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CIA Assassins May Trigger Race War After Contested Election

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“BIN received this email thread from “John” who gave us permission to repost this email thread in it’s entirety. Most of this is speculation, but it’s interesting to think through, to say the least.”


Hey John 

Your emails about an _____ assassination and race war have been rattling around in my head. I never took them too seriously,

. . . . . But what I think is very clear is that they are planning to steal the election. Now, as we have seen, white

people in this country allow such things, without getting too disturbed.Gore got punked, and John Kerry was on Bush’s side.

But I remember what happened when the cops who beat Rodney King got off. So these guys must be anticipating such disturbances, and their reaction to them.

That’s what’s rattling around now. I wanted to hear your thoughts.Thanks.

Johns Reply:
Actually, the elite’s desire to put a Rockefeller or a favored elite
into the White House is only a secondary objective of theirs.
If they don’t slip a Rockefeller in — well, so be it. However, the
elite’s primary objectives are to:
1) simultaneously start a race war, while
2) quickly swapping their Obama gun salesman for their new champion
of the White-middle class, Romney.
Obama’s fast track dash to force the nation into a communist strait
jacket has shocked the middle class out of their apathetic compliance
with fiat rulership, and has energized them into a defensive posture
toward government. Now, the diabolical ruling elite realize that their
Obama puppet has scared the dumbed down White loyalist middle
class out of their apathy and into armed preparedness, a consequence
which is just what the elite did *not* want to happen. Now, so as to
facilitate their tyrannical power grab, they desperately wish to quickly
convert White middle class hostility into traditional servility, while
simultaneously turning race against race, ultimately to the kindling
point of a race war.
As conspiracy researcher Dave Emory says, “The national intelligence
apparatus loves to act [in some murderous plot] when, by carrying out
that plot, they can scratch more than one itch in a single stroke.”
Well, here are the elite’s two nagging itches, just waiting to be stroked:
1) to switch the White middle class from hostility to servility, by
switching from Obama to Romney, and
2) to ignite a race war by first creating a too-close-to-call election, which
immediately turns into a heated White versus Black national dispute,
which ultimately signals CIA riflemen to take out a Black leader, thus
enraging Blacks against Whites, and igniting a race war which enables
the diabolical ruling elite to:
a) quell the unified multi-racial poverty-driven revolt against the tyranny,
b) justify abrupt brutal martial law to incarcerate those demonstrating
the will to fight, and also to “disappear” the listed targeted dissidents,
a la Gen. Augusto Pinochet, the infamous dictator of Chile.
So, to your question, “Are they anticipating race riots,” the answer is,
not only are the diabolical ruling elite anticipating race riots, they are now
engineering race riots leading to a race war, most likely plotted by ordering
their CIA/FBI/Mossad/BlackOps dagger agencies to assassinate a Black
leader during the fever pitch height of their concocted White versus Black
election dispute. It appears likely that they will craft an extremely close
election, and then have their puppet media stir the bubbling cauldron of
racial strife until that moment when the CIA just may pull the trigger.
I know that we are all praying that God will block Satan’s hand, and I am
praying that you folks will alert concerned Black citizens to this plausible
heinous plot of the diabolical ruling elite.


Is CIA Plotting Another MartinLutherKing Tragedy?


 An excellent analysis, and a dire precautionary warning. It is best for all of us to refuse to play the fools’ game and not become participants in a pre-planned and instigated race war. The [CIA] assassination of any Black leader would be tragic on many levels,and whether we oppose his policies or not (I certainly do), I am praying for his safety and survival, and for his awakening as well. 

All God’s Best,


Thank you, T. for lending credence to a plausible near future
scenario, which, if ignored, may plunge all Americans into a race
war that will kill, injure, and imprison innocent men, women, and
children of all ethnicities. Many other respected reporters must
also help to publicize this issue, which is perhaps about to explode
in our faces. We just cannot afford to ignore the *possibility* of
such a time bomb, ticking away between November and January.
So, your help is certainly appreciated. John
P.S. Among many White political leaders, the C.I.A. has also
assassinated at least one Asian leader, President Diem of South
Vietnam, and at least five Black leaders: Martin Luther King,
Malcolm X, Bob Marley (the Jamaican musician-activist), Patrice
Lumumba, President of The Democratic Republic of The Congo,
and Maurice Bishop, a leader of the tiny island nation of Grenada,
which G.H.W. Bush attacked, merely to break “the Anti-War Syndrome”
of the American people. So, you see, the assassination of a sixth
Black leader would be just another day’s work for the C.I.A.

~~ Obama Must Win Before CIA Can MartinLutherKing Him ~~

It is being widely reported that the diabolical ruling elite are plotting
to collapse the dollar and destroy the economy, igniting mass social
turmoil and outrage against these elite, the wizards-of-oz, who pull
all the strings on the puppet stage of national politics.

Therefore, these domineering devils, fearing the hangman’s noose,
are desperately needing to create a race war, which we all agree
would draw public ire away from the elite’s crimes, and embroil the
people in a fratricidal civil war.

What single sensational false flag crime would they logically perpetrate
that would most likely ignite this civil war?
Answer: Another Martin Luther King Event.
Who would they blame?
Answer: White racist Christian patriots, naturally.

But wait. Their dagger agency, the CIA, (Cowards Initiating Atrocities)
would only be able to perpetrate this horrific atrocity *after* Obama
wins the election — not before!

Now, how do you get a man reelected when he is way behind in the polls?
Answer: You throw Romney under the bus.

Now, it becomes a horse race — a neck-and-neck election, too close to call.
Now, the election can be easily rigged, as all elections are rigged, *only*
when the polls show that the two candidates are neck-and-neck. It is
difficult to rig an election when Romney leads Obama by a wide margin.

Okay, so now Obama wins this upcoming rigged election by a very narrow
margin. Now, these diabolical ruling elite are laughing up their sleeves,
because they have triggered the beginning of racial strife. They get their
puppet media to generate protracted emotional controversy on television.
Give this national state of turmoil time to simmer to its inevitable
boiling point.

Then the ruling elite’s dagger agency(s), CIA/FBI/Mossad/BlackOps,
perpetrate a MartinLutherKing-type false flag operation; they immediately
blame White racist Christian patriots, and thus, they have now tossed
their Molotov cocktail into the hotbed of national racial strife — and so,
the bloody civil war explodes.

The diabolical ruling elite win. All of the American people lose. 

CIA Plotting to Assassinate? How Likely?

There is an increasing possibility of yet another CIA/FBI
assassination. Although no one can foretell their secretly hatched
plots, if we remain silent, many broadcasters, bloggers, and other
vocal citizens will be caught unaware if nationwide hysteria, rioting,
and Black vs. White mob attacks overwhelm our cities, as the din
of nationwide chaos drowns out our voices of accusation against the
true secret perpetraitors — the CIA/FBI, as always.

~~ Clint Eastwood’s Illuminati Death Clue at the RNC ~~

Phrase it as, “This *may* happen. We don’t know, but watch out!”

We all know that the Illuminati have this psychotic compulsion to
forewarn the people — with some mysterious, cryptic clue — just
prior to their perpetrating some colossal atrocity, such as the
destruction of the World Trade Center, which was portrayed on an
X-Files “Lone Gunman” episode, and on the full cover of a rap music
album, months before the Illuminati’s CIA/FBI/Mossad/BlackOps
death teams blew the Twin Towers and Building 7.
Several years ago, I spoke with that grand old man of conspiracy
research, the now-deceased Sherman Skolnick. One of the fascinating
things he told me was that, just a few days before CIA/FBI assassinated
Senator Robert F. Kennedy, they splashed a full-page picture on the
front cover of TIME Magazine, I think it was. The picture was a cartoon
of Sen. Kennedy wearing a yellow or orange polka dotted clown suit.
Now that I reflect on the subtleties of that picture, which I have not
yet searched out (I hope that it has not since been replaced in TIME
Magazine’s archives), I wonder if those black polka dots signified
bullet holes.
Well, when I saw the video clip of Clint Eastwood’s speech at the
Republican National Convention, my blood chilled! Was this another
one of the Illuminati’s mysterious cryptic clues forewarning the
dumb public (“Those dumb animals will never recognize this clue!”)
that they are about to perpetrate another colossal atrocity that will
shatter the nation? At the highly visible Republican National Convention,
Clint Eastwood is symbolically speaking to an empty chair, saying,
“Go ahead punk, and make my day!” In other words, the scripted
clue that Clint Eastwood was given to recite signified that some Black
man would be shot, just as Clint Eastwood, starring in the famous
movie, DIRTY HARRY, was about to shoot a Black bank robber.
Please click on the LARGE SCREEN icon at the bottom right corner. 

Here is Clint Eastwood at the Republican National Convention.
Please scroll down and click on the first screen titled:
“Clint Eastwood: Make My Day”

Clint Eastwood Pretended Obama Was A Chair In The Most Bizarre, Incredible Speech Of The Convention

CIA/FBI May Do Another Martin Luther King Assassination
If we remain silent, waiting for the CIA/FBI to perpetrate this
possible, and somewhat likely, atrocity, then many outspoken
bloggers and other vocal citizens will be caught unaware when
rioting breaks out across the nation. If we act now to warn
publicists who have their own groups of listeners and readers,
then our combined voices can loudly accuse the true culprits
– CIA/FBI, as always — if they dare to perpetrate this atrocity.

Here are many reasons why we should be publicizing this warning:
Here are many reasons why the word “may” is an accurate term:
“CIA/FBI *may* (we don’t know, but watch out) Do Another
Martin Luther King Assassination.”

1. CIA/FBI assassinated Pres. John F. Kennedy

2. CIA/FBI assassinated Sen. Robert F. Kennedy

3. CIA/FBI assassinated Martin Luther King

4. CIA/FBI assassinated Black leader Malcolm X

5. CIA/FBI assassinated Sen. Paul Wellstone

6. CIA/FBI assassinated Sen. John Heinz (airplane shootdown)
April 4, 1991

7. CIA/FBI assassinated Sen. John Tower (airplane shootdown)
April 5, 1991

8. CIA/FBI assassinated/wounded Pres. Ronald Reagan

9. CIA/FBI assassinated/wounded Gov. George Wallace

10. CIA/FBI assassinated Congressman Larry McDonald

11. CIA/FBI assassinated (plane bombing) John Kennedy Jr.

12. CIA/FBI assassinated Congressman Allard K. Lowenstein

13. CIA/FBI assassinated Congressman Sonny Bono

14. CIA/FBI assassinated populist peace activist John Lennon

15. CIA/FBI assassinated populist organizer Bob Marley

16. CIA/FBI assassinated Congressman Leo Ryan

17. CIA/FBI assassinated Secretary of Defense James Forrestal

18. CIA/FBI assassinated renegade CIA Director William Colby

19. CIA/FBI assassinated Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Jeremy Boorda

20. CIA/FBI assassinated Congressman Nich Begich (plane crash)

21. CIA/FBI assassinated Congressman Hale Boggs (plane crash)

22. through 100 + assassinations . . . . on and on and on.

Everyone is a publicist or a potential publicist. We can all publicize
the fact that CIA/FBI may (we’re not sure, but watch out) do
another Martin Luther King assassination. Various forums and
independent media channels are available to us.
If We Remain Silent and Wait For This To Happen, Many Thousands
Will Be Killed and Innocently Imprisoned in the Ensuing Nationwide
Riots! Your journalistic credibility will not be jeopardized if you use
the word “may”. Feel free to draw upon the information in this report.

Part 2: CIA/FBI May Do Another Martin Luther King Assassination
This is the racial hatred, rioting, bloodshed, the burning of cities,
the killing of one another, and the brutal military crackdown which
the diabolical ruling elite and their dagger agencies, CIA/FBI, are
now desiring to incite. It would seem logical to their sinister minds
that the way to resurrect race riots is to enrage Black America by
yet another one of those CIA/FBI atrocities — on a nationwide scale.
Please click on the LARGE SCREEN icon at the bottom right corner. 

CIA/FBI May Do Another Martin Luther King Assassination
As Dave Emory often says, “The national intelligence apparatus likes
to act [JD: duplicitously, treacherously, traitorously, and murderously]
whenever they see an opportunity to scratch more than one itch in
a single stroke.”

Today, I believe that the murderous ruling elite see a way to scratch
at least two of their itches in one single stroke!

ITCH #1:
The desire of the ruling elite and global banksters to provoke bloody
conflict on America’s streets, between people of differing races and
differing ethnicities, in order to,
A) trick the people into fighting and killing each other, while they,
the ruling oligarchy, abscond with the loot of the nation,
unchallenged by the brawling, self-stabbing citizenry;
B) concoct a bogus justification for slamming Americans into the elite’s
FEMA death camps, which have been photographed, nationwide;
C) concoct a bogus justification for declaring a martial law police state,
and for suspending elections, with the substitute president declaring
himself dictator over the United States.
Yes, there is historical precedence for the perpetration of such a
diabolical plot; they have already attempted to demoralize and split
America’s unity — while inciting racial hatred and conflict — way back
in 1968, when the FBI/CIA assassinated Black civil rights leader,
Martin Luther King.

ITCH #2:

The desire of the ruling elite and global banksters to replace Obama
with their preferred dictator; that is, a member of their “superior”
blood line (e.g. a Rockefeller or another bloodline member). Do you
recall a recent rumor about Vice-President Joe Biden stepping down
in favor of Hitlery? That rumor may have been floated by the elite
as novocain for the masses — to numb us as to their plot to sneak
Senator Jay Rockefeller into the V.P. slot, which is stage one in the
Rockefeller Family’s plot to steal the presidency.
Yes, there is historical precedence for the perpetration of such a
diabolical plot; they have already attempted to plant a Rockefeller in
the presidency! Way back in 1975, the CIA/FBI grabbed two of their
previously driven hypnotized zombies, Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme
and Sara Jane Moore — and they programmed them to go out and
assassinate President Gerald Ford! Now, who was the man who had
been hastily installed as vice-president, calculatedly, in a multi-
stage plot to steal the presidency by way of assassination!?
Why, of course, it was a Rockefeller: Gov. Nelson Rockefeller.
Appallingly, these diabolical ruling elite managed to execute numerous
complicated steps in this Rockefeller plot to steal the presidency:
Step 1: Oust Vice-President Spiro Agnew from the White House;
Step 2: Jam in Congressman Gerald Ford in his place;
Step 3: Oust President Richard Nixon from the White House;
Step 4: Gerald Ford automatically becomes president;
Step 5: Order President Ford to select Nelson Rockefeller as V.P.;
Step 6: The Rockefellers assassinate President Ford;
Step 7: Nelson Rockefeller steals the presidency;
Step 8: The Rockefeller Family steals the United States of America.

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    • Anonymous

      Oh well they will do what they will do, Blacks will not react the way the CIA, desires they will have to import some nefarious clowns to the their bidding… But I believe all plans have been thwarted the clowns have been shamed and will be rounded up for the public to see….

    • Ranger_Ric

      This is such BS, it is just incredible. A race war huh? A race war would last about 30 mins if it really happened but it never will. Blacks are cowards. The bully and attack only when they have overwhelming odds in their favor. As soon as there is any sign of resistance or a loss of advantage they turn tail and run. They will never leave the relative safety of their own infested neighborhoods be cause they know if they do, they will be butchered like cattle by an much better trained, better armed and smarter opponent who just by the way, has had quite enough of these parasites and leaches anyway.

      Go ahead, bring it.

      • Enough Anonymous

        If it needs to be brought it will be brought….we have more at stake than punks like you….so give it a break “anonymous”….war favors no one….especially the loser…and you willl lose….you fighting based off misinformation as usual…that’s why your ilk lost the civil war… let me end by extending peace and mutual respect against those who are duping black and white…..hmmm unless you are one of ‘em Anonymous….guess we won’t know until time for battle huh Anonymous…..

      • Anonymous


      • tara

        Blacks have never been cowards in this country, in which they built and invented everything in it. You won’t find a Black person Changing history and wearing a white sheet over their heads. And they won’t fall for the White cowards history of this country. Once Black people begin to find out who they were, before slavery. Building pyramids, birthing humanity, even mankind. who can only birth themselves. In fact its Black people thats keeping this country from total destruction.

    • StavoV

      No… republicans in the US, will mysteriously vanish, one after the other….probably.

    • Laurie

      Who in the world wrote this. Just stirring up trouble. They need a job and not have so much time on their hands. Good Grief.
      Fear Fear Fear I’ve had enough of it.

    • westside prepper


    • MacAngheirr

      100 % spot on, couldn’t agree more…black have no spine..they are cowards from the word go…
      they only attack in the feral monkeys they are…

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