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5G Apocalypse - The Extinction Event - Must See Video

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New Earth Project

Published on Mar 23, 2019


A full length documentary by Sacha Stone exposing the 5G existential threat to humanity in a way we never imagined possible! Please SHARE this as widely as you feel drawn…use it to target your local bureaucrats, technocrats, health practitioners, local and federal government agencies and more than anything else…your family and friends. Featuring in this film: weapons development experts, biologists, molecular & cellular biologists, blood microscopists, activists, as well as good leaders out there on the frontline. We know what this technology is – we know how it was conceived and we know where it is intended to take people and planet. We are drawing the line here….and we are doing so with the full fire of consciousness. Arise Homo sapiens!

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5G is an indictable crime it is an illegal unlawful experiment on Citizens in breach of the Nuremberg code, a true crime against Humanity.

Marcquel Frankson2 days ago

Hmm.. very interesting thanks for uploading its 12 :22 am will finish tomorrow

Remembering universal law1 day ago

Good on you Sasha brilliant work I’m downloading this and make sure everyone I know sees this

Zane1 day ago

Great video!! I made a song about 5G that i hope you like! You can find it by googling this: Heart Bleed on Flat Earth

HF TL2 days ago

You might be interested in my work over at brother, we’ve spoken on skype way back in 2013

Dana Point2 days ago

As long if we stand and stop being afraid we will win

Bichael Murney2 days ago


Lisankate M2 days ago

Thank you, Sacha. This info needs to reach all of the people. Many have no idea even what it is and the ones who do know, are in denial that it’s dangerous.! ❤️

:Clive-Albert2 days ago

[" Is the Earth being controlled by psychopaths which we allow to continue due to disinformation and mind control technology? "]

Mitch1 day ago

5G is incompatible to all biological life.

Smokinbonez1 day ago

The 5G Zombies are coming.

Dean Anon2 days ago (edited)

They cutting aged trees down in Holland to put up transmitters on street. This will be weaponised by the controlling demiurge to stop us waking up and becoming conscious spiritual beings and is serving NWO eugenics agenda

Dana Point2 days ago

Don’t panic we have help the meters is in control trust and believe this planet will be a light planet it looks one way but they won’t pull it off If this planet ends so be it

lilianka7772 days ago

Thank you~~~Shared widely~)

Modern Oracle18 hours ago

Pleased to hear you got the facts out. I hope you will go further and talk about the mitigation options that are working. Bubble Genies, Tensor Rings, Orgonite, Shunghite, and more need research, understanding and incorporation. And please include the symptoms lists so people can start addressing the issues asap. From my perspective, the focus is where are we evolving to next? Our 3D bodies are not designed to survive this attack for much longer. And I noticed you didn’t mention how quickly the reactions are happening. In my small community in South America, we are seeing cancer in children doubling. Our community has activated in all levels of legal, political, and sourcing mitigation technologies to combat 5G. Yet the attorneys and political systems are already two steps ahead of our efforts. The laws changed before the public could react deeming 5G a low-level risk. Many of us are already sick from a list of rotaviruses, septicemia, regular 4 am muscle spasms, tinnitus and Alzheimer symptoms. The Extinction Event which you aptly defined is one of many. This is the Perfect Storm. Even the Schumann Resonance is has gone from 7.5 to 150 early this month. Strangely it now seems to be on a monthly timed schedule. From wars to catastrophic space weather this not fixable on a 3D level. So it seems time to focus on leveling up our game. ‘Ascension or Bust’ as the kids say. The good news is that we have access to the Fifth Dimension of Consciousness – we better start using it. So we can sail through this last lap of the 3D matrix. Time is the 4th dimension, yeah, we gotta let that go too. This last push is a big one – fear, sickness, war, and death. However, remember – this is a holographic, time-based universe. It has to end so the next level can begin. Evolution happens in big growth spurts and it’s time for the next one. Remember we are the ancestors of survivors. Right now though we’re the lucky bastards with ground floor seats while the sh*t hits the fan. And more good news: as the polarity of bad options shows up, remember there is as much good available. The key is staying in a zero point or a neutral (emotional) polarity state. Death is just a door our consciousness walks through. There is the next level of this game. We got this.

Lisankate M2 days ago

Thank you, Sacha. This info needs to reach all of the people. Many have no idea even what it is and the ones who do know, are in denial that it’s dangerous.!

Ian Potter9 hours ago

Great work Sacha! So very very important that tech lovers wake up and smell the roses

ReservoirJess1 day ago

I will burn these towers to the ground

Mar De2 days ago

Thank you Bringer of LIGHT for this video! Our Future Generation Childeren and our self now in DANGER. We must stop this togheter. GOD will hear our prays to bring 5G down at his wrath amen. Our God will judge the people who make this happend! And he is still close and watch what now is happening on his earth!

Ara Monji1 day ago

Looks and sounds like depopulation Agenda.

HF TL2 days ago

Love the message at the end and thank you for your great work!

Greg Baugher21 hours ago

A very sad video. This will affect us all, even the people selling this product, and the people in our government that allow this to be installed. You can’t spend money if your dying of a tumor in your head. Hope they enjoy what they are allowing. It will kill them slowly also and within 2 years.

TheAwakenedINFJ3 hours ago

Time to unite people. Time to become the humans we were always meant to be. Those who dislikes, are sold into the sleeping system already, or are some of the anti-humanity people. Empower yourself and each other. This cannot and will not go the way the corrupted unconsciousness of man kind has planned. Be as One.

Lisankate M2 days ago

Thank you, Sacha. This info needs to reach all of the people. Many have no idea even what it is and the ones who do know, are in denial that it’s dangerous.! ❤️

:Clive-Albert2 hours ago

[" If it's not about a culling it's about money. Period one or the other. "]

Thor18 hours ago (edited)

Tossed my phone in the trash back in ’08…never gone back : ] PS – Any body got a tank / bulldozer ? : ]

Justin Walker1 day ago

Stopping 5G has now been included in the Sovereign People’s Charter of

Susan Hamlet23 hours ago

This is the the cull the elites spoke about. This is slow kill. This is the start of being totally spied opon. 24/7, 365 days a year. Connected to the grid. The matrix no un certain terms. Are we going to allow this to happen. They are killing us slowly. Are we really going to let them do this. WE NEED TO DO SOME THING, AND DO SOMETHING NOW. BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.



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Rainbow Owl4 hours ago

I wanted to watch this, but couldn’t concentrate due to background music and effects. :( 

R. Fortal50 minutes ago

Yes history is repeating itself after the last one around 200 years ago

The Miracle15 hours ago

It says it is the Government that is killing us not the 5G but the Evil God damned Government don’t ever pay the Government another cent in taxes

Lisankate M20 hours ago

Sacha, do you have this video translated into other languages? I have several people who speak and understand little English and would love to hear your message. Particularly French! Thank you so much. ❤️

Fernando0Vasques1 day ago

Great work ! Congratulations for all the work !

Iris Turner16 hours ago

THANK YOU!!! Sharing this compelling information everywhere. This is put together with no stone left unturned. Sent to CBS 60 mins news as they just did a piece last week on Cuba and China EMF (RF micro wave weapons attacks) on US employees abroad. Maybe they will open the whole of this info to all of MSM. One can only hope humans will do the right thing or rather STOP the madness.

Luna Dark18 hours ago

Read Cell by Stephen King. Major city populations at breaking point, needs a cull, use the tech we have accepted so freely to get rid of the unsuspecting sheeples, and us who are here….maybe.

Nova Cynthia Barker2 days ago

My Grandfather James Lawrence Barker the First ✨a Theologian and Farmer a Steward of the Land (owned and protected by our family for two hundred years) knew and understood this at the most subtle levels and when tractors became available he refused to implement them and continued to work the Land with mules and trowels. My Grandmother Winifred Lou Banks Barker, a Theologian also, said to him; Everybody else is going to use Tractors and You will go broke if you don’t. My Grandfather responded, I will never tend this land with tractors It disturbs the microbes in the soil. 🦋🌎🦋

Star Light2 days ago

Sharing! Thank you Sacha! 💖

The Miracle16 hours ago

They hate us so much that we can only ask Jesus, the Lord God on High to help us, cause this is from the top level criminals under the Evil God and Satan

TranceState Recordings11 hours ago (edited)

Fantastic work, it puts the last two years of my own research into 80mins of footage, I’m sharing as much as I can and hopefully we can end this depopulation plan once and for all

Paul Michael1 day ago

EMF DANGERS Electrical Engineer Yakov Schkolnikov confirmed under oath in government hearings that the frequency of the Wi-Fi was 2.45 GHz. That means that a 2.45 GHz router sends out light waves “move” at multiples of 2.45 billion cycles per second. 5G works 24 to 90 billion cycles per second. You think that the escalation of waveforms has no impact? Schkolnikov confirmed this fact by saying under oath in a federal hearing that the 2.45 GHz would oscillate 4.9 billion times per second. You do know that the mitochondria in all human cells oscillate at 100 Hz huh? The neocortex oscillates at 40 Hz and the circadian oscillators all vibrate at 7.83 Hz. Do you think that these “waves” from tech gear are a mismatch at some level of how we generate energy in a mitochondrion? Do you think this won’t affect beta-oxidation or glucose metabolism? Could this reduce energy in many ways we fail to realize to cause most modern diseases? I’ll tell you what it means; that means the electromagnetic fields from the Wi-Fi router anywhere on earth will expand and collapse cells and organelles in some or any cells inside our bodies 4.9 billion times per measurable second. And you think this has no effect on cells? LOL. I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn and it has 60 and 80 GHz antenna on it already too. Can you hear me now? If you cannot it might by your 5G induced tinnitus or the lack of feeling from your PVN getting pummeled by the waves below. When this happens chronic pain is another collateral effect…….it has happened in humans and we got the opiate crisis and now it is happening in the other species with dense mitochondrial capacity……….THE BIRDS OF PREY. 1. The body generates it’s own electric current at 8-10 electric waves per second. We can measure the heart rate from 20 feet away. 2. WiFi in our homes generates a frequency at 2.45 gigahertz per second, which is 2 billion waves hitting our body per second. 3. 5 G will generate 24 to 90 billion waves per second and will prove devastating to the health of the population. In the 1960s Allen Frey found that nnEMF opened the blood-brain barrier in all animals tested. This was true in humans too because he did the experiment in soldiers for the military. Now 50 years later we have the biochemical breakdown of the mechanism linked to the biophysical stimulus that causes the reaction by molecular resonance. Volkow reproduced Frey’s paper and extended it in 2011 by showing nnEMF not only opens the BBB but also increase glucose metabolism. These are the initial steps that occur before protein misfolding on a chronic basis. The breakdown of the blood-brain barrier is an early indicator of human cognitive dysfunction … Breakdown occurs independently of the amyloid-beta or tau burden Small blood vessel disease contributes to about 50% of all dementias. RF and Microwave from 1G-5G exposure have also been linked with massive changes in calcium efflux via ion resonance experiments in physics. These were detailed by Abe Libroff and A.S. Pressman. Pressman’s book in the 1970s was a masterpiece of this science. This biochemical expert seems CLUELESS it is even published!!!. Anything that alters calcium flows within or outside of cells can affect the calcium-calmodulin signaling system inside cells. This is why AD is linked to arterial changes and to type 3 diabetes. It is a LIGHT EFFECT. THIS IS THE MECHANISM WHERE T1D, T2D, and T3D is linked to chronic nnEMF EXPOSURE. IT IS ENTIRELY REPRODUCIBLE too. VOLKOW did in 2011 AND FREY did in the 1960s for the US military. Many others have done so as well in the literature (O. Johansson, Pall, and Lai et al). Calcium signaling is crucial for several aspects of plasticity at glutamatergic synapses because voltage-gated (DC current in neurons Robert O. Becker et al) and NMDA receptors are under the control of calcium release in cells. This shows you why nnEMF has massive effects on any voltage-gated system in the central or peripheral nervous systems. This is why diabetes, depression, ADHD, most cases of neuro-degeneration and prion-mediated disease should be expected to show up in an environment that allows for nonlinear calcium efflux in cells. 5G is going to cause a huge ramp up on this because it uses THz RF frequencies. The NTP study of 11/1/18 now also makes this link. Any person who understands the light spectrum well knows this and it is time it is shared globally. TECHNOLOGY IS KILLING US SLOWLY.

Johnny Dutch4 hours ago

This is very well made.

Kufunya Ife2 days ago

thank you !!!!!!

The Miracle15 hours ago

No it is not irreparable, look up epigenetics, mind over the genes.

Maria Soleada1 day ago

Powerful Video !!

James Huckvale5 hours ago

ok so what do we do to stop this. It’s time to get off my ass and do something.

VCVSC Scooter Crew18 hours ago

THIS IS AN ALERT TO AWAKE YOUTUBE USERS: YouTube is suppressing the truth about chemtrails. Notice the “contrails” encyclopedia britanica definition at the top? We who are awake KNOW there is a difference between CON trails and CHEM trails. This just confirms my belief that they are part of the New World Order, suppressing the truth…which is why they persecuted Alex Jones. Shame on YOUtube.

Mark Dodds3 hours ago

This might be deeper than we think. Yes, 5G will hurt people, but maybe they (the powers that seek more power), figure that not everyone will die – they certainly have an escape plan. However the fact they want to blanket the world with 5G and connect everything to it post haste without any deliberation of potentially catastrophic health impacts could indicate an immediate requirement to place some sort of AI control grid – where the AI can get all the data it needs to function, report in, make decisions, execute commands, etc. Knowing the military, there are redundancies and fallback plans in their system.

:Clive-Albert2 hours ago

[" All antenna installers and all other support staff of 5G should refuse to carry out this work - what are they going to do when everyone knows that Wireless Radiation is going to kill you and your family slowly this radiation does not just select a few it selects everyone, so installers stop it, the directors of your company are not going to do it on their own, they need you and you have the power to stop it. "]

HF TL2 days ago

Cant wait to check it out thank u

magicsufi2 days ago


Maria Soleada1 day ago

Tom Wheeler carries on as if he were OUR CEO! Let’s talk about all your SINS Tom, how much have they been paying you To Lead the World Over the 5G ABYSS?

EX0MATRlXTV2 days ago

⚠️ So, lets get this straight: We have local politicians who are afraid to get lawsuits from Big Telecom Industries if they do not allow mass deploying of #5G cell towers everywhere (all because of government contracts on a federal level (Obama, Clinton, #FCC Tom Wheeler 2017 etc). Even with huge local resistance of the people! … Public city council hearings showing evidence of cumulative lethal effects of long term use of erratic pulsed microwaves ☠️ 24/7 willfully ignored even if they are put on NOTICE for future liability lawsuits! Meanwhile Big Telecom are protected against future lawsuits, even gets “bailed out” using our tax money if anyone sue them for liability action lawsuits. Same with Big Pharma Vaxxers, EPG Smart-meters Bailout in California, Banksters Bailout: ± $29 Trillion etc. Conclusion: Giant Criminal Operations Are Protected! ⚠️ Imagine that you have hard evidence in your possession NOW that will be acknowledged (validated / 100% confirmed) in the future by almost all people over the world. That will show that Big Telecom hijacked #FCC to change the local rights (taking it away) dealing with health & safety risks of mass rollout of millions #5G cell towers everywhere! Not only that they arranged that Big Telecom Industries are protected from future mass action liability lawsuits! … Meaning that anyone successfully wins a court-case against them, they get BAILED OUT using our tax money! Google: “5G Regulatory Red Tape” to see what I mean! And now the kicker: #FCC admits they did not do any safety tests! We are all experimented upon like “guinea pigs or lab-rats” for their profits. On top of that MSM will not allow any real debate about this! Even The Twilight Zone isn’t that Fcked Up! Cheers, #JohnKuhles Founder , &

sueme71 day ago (edited)

Being aware of all this electronic pollution does not change ANYTHING…….the governments ARE in collusion.They are all prestitutes and money-grabbing corrupters of an uninformed public that pays their salaries…..

A P1 day ago (edited)

5g is of huge concern, but there’s some (maybe not deliberate) disinfo in this film- Satellites in orbit DO NOT EXIST, 5G is ground based.

A J Witken23 hours ago

Why are Sacha Stone, Robert David Steele and the ITNJ using the British Crown to attack whistleblower Kevin Annett, when Kevin appears to be exposing major pedophile activities within the Vatican and the British Royalty???

Payton1 day ago

Bluepillar 444

Jane Evershed2 days ago

Thank you for bringing 5G to our attention. Mr. Blumenthal is a really creepy senator! I really don’t think he cares about humanity. He makes me think the whole thing is a scare tactic like global warming!!??? Ooops sorry! It reminds me of that guy who eats uranium on TV. see it here: Not to minimalize this important work!!! I honestly believe that Trump’s “WALL” is really to circumvent 5G, after all he is playing 5D “G” chess. Lets hope so. Not to diminish anything said here but this would be the next major fear factor planet wide, which we know they live off: LOOSH. Thomas is looking Great!

Packrat1 day ago

Thank all of you who made this VERY important information available. I have seen / read many commentaries on 5G but this is the best I’ve seen so far. Now……what can those of us do who get it, to overcome the massive apathy of the masses, many of whom we need to put a stop to this before it destroys all of us? For starters miss no opportunity to spread the word both in print & verbally. There is no time left for apathy & fence sitters. 5G, vaccinations, GMO’s, fluoridation, EMR in all forms, chemtrails, MS Medicine’s misguided approach to health, ETC, ETC, ETC have us collectively on the edge of extinction now. “You have to die sometime” you say? Well consider this: Dying isn’t the problem. Suffering, spending the rest of your life running to doctors, letting them fleece you of any wealth you have, while they torture you & waste your time, until you FINALLY get relief (die) is what “dying” really means. Consider THAT… well as the stress & sadness it creates for the family. There are no winners here except ‘them”. And there is no way “we” can prevail against “them” as long as most of we doesn’t care enough to get up to speed on these subjects & start pushing back.

Moonglow1 day ago

They dont want to kill us. They want our money.




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    • Anonymous

      Never mind it was Drumpf who signed 5G into LAW! And he said he’d welcome the next levels- up to 12G.
      lolol You dumb cucks are pathetic.
      You’re so needy, weak and dependent you cant ever think for yourself and take a stand- no matter how many times you get shit on. wow, THAT is America’s doom- not the corrupt politicos we keep allowing into power

    • Thunder

      i have been a TI which is a targeted individual since i was 3 i have watched and experianced their tech and low frequency signals for decades it got better after awhile now they have elecrtonically zapped and blasted me for years i know the effects and the way it feels and i assure you they have weaponized the 5G network with military electronic directed energy weapons they now have the ability to target any individual the world over now well any area that has 5G now this tech can also make one sterile and now that they are bombarding entire areas even the critters in these areas they will die out due to it because they will not be able to reproduce along with mankind esp if you are right next to this signal its in the wifi which is everywhere i will be leaving for the road and wilderness soon a very dangerous journey i cannot handle this signal it can hurt when they turn it up so i am going to march on the enemy for they will not leave me alone so i will go to them while at the same time seeking higher ground away from the coming heatwaves.and remember this world it is the canadiian gov telus telecommunications canadian pigs and canadian military and intel agencies that are doing this targeting on us all then zapping the shit out of the TI’s this canadian gov is a satanic cult and we canadian civs along with internationals are currently under attack and harrassment by the canadian govs the rcmp opp and canadian telecommunication networks you all will be on your own if i leave and many of you will not survive whats coming but i cannot and will not live this way being electronically tortured everyday,they have starved me tortured me since i was 3 killed me drugged me poisoned me beat me to death hit me with cars strangled me all the way to trying to steal my organ while i was still alive.I must leave world and attack my enemy before they turn me into a vegtiable i fckn hope it kills me personally this canadian gov and the windsors make me want to die due to all the injustice and continued protected crimes i would rather fckn die then live in the same world as these occultist white folk out here in canada so tell me are all white people like this??

    • Thunder

      and while i’m waiting for the melt to end so that i can roll out of this cultist held and controlled town i will attack these generational occultist canadian govs and rich perps that are the ones responsible for this 5G weaponized network along with many other crimes against humanity they have committed for over a hundred years out here but this occultist tech within the wifi is the last fckn straw expect bigger attacks now against you bad white folk and your interests in the world now!!i know how dangerous you are bad whites lets dance!!!

    • HypothesisFree

      Your Action Required – 5G Set To Destroy Your Family Lineage – Listen To The Experts!
      Trump and Israel Exempt From Deadly 5G Radiation:
      - /v3/new-world-order/2019/8417.html

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