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Going by india’s past communal violence history we are forced to ponder how-come india is recognized/known as ‘democratic nation’ ?
Yes, only one definitation fits well to describe it  ”In Democracy Majority holds the KEY“,
For those who wish to learn more regarding “india’s communal violence against minority”:

Religious violence in India - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

The history of modern India is densely spotted by the communal violence which, in most cases, proved to be state-backed, and police played an active and 

All minority religion of india (Muslims, Christians and Sikhs) must mandate and file   (minority public interest litigation)   (those who still believe in indian justice system) to ask Government,
I would urge all (minority religion of india) to file in international COURT the same mandate!
Since, in International Courts of HR/CR has mandated that every human being shall be given right to JUSTICE/TRUTH/PEACE however,  following injustice being served in ‘india’ again-n-again in so-called democratic india raises serious doubts regarding basic “human rights”.
Historical Examples of INJUSTICE:     ”they still call india peaceful democratic nation”
Nov. 1984 GENOCIDE = zero convicted,
2002 Gujarat Massacre = zero convicted,
Ongoing anti-HR/anti-CR CRIMES against “KASHMIRIES”, 
2011 Kashmir Mass Graves = zero convicted!
they still call india peaceful democratic nation”    -   INDIA a LEGACY    of   COMMUNAL VIOLENCE against MINORITY

1984 Indian State TERRORISM against minorities

This video attempts to show a glimpse of State Terrorism in India which has tried to wipe out the Sikhs(a small minority). This video is a 



Further, recent developments wherein ‘ORGANIZED GANGS” openly assaults senior Supreme Court Lawyers in front of INDIAN POLICE and they are not questioned or detained is LIVE EXAMPLE of what is about to come next!
WAKE-UP……wake-up…….wa……before it’s TOO LATE!
They especially those representing majority (BJP/RSS/ram sena/etc.etc) has recently rejected Communal Violence Bill/ACT for implementation that demands protection of minority religion of india in-order to deter past in-humane/genocidal india’s history against MINORITY!
For instance think what will happen when “MAJORITY HARDLINER” get’s into  power in next election in india (2012) by   “hook-or-crook or what-ever way people believe its possible“.
Earlier anna using fast-unto-death created mass-media-panic with “Art Of Blackmailing..
Therefore these incidents are serious and indicates FUTURE, right now RSS, RAM sena is being questioned,however they have not arrested/convicted anyone yet of any-crime of any-sort or any-nature indicating.
Should india’s ethnic MINORITY (Sikhs, Christians & Muslims) feel safer going forward?
BJP/RSS strongly opposed communal violence act recently, while communal violence ACT  requiring permission from MAJORITY, 
does that mean minority ethnic religion of india can feel safe???

Communal Violence Bill dangerous, against majority: BJP – Times Of › Collections

10 Sep 2011 – NEW DELHI: Terming the proposed Communal Violence Bill as “dangerous”, the BJP on Saturday opposed the legislation at the National 

WILL there be ANOTHER INDIA’s   GENOCIDE on minority?
ZERO concept in-practice!

Nov. 1984 GENOCIDE = zero convicted,
2002 Gujarat Massacre = zero convicted,
2011 Kashmir Mass Graves = zero convicted!

ZERO concept in-practice!

WILL there be ANOTHER INDIA’s   GENOCIDE on minority?

INDIAN politics is only creating FALSE-FLAG operations and distracting minoirty to address NEXT INDIA’s GENOCIDE on minoirty prevention act.
Indian Railways has already road-blocked BJP-Advani,

According to Karnail Singh Peermohammad, President AISSF, BJP leader LK Advani in his book “My Country, My Life”, proudly takes credit for having a hand in Indian Government’s military action on Sri Harmandir Sahib in June 1984. The military action on Sri Harmandir Sahib supported by Advani resulted in demolition of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib, death of thousands of Sikh pilgrims in June 1984 and subsequent wave of violence against Sikhs all across India which continued for more than a decade.

Remeber this guy “anna” who knows “ART of BLACKMAILING“,Art Of Blackmailing..
Now they   claims and state   openly

Kashmir integral part, Prashant Bhushan too: Anna Hazare

Daily News & Analysis - 

By DNA Correspondent | Place: New Delhi | Agency: DNA Terming his team member Prashant Bhushan’s views on Kashmir as “wrong”, Anna Hazare said Kashmir is an integral part of India.

If KASHMIR is integral part of india, 

what about “PAKISTAN”, “CHINA”, “BANGLADESH”,etc,etc, ???

perhaps they have missed india’s political MAP of BRITISH INDIA (UK ruled india)….
“INDIA”   was coined/GIFTED   by   BRITISH/UK    that created political boundaries of india to administer under central British-India Rule!
These are facts that india officially gets involved SECRETLY regarding;

An unfinished Partition?  Kashmir

India and Pakistan engaged in nearly three years of secret, high-level talks that narrowly missed achieving a historic breakthrough in the countries’ decades-old conflict over Kashmir, according to an account [by Steve Coll]. The negotiations, which began in 2004, produced the outlines of an accord that would have allowed a gradual demilitarization of the disputed Himalayan province, a flash point in relations between the rivals since 1947. The effort stalled in 2007, and the prospects for a settlement were further undermined by deadly terrorist attacks on Mumbai in November [2008]”. 
Journalist’s Account Says Three-Year Kashmir Initiative Failed By Joby Warrick Washington Post, 22 Feb. 2009

will people like “anna”    dare    to state the same story in KASHMIR to KASHMIRIES who have lost 121 under teen students in 2011 alone?

Going by BRITISH INDIA, QUESTION     “what is integral part of india” ?
“INDIA”   was coined/GIFTED   by   BRITISH/UK    that created political boundaries of india to administer under central British-India Rule!


Therefore based on recent developments and india’s past genocidal legacy,

it  is almost certain possibility of  ”INDIA’s next GENOCIDE on MINORITY”   as it happened in past and predators got-away-with-it with       ZERO CONVICTED POLICY of    so-called    democratic    INDIA.

Historical Examples of INJUSTICE:     ”they still call india peaceful democratic nation”
Nov. 1984 GENOCIDE = zero convicted,
2002 Gujarat Massacre = zero convicted,
Ongoing anti-HR/anti-CR CRIMES against “KASHMIRIES”
2011 Kashmir Mass Graves = zero convicted!
they still call india peaceful democratic nation”    -   INDIA a LEGACY    of   COMMUNAL VIOLENCE against MINORITY
KASHMIR KILLINGS documentary,:    ”they still call india peaceful democratic nation”



Enclosed herein are views on india and its minorities from renowned author Dr. Awatar Singh Shekhon:

DALITS AND MINORITIES Date: 28th September, 2011

Time: 13:00 – 15:00 Hrs

Room: XXVII, Palais de Nations, Human Rights Council (UN:HRC), Geneva, SWITZERLAND


MODERATOR: Altaf Hussain Wani

Speakers: Ms Indra (Norway), Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon, and Madam

Ms Indra spoke about three minutes on the Dalits problems and concluded her presentation within 3-min.

Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon’s presentations related to the Racial Discrimination of the Sikhs in India alias the ‘Brahmins-Hindus’ democracy.

Dr Sekhon began, according to the teachings of the 10th Master (Guru) of Sikhs, Sahib Guru Gobind Singh ji, this all human race is one regardless of its colour, religion, continents they live in, etc. “Ye all Human being is One”.

The Sikh religion was founded by Guru Baba Nanak Sahib in the 15th century, when the humans in that part of the world, PUNJAB now divided in two parts as Punjab under the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the “annexed” Punjab Nation or Sikh Raj of monarch Ranjit Singh, 1799 to 14th March, 1849. Punjab was the “First Sovereign and Secular Nation” of South Asia, what at the moment is called the ‘Brahmins-Hindus’ democracy’s one of states, since 15th August, 1947. Ladies and gentlemen, Punjab of the Sikhs were ‘robbed’ right after the British India Empire gave freedom to the ‘Brahmins-Hindus-Baniyas (Traders) leadership by the agent of the British Empire in Delhi in the morning hours of the 15th August, 1947.

Since the subject of this seminar is on the discrimination, I would not go much in the historical side of the ‘First Sovereign and Secular’ nation of South Asia, i. e., the Sikh Raj or Punjab.

Between 1710 and 1799, the rule in Punjab was a period of ‘hide and seek’ between the the Mughals and the Sikhs. The former ruled based on their might and the latter, the Sikhs ruled on the hearts of its people, because they belonged to the people. Between this period, a Sikh General named Banda Singh Bahadar established the ‘first’ Sikh Raj, the Sikh State, which lasted for about eight years. Following this, a sovereign and secular Sikh Nation existed for 50-year as described above under monarch Ranjit Singh. Under the rule of Ranjit Singh, a sovereign Sikh nation, was established, which had been the‘Secular and Sovereign State of the Sikhs’ in which the Sikhs, Muslims, Christians and Hindus were equal partners of the political power. However, theHindus-Brahmins- Dogra sect started conspiring against the Sikh state of Monarch Ranjit Singh, with the agents of the British Empire. No one must confuse here that this conspiracy was with the agents of the British Empire directly, and not with the British East India Company (a company entered the Eastern princely states what is now called India or its predecessor the British East India Company. Later, it was known as the ‘British India Empire’, until the former handed over the political power to the ‘Brahmins and Hindus of the Indian National Congress. The players of which were a ‘naked faqir’ as called by Sir Winston Churchill, to MK Gandhi (a Baniya of Gujarat), JL Nehru, GB Pant (the Brahmins), VB Patel of Gujarat, and so on.

I must say here that the three princely head of States: Faridkot in Punjab, Bikaner in Rajasthan and Nawab of Hyderabad had not signed any document of accession to India. These states had been forced to join India at the gunpoint. Included in these three may the princely State of Patiala of Punjab. This cannot be called accession to India in any case. This is the ‘discrimination and racial discrimination’ as being discussed under the racial discrimination.

Further, ladies and gentlemen, India what it is being called as incredible India, progressing power of South Asia, a peace-loving Indian democracy byPresident Obama of the United States, CNN and BBC networks, hour after hours in their international newscasts in Europe in particular and internationally all along, has been on the killing spree of the Muslims of the Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir area, also called as the Internationally Disputed Areas of Jammu and Kashmir (IDA:JK) since 15th August, 1947 and the Sikhs of PUNJAB since 1978

when 13 Sikhs were massacred by the Punjab and Indian law-enforcing forces. As such, the ‘Brahmins-Hindus administrations’ have been engaged in the racial discrimination, massacres and genocides in the IDA:JK and secondly in the Punjab of Sikhs. In fact, this discrimination is the ‘order of the day’ of the ‘Brahmins-Hindus’ administrations, since 15th August, 1947.

In June 1984, all states unaware as to what was going on inhumanly in the Sikhs of Punjab, their religious and political institutions. They were all unaware. Even the international community was virtually unaware with the peace-loving ‘Brahmins- Hindus’ administration’s deeds. All means of communications, road, rail, and air had been suspended in Punjab, round the clock curfew had been imposed, and an ‘undeclared war’ against the Sikh Nation, PUNJAB,had been waged in a brutal military “Operation Bluestar” of June (3-6), 1984. In three days toll of war had been more than 150,000 innocent Sikhs(infants, children, youth, male and female folks, elderly, etc.) killed indidcriminately. According to the information available from the public ‘domain’, more than 260,000 innocents had deliberately been killed by the ‘Brahmins-Hindus’ armed, law-imposing, and intelligence personnel at the order of the Chief, Council of Ministers, New Delhi, since 1st June, 1984 to the day of this writing. This is the state’s discrimination against the Sikhs and Muslims of Kashmir in particular, and other minorities in general. The Sikh cabinet ministers of the Punjab and New Delhi administrations kept their mouth sealed, simply to protect their cabinet births.

The Sikh Nation, PUNJAB, of the Sikhs has been made a ‘landless nation’, since the very day of 15th August, 1947. Although the Sikh Nation, Punjab under monarch Ranjit Singh, the British Empire’s time of “annexation” and until it was “robbed” by the ‘Brahmins-Hindus-Baniya leadership, had nothing to do with the ‘British India Empire’. Rather, the “annexed” Sikh Nation, Punjab, the First Sovereign and Secular Sikh nation had been “annexed” to the British Empire. Its “annexation” was announced by Lord Dalhousie on 29th March, 1849, through a radio announcement from Rawalpindi, PUNJAB, now a twin city of Rawalpindi and Islamabad of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Consequently, the “annexed” Sikh Nation was the part of the British Empire on 15th August, 1947; the time when nearly 600 princely states were given the name of a sovereign Pakistan under the leadership of Janab M A Jinnah and his staunch supporters. The second sovereign nation that emerged was the ‘Brahmins-Hindus’ India, under Indian National Congress. The author has no alternative but to say that a Brahmin by birth, grown up in a Khatri

family and happened to be the Akali Party of Sikhs’ leader, a traitor of Sikhs ‘betrayed the Sikhs and the Sikhs lost on 15th August, 1947’. It was highly unfortunate happening to the ‘Sikh Nation, PUNJAB; because the “Sikhs’ struggle for Sovereignty, Independence and political power has been going, by peaceful means, since 14th March, 1849.” This was the day when the ‘First Sovereign and Secular’ Sikh nation, Punjab, was lost to the British Empire’s forces. The struggle of the Sikhs for sovereignty and independence is going on since 14th March, 1849 and will continue until the Sikhs become sovereign again.

The figures of the minorities killed in India by the ‘Brahmins-Hindus’ administrations, since 15th August, 1947, are:

Muslims of the IDA:JK Muslims in General: Sikhs since
15th August, 1947 

Assam and 8-sister Dalits

MUSLIMS in general and IDA:JK 500,000 500,000

SIKHS 3.4 million or 34-lakh

Christians 312,500
Tamils   15,000
Assamese   12,000
8-sister of Assam   hundreds of thousands

Dalits   Tens of thousands

Based on the above statistics of massacres, fake-encounter killings and genocide, the world is silent spectator of the ‘indiscrimination killings’ of the minorities of the ‘Brahmins-Hindus’ Indian democracy. The question arises has such a ‘discrimination’ taken place in any other country practicing either the parliamentary or the presidential democracy in the history of our world? The answer to this question would probably in ‘no’.

Ladies and gentlemen, Guru Baba Nanak Sahib had given the definition of ‘Brahmin’ in his teachings inscribed in the Sikhs’ Holy Scripture Guru Granth Sahib ji: “Mathe Tikka Terrh Dhotti Kakhaii Hath Chhurri Jagat Kasaii.” What it means in the simple English is the “Brahmin has painted his forehead, has a white cloth around his waste and he is the ‘Butcher of our peaceful world’. In other

words, the ladies and gentlemen, what was true in the 15th century is also true in our 21st century. Now the Brahmins and his Hindu followers have a‘Nuclear Bomb/arsenal’ under his possession. For what? To destroy this world, or to destroy the minorities in the ‘Brahmins-Hindus’ democracy.

The Brahmins-Hindus’ democracy alias alleged Indian democracy does not practice the very means of democracy. It is falsifying democracy or a police state where more than 700,000 military personnel are kept in the IDA:JK and more than 400,000 in the Sikh Raj, Punjab. The latter was an “annexed” byf the British Empire. Except for the Mughals and British Empire, no other but the Sikhs ruled in Punjab. Since 15th August, 1947, the Punjab is under Indian occupation, with some Sikh-looking or turbaned Brahmins-Hindus in ‘The Sikh Identity’ has/have been the head of the state or the Hindus as the Indian president’s agents as the Governor of the Punjab State. The Sikhs have no Constitutional rights since the Sikh Raj, Punjab, was ‘robbed’ on 15th August, 1947. This is a deliberate discrimination and gross human rights violations of the Sikhs of Punjab by the ‘Brahmins-Hindus’ and the turbaned ‘Brahmins-Hindus in ‘The Sikh Identity’, to exterminate them using an ‘undeclared’ war in 1984.

In fact, India is sitting on the ‘tip of a volcano’, which could erupt at any time. Movements going on for sovereignty in the IDA:JK, Punjab, Assam and its 8- sister, Tamils, Christians, forcible conversion and additional violations like torture, fake encounter, rapes, humiliation, dehumanization, political, religious rights, and heavy handedness by the law-enforcing forces could destroy the so-called incredible democracy of our world, called India. India which unable to feed its own people, that is, more than 76% of its population (more than 1.2 billion) goes to sleep hungry every night, seven days in a week or 365 days in a year since 15th

August, 1947. The field rats consumption is one time’s meal of the farm labourers working in sugarcane fields in South India. India must stop its discrimination against the minorities, i. e., the Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Dalits, Tamils, Assamese and others.

The third speaker spoke on the discrimination by India to her people on the problems of housing, education, lack of sanitation where they live, and in unemployment, she finished her presentation within 10-min.

The Chair declared the session open for discussion, questions and answers. There were several hands raised to question Dr Sekhon. They were related mainly on the progress of India in the last 64-year plus time, constitutional rights, Chief, Council of Ministers, Manmohan Sinh’ remarkable guidance to India, without being an unelected Member of Lok Sabha/parliament, appointment of a Sikh as the Chief, Indian army, progress of Dalits as Madam Mayawati is the Chief Minister of the largest state of India, Uttar Pradesh, and personal meetings of the curious person asking to Sekhon that the present prime minister is widely respected in South India. This person, as identified by the curious person was Ajit Singh, living in U K for the last 25-year and makes at least 3 or 4 visits to India in a year. He categorically said that Manmohan Sinh is virtually worshipped like God in South India. Another person Madam Charanjit Kaur, wife of Ajit Singh, said I am a retired Historian by profession. In her opinion, India is doing fine and it is a great democratic country as the BBC of the U K, and CNN and the President of the United States have been glorifying India daily .

Hearing attentively, Dr Sekhon answered the gentleman’s questions as follows: The gentleman should know that whether it is parliamentary or the presidential

democracy like the United State, he must know whether in the history of democratic countries irrespective of the prime minister or president, they have to be elected by the electorates or the elected by their ‘representatives’ as a ‘member of parliament’ Dr Sekhon further answered all questions point by point. Relating to Manmohan Sinh, who is never elected to India’s Lok Sabha/parliament, as a ‘Member of Parliament’, from any electoral constituency of India, as far as I would consider is, Mammohan Sinh is misleading the Indian and international community deliberately knowing that he has been sent by the Rajya Sabha of Andhra Pradesh’s college of legislative assembly, and what I would regard is that he is not working in accordance with the Indian Constitution. Rather, he has been raping the country’s constitution as well as its institution of democracy. The ‘Brahmins- Hindus’ of the Indian parliament did not pass a resolution to offer their ‘apology.’ To do this formality, they had to use the services of a turbaned ‘Brahmin-Hindu’, Chief, Council of Ministers, for offering to the Sikhs of the Sikh Nation, PUNJAB, for an ‘undeclared’ war in the name of a brutal military “Operation Bluestar” of June, 1984. The apology of Manmohan Sinh was “rejected” by the Sikhs out rightly by the Sikhs of PUNJAB and the Sikh Diaspora.

Answering another question to Madam Charanjit Kaur, a historian in the U K, asked that the Sikhs’ marriage is soleminized by the ‘Sikh Marriage Act or Lavan in a Sikh religious institution. Howerver, the ‘Brahmins-Hindus’ democracy issues a certificate that the “Marriage has been solaminized by the Hindu rites.” What a lie! This is a direct reflection that the “Sikhs have no Constitutional Rights in India.”

From the audience, a comment was made that it seems some government person (s) it sitting and participating in the discussion to distract the problems of the dalits and minorities. Laughter took place.

Chairman Wani clarified the situation with his remark that any citizen could become the prime minister with being a member of parliament. However, the person has to be elected to the parliament, from an electoral constitution, within six months of his appointment to the office at the rank of cabinet minister or prime minister.


Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon’ Participation in a Seminar at the United Nations:Human Rights Council Date: 26th September, 2011

Time: 13:00 – 15:00
Room: XXII
Palais des Nations, Geneva
Attendee: 58
Moderator: Sardar Amjad Yousaf, Executive Director, Kashmir Institute of International Relations WOMEN AND CHILDREN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS IN CONFLICT ZONE
SPEAKERS: Princess Micheline Makaou Sjouma, The U N Office, Vienna, AUSTRIA
2. Jurist Altaf Hussain Wani, Kashmir Institute of International Relations
3. Professor Zayas, Human Rights Council and University of Geneva, SWITZERLAND
4. Ms Sadani Malainine, CORCAS NGO, MOROCCO
5. Ms Luna D Orikat, Professor, University of Palestine
6. Ouattara Malvin Aboubakare, President of the NGO, (UVDTAB), Cote d’Ivoire

7. Lawyer Syed Faiz Naqashbandi, Rep. WMC

Human Rights violations in the Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Internationally Disputed Areas of Jammu and Kashmir since 1947; in Morocco, Africa and world-wide were the subject of this seminar.

Participating in the question period, Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon of CHR&PA said that the South Asian continent, called Indian sub-continent as well, is sitting on the tip of volcano which may erupt atany time. The reason being the gross Human Rights Violation, particularly the Internationally Disputed Areas of Jammu and Kashmir, followerf by the Punjab of Sikhs, the ‘First Sovereign and Secular’ nation of South Asia (1799 to 14th March, 1849). In fact, India dis not exist on the world map and any dictionary and encyclopedia of the English language. The word India was invented in England by the British Empire following the occupation of Punjab of Sikhs o n or slight earlier of 29th March, 1849. To elaborate on the subject, I would agree with the Chair that gross violation of human rights take place in order to humiliation and dehumanization of women, children followed by their male folks. In fact, the rights vigorous violated are by the Indian armed personnel, which in my own terminology is “The Brahmins-Hindus’ democracy or alleged Indian democracy.” The high caste Brahmins are notorious for these violations for centuries. Since 15th August, 1947, the Brahmins-Hindus armed forces have been doing their job at the order of the imperial and colonist ‘Brahmins-Hindus’ democracy.


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    • sjsrana

      Add on top of ‘india’ being LAWLESS, CORRUPT and dsyfunctional


      ‘iNDIA’ is the largest and FASTEST growing RAPE nation of the WORLD:


      Independent india,
      COPS/ARMY/POLICE/POLITICIANS sexually harass/exploit innocent WOMEN of india and enjoy their LIMIT-LESS POWERS vested by CORRUPT NATION ‘india’

      existing ETHNIC community/minority is being EXPLOITED further,


    • sjsrana

      Where is legitimacy of ‘india’???

      Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon further writes and enlightens everyone regarding,



      Dr Awatar Singh Sekhon (Machaki)*

      The word India did not exist on the world map, atlas or any dictionary and encyclopedia of the English language until 29th March, 1849. On the other hand, PUNJAB, the Sikh Raj had been the first ‘Sovereign and Secular Nation’ of South Asia from 1799 to 14th March, 1849, under a Sikh Monarch, Ranjit Singh (1799 to 14th March, 1849). The Sovereign and Secular Sikh Raj lost its Sovereignty and Secularism on 14th March, 1849, to the forces of the British Empire. On 29th March, 1849, a declaration was made by the British Empire from Rawalpindi Radio that “PUNJAB, the Sikh Raj is “annexed” to the British Empire for the administrative purposes only.

      The Sikhs of the Sikh Raj started their ‘Struggle for Sovereignty, Independence and Political power right after the Sikh Raj’s forces surrendered to the British Empire on the 14th day of March, 1849′. Their struggle to regain lost sovereignty has been, “Struggle to Regain Their Lost Sovereignty, Independence and Political power since 14th March, 1849 and continuing it to-date, i. e., 22nd January, 2013″, going on and will continue it until the Sikhs’ PUNJAB is “Sovereign, Independent and restore their political power, under the guidance of the Sikhs Holy Scripture, Guru Granth Sahib, and the Sikh Traditions.”

      Where were the Brahmins-Hindus and their so-called India? The Brahmins-Hindus had been “subservient” for more than 3,500 years and up until the early hours of 15th August, 1947.

      Where had been “India”, before 15th August, 1947? The word ‘India’ did not exist on the world map or as pointed out above. The word (India) was invented between 14th and 29th March, 1849, in England, as mentioned by the British agent Dalhousie in his Radio announcement from Rawalpindi (what is now the twin city of Rawalpindi and Islamabad in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan). Until 15th August, 1947, the Hindus-Brahmins had been”subservient” to the Afghans, Mughals, Sikhs, British, Portuguese, etc.

      India or the British East India Company or its successor the British India Empire was made up of the conqurred Hindu and Muslim kingdoms by the British East India Company until 15th August, 1947.

      When did India’s (Brahmins-Hindus) Freedom Struggle begin? It began 9-year after the “Sikhs’ Struggle for Sovereignty, Independence and Political power began on 14th March, 1849. That is, the Brahmins-Hindus of the British India Empire’s freedom struggle began in 1857.

      On 14th August, 1947, Pakistan emerged as a ‘Sovereign and Independent Nation’ under the leadership of Janab MA Jinnah, his advisors, staunch supporters and followers.

      On 15th August, 1947, the Brahmins-Hindus Congress (National) party under MK Gandhi, JL Nehru and other members of the Congress (party) were presented the independence of the British East India Empire (later) and termed as independent India.

      On the 15th August, 1947 (at or before 23h 59m 59s of 15th August, 1947), the PUNJAB, Sikh Nation of the British Empire until India’s independence was “Robed” by the Brahmins-Hindus-turbaned Brahmins Rats.

      The Sikhs elected representatives “Rejected”the Indian Constitution in its draft and final forms:

      1. 1948

      2. 26th NOVEMBER, 1949

      3. 26th January, 1950 (The day when the Brahmins-Hindus declared India as a REPUBLIC)

      4. 6th September, 1966 (Rejected by Sirdar Kapur Singh, ICS, MP, MLA and National Professor of Sikhism. He was the first Sikh victim of the Brahmins-Hindus’ policies towards the Sikhs and their Holy and Historic Homeland, “Robed” PUNJAB (PUNJAB included Haryana and Himachal Pradesh) of 15th August, 1947.

      5. The Sikh Nation, now “Robed” PUNJAB of 15th August, 1947, has been betrayed by the deceitful Brahmins-Hindus- turbaned Brahmin Rats.

      6. Since 15th August, 1947, more than 3.2 million Sikhs have been exterminated in genocide, pogroms, an ‘undeclared’ war on Sikhs and their Religious and Political institutions, The Darbar Sahib Complex, including The Akal Takht Sahib, Gurdwaras, villages; became the victims of an ‘undeclared’ war waged in the form of a brutal military “Operation Bluestar” of June, 1984. Elite armed forces employed, to ‘exterminate’ the Sikhs. Armed personnel (army, navy and air force) slaughtered more than 170,000 innocent Sikhs (infants, children, youth, male and female folks, elderlys) were mercilessly killed between 3rd June to 8th June, 1984.

      7. The Sikhs have no constitutional, social, political, religious rights, etc. Their gross human and religious rights are being abused by the Brahmins-Hindus-turbaned Brahmins Rats’ of the New Delhi administration (NDA) and the state/provincial administrations governed by a turbaned Brahmin.

      8. Massive rapes of the Sikh women (females) are the order of the day by the impotent law-enforcing agencies, since 15th August, 1947.

      Based on the above abuses of the Sikh human rights, atrocities, fake-encounter killings, rapes, etc., “The Sikhs call the 15th August and 26th January as ‘The Black Days’ for the Sikh Nation, “Robed” PUNJAB of 15th August, 1947alias the “House of Guru Baba Nanak Sahib.”

      Similarly, the Muslims, Christians, Assam and its 7-sister, Kashmiris of the IDA:JK and non-Brahmins-Hindus’ rights are violated, including mass raped by the armed personnel and the goons of the political administrators.

      *International Journal of Sikh Affairs ISSN 1481-5435 & Foreign Advisor, Dal Khalsa Alliance (United States)

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