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By Nicole Morgan (Investigative Reporter)
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We May All Have Morgellons Disease and it Is Man Made (Videos)

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by N.Morgan

Revelations From A Man Who Helped Design Morgellons Disease

“I began to see there are a lot of components.  It is a very complex compound network of pathogens.  Organic, inorganic and all kinds of things. We have fibres, heavy metals, bacteria, funguses, viruses that seem to be working somehow synergistically.  None of them good to the Human.”

— Dr. Gwen Scott

Gwen also went on to say she believes that another vector of transmission is through vaccines.


What is Morgellons?

Dr. Gwen Scott, Naturopathic Doctor and Scientist/Researcher Clifford Carnicom state that Morgellons is not a disease, but a “complex compound assault on the body”; a network of pathogens, organic and inorganic; fibers, fungi, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses; very unusual structures observed under a microscope at the submicron level.

These pathogens seem to be working synergistically and are cloaked and genetically altered. Dr. Scott also indicates that based on many samples, these pathogens are, with deliberation, entering our bodies through our air and food supply

Morgellons is characterized by painful sores as well as crawling sensations within and under the skin. Fibers and solid materials emerging from the sores are also common. If you have ever known or seen anyone with this condition, it is heartbreaking… there is a lot of suffering associated with Morgellons.  Morgellons defaces our immune system and feeds off of our red blood cells. This is not a skin condition, it is a bloodborne pathogen.

Morgellons may also present a number of other symptoms including skin rashes, intense itching, stinging orbiting in the skin, severe fatigue, difficulty concentrating, and short-term memory loss.

The National Institutes of Health in the United States List Morgellons as a genetically caused disease, specifically due to Chromosome 1 duplication/trisomy of q42 11 Q42 12.

This is not new, but rather the information has been around for more than 10 years.  It can no longer be found on the internet.  The implications of this article were largely ignored at the time it was first found but with the passage of time, it seems to be more meaningful since Morgellons sufferers have been largely ignored by the CDC and NIH with a deliberate campaign to insist it is a figment of the imagination, a form of delusional parasitosis.

According to the NIH website found on July 23, 2007 at Morgellons is caused by either duplication or trisomy of the chromosome 1q42 11 q42 12. However, when reading the articles dating back more than 10 years at it appears that these articles do not describe the symptoms known from Morgellons accurately and have been deliberately misleading the public to hide this recent phenomenon true intent.

The NIH website clearly states: “To learn more or to report suspected cases, call the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Morgellons information and voice mail line at 404-718-1199.” and the page itself is reported as having been last modified on “Wednesday, July 19, 2006”. The Morgellons Research Foundation (MRF) made a request and are awaiting a statement from the NIH.

02/24/2010 Update: The reply from the CDC never came.

Morgellons & Smart Dust Infect Individuals to be Tracked via Satellite

Excerpt of Bases Lecture given by Harald Kautz Vella regarding his findings of what the Chemtrail program is delivering to the people of this Earth. Morgellons fungus infecting most (if not all) on the planet to serve as an antennae array to transmit an individual’s DNA to be tracked by satellite and collected by 5G. Implemented through the dissemination of Smart Dust, where testing was done during the Iraq War.

The Quantum dot

Quantum dot is a portion of matter (e.g., semiconductor) whose excitons are confined in all three spatial dimensions. Consequently, such materials have electronic properties intermediate between those of bulk semiconductors and those of discrete molecules.[1][2][3] They were discovered at the beginning of the 1980s by Alexei Ekimov[4] in a glass matrix and by Louis E. Brus in colloidal solutions. The term “quantum dot” was coined by Mark Reed.[5]

Researchers have studied quantum dots in transistorssolar cellsLEDs, and diode lasers. They have also investigated quantum dots as agents for medical imaging and hope to use them as qubits in quantum computing.

Stated simply, quantum dots are semiconductors whose electronic characteristics are closely related to the size and shape of the individual crystal. Generally, the smaller the size of the crystal, the larger the band gap, the greater the difference in energy between the highest valence band and the lowest conduction band becomes, therefore more energy is needed to excite the dot, and concurrently, more energy is released when the crystal returns to its resting state. For example, in fluorescent dye applications, this equates to higher frequencies of light emitted after excitation of the dot as the crystal shrinks to smaller sizes, resulting in a color shift from red to blue in the light emitted. In addition to such tuning, a main advantage with quantum dots is that, because of the high level of control possible over the size of the crystals produced, it is possible to have very precise control over the conductive properties of the material.[6]Quantum dots of different sizes can be assembled into a gradient multi-layer nanofilm.


Credit for the discovery & development of this vital work has been made available to the community by the efforts of Dr. Gwen Scott. This testing included numerous people of all ages. Some of the subjects had Morgellons symptoms but many others had no symptoms at all. Fibres in 100% of ALL subjects tested were found.

Gum-dental samples collected after extended wine-hydrogen peroxide mixture rinses of the mouth (e.g., 5 minutes each) and placed upon a glass slide for observation.  Mouth brushed and cleaned to the best degree possible prior to the test.  Material emanates from the gums of the mouth; this individual produces a greater amount of material relative to other individuals.  Foam appearance results from the peroxide.  The core material is composed essentially of the four pathogenic forms that have been extensively described on this site(encasing filament, sub-micron filament network, Chlamydia-like structures, and the “hybrid form”).  

Samples have repeatedly observed at the extreme visible microscopic examination, i.e.., 7000x and they are generally consistent between various samples.  One mixture that is under trial is 1/3 3% hydrogen-peroxide mixed with 2/3 dark red wine (e.g.., merlot).  Burgundy color results from the stain of red wine.  

Another alternative under investigation is to limit the exposure to hydrogen peroxide by swabbing the teeth with peroxide prior to an extended rinse with red wine.  Hydrogen peroxide is NOT to be taken internally.  Sensitivity and reactions to peroxide may be of concern and an issue to consider.  NO THERAPY OF ANY KIND IS BEING RECOMMENDED WITHIN THIS REPORT; OBSERVATIONAL ANALYSIS ONLY IS BEING PROVIDED.  Identical pathogenic forms have now been found across most body systems and functions.  The rinse test has in some cases been ongoing for 1-2 months; there continues to the production of some material in almost every case. 

A microscopic examination will be required for any final determination.  On occasions, the test has been conducted several times in a row (e.g.., 30-45 minute session of approx. 5 minutes each) with no cessation of material to date, although the amount appears to eventually decrease.  It appears that the production of material can be correlated directly with the amount of time devoted to testing.  

The presence of the material also appears to be associated with an ear-blockage condition in one case.  Not all individuals produce this amount of material and the sample may need to be examined very closely to determine if it exists; it usually appears as fibrous or stringy if present.  The individual providing this sample does not demonstrate any outwardly visible “Morgellons” symptoms.

A similar gum-dental sample after drying and evaporation of the wine-peroxide mixture.
Solid materials remain which form the basis of one of many recent analyses through this article.

One portion of the sample above observed at extreme visible magnification under the microscope.
Dental-gum expelled sample.  Sample extracted with use of hydrogen peroxide-red wine mix.  
(please refer to Pathogens & the General Population)
Three pathogenic forms visible: bounding filament (black border),
sub-micron interior filament network (blue arrows) and Chlamydia-like organisms(red circles).
Magnification approx. 7000x.

Microscopic examination of another gum-dental sample expelled from a separate individual using the wine-peroxide mixture.

An encasing filament and the Chlamydia-like structures are visible.  In this individual, the hybrid form is more common
within the bounding filament as opposed to the sub-micron filament network. Magnification approx. 5000x.

This method described above is not provided as therapy or diagnosis of any kind; the reaction is being described from an observational point of view.  Individuals are to consult with their own health practitioners for their health needs.

Are Morgellons Victims the Genetic Canaries in the Transhumanism Coal mine?

This information was not openly available on the internet nor was it ever intended for the general public to read.

It was found by a Morgellons sufferer who had several family members with Morgellons disease who also had the 1Q42 11 genetic anomalies in their family genetics.

As a curiosity, this person decided to search for the term Morgellons coupled with 1Q42. The search engine found this phrase but there was not a mention of it when the link to the article was clicked. Other pages in this article were present but there was no mention of Morgellons anywhere.

Because of her acumen in computers, she was able to see a sequence in the page codes and found a page missing. She typed the missing code in her browser and the page above is what appeared. This NIH page was removed from the internet so quickly that the only trace of it left was this partial photo snapshot that had been taken of it. ( shown above)

This page was then posted to several Morgellons related websites to inform the public. Upon discovering this page had been publicly posted, the CDC and/or the NIH immediately removed all copies of this page. Cached copies of the page also disappeared from all search engines within 3 days. To date, there has been no official denial of the information contained on the webpage.

Due to the absence of an official press release the public is left to ponder the meaning of the page.

Keep in mind that at the time of publication the CDC denied the existence of Morgellons Disease and when approached by Morgellons victims for medical information they were not asked to register or report their disease to the CDC so this page was not intended for them.

During the time this page was covertly posted on the internet, the CDC was being contacted by many Morgellons victims for help or information. The CDC’s answer to them was a concerted brush-off of any responsibility. Morgellons people were told to seek the help of their own physician.

It was uncanny and as if on cue that physicians would, generally diagnose Morgellons victims as having delusional parasitosis.

I spoke at length to a doctor who told me that delusional parasitosis was such a rare condition that in a lifetime of practice it was rare for a psychiatrist to ever see even one patient with it. Suddenly this rare and obscure condition was being diagnosed by GP’s, dermatologists and even nurse practitioners interestingly in the same countries where geoengineering campaigns were most prevalent.

Once this diagnosis was in a person’s medical records it was all downhill from there.

Doctors prescribed antipsychotic medications that contained derivatives of piperazine or other medications that caused flaccid paralysis to nematodes and worms in mammals. This was always their first choice of treatment and a dangerous choice at that.

For more medical information see “Living with a Nightmare

Piperazine is a commonly used component of swine dewormer. It would appear to me that there has long been knowledge about Morgellons by the hidden presence of a phone number available for physicians to advise them on how to deal with Morgellons suffers and to report cases. I think they may have been waiting for us long before we ever approached them.

The plan was undoubtedly to abate some of the Morgellons sufferers’ physical symptoms with antipsychotic drugs that also contained these dewormer components. In that way, people would actually come to believe that they were mentally unbalanced since their medication would abate some of the physical symptoms of itching from the motile components of the fibers.

This was insidious planning if you ask me.

First, discredit the Morgellons patients mentality so society will ignore the disease and then treat aspects of the Morgellons patient’s physical symptoms without the Morgellons patient even knowing it.

FYI if a person is deemed delusional by a medical doctor they lose the right to be a member of a jury. They can easily have their power of attorney and control of all their worldly goods given to others without their consent. They can be forced into a mental institution.

Further, the right to custody of their own children can be revoked. These travesties have happened to people I personally know.

What are the implications if Morgellons is actually caused by a genetic trisomy?

The term trisomy is used to describe the presence of three chromosomes, rather than the usual pair of two chromosomes.

Why should having an extra chromosome lead to copious lesions, fibers and other manifestations not seen in others? These genetic anomalies did not suddenly appear in humankind over the last 20 plus years or since people noted that they had Morgellons symptoms.

It would make more sense to ponder what has been added to our environment that would trigger this reaction from those with this trisomy genetic characteristic.

Think about this – If chemtrails and other sources of genetic manipulation materials are being added to the environment and our food like CRISPR to alter the genetics of humankind then we are all exposed to them. We are all breathing them in, ingesting them or perhaps even being injected with them through vaccines or other medical injections.

Please read Revelations From a Man Who Helped Design Morgellons Disease for more information.

If such an insidious genetic manipulation with the goal of transhumanism is now underway then the ideal situation would be to produce genetic material that would be invisible to the naked eye which would be microscopic – nano-sized.

Out of sight out of mind. This material would have to go unnoticed by the general population since there would never be a time when humankind would willingly vote to let a handful of mad scientists screw around with their genetics.

Here is a quote from Wikipedia regarding the negative side of Transhumanism.

It has been described by one critic, Francis Fukuyama as “the world’s most dangerous idea.”

Maybe one size does not fit all.

  • Could it be that those who have been studying the human genome for many years have a master plan and it is now unfolding?
  • Would it matter if an action against the population crossed all moral and ethical boundaries if it were scientifically possible?
  • Is the current coronavirus pandemic & house arrest of billions of people while 5G is rolled out a likely component of this and Agenda 21?
  • Didn’t a lot of innocent people die because there were no ethics or morality?

Wake up and smell the evil.

It is only logical to realize that not all people would perfectly assimilate to new genetics since in nature there are always mutations and exceptions to the rules. There have been many people in the last 30 plus years that have new diseases of unknown origins like,

  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Morgellons
  • and many other respiratory afflictions, strange bacteria & fungus …

Are we the genetic canaries in the transhumanism coal mine?

What would be done to people who tried to get a new and bizarre disease like Morgellons recognized by the medical profession and the CDC at this time? Why we would be declared delusional and be the first to be monitored tracked & tagged with the new covi-pass. All of the medical professionals and scientists who wanted to help us would either be threatened or stripped of their credentials. Are we not witness to this now with doctors speaking out against this latest health threat?

I could give you a list of more names of those who this has happened to although if you have been following alternative news sources you already know this. It is still happening & the censorship continues to escalate by the day to suppress anything that questions or offers a different perspective from the “approved” narrative.

Morgellons must be a real embarrassment to the PTSB schemers. I am just one person who looked into the subject. I have been able to gather hundreds of photos and have collected samples of bizarre crap made of silica, cellulose, polymers, polysaccharides, and overt nano-machines. All of these were found in lesions on my own body.

They are not delusions. In spite of all my efforts and those of many others, most people would still prefer to think all people with Morgellons are delusional.

Perhaps those who become fully assimilated to the new genetics without problems will never understand this because their cognitive abilities for critical thinking will be deleted. Instead, they will be fixated on video games or television programs somewhere in “Borgland.”

Didn’t anyone see The Matrix or Start Trek?

On one occasion anonymous email threats were sent to a radio station the day after a Morgellons researcher was on the radio program. In the letter the person identified them self as being in the highest levels of government. There were parts of the letter that were never made public. Only someone in powerful places could have known some of this information. The letter had credibility.

This disturbing letter made a curious statement beyond a veiled threat to the researcher.

The statement made was that,

“Morgellons is not a disease, it is an effect.”

This incident happened several years ago and at the time I didn’t understand what that statement meant. I understand now. It’s a pretty ugly world once you find out what is real.

At this time we know that at least 3 individuals with this genetic anomaly have Morgellons Disease.

Perhaps Morgellons is not actually a true disease but more of an allergic reaction or genetic misalignment to the foreign material being forced into our bodies now that we know more about how the body deals with toxins. Ideally, if more Morgellons sufferers could have genetic testing performed we would be able to learn much more about it. But as always, there is no public medical funding for Morgellons and thus private-sector support has been markedly absent for Morgellons research.

It is my hope that we will find individuals who will help support this cause since it is truly in the interest of all humankind and effects the future trajectory we seem to be headed towards. Total totalitarian control.

My gratitude to researcher Clifford Carnicom for all of his groundbreaking work. Please go to his website and read his latest papers. He is finding altered cell structures in the human body that point to lab-made pathogens alive, proliferating, and being supported by human tissue.

In collaboration with Dr. Gwen Scott, he has tested many people for fibers with the red wine-peroxide test. Anyone can try this test at home.

I know it is all hard to fathom but the evil powers that shouldn’t be have been around for a very long time. Nanotechnology and biotechnology is their newest playground. If these psychopaths are clever enough to get away with what they are attempting to do now, your rights, human decency, sense of morality and cognitive liberty is never going to be an obstacle for them, neither is your vote.

Remember the Tuskegee Experiment? Ignorance is not bliss.

Revelations From A Man Who Helped Design Morgellons Disease part 2 – Abatement Ideas

Natural Remedies For Morgellons

Most relief of this little known condition has been discovered by trial and error sufferers have tried. The most effective methods are addressed below:

COLLOIDAL SILVER!!!! oil of oregano, povidone-iodine, raw garlic or allicin, borax on everything including your hair, diatomaceous earth (food grade), coconut oil-organic and cold-pressed (unrefined)… it matters!!! Baking soda, Epsom salts and lavender essential oil for a detox bath. Alfalfa, Chlorella, Thuja & food grade hydrogen peroxide. For pain relief, apple cider vinegar helps almost instantly,

Depending on the severity, it is expensive, start with the coconut oil, it’s around 10-20$ for the effective kind and baking soda. Use these everywhere, body, hair, eyes, mouth, eat it at meals, it’s the cheapest and most quickly effective, borax for the yellow greasy film in hair and body!! Lavender oil (pure) is also cheap and amazing use it on your face, yes your face, mix it in a paste with coconut oil slather topically on sores, eyelids, inside nose and all of these are safe for dogs too, no lavender ingestion.

Diatomaceous earth kills internal parasites by absolving their exoskeletons. Garlic is always good, raw and smashed, oil of oregano is a very strong anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-microbial and antiseptic, lavender is too, dilute in coconut oil 1-10 for animals, colloidal silver will save your life and is great for dogs so is diatomaceous earth but use sparingly on animals, according to weight.

Many have reported good results with the detox bath of Epsom salts, baking soda and lavender essential oil. You can also use these ingredients to make a paste applied to a pad & affixed under the feet to be used while sleeping which will draw the toxins out.

As always It is important to use daily non-toxic chelating agents such as Vitamin C which helps promote the excretion of toxic heavy metals from the body through urine. Magnesium is required for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body. Iodine is also one of those minerals essential to fortify immunity and maintain overall health that has been deliberately downplayed and the recommended daily intake grossly inadequate to fight infection.


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