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Confirmed: Infected Coronavirus Carriers Now “Shedding Virus Without Symptoms” – Lancet Study +Video

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By:  / Natural News

All the “experts” are missing a fatal truth about the coronavirus pandemic: It spreads from people who show no symptoms. Because they show no symptoms, they evade all existing screening efforts such as thermal scanning for fevers and self-reporting of symptoms to health authorities.

In other words, many people who are infected with the coronavirus and are spreading it have no idea they are infected.

This means existing screening efforts cannot contain this pandemic. Blocking all travel from China is the only way to stop this from quickly spreading to other countries, and those steps are not being taken because world governments have convinced themselves they know how to spot coronavirus carriers as they move through airports.

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But they are delusional.

How do we know this?

First, we have the Japanese nationals who were recently evacuated back to Japan on a government-chartered flight. Out of the 206 people who were returned to Japan on the first flight, three were found to be infected with coronavirus. Out of the three, two showed no symptoms.

As reported by

The three, who have been hospitalized — one in stable condition and two without symptoms — were among 206 people brought back Wednesday from the city at the center of the deadly outbreak of the pneumonia-causing virus.

Japan also carried out a second flight of 210 Japanese citizens, and there are hundreds more awaiting additional flights. Japan is, of course, screening everyone for coronavirus infections, but what the media fails to report is that coronavirus lab tests cannot detect the virus in its early staged of incubation in a human being. Why? Because there’s not enough virus replication yet taking place in the person’s body to give a strong enough signal on gene sequencing instruments.

So on the first flight where three people had coronavirus, the other 203 passengers could have been infected during the flight, yet passed all the screening with a clean bill of health. They may even start shedding coronavirus over the next 10 days while showing no symptoms themselves.

So even when health authorities tell people to “self-report any symptoms” such as fever or coughing, many people show no symptoms and therefore have nothing to report. Yet they are still shedding the coronavirus and infecting everyone around them.

10-year-old boy “shedding virus without symptoms” – The Lancet

Adding to the confirmation of “asymptomatic carriers” of coronavirus, a study just published in The Lancet documents the case of a 10-year-old boy who showed no symptoms of coronavirus infection yet was shedding viruses and infecting people around him.

As covered by

The case of a 10-year-old boy who was diagnosed with the Wuhan coronavirus even though he showed no symptoms is raising concern that people may be spreading the virus undetected by the front-line screening methods implemented to contain the epidemic.

Bloomberg, in other words, is reporting exactly what Natural News has been warning about for days: Screening methods can’t contain this virus because it operates in “stealth” mode, shedding infectious viruses from people who show no symptoms and don’t even know they’re infected themselves. As Bloomberg reports:

…the 10-year-old appeared healthy and was only diagnosed with the virus after his parents insisted he too was tested, his doctors said, adding that he “was shedding virus without symptoms.”

“You may have mild disease spreaders that would be feeding sort of a community outbreak and they don’t go to hospital because they don’t feel that bad,” said Ralph Baric, professor of microbiology and immunology at the Gillings School of Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who has studied coronaviruses for decades and warned about their threat before the 2003 SARS outbreak.

Details of this symptomless carrier were published in The Lancet in a paper entitled, “A familial cluster of pneumonia associated with the 2019 novel coronavirus indicating person-to-person transmission: a study of a family cluster.”

That paper describes the infected family as people who, “had no history of contact with animals, visits to markets including the Huanan seafood wholesale market in Wuhan, or eating game meat in restaurants.”

The paper documents the symptomless patient as having a high viral load, shedding the virus and exposing others:

“A rather unexpected finding from the lung CT scan of patient 5, which was done on the insistence by the nervous parents, also showed ground-glass pneumonic changes. Patient 5 was later confirmed virologically to have an asymptomatic infection… Two complete genome sequences of this novel coronavirus were recovered from the nasopharyngeal swab of patient 2 and the sputum sample of patient 5 with an earlier cycle threshold value indicating a higher viral load.”

The conclusion of the paper states, “as shown in this study, it is still crucial to isolate patients and trace and quarantine contacts as early as possible because asymptomatic infection appears possible.”

In other words, people with no symptoms can infect others.

This stunning, pivotal fact is being ignored by nearly everyone.

We are facing a dire situation rooted in global ignorance on virology, epidemiology and mathematics

The upshot of the findings detailed above is that the coronavirus cannot be contained through normal screening procedures. Even when members of the public are told to self-report if they experience symptoms, some carriers show no symptoms at all and therefore have nothing to report.

The long incubation period of the virus (up to 14 days) combined with the viral shedding that takes place during all stages of incubation — which is unusual for most viral infections — makes the coronavirus the perfect “stealth virus” that defies traditional screening and containment efforts.

The upshot is that even if China’s infections level off, the coronavirus will show a second wave of pandemic outbreaks in other countries that are too late to enact the draconian isolation mandates now witnessed in China, where over 56 million people are currently living under military-enforced quarantine orders.

China’s efforts may actually succeed locally, since isolation really is the only cure for this pandemic. But other nations such as Thailand and the United States are taking no such steps. The USA isn’t even blocking travel from China, continuing to allow symptomless carriers to enter the United States and potentially infect others.

Stay informed. Read to stay informed.


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    • Anonymous

      Air pollution kills over 4,600,000 people a year. Coronovirus hasn’t even killed 200 people. Since I am in BIN and I’m afraid of my own shadow, I choose to be afraid of air pollution. When coronovirus has killed over 5,000,000 I may change my mind and be afraid of the coronovirus. You just can’t be afraid of too many things at the same time, you people in BIN have to change your underpants every time you wet them. It’s either ebola, Nibiru, or coronavirus. Or meteorites. Or the Sun. Or aliens. Sweet Baby Jebus. :cool:

      • Anonymous

        At some point, a pandemic will be manufactured. its a core plank of NWO to gain world power. they say it repeatedly. Bill Gates says it loudly.
        Rothschild NWO’s CFR dubbed “Belt & Road PANDEMIC” –
        The Next 911— the NEOCON group that pulled off the first 911 in 2001, and lied USA into bombing Iraq over fake WMDs in 2003, first exposed their next move 20 yrs ago in their own dox: “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” (2000)

        PNAC (Project For A New American Century)- said one method was “advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.”
        TOP NEOCON and PNAC member JOHN BOLTON, who was prime advocate of IRAQ WMD LIES getting us to bomb Iraq in 2003, was appointed by Trump as NSC, dismantled America’s disease protection program as one of his first acts in office back in 2018 :

        Here’s a threat from one of the biggest Zionist Tribe agitprops online- America to be punished by ‘god’ aka The Chosen, for disobeying The Filth.
        Where’s Crisis Actor in Thief? Where’s Dump? Tweeting “it’ll be ok”. MAGA MAGGOT MAGGO!!!!!!!!

    • grayeagle40

      🇺🇸⭐️⭐️🇺🇸 Revelation 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to ki;; with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the BEASTS of the earth.
      News article “Scientists Describe How 1918 Influenza Virus Sample Was Exhumed In Alaska”
      News article “Ancient never-before-seen viruses discovered locked up in Tibetan glacier”
      Also Matthew 24:7 Luke 21:25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; What I find extremely odd is the fact that all of these viruses have a ground zero of China. the swine flu, the bird flu, SARS, & and now this Corona virus. What is up with that.
      News article. “The Long Shadow of the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine ‘Fiasco’
      I remember the 1976 Swine Flu too many of those that took the Swine Flu Vaccination died not of the flu but of the Vaccination itself. those that survived it most got seriously ill from the Vaccination.
      I am not slamming China here, in point of fact I think that the Chinese people are being victimized. By whom I have no idea.
      “Stop Stepping On My Second Amendment ”

    • Anonymous

      Zero proof Popeye, you’ve failed again.

    • Anonymous

      Wow this poster is getting worse than LISA HAVEN – seems to be out SHILLING HER for Big Pharma Propaganda

      EBOLA Fear Porn Finally Ran Out
      …. and it never got out the immune blitzed 3rd World …. did it.

      - time for another RINSE & REPEAT from the Big Pharma & Gov Puppets Propaganda Machine
      and so ……

      Sorry to interrupt your REGULAR “BrainWashing” – But – once again – pop on the THINKING CAP >>> Engage BRAIN NOW.

      Oh & It’s even being descibed as …. A Bio-Weapon …..
      & it’s ….. done what ?????

      >>>> Killed 161 people – out of >>>> 1 BILLION PLUS Chinese People

      in less than…. a MONTH ….. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah panic…. head for the hills – 161 LOL & ROFL


      To Put It In Perspective … Every year >>>> 500 Americans …. get Struck by lightning – say 40 a month

      - do the math – you have to wait – for ONE American – to be …. struck by lightning
      - before JUST …. 4 Chinese …. die of this – BIOWEAPON !!!!! LOL

      Remember Months Of Fear Porn Hype …. EBOLA was going to sweep the world – whole countries – would have to be vaccinated AND …….

      Piff Paff Poof

      Starving people with totally blitzed immune systems wracked by wars, civil wars, famines – die …. from some final straw infection or other

      Well fed nourished people have strong immune sytems and just shrug it off

      – it’s why IT (Ebola) >>> never spreads out the 3rd world
      - & never will

      Use common sense – its easy – don’t fall for BIG PHARMA GOVERNMENT BACKED & PROPAGATED – BULLSH!T Propaganda


      REMEMBER THE 2009/10 WORLDWIDE … SWINE FLU PANDEMIC …. much much worse than this little CHINA jobby in progress

      QUOTE FROM THE HEAD OF THE UK NHS …. Sir Liam Donaldson

      This was a well-conducted investigation …….into all deaths …. in England
      - attributed to …..swine flu…. up to November.

      It found that there were >>>> 138 deaths

      REPEAT 138 (out of 60 Million People) ….Read it yourself on the UK National Health Service Website

      THAT – was the effect of a W.H.O Declared WORLD WIDE PANDEMIC VIRUS …. ON A WHOLE COUNTRY – 138 DIED !!!!!

      • DK

        In 2007 it was bird flu, in 2009 it was swine flu, then in came the vaccines, now such an important business that Google has erased all mention of their history.

    • truck driver

      Physicist says everyone becomes an energy life form when they die..I heard it on the coast to coast am radio show

    • Everette

      The corona virus has a long way to catch up with the flu virus . Corona virus almost 10,000 cases since last year have gotten sick . But only 210 have died . That’s close to 2% fatality . The flue since t.he flue season started has 900,000 hospitalized and 80,000 dead . This doesn’t mention how many got it and stayed home . So we have a 10% fatality if we use those counted that are in the hospital . But this is what is scary !!! 16 cities have been closed off to the outside world and those trying to leave are guarded by 50,000 troops who have orders to shoot and kill if any try to leave . Now it gets even scarier ! No food is being brought in , shelves are bare by pictures I saw . I don’t know about the water , probably off ! So if the virus doesn’t get them , starvation and thirst will . Not to mention thieves killing others for food and water they may have . What lies we are being told !!! 2020 agenda in place ! Depopulation agenda ! Thank the UN and NWO pope along with Rothschilds , Queen , Hitlers daughter Angela Merkel, Sorus , Bill Gates , the elite , the Jews who are Esau Edomites and not Judea or Israel and the elite bankers . Welcome to the 2020 agenda – mass depopulation agenda .

      • DK

        Well put another way, 5 million people had left Wuhan by the 24th of January for Chinese new year, the trains still run and all the airlines are still flying bar Eastern China which seems to have shut down operations. The videos are a handful with stuff spliced in from 2002 or November of last year by tree color, masks are often worn due to pollution, and none of them have a time date stamp which is oh so important.

        There are restrictions of movement of livestock, there quite possibly are small towns and villages panicking and blocking roads, then posting this happening. There certainly are not huge troop concentrations with a wall around Wuhan, where would you start, half the city is spending time somewhere else for New Year. :lol:

    • Wirkbot

      Coronavirus and Blood Electrification. The work of Dr. Steven Kaali MD and Dr. Robert Beck May be Applicable.


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