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Covid-19 Vaccine Ingredients

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On 20 August 2021 Dr. Robert Young published his team’s findings after analysing the four dominant COVID-19 “vaccines” using Phase Contrast MicroscopyTransmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy. Their findings both confirm and expand upon the prior investigations carried out by Dr. Pablo Campra (University of Almeria, Spain), Dr. Juan F. Gastón Añaños (Hospital de Barbastro, Spain), as well as the recent pathology reports from autopsies of  vaccinated deceased which were carried out by Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt, Prof. Dr. Walter Lang and Prof. Dr. Peter Schirmacher (Germany & Austria).

Many of these substances were observed as being bonded to graphene oxide and metallic nanoparticles. GO nanoparticles are necrotic, able to pass into or through physiological barriers including (but not limited to) the blood-air barrier, the blood-testis barrier, the blood-brain barrier, and the blood-placenta barrier. Over a period of several months after intramuscular injection, as much as 75% of the GO nanoparticle “delivery platform”, and most of the substances listed below, are transported extensively throughout the bodies of mammals, into the blood, brain and other organs. Some of the many toxic effects of graphene oxide are myocarditis and blood clotting. Contamination in vaccines appears to be so common that one might be forgiven for thinking that it is deliberate.

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Aluminium (Al) Yes     Yes
Bismuth (Bi) Yes      
Cadmium (Cd)       Yes
Calcium (Ca)       Yes
Carbon (C) Yes     Yes
Chloride (CL-) Yes      
Chlorine (Cl in saline solution) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chromium (Cr) Yes Yes Yes  
Copper (Cu) Yes Yes   Yes
Graphene oxide Yes Yes Yes Yes
Iron (Fe) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lead (Pb)       Yes
Magnesium (Mg)       Yes
Manganese (Mn)     Yes  
Nickel (Ni)   Yes Yes  
Nitrogen (N) Yes     Yes
Oxygen (O) Yes     Yes
Phosphorous (P) Yes     Yes
Potassium (K)       Yes
Selenium (Se)       Yes
Silicon (Si) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sodium (Na in saline solution) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sulfur (S) Yes Yes    
Tin (Sn)   Yes    
Titanium (Ti) Yes     Yes
Trypanosoma (parasite) Yes Possible    
Vanadium (Va) Yes      

Source :

These findings are compositionally consistent with some of the declared contents of the Pfizer and Moderna products. I imagine that further quantitative analysis of the contents should make it possible to identify the likely chemical compounds which have not been explicitly identified by the manufacturers (via mass-spectrometry and molar mass derivations). Considering the experiment that was carried out in Kenya in 2014 (and more here), I suspect that Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) (composed primarily of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen) is possibly one of them.

The discovery of stainless steel (and unidentified black particles) in the Moderna vaccines in Japan may account for some of the iron, carbon, nitrogen, aluminium, silicon, titanium, copper and/or selenium detected in that particular chimera. Moderna are claiming that the stainless steel inclusions were accidental contamination and limited to some batches manufactured by Laboratorios Farmacéuticos Rovi headquartered in Madrid. Dr. Young’s team observed nano-scale shards of stainless steel in the AstraZeneca vaccine, and aggregate stainless steel particles in the Janssen vaccine.

More recently, reports are coming out of Japan revealing the presence of unidentified floating white contaminants in the Pfizer vaccines, which Pfizer are claiming are likely undissolved vaccine ingredients. Irrespective of the claimed composition thereof, are undissolved solids ever safe when injected into the body?


Active Ingredients      
Comirnaty mRNA C15H31N3O13P2
mRNA-1273 mRNA C15H31N3O13P2
Cholestrol C27H46O Yes Yes
1,2-distearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (DSPC) C44H88NO8P Yes Yes
((4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis(2- hexyldecanoate) (ALC-3015) C48H95NO5 Yes  
2-[(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide (ALC-0159) H−(O−CH2−CH2)n−OH Yes  
Lipid SM-102 C44H87NO5   Yes
1,2-dimyristoyl-rac-glycero-3-methoxypolyethylene glycol-2000 (PEG2000-DMG) (C2H4O)nC32H62O5   Yes
potassium chloride KCl Yes  
monobasic potassium phosphate KH2PO4 Yes  
sodium chloride NaCl Yes  
basic sodium phosphate dihydrate Na2HPO4 Yes  
tromethamine (tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane) C4H12ClNO3   Yes
tromethamine hydrochloride C4H11NO3   Yes
acetic acid C2H4O2   Yes
sodium acetate C2H3NaO2   Yes
water H2O Yes Yes
sucrose C12H22O11 Yes Yes

The components which do not appear to have been declared include:

Aluminium (Al)
Bismuth (Bi)
Cadmium (Cd)
Chromium (Cr)
Copper (Cu)
Iron (Fe)
Lead (Pb)
Magnesium (Mg)
Manganese (Mn)
Nickel (Ni)
Selenium (Se)
Silicon (Si)
Sulfur (S)
Tin (Sn)
Titanium (Ti)
Vanadium (V)
Graphene oxide (C140H42O20)

…which includes the blood parasite, Trypanosoma cruzi (Chagas disease) or possibly Trypanosoma brucei (African sleeping sickness), as indicated in the most recent MHRA reports (reproduced below) and four VAERS reports. Trypanosoma is composed of carbon, oxygen, chromium, sulphur, aluminium, chloride and nitrogen.


The recommended temperature range for storage and transportation of Pfizer’s chimera is -70°C±10°C and the maximum room temperature storage time is indicated as being no more than 6 hours.

Source :
Source :

Trypanosoma samples are cryogenically preserved for laboratory storage and transportation in a temperature range of  -80˚C to -60˚C and seem to remain viable at room temperature for up to 6 hours.

Source :
Source :…

The mainstream media have been pushing stories about potential outbreaks of Chagas disease (Trypanosoma cruzi) for several months already.

There has been some recent media reporting around snake venom as possible source of compounds for treating “COVID”. There’s similar research looking at scorpion venom as a treatment for Chagas. This makes sense if we’re dealing with a living parasite, against which these complex toxins are effective.

This may also explain the effectiveness of the anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin, which has demonstrated promising results as a possible treatment for both Trypanosoma brucei and Trypanosoma cruzi.

The Mayo Clinic list symptoms of Chagas Disease (T. cruzi) as swelling at the infection site*, fever*, fatigue*, rash*, body aches*, eyelid swellingheadache*, loss of appetite, nausea*, diarrhoea or vomiting*, swollen glands, enlargement of your liver or spleen, irregular heartbeat*, heart failure, sudden cardiac arrest, difficulty swallowing* due to enlarged oesophagus and stomach pain or constipation due to enlarged colon.

The World Health Organization describe the symptoms of African Sleeping Sickness (T. brucei) as fever*, headaches*, enlarged lymph nodes, joint pains*, itching, changes of behaviourconfusionsensory disturbances*, poor coordination* and disturbance of the sleep cycle.

Symptoms above which are consistent with those of “COVID-19” (as published by the CDC and WHO) are in italics. Those marked with an asterisk (*) are listed by the NICD as possible COVID-19 “vaccine” side-effects.

American trypanosomiasis (T. cruzi) infection brings with it a 2.3-times higher risk of mortality regarding all causes when compared with uninfected individuals. Without treatment, African trypanosomiasis (T. brucei) is invariably fatal, with progressive mental deterioration leading to coma, systemic organ failure, and death.


Most metals exhibit some form of toxicity when injected, but the potential for harm increases exponentially when a human body, containing magnetic or diamagnetic nanoparticles, is placed in the powerful field produced by Magnetic Resonance Imaging equipment.

The photo in this tweet is actually of a Canon Aquilion RX CT scanner.


More confirmation of metals and a whole slew of unidentified contaminants have been found in both the vaccines and in the blood and organs of vaccinated patients and corpses in Germany and Austria. A growing network of dozens (possibly hundreds) of doctors and pathologists are starting to independently carry out the pharmacovigilance research which the vaccine manufacturers and governments have (criminally) neglected to do:

I’m posting this here because I witnessed some extraordinary covert censorship on when I interacted with this post, and it seems to describe some of the structures that were observed and reported in the German/Austrian presentation. The original post also appears to have been removed from


The Barbastro Hospital pharmacovigilance report revealed a statistically significant incidence of “COVID” deaths in patients who had received the Chiromas® flu shot. Wider investigation into medical records confirmed this trend, leading to the conclusion that the vaccines were “iatrogenic”, and were a significant contributing factor to the COVID-19 attributed deaths. They also noted that the iatrogenic component of the Chiromas® flu shot was possibly associated with the polysorbate 80 component which is used as a nonionic surfactant for graphene oxide nanoparticles in suspension.




Possibly related, several media reports appeared in recent years with regard to warnings from the CDC in 2018 of possible outbreaks of Acute Flaccid Myelitis in young children. Here’s an excerpt from the CDC’s “Transcript for CDC Telebriefing: Update on Acute Flaccid Myelitis (AFM) in the U.S.” dated 17 October, 2018:

There have been a number of articles and studies published around cases of vaccine-associated Acute Flaccid Paralysis/Myelitis:

  1. “Vaccine-induced paralysis calls for action, says study”
  2. “Acute Flaccid Paralysis Associated With Circulating Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus—Philippines, 2001”
  3. “Vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis: a retrospective cohort study of acute flaccid paralyses in Brazil”
  4. “Vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis and other diseases with acute flaccid paralysis syndrome in Belarus”
  5. “Measuring polio immunity to plan immunization activities”
  6. “Outbreaks of acute flaccid myelitis in the US”

This was the topic of discussion in this interview with Dr. Bryan Ardis.


There exists at least one patent for these iatrogenic chimeras. Submitted in September 2020:

It would appear that most of the pharma-biotech giants have been deeply entwined with their Chinese counterparts for at least 30 years.

11 September, 2021 :

23 September, 2021:

Tick-tock… I wonder where these “chimeric” bioweapons ended up?

I have retracted the TEM images which were previously published here, as I have not been able to confirm the source of the second one. As substitute, the images below serve to illustrate the remarkable visual similarity between nanoparticle protein corona’s (source) and the “coronavirus” SARS-CoV-2 “spike” protein (source).

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