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2012 Election RESULTS are OUT...

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2012 Election RESULTS  are OUT


As the World gears-up for election season, we are going to witness two very diverging democracy converging for the show of election in year 2012, on one hand we have world’s oldest known democracy in recent history ‘The US’ and on the other hand we have world’s largest known democracy ‘india’.

With past facts we shall try to analyze the situation and try to peep-through the FUTURE of 2012 elections results…..yes the results are already out, amazing right!

In the later part of this article, we shall have our  ‘2012 ELECTION RESUTLS’  ‘for-sure’!


Both 2012 elections have ‘as usual’ two major shops for the ‘showtime’ this election-year in US we find ‘democrats and republican’ and in india ‘congress and bjp’ are major contenders. Ever wonder why is it always like that?

BTW, just to be clear and my disclaimer is, I’m political neutral to all parties and carry no political affiliation of any sort to any party!

Now, these ‘2012 elections’ comes at the time when not only we have economic headwinds&uncertainty but also some civil unrest witnessed in 2011. US witnessed ‘awakening of people’ during 2011 ‘OCCUPY movement’ and India witnessed anti-‘Corruption, frauds, scams, bribery & Adulteration’ movement however despite that India still outpaces every other nation on nose-diving to 95th position from 87th in 2011 on world corruption index, yes fastest growing corruption/scams/frauds/bribery & Adulteration nation!

America Astounding Awakening……



However, on the positive-note we find ‘RON PAUL’ on the candidate list this time that has swiftly come-up as 2nd runner-up on popularity front. Since Ron Paul is believed to be one candidate who is genuine and talks of freedom/justice & peace that has struck a harmonious chord with people discontented with current corrupt system. While, I believe in every respect to ‘respect people’s believe’ but again holistic overview does not promise of what has been promised in every election.

This time the system fearing the game-over scenario enacted option of NDAA/1867/SOPA etc…so there is something to gain with election this time as-if we have not seen enough, already!

Going back 2008 ‘OBAMA’ campaign promised a ‘CHANGE’, yes a real positive change was promised to people, going back to ‘BUSH’ again similar stuff was promised, have we seen what was promised?

If not why?

Well we may infer that ‘Bush’ did not keep the promise, ‘Obama’ did the same and so-on and so-forth, come-on folks what is wrong here, we keep rewarding the system that keeps fooling citizens again-n-again with no real positive change!


Why do you believe that ‘one day, one person shall save us once and for all’?




‘Election’ is not a new process but had remained monotonously almost same for centuries now, while the whole WORLD had progressed to new age with IT and Internet, however there is not much change in voting/election process the same old ritual of voters going to voting booth and voting their desired party while mostly there are two options or CHALLENGE is presented to them, choose ‘lesser corrupt’ out of these candidates.

Yes, by now you know what I mean, yes nothing has changed at-all.

Further, when we know many times background rumbling is heard and under the backdrop of ‘those who cast vote don’t elect but those who count vote elect’!


You even don’t get option of internet voting or thru your PHONE but same old technique of elections where you go to booth and vote as you believe you voted to someone but you get no receipt of any-sort, hhhmmm the only business that does not provide you receipt of your activity while living in 21st century where everything has a number/receipt!

Amazing isn’t it?

You vote and get no confirmation in return, amazing!


Is there any other business/process like above?

Are you thinking of ……yes folks, except DRUG-LORDS or cartels any other business where you don’t get receipt of your actions?


We have come across many instances in past where election/voting were rigged including electronic voting with machines have been doubted seriously of tempering possibility a real reality.

Apart from in India an open case of ‘VOTE4CASH’ à

WHY the US paying indian politicians….. (is it a misnomer?) stick to the metaphor!

Despite above lacunas and much more, 

they say at any-cost the ‘SHOW MUST GO-ON’……….amazing!

Let me ask another question from another perspective, name a business where you make money at the rate of 100%+ per year?

Yes, you are right again except DRUG-LORDS or CARTELS,

tell another business/process where you make profit of ~100%+ per year?


Punjab politicians focus on asset building, says study
Of the 77 re-contesting MLAs, 18 facing criminal cases 
Chandigarh, January 20
In Punjab, there seems to be no better option for financial growth than a career in politics. At least that is what five of the sitting MLAs, who are contesting elections yet again, have proved by declaring an asset growth between 1,000 and 2,000 per cent in their affidavits this time.


Pre recent report:

Topping the list is Congress MLA from Bholath in Kapurthala, Sukhpal Singh Khaira, who has declared an increase of 2,282%in his assets as compared to the last elections. This time, his worth is Rs 52 crore which is Rs 50 crore more from the last elections.

So ‘getting elected’ is the assurance of BEST BUSINESS till next 4-5 YEAR democratic-DICTATOR RULE for democratic elected rulers!

I’ve yet to see/find a civil elected official declaring Bankruptcy while/after serving the post that takes the oath to PROTECT ‘CITIZENS interest’ against personal interest/gains!

So are those taking OATH of protecting CITIZENS all in this cartelism forming ever-strong NEXUS?

2012 WORLD POLICE STATE on cards?


‘Elected officials again, yes you are right’

Why it’s a business because you have to have huge amount of CASH or people pouring-in CASH for your business of getting ELECTED!

It’s a business since, you keep continuing the process till someone figures-out what’s going on or your are caught red-handed beyond damage-control to rule-you out of the business of ‘getting elected’!

While everything is supposed to be fixed perfectly, even if it has to do-away with basic citizens Civil and Human Rights but voting/elections process has not changed or improved a bit, amazing democracy!

Further, when 2011 revolutions shook the world the democratic nations were in doldrums regarding with what validity/prospect they are going to fool citizens into voting/election when same old shops candidates are going to become candidates in 2012 elections?

Yes, despite discovering colossal top-to-bottom corruptions/scams/frauds/bribery & adulterations having involvement of existing election parties there seems to be no-accountability but they have audacity to again appear in 2012 elections, amazing right!

Yes, the monkey-business can’t end and the SHOW MUST GO ON…….

Since, they know now that they are not fools it’s the people/citizens who are fools now, why?

The famous saying goes ‘fool me once shame on YOU, fool me twice shame on ME’….

Former President ‘Bush’ says it all………


Now what is election/voting all about?

Well, its just to elect able leader/minister/senator to run the government top office that makes LAWS to GOVERN MASSES, sounds-good process, right!


Why don’t people get-it that this system has proven to be a complete failure when the system is RUN by THUGS and with given emerging reality that ‘those who cast vote don’t elect but those who COUNT vote elect’!


For the saying, ‘small thieves gets arrested and major thugs gets elected’ requires any further proof?


Apart from having few individuals that make and break rules and decides upon the future of masses yes just few bunch of individuals running the office, not to forget those behind the scene running the complete show or policy-makers of policy-makers!


When we know exactly who is calling the shots then this whole voting/election process appears to be a complete sham and is in shambles when ‘VOTE4CASH’ is added to the process!


VOTE 4 CASH or CASH 4 VOTE (no option but VOTE)

And if you believe that the new GIZMOZ of ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES are save, THINK AGAIN! (and there is no assurance/surety/validity that you will not be robbed again!)


Of course, the software is not the only issue with South Carolina vote counting that could point to fraud. As Bev Harris, an elections and vote fraud expert, writes on her website,

Well, you have to put an asterisk alongside “the right results” because in South Carolina you get a two-fer. Results could be incorrect at either end of the pipeline – - from the ES&S iVotronic paperless touchscreen voting machines, which have a history of incorrect totals, or from the private results reporting firm Scytl/SOE Software, which has centralized control over what gets reported.   


Furthermore in every job there is accountability and year after review and assessment of the due diligence of the job done, here after election there is no such thing apart from complete lack of accountability till another elections that is 4-5 years away once elected, amazing right!

WHY the US paying indian politicians…..

No accountability of having POLICE STATE IMPLEMENTATION!

No accountability of genocide/democide, democratic nations can hardly convict anyone for killings/murdering of thousands and thousands of its citizens legally!

Whistleblower Brutal Murder/Torture case finally upheld…….

US Police State wants right to lie!…….html


Add to this, what is actually required to ‘be elected’ apart from hoards of money?

Well, for every job there is certain criteria/degree/certificate required however to ‘be elected’ you need  ‘nothing – no degree, no certificate, nothing’, yes all you have to do is show the ‘CASH’ or your supporters having ‘CASH’!

We still wish to cast vote and elect while there is no accountability, well apparently DEMOCRACY seems to be Soft-DICTATORSHIP in many ways apart from above reasons.

HUGE CASH movement, officials surprised with amount of unaccounted CASH in rotation during ELECTION TIME, VOTE4CASH? or CASH4VOTE?:

“No minister caught yet, no political connection,

don’t be surprised…..” It seems that CASH4VOTE is just a fallacy; perhaps its voters/citizens that are involved in CASH4VOTE?

In Dictator-ship you know that you have to deal with ONE DICTATOR, however in democracy you have to deal by many dictators right from local to highest level!

In dictator-ship the accountability goes directly to the DICTATOR like ‘Hitler’ was accountable for his actions, however in Democracy there is absolutely no accountability since the blame game keeps shifting from one democratic-dictator to the other and the GAME continues, amazing right!

Read excellent article regarding VOTING FRAUD:


Further, in democracy the real blame goes to citizens electing their democratic dictator, for example, india’s darling PM ‘indira gandhi’ aka ‘iron-fist-lady’ declared emergency 25 June 1975 – 21 March 1977 was a 21-month periodand around 140000 were illegally detained without any charges however that did not tarnish her reputation and did not stop her from becoming most popular pm later, in-fact she realized the power of absolute power and ruled with ‘absolute power’, she later gave order to prepare and explode india’s nuclear weapon on May 1974, igniting Nuclear Arm’s RACE in south-asia!


Apart from her inhumane role in 1984 GENOCIDE and association in having Hijacking of plane per reports,

 December 20, 1978: Devendra Nath Pandey and Bhola Nath Pandey hijacked Indian Airlines flight IC-410. They demanded the immediate release of Indian National Congress party leader Indira Gandhi who was imprisoned at that time on the charges of fraud and misconduct. Later, they were awarded with party tickets for this act by the Indira Gandhi government in 1980 such that Devendra Nath Pandey rose to become a minister in the government of most populous state of India, Uttar Pradesh. This case was also mentioned by Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale to justify his claim regarding the hypocrisy of the Indian government.[37]


“In India CRIME Is NO-CRIME” If You Are Relative Of Police/Army/Politicians ???

The crime committed by supporting cartel is given complete free-hand and if you happen to be related to serving police officer or minister then ANY CRIME IS   simply ‘NO-CRIME’, you shall roam free within no-time, 

after-all who has time to keep track of what happens to those higly connected people once they are caught/found committing HENIOUS CRIMES (including brutal  MURDERs)……they are caught only to be released later!!!!

Shooting Rampage with no-fear of law?


The Emergency (India) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

According to Amnesty International, 140000 people had been arrested without trial during the twenty months of Indira Gandhi’s Emergency. Of them, 40000 had 

Nothing but increasingly becoming obvious,

WAR on CITIZENS declared…..


Hey, one can go-on and on and on, however if we don’t awaken and take action, either change or reform the process then the saying is for us ‘fool me one shame on you, fool me twice shame on me’!

But before we conclude, let’s recap reasons:

Why we should vote this time 2012.

  1. This time its different since its 2012
  2. Otherwise they will implement 1984 and NDAA/SOPA or ‘WORLD POLICE STATE’
  3. This time the elections/voting won’t be RIGGED/STOLEN.
  4. This time we have right CANDIDATE and have accountability.
  5. This time we have become lesser corrupt.
  6. Earlier people did not elect the right candidate but this time its for ‘CHANGE’!


Why one must ‘NOT VOTE’:

Because we have no other option else we shall have formal forced DICTATORSHIP!

You see you don’t have much choice, do or die sort of scenario!

So you have either VOTING FRAUD or ELECTION FRAUD either way citizens are fooled again and again!

“Those that vote decide nothing. Those that count the vote decide everything”–Joseph Stalin

Therefore ELECTION process thru anonyms VOTING promoting DEMOCRACY has become best thriving BUSINESS impervious/immune to all sorts of Economic/civil/social/political/ethical calamity, therefore seen forming democratic alliance throughout world and they cover each other’s failures/fallout, so are we not having ‘NWO’ already?



First ‘Realize’ that you don’t want to be SLAVE to the SYSTEM that is proven to take advantage of masses by making laws/rules to enslave us and 

The whole notion/system of having few individuals RULE be-it democratic or communist or dictatorship is  endorsement to ‘SLAVERY’ and taking citizens backwards!” with no accountability!


The whole notion/system of having few individuals RULE be-it democratic or communist or dictatorship is  endorsement to ‘SLAVERY’ and taking citizens backwards!” with no accountability!

If democracy/elections is considered to be ‘FREE and FIAR’, then why the option of ‘NOT-VOTING registered citizens’ is NOT published/promoted or NOT provided?

Since, the game shall be over with ‘NOT-VOTING registered citizens’, they already know that if 25% or above registers as NOT-VOTING, then this monkey business shall be out-of-business!

Therefore, REAL revolution shall happen once you have ‘NOT-VOTING option across the nation for all citizens’, since this reflects the real picture of ‘discontent among suffering-citizens’ from the system!


Can we do it?

Will they allow it?

Can we break-the-shackles of SLAVERY?

I know ‘I WILL NOT VOTE’ this time till accountability of past inaction is given and further future accountability framework is provided!


Now all you need is you ask is, have you been fooled before and how many times?

So before we end this article, let’s cut to the chase and complete ‘2012 Election results are OUT’ and it points to ‘fool me twice shame on me’, so now you have 2012 election results beforehand!

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