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Why Did Coronavirus Cases Explode Overnight? And US Issues Executive Order Plan for Pandemic!

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By Lisa Haven  

An explosion of coronavirus cases happened overnight and it is causing mass panic…but should it? Believe it or not, there is an alternative reason for the increase. Not only that but now the U.S. has just issued an Executive Order plan to deal with a pandemic. All that and more in this bombshell report… 

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    • Slimey

      That’s a much better background. If you wore something red on you would have blended in much better with the plain white underwear blouse. Anything, like a red pin, scarf, etc. You don’t know how to dress, do you?

      That said, could this be a LATENT BIOWEAPON? In other words, triggered to lie dormant after a certain time to infect more and more the unsuspecting population and then become active?

      All of sudden after say 60 days or even years and BOOM, white people start coughing blood, collapsing, falling over dead, etc. A cleverly manufactured bioweapon designed to actually kill white people?

      Did something go miscalculated in China or was it planned this way to FOOL you all? To the brutal Chinese it is worth it. Yeah, figure it out yourself. Your enemy is in disarray and better he’s dying right in front you all. Frigg’n Hillaryous to the Chinese.

      Chinese scoop in and get Amerika! RULE the world with the Russians…. and maybe even your dear Negroes. :lol:

      Attack Israel next (now defenseless). :eek:

      • No time

        When they start putting chips in our hands, they will own us totally completely. That’s what it’s all about. Lol. 😂😂😂

        • Anonymous


    • trashman

      Slimey::: i am so tired of ppl who cuss others but, dont do SHEET on thier own!!!! At least Lisa is trying too find the truth!, YOU are either a paid shrill, or you are someone who is naive!!!! Grow up!!!! Lisa is at least trying, and all your worried about is the color of her dress???!!!WE HAVE APANDEMIC AND ALL YOUR WORRIED ABOUT IS HER CLOTHING??!!!! Grow up!! I remember when i was a kid listening too the older ppl , and hearing about what they had too go through, during the 1930s, or even the 20s, like a boy would naturally do ., They would tell me of the pandemic of the 1914s , it varied some because just like lisa said it came and went. They would tell me that it was so strange one day ppl would be ok and the next day pow!!! , nowhere too be found. Atm i am sick, whether it is the coronovirus or not i dont know, but i just tucked my wife into bed and she isnt doing well , and i am not doing well, so i dont appreciate BS!!!! If you dont like lisa LEAVE!!!!, stop bothering her , and allow those of us who do appreciate the truth, even if you dont believe her!!, however if you give her hell all the time , why inthe hell are you still here?!!! LEAVE!!!You will see it soon because it has already been reported on for over 60 days!! going unchecked well……, YOU DO THE MATH!!, HOW MANY ARE INFECTED WORLD WIDE???? you could be infected atm and not even know it!!! So if you dont like it here leave!!!At least Lisa is trying , and if you dont like what im saying ,, in the words of my generation::::::BITE ME

      • Slimey

        What do you think you are doing? :lol:

        Frigg’n Hillaryous! :lol:

    • Wirkbot

      Vitamin C?

      Injectable vitamin C (mineral ascorbates) have been used successfully to treat viral infections for several decades:

      Dr. Robert F. Cathcart, III, M.D. successfully treated thousands of patients with oral vitamin C for disorders including : influenza, viral pneumonia, mononucleosis, asthma, cancer, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, bacterial infections:

      Case history:

      25 year old male sick for about 2 weeks before being treated. He went from 170 pounds to 155. Tests positive for flu. Treated with one IV per day for 3 days (each IV: 50 grams of sodium ascorbate in lactated ringer solution).

      Additional research / case histories of IV administered vitamin C treatments of viral and virial associated disorders (from

      Intravenous vitamin C as adjunctive therapy for enterovirus/rhinovirus induced acute respiratory distress syndrome.

      High Dose Intraveneous Vitamin C and Chikungunya Fever: A Case Report.

      Intravenous administration of vitamin C in the treatment of herpetic neuralgia: two case reports.

      Clinical Effect of Intravenous Vitamin C on Viral Myocarditis in Children: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

      5. Additional notes:

      Don’t inject yourself with ascorbic acid (wrong form of vitamin C). Don’t inject yourself with mineral ascorbates (let a doctor do that).

      • DK

        Unless Vitamin C works on Aids, I doubt it will help.

        I then as I am halfway through typing google & find it works better than AZT in trials. :oops:

        • Wirkbot

          So you did not read the links?

          Try just one from my post:

          Dr. Robert F. Cathcart, III, M.D. successfully treated thousands of patients with oral vitamin C for disorders including : influenza, viral pneumonia, mononucleosis, asthma, cancer, ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, bacterial infections:

          FYI, Dr. Robert Cathcart believed that vitamin C would work on AIDS. Apparently non of the 8000 or so patients he successfully treated with vitamin C had ADS:

          Your logic on this escapes me. Any antiviral treatment that does not work on AIDS will not work on a coronavirus?

          Really? Please elaborate.

          • Wirkbot


            I was half way through you comment when I posted.


            I figured that there would be others thinking the same thing.

    • HTLIII

      A wealth fuelled Gates Foundation/Glaxo/Smith/Kline/British Empire mobilization and population culling to rise awareness. If you do not become aware and better behaved, they cart you off. If you are hep to their motto: “You all must die, so I can have more”, you are in serious trouble. These creeps are spoiled brats. To hell with the British Empire, Rothschild central bank, their stooges, and the Gates Foundation. China is probably culling dissidents to Chinese criminal Rothschild communism.

      • DK

        The British Empire ended in 1948 after a glorious 79 years of lifting iron age peoples into the steam age & industrial revolution without all the cost the home islands paid. Its gone, live with it.

        The US whilst never declaring itself to be one, carbon copied all Romes misdeeds and still does.

    • Anonymous

      Sister Heaven rides in on the pale horse of fear porn. Details at eleven…

    • lightwork8

      ASIAN MALES AT MUCH HIGHER RISK_____________Reported on BioRxiv on 26-01-20:
      Chinese doctors have discovered the coronavirus is designed to attach to lung receptors that are five times more common in Asian males than in African or Indo-European males. Asian females also have less than half the amount of these receptors than Asian males. The coronavirus was reported to share the same receptor ACE2 (Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2) with SARS. The ACE2 virus receptor is concentrated in a small population of AT2 cells (Alveolar Type 2). It is these cells which are more common in Asian males.

      This goes a long way to explaining the extreme differences we are witnessing in the effects of the virus in China vs that in countries outside of Asia. It might be more apparent if the numbers affected were broken down into male/female and Asian/Non-Asian but it is unlikely we will see these numbers unless they are reported by alternative media. Interestingly though we have not yet seen any reports of the virus in Indonesia which has the fourth highest expat Chinese community in the world (3m) and similarly S America and S Africa remain apparently virus free. ____________

      • DK

        It will mutate – one way or another.

    • Wirkbot

      My antiviral stash (20 second video)

    • Anonymous

      Numbers Explode – Yes Didn’t U.S Numbers – explode – By Doubling Overnight – from 6 TO 12 -Ha Ha Ha LOL & ROFL

      It’s a NOTHING of a Virus – except to the already frail, sick, dying or on their near last legs anyway

      Check it out !!

      This is what it’s all about
      - SYMPTOMS A Runny Nose, …Sore Throat, …. A Cough &…. A Higher Temperature

      - & OVER 97% Fully Recover ….. With NO Medical Help.
      (See link below to UK Mainstream National Newspaper)

      ALSO Here’s …….The National Post …..& Healthline ……Who BOTH – Stop Short …..Of Naming individual BIN posters SUCH AS LISA & POPEYE
      That They Are Referirng to …..

      The bottom line

      Extensive news coverage of the new coronavirus outbreak …. can make the situation
      >>> seem much worse …. than it actually is.

      >>> Influenza virus …. still causes>>>> far more >>> illness and death worldwide.

      EXPERTS also emphasize – that this outbreak >>>> is significantly …… less dangerous
      >>>> than previous….. coronavirus epidemics…. . like SARS and MERS.

      A recent article by University of Hong scientists published >>>>> by the journal Lancet states …..

      Based on the number of reported deaths when the paper was published Friday,
      Coronavirus would actually produce….. a mortality rate of >>>> just 0.2 per cent — akin to that >>> of regular influenzas.

      “We don’t freak out about seasonal flu, …..we experience it every year,”
      said Matthew Miller, a microbiologist who studies viruses at McMaster University.

      “The people most likely to die from seasonal flu are …….the elderly and the very young
      … The same is very likely to be true …….with this …… new coronavirus outbreak.
      The people who are at highest risk …..are the people at the highest risk >>>> for any type of infection.”

      Experts DAILY MAIL NATIONAL NEWSPAPER 10th Feb 2020

      What does the virus do to you? …… What are the symptoms?

      Once someone has caught the COVID-19 virus it may take between two and 14 days, or even longer, for them to show any symptoms.

      IF … and when …they do become ill, …. typical signs include

      - A RUNNY NOSE
      - A COUGH
      - A SORE THROAT / Fever (high temperature).

      The vast majority of patients – at least 97 per cent, ….. based on available data – will recover from these >>>> without any issues or medical help.

      SYMPTOMS A Runny Nose, Sore Throat, A Cough & A Raised Temperature & OVER 97% Fully Recover With NO Medical Help.

      So There You Have It – CoronaVirus – Ranks the lowest of the low, the bottom of the bottom
      in a weakest of the weak league of it’s own – when it comes to viral threat & dangers


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