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Terrifying Beyond Belief!!! Russian Super Weapons; Destroy Any Part Of The Planet Within 15 Minutes!!! No Explosion!!

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Andrey Sakharov’s plan codenamed The Wave to wash away the entire Eastern seaboard of the US by means of a giant tsunami (yes, it is the same Sakharov). They lauded the Perimeter, the Doomsday weapon system Russia inherited from the USSR ensuring total destruction of the US even if Russia were erased.

“Washington has no future. That artificial state will collapse, then this old Europe will collapse; a continent with no importance whatsoever. China is also about to explode. And what remains is Russia, in possession of orbital launch capability and space power. Russia, with lots of money and resources and weapons which NOBODY knows ANYTHING about … not yet. With these weapons, we will DESTROY any part of the planet within 15 minutes. No explosion. No ray burst. Not some kind of a laser. Not lightning. It is a calm and quiet weapon instead, with which whole continents will be put to sleep, forever. That’s all for now.” -Vladamir Zhirinovsky

Zhirinovsky also challenged Japan 

“There was a tsunami in Japan, right? I say, if you want even the TINIEST Kuril Island from us, you will have to dig in the wreckage and debris of their buildings. And 120 million of you will ALL DIE! And that goes for the rest of the world, too. Everybody should start thinking about their own future, and the future of everybody else. Are you still thinking about selling your Georgian wine to Russia now?! You want U.N. observers at the border? Do you want the world to forget the word “Georgia” completely?! It will be the Russian-Turkish border instead! Think about THAT, President Sakashvili! Then there will be ANOTHER tsunami on the OTHER side of the planet, in the Caucasus! That will be the end of you!” -Vladamir Zhirinovsky

So what is this SOVIET SUPER WEAPON?

It’s most likely multifaceted. HAARP’s atmospheric technology is decades old (but still effective as all hell), so that has to be one angle of it. Zhirinovsky’s mentioning of building being in the state of “wreckage and debris” leads me to believe that they are also focusing on the SEISMIC aspect of the weapons system.

Defected Soviet Army Officer STANISLAV LUNEV spoke of Russian-made devices which could simulate earthquakes by increasing the natural seismic waves of the Earth’s tectonic plates (this was in the late 1970’s – early 1980’s mind you, who knows how much more advanced they are now?) He also said that at the time, Russia had over 100 undetectable spy satellites orbiting the globe. This sort of space-to-earth (or air-to-ground) technology ties in perfectly with what we know as far as HAARP technology’s operating procedures go. [The FULL REPORT is a good read. 

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    • olegtf

      “…Dead Hand (Russian: Система «Периметр», Systema “Perimetr”, 15Э601), known also as Perimeter, is a Cold-War-era nuclear-control system used by the Soviet Union. An example of fail-deadly deterrence, it can automatically trigger the launch of the Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) if a nuclear strike is detected by seismic, light, radioactivity and overpressure sensors…”

    • TwistedRealm


    • haha

      this is the same glowing blue ball I saw in my dream that exploded and killed me. I’m not predicting anything, just saying…

    • Anonymous

      Ohhhhh, this FEEEEER POOOOOOORN©, it so scary. Can’t anyone still this? I no sleep so good no more. I have bad dreams about those blue balls…blue balls…AAAARRRGHHHHHHHH!

      • Paul Gilbert

        You are one of them idiots that will steal a TV after a EMP Strike go home and try and turn it On but this is natural selection and am sorry to say your not going to make it :)

      • M. Rapp

        …….more power to mitch 51…………nothing but fear porn buy a new bible buy my dvd buy my steve quayle book send hawk money pay for greg evensons medical bills fear everyone else do not think for your self we can’t win the N.W.O. is to powerful oceans will rise against us the clouds will part we are under attack AAHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aliens moon men nephalime giants.terrorists government bad food dirty air polluted oceans dumb ass school systems

        ……………………same stuff……different day……………………..

      • Anonymous


      • aquasoldier

        And just like real porn your inextricably drawn to it, and despite your dis-satisfaction with it keep returning and complaining about it. May all of you who feel this way make sense to yourselves because you sure don’t to those of us who read your hypocrisy.

      • srsly1

        Hey Mitch, maybe Lyn can help you with those blue balls and chill your bone!

    • Paul Gilbert

      Alois Irlmaier Prophecy

      Then comes a single aircraft from the East. It throws a “neutralizer” in the great water by England. Then the water lifts in one single piece as high as a tower and falls back down. It makes an earthquake and a giant wave and everything will be overflooded. Almost all of England and the European coast to Berlin will sink except for a few mountain peaks

      • Bonzo

        The norwegian prophet Lebesbymannen, Anton Johansen, saw the same.
        A giant wave of 100-150 meters knocks out London, Scotland, the coast of Belgium, Germany and Denmark. Region Østfold and city Kristansand hardest hit in Norway.


        • Damien


          For Americans – No Scandinavian countries don’t think that’s funny.

        • Paul Gilbert

          Anton Johansson, Sweden (1858-1909)

          [Regretfully I have no literal version of his predictions, but he is quite well known for accurately predicting the sinking of the Titanic and naming one of its victims, millionaire John Jacob Astor VI. Johansson foresaw the events of World War I, accurately predicted San Francisco’s earthquake of 1906 and a volcanic eruption in 1902 that demolished the city of St. Pierre, Mertinique. He said the Third World War would break out at “the end of July, beginning of August.” Her further added: “I do not know the year.”

          Johansson predicted the following details:

          1) India will be occupied by china.

          2) New diseases used as weapons will cause 25 million people to die.

          3) Persia and Turkey will be conquered by what seem to be Russian troops.

          4) Revolutionaries will instigate unrest and war in India and Egypt to facilitate the occupation of India and Europe.

          5) The Russians will conquer the Balkans.

          6) There will be great destruction in Italy.

          7) The “red storm” will approach France through Hungary, Austria, northern Italy and Switzerland. France will be conquered from inside and outside.

          8) American supply depots will fall into Russian hands.

          9) Germany will be attacked from the east.

          10) There will be a civil war, Germans will fight against Germans.

          11) The Eastern Bloc will cause a civil war in England.

          12) Russia will lead a mass attack against the United States, so U.S. forces will be prevented from reinforcing Europe.

          13) New weapons will cause huge hurricanes and firestorms in the USA where the largest cities will be destroyed.

        • MSG Chicken

          Nothing about Negroes?

    • Dregoneisback

      I hate this whole fear porn crap. Its dismissive of information. Sorry to burt your bubble, but the world is not a bunch of rainbows, cupcakes and puppies. If this is true then we need to talk about it….not just say fffeeeeeerrr ppooooooooorn and then not add anything important to the conversation…jerk

    • haha

      we’re all gonna die whether anyone does anything about it anyway. Stop em now, many will die. Stop them later, well…same story…

      But here is the difference between now and then.

      Now – we get rid of them and not have to go through more slavery and stop their operations completely…


      Then – When they have everything together, technology, weapons, artillery and the such, vehicles posted around for New World Order and they come after us then we gample them. They will have more things set up at this time making them have the advantage.

      Soooo… do we want to get them NOW or let them have the advantage THEN.

      Don’t be stupid now… Lets make the right choice…


    • Apolitical Blues

      The international treaty prohibiting the use of weather weapons and weapons of geophysical manipulation were entered into in the 1970′s.

      I’ll remind you that the US has had similar capacity, to a degree. When Nicola Tesla died the government seized all of his papers and work in progress. If you know much about this man, you know that he was already capable of causing an earth quake with a very small device and a battery!

      • Sheriff of Knottinghole

        yes… I’m sure US has similar capabilities…. so who did Fukushima?

        • Net-in-YAHOO Says

          We did!
          Proud little Terrorist state of isra-HELL!
          I, the net-in-Yahoo, authorized the submerged nuke bomb to explode. It was a small nuke, too!
          We are successfully destroying the earth with radiation, while you look at Justin beibeire smoking opt on his tour bus1 Or us, isra-HELLities, killing babies next door in what will be soon, our NEW beach front property1

          Shaloooooooooooooooooooooooom, SUCKERS!

      • anonymous

        Weather, geophysical weapons and virus are the main. People seem paralyzed by fema camps or Russia fear. The chemtrails are the main. They conditioned everyone to chemtrails, no one rioted, now add virus to the chemtrails. No one could know the difference until they are dying. It’s three weeks or more before symptoms then it’s too late. A virus leaves the infrastructure. It’s too hard to get 200 million people with guns into a camp. With a virus you just haul bodies away. They could do false flag bombs to set troops and road blocks but probably only after they already started spraying virus. If they did false flags before they sprayed the virus people could wake up and fight back. People have to be getting sick already so they can’t fight. Because of the (Tesla) towers they don’t have to spray chemtrails overhead as much now. They spray away from population and the towers direct the wind flow of chemtrails to circulate it. If you destroy the towers you destroy a very major weapon. The virus is the big one. The politicans, troops, media, doctors and other insiders get the medication. It’s they only way they could do road blocks and handle bodies and not die. If you’re sick and dying you can’t fight troops protected by medication. There is no avoiding a chemtrail virus. We could not know when they are spraying the virus because they are already spraying chemtrails. Tower photos.–gwen–elf.html

    • Common Sense

      They could put this weapon to good use and wipe out ISIS – that is, if it really exist.

      • gspat

        They could put it to better use and wipe out wall street.

      • MSG Chicken

        Actually, you don’t need super-weapons. All you have to do is import Negroes.

        • The Rift

          :lol: :lol:

        • 0 Sum

          I don’t find MSG Chickens comments funny Boss…

          Not even a little. Does he work for you Commander underpants?

    • StavoV

      …..and of course, anything Russia has…..well….you know the rest.

    • Anonymous

      Utter b.s put out by the U.S. Government to prepare us to believe that Russia will attack us so that when they do the next false flag, people will not think it was them. They are desperate and must provide distraction before the next election that may change power distribution. They don’t want to go to jail and will do anything, even turn the world upside down, in order to avoid this.

    • Anonymous

      wow is is the best fear porn i have seen in some time

      look up ken shoulders index

      the us can disintegrate continents in the blink of an eye.

      this story is old news.

    • Anonymous

      About Fukushima, this is way too convincing.

    • PaulTarsuss


      No use sitting around waiting for the axe to fall….

      As one can see, there is MUCH in store for those with the will to stand up and lift up their heads, and raise their voices for the benefit of all.

      Good Journies

    • James Smith

      The haarp bogus unsubstantiated physically impossible nonsensical trash…. is like somebody put thorium batteries in the energizer bunny and it just keeps going and going where that blatant lie never stops? /alternative/2014/08/america-is-under-attack-and-the-american-people-know-it-too-3015792.html

    • criss2002r1

      This is just stupid..

    • Damien

      “”Are you still thinking about selling your Georgian wine to Russia now?! ZAP!”"”

      Serious stuff.

    • Jarheadusmc

      A bit off center: Tesla’s projects were locked away by the government after his death, with many of his works and experiments left idle. In 1950, the Russians managed to steal several of Tesla’s documentation and experimental research from there safe place in America. Thereafter they worked to develop a “weather weapon” of such power that even they were and are afrraid of its potential. This weapon can start storms and earthquakes of near apocalyptic magnitude, they simply aim this beam, of sorts at a coordinate and at that spot starts the massive disturbance. They can aim this at any point on the earth.

      Russia developed this “Scalar Weapon” to a very formidable and workable end, but again it is rumored that even they are afraid to use it’s full potential. America later discovered the Russian advance in Scalar weapons and then began its own R&D in this area.

      Today four countries have this weapon. Russia is has the “second” most advanced development of this weapon, they, Russia gave some of its development to the Chinese, and it is said that Brazil has this Scalar weapon to some degree, and now America has been closing in with a similar weapon; however, there is a fourth very small country, that is friendly to America that has in fact developed this weapon to it’s most advanced state.

      Some few year back Russia attempted to use this weapon to a high degree on America but this “small country” which has developed this weapon far in advance and much more sophisticated and lethal than the Russian version, used this weapon to “stop” the Russian attempt, which terrified the Russians.

      Lt. Col. Tom Beardon, USA (Ret), one of the foremost nuclear, electromagnetic, and scalar weapons scientists in America, one of our top scientists, reveals all what I have mentioned above and much more. You can read more on this and these weapons on Lt. Col. Beardons website.

    • Mayhem

      HAARP. Puhlease! Next thing you’ll be trying to tell us we can make tsunami with nukes.

      • James Smith

        Smiles…. sarcasm inadvertently proves in fact a nuke would create a wave just like the tsunami reported in Japan?

        • Mayhem

          Not according to the results of testing for exactly that effect, J Smith, disappointingly the water fell right back into the hole it was blown from with hardly a ripple.

          Fukushima was due to an earthquake. They happen. We know more about the results, of them, than we do about the causes. We didn’t cause the Tsunami or the Quake. What do you know that we don’t?

    • Doccus

      I’m surprised only one commenter knew that this was talking about Tesla’s Scalar weapons technology.. It is indeed, as the article states, very quiet. And very deadly. Yiou won’t see it coming, and it has no deterrent value, because it hasn’t, AFAIK, been used yet. And nothing would remain, unlike a nuke where you have horrific injuries to shock the world into the “deterrent” factor. rather,where it would be used, no life would remain. A totally dead patch. To those in the know, that’s much more horrific, but most typical plebes are, if you’ll forgive me, too stupid to comprehend the absolute horror of this. To demnonstrate just how terrible this is, consider that we have had a half dozen extinction level events (ELE’s) in earth’s history, where almost all life was wiped out, and it took millions of years for it to re-establish itself. A scalar weapon atack, however, could conceivably within 15 minutes, make the entire planet a totally dead dustbowl, with no possibility of life EVER regaining a foothold. This should scare the hell out of anyone.
      And you wouldn’t see it coming. It perpetrates througgh “subspace”, which physics is only now accepting the possibility of it’s existence, although in Russia they’ve known about it for 100 years And how is it that Russia ended up with such fearsome technology? You can thank Edison for that.. his war against Tesla and the west’s complicity in it, caused Nicola to look elsewhere for support…
      As they say, the sins of the fathers are visited upon the sons…

    • pwo

      I cannot seem to find me pills. Did you find or steal them?.. Please send them over… :cool:

    • CrowPie

      :lol: Snapping photos like THAT and people still have the nerve to call OBAMA the anti-Christ. :lol:

    • Momong Indrajadi

      :evil: ..100% They Will , 1st strike to NY by Tsunami use it.. :evil:

    • MSG Chicken

      We also have a secret weapon.

      Called Plan B. (Begro). it calls for America to sneak across the Russian border a negro and install him to run the country.

      He will ***K it up so bad it will take Russia two Bolshevik revolutions and 3 decades of bad vodka to over come.

    • Vierotchka

      Vladimir Zhirinovsky is notoriously insane.

    • Gazinbali

      Are you sick of WAR WAR WAR..??

      Its all they think of… Its all they know.. kill or be killed..

      A viscious circle of unending Death…

      Is that the future?

      Is that YOUR future..? It need not be !

      The nations were in an uproar, the kingdoms were overthrown;
      He raised his voice, and the earth melted.
      7 Jehovah of armies is with us; The God of Jacob is our secure refuge.
      8 Come and witness the activities of Jehovah,
      How he has done astonishing things on the earth.
      9 He is bringing an end to wars throughout the earth.
      He breaks the bow and shatters the spear;
      He burns the military wagons with fire.
      10 “Give in and know that I am God.
      I will be exalted among the nations; I will be exalted in the earth.”
      Psalms 36.

      Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his people.
      And God himself will be with them. 4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes,and death
      will be no more,neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore.
      The former things have passed away.” 5 And the One seated on the throne said:
      Look! I am making all things new.” Also he says: “Write, for these words are faithful and true.”
      Rev 21:3-5

      Find the ONE organisation that will not support war in ANY country.


      Those trusting in WAR to resolve the worlds problems are doomed to fail.. worse yet..
      YOU could be the next casualty.. Investigate now… and survive the final end.

      • Mayhem

        That’s kind of spammy, Gazinbali, then again your church could do with a boost in numbers given the mass desertion after the false prophecies.

    • Anonymous

      They’re interesting articles but it’s so much better being kind. Knowing the power of love is better than the love of power because when you are on your death beds what will you have? Jesus saves at Calvary and he created everything. Did politics create the stars? No.

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