) people until we know a little more. :wink: :???:

    • TheLastOfTheWACs

      Ok, so looking around about this, and I’ve seen that e-mail ruse about this “FATCA” that’s supposed to happen. Look into on this and it’ll show that there’s no evidence that this will exactly happen. It’s a scare tactic to invest into other means or buy into some factismal account of how to overcome this. Here’s the link:

      The Truth:
      ” This eRumor appears to be an unproven conspiracy theory that warned of the possible ramifications of the passage of the Hire Incentives to Restore Employment Act along with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. has found no evidence at this time as to how the enforcement of this act will effect the U.S. Dollar. ” —- They said they found this source to be on the” Victory Women In Development Association (VWIDA) website.” :eek: :roll: :mad:
      So, if I were anyone reading this, just go talk to your bank managers and ask them what they know about this bill. It is true that BHO did sign this HR 2847 in 2010, and it is true it’s called the “FATCA”, but as it is unfounded about losing all your money in savings, investments, as to this e-rumor, they can’t seem to find any truth to it. So, half of it is true, the other half is not evidenced as of now. Just be careful where you put your money —- because I did read on another that this administration wants to TAX you on safe-deposit boxes! We can’t hide our savings anywhere nowadays! :mrgreen:

    • judas iscariot


      This article is completely misleading like so many posted by this contributor. Lindsey Williams clearly states that the collapse of the dollar will not occur until after the Affordable Healthcare Act is fully implemented. He even goes on to say that nothing will happen immediately- that’s just the last piece of legislation necessary to allow the government to put a tax lien on your house if you don’t pay the fine.

      Last I checked, the full implementation has been pushed back to January 2016. Why did they push it back again? They aren’t ready yet. They need more MRAPS.

    • HfjNUlYZ

      I am absolutely terrified!!! Will this really happen i dont know that to think or expect! :cry:

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