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Dr. David Martin: 700 Million Worldwide Will Die From Covid-19 Vax By 2028! - Greg Hunter Must Video

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By Greg Hunter’s 

Dr. David Martin has a deep medical science and investment resume. Dr Martin also runs a company (M·CAM International) that finances cutting edge innovation worldwide.  He is also one of the key people seeking justice in lawsuits suing medical companies and the federal government involved in delivering the so-called vaccines for CV19.  In simple terms, according to Dr. Martin, the CV19 vaccines are “bioweapons.”  Big Pharma and the government knew it and also knew it would cause massive deaths and permanent injuries.  Dr. Martin says, “It’s going to get much worse. . . . It is not a Corona virus vaccine.  It is a spike protein instruction to make the human body produce a toxin. . . . The fact of the matter is the injections are an act of bioweapons and bioterrorism.  They are not a public health measure.  The facts are very simple.  This was premeditated. . . . This was a campaign of domestic terror to get the public to accept the universal vaccine platform using a known biological weapon.  That is their own words and not my interpretation.”

How many will die from the CV19 bioweapons?  Dr. Martin says, “By their own estimate, they are looking for 700 million people globally, and that would put the U.S. participation in that of the injected population as 75 million to 100 million people. . . . There are a lot of reasons why they hope it will be between now and 2028 because there is this tiny little glitch of the illiquidity of the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs.  So, the fewer recipients of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, the better.  Not surprisingly, the recommendation was people over the age of 65 were the first ones to get injected.”



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Dr. Martin thinks the catastrophic effects of the CV19 injections will hit the medical industry soon.  Dr. Martin explains, “The dirty secret is . . . there are a lot of pilots having micro vascular and clotting problems, and that keeps them out of the cockpit, which is a good place to not have them if they are going to throw a clot for a stroke or a heart attack.  The problem is we are going to see that exact same phenomenon in the healthcare industry and at a much larger scale.  So, we now have, along with the actual problem . . . of people getting sick and people dying, we actually have that targeting the healthcare industry writ large.  Which means we are going to have nurses and doctors who are going to be among the sick and dead.  That also means the sick and the dying are also not going to get care.”

Dr. Martin and his group are suing everybody from President Biden along with the FDA, CDC, Pfizer, Moderna and many others over the deaths and injuries from the CV19 bioweapons fraudulently passed off as “vaccines.”  The next big court case is July 6, 2022, in federal court in Utah.  Dr. Martin contends “this is far worse” than the Nuremberg trials of Nazis after WWII and adds, “This is organized crime. . . . They have hidden behind the immunity shield that absolves them of product liability by naming the delivery of a bioweapon–a vaccination program. . . . This is actually a criminal act.  This is an act of domestic terror, and it is an anti-trust violation.  This is racketeering.  This is old school racketeering, and it is no different than the mob in the 1920’s.  This is old school racketeering for personal gain and profit at the expense of human lives.  You need to call it what it is, and it’s organized crime.  I would say the Nazis were better than the people who are doing this. . . . The real question is why did American citizens develop a weapon to kill Americans and get paid to do it?  That is a morally outrageous question, and, unfortunately, almost no one is asking it.”

There is much more in the 1-hour and 3-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter od as he interviews Dr. David Martin, the top expert in the ongoing and unfolding CV19 vax genocide and litigation for 6.21.22.

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After the Interview: 

You can follow the CV19 vax cases at

If you would like to make a donation to fund the court cases against Big Pharma and the federal government over CV19 bioweapons, click here.

You can follow Dr. Martin on or

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    • bluesky

      Viruses are a hoax they don’t exist.

    • SubversiveToTheNWO

      Because the Global Elite
      Intend to reduce
      The World’s Population
      By 90 Percent
      To below 500 Million

      • Parjaroguy

        Ready we are to reduce the globull elite. Bury them under the guidestones. Sink thise rotted turds.

    • Jen the pen

      The elites are thinning out the population the title is the great culling, earth is a human farm where souls are grown and harvested for the demonic royal families in heavenly places, Jupiter Ascending,

    • DrAlbert

      Medical clinics and hospitals in USA are denying life-saving Ivermectin medicine even with court orders. Big Pharma doing all that they can to push the vaxx and inoculate us while effective and cheap COVID cures exist. There turns out to be censorship that we have never seen before for those who are looking for these treatments. We say over and over again that indepenedent researchers found Ivermectin safe and very effective for these Flu-Corona symptoms. Getting Ivermectin is easy!

    • Jen the pen

      The elites are trying to convinced the world population that euthanasia is a good thing, I heard the scientific community refer to the vaccines as euthanasia on national tv. The elites are culling the population in a humane way lol these scientists are psychopaths, our politicians are psychopaths, look at Klaus Schwab a total psychopath, Bill gates psychopath, Jay z psychopath, all these people are psychopaths and they are rich, psychopaths created the virus and vaccines, plus the government is Satanism

      • nikita

        It would be very helpful if you could remember on what network & show you heard “the scientific community refer to the vaccines as euthanasia on national tv.’..& let us all know.


        • Tom Terrific

          I don’t think she said they called the shots euthanasia. But for those of us that have been paying for decades and not just a couple of years they have pushed euthanasia heavily at times. Dr Kevorkian is a name you can search to get some of the history I think she is referring to. I don’t always agree with Jen so not so much defending as hopefully enlightening you. Elderly of course but also disabled, depressed or just having a bad day were encouraged. I won’t give ways but there are simple painless ways to do it but they made Dr K out to be a genius hero for making a machine to inject a sedative and a lethal drug. The Guy operated for years. My Mom always said on murder suicide cases they should do they suicide first. Dr k should have tried the machine on himself first.

    • Bob DD

      Dr. David U said Fookie took jab-NOT- he’s not that stupid, it was probably saline solution.

    • Tom Terrific

      I was targeted for the 80′s fauci stuff and still suufer effect. I produce copious amount of protein. Onec hardened on a glass jar nothing will remove it. Except for a sufactant like Imussist. I also tested EDTA on some and though not as instant as the surfactant it did seem to dissolve it. EDATA chelates heavy metals form the human body and I suspect it might remove Grapene as wel. Wheyher or not it would after a machine is created out of it or not I have no way of knowing.
      Understand Doctor are not about making you wel but about making money off you. I have suggest they look into these but no one seems interested. Ruby ignored me but put out the next day that surfacts are dangerous even though your body make some and people have taken imussist for years. She is making a killing offering nearly identical advice to many people but making them feel like it is tailored to them. Imagine if all they have to do is take these two things. Big income drop for Ruby (Don’t take my health to town- only oldie will get that).

    • Tom Terrific

      On top of the Vim and Vigor says the supplier died and Imussist is no longer available. Maybe they have a new suplier now I do have some bottles of a similar or perhaps the sames stuff not through Imussist.
      If anyone wants to talk email.
      [email protected]
      I would like a doctor and or embalmer to do some preliminary tests. I wouild like it to be available to people. I have taken this stuff for years. some claim to have had fantstic success with shot induced Autism woth it but I have no experience with that. I am afraid they will shut it down if the wrong people are involved.

    • Gussy1

      You are correct that the People should have concern they cannot receive justice in the court systems. In 1991, Judge Jack Shanstrom, in my case in Montana, had a closed session because I continued to raise my Constitutional rights. When we entered the room, the ONLY people there were the judge, prosecutor, the attorney forced upon me and myself. No reporter, transcriber nor anyone else was there. I was defending myself, so I stood, stated my rights and was ready to speak and the judge slammed his fist and stated: “Don’t you ever raise the constitution in this courtroom again. It (slamming his fist each) does not apply, does not apply, does not apply!” I challenged the jurisdiction and without any proof, it was stated “I have it, that is all you need to know.” Pro se parties cannot have any fairness. Lawyers are officers of the courts and member of the foreign jurisdiction, the corporate United States Government. If you wish cases and statutes holding this, they can be provided. Lawyers, prosecutor, defense and judge come together, maybe have a line of coke, and decide the case before it ever occurs. Numerous books state so by lawyers who quit the profession because of the corruption of the system. Fed. Rules Evid. 1101, advisory notes, informs there are two sides of a court, private and public. One is called the United States District Court which is public and legislative; the other is a District Court of the United States, which is prive and a Constitutional court….

      • Tom Terrific

        Yes I found out in HS that the deals are made behind closed door and you can pay a lawyer but they will not work for you. I then saw first hand at some gatherins of prosectors, dense attorneys and judges where the discussed thing they are not supposed to. They are not to discuss the cases like that.
        I am thankfukl I saw the corruption early and reading many lawyer publication add more light to what they do. There is a say “First kill all the lawyers.” They are very high up in corrupt power.
        Saw the corruption in medicine too. I was going into it but I am glad YHVH directed me away. I would be richer money wise but would have on Hell in my future if I had become a doctor.
        A little off topic but I think you will find the same skuldudgery in Real Estate. Not hard to skim a lot of money in a year. back door deals and strawman buyers etc.

    • JoeXiden

      Is it true that Dr David Martin has a tattoo of the eye of horus?

    • Fly on the wall

      If Dr Fauci is behind ll this why did he take the shot and now has C19..I dont understand

    • Lavada

      700 million to die in the next 6 years, but what is the net population growth annually? The ruling elite are looking for a 90% reduction overall. Doesn’t seem much of any kind of dent. The elite will have to continue looking for new ways to kill even more of us off to reach this goal for their New World Order

      CNN Founder Ted Turner: “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal.”

      Jacques Cousteau: “In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it is just as bad not to say it.”

      Prince Phillip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II and co-founder of the World Wildlife Fund: “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.”

    • capt.

      He didn’t mention the death of our military. They were made to take the shot. So our military will die off. We will be defenseless against foreign invaders.

    • Gussy1

      Pox is a natural virus. Covid is a man made creation, patented back in 2017; thus, unlike small pox, it does not have the same standards or effects as a natural virus but American People wish to just listen to government and main news and do no studies themselves and stay ignorant, so they refuse to be knowledgeable, they will learn in time the truth and understand they wished to remand stupid. But, this is America, People have the right to not study, rely on government who wants to take all their rights away and make them slaves, and stay stupid. Enjoy.

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