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By Alexander Backman, ©2013 All Rights Reserved, in collaboration with The Coup Media Group and Before Its

Download the Yoichi Shimatsu audio interview excerpt here:

(CRN®-AUG-21-2013-Mexico)—On Monday August 12th, 2013 of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Yoichi Shimatsu, a veteran environmental reporter that has worked for the Japan Times, warned of a worse-case scenario with regard to the three molten radioactive coriums that are currently boring their way into the deep crevices of the earth’s mantle. The coriums, commonly associated with the China Syndrome, a 1970s Michael Douglas-Jack Lemmon movie that speaks of such an event where a nuclear plant core goes into meltdown and the radioactive nucleus just melts everything in its path while it goes deeper and deeper into the planet.

Earth-shattering Hydrogen Explosion Fears under Fukushima Daichii

Shimatsu simply took science and placed it at another level. He stated the possibility of something that up to now, no one had thought of, or if they have, has not been widely discussed: An underground hydrogen explosion so massive that would literally ransack the planet.

“They’re poisoning the ocean and they may not be able to contain another serious meltdown leading to a real.. [unclear]… possibly a fusion event, a fissile event; basically an underground hydrogen bomb blast or much more powerful than any hydrogen bomb we have ever seen.”, he said.

As detailed recently in this report on how the heavy water can lead to a massive explosion, Shimatsu says:

“…and more ominous, the possibility of a tritium-deuterium fusion reaction that triggers a plutonium blast more powerful than the 2011 explosion at Reactor 3.”

Security and Livelihood of Nations Worldwide at Risk

What Shimatsu related in this interview (download link to complete interview) on the Jeff Rense Radio Show could definitely happen and has to be laid on the table as a clear and present danger to the security of the nations of the world, humanity as a whole, including the ecosystem that is already getting hit hard by this radiological nightmare.

Shimatsu goes on to say in his report that:

 “The serial nuclear blasts could blow the ground into the sky, momentarily lifting the Fukushima reactors. Then everything will come crashing down into the gaping pit, ending any hopes of quelling the meltdowns. Needless to say, the nuclear workers and local population would be killed by the blast wave or the lethal emissions. The release of vast amounts of radiation would force the evacuation of nuclear plants in operation across Japan, resulting in dozens more meltdowns.”

“Civilization will become untenable, as hundreds of millions of casualties mount. This is probably a best-case scenario, since the downward blast force could have more dire consequences.”

The Pacific Ocean is dead

The Pacific Ocean is already showing rapid signs of the effects of radiation in the entire food chain. It is only a matter of time where the dead mammals and other aquatic life start dying off massively and it continues to the species next in line: us.

Already, the herring population in the Pacific is bleeding out of their orifices including eyes, fins and anus (read report here). Alexandra Mortin is quoted by saying, ‘I’ve been seeing herring with bleeding fins.’ And as the reports suggest, if the herring goes, so does the Salmon population.

The halibut is most-likely to be compromised as well, as well as the Alaskan salmon.

The Southern California die off of sardines and more recently seal pups and their parents is a clear sign of radiation poisoning. The scientific community simply plays to the masonic tone of ‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ while we, along with all the animals, just roll over and die. At least, that is what the Elites want us to do, just roll over and die!


Update: It has been already reported that in fact the Salmon in Alaska is already disappearing. The fishing season in 2012 was canceled and they have found large mammals with large sores on their bodies. Also, mind you that the same reports mentions that the clams are gone!

This same phenomenon is being reported by the fishermen along the Baja California coast. The fish are just not there anymore. I spoke with a colleague that talked to fishermen in Ensenada Baja California Mexico and they said that there is no more fish in the ocean. The fish are all gone, they said.

It is also a fact, as I reported last month to our Hispanic readership that the Baja coast will be the most radioactive part of the Pacific Ocean by the end of 2021, if we ever get that far. Read the full CRN report here.

We are already there people. These are the stories that eschatology talks about. Make no mistake about it, this ‘culling’ will continue until animal population and us die off; be it from radiation poisoning or cancer due to the bioaccumulation of these deadly radioactive elements within the food we eat and liquids we drink; substances like radio cesium 134 and 137 that mimic potassium intake and attack the bones and the internal organs.

I recommend going here where Steven Starr gives a stellar presentation at a symposium on Fukushima at the New York Academy of Medicine, an event sponsored by the Helen Caldicott Foundation. Starr explains to us in layman’s terms how cesium affects us.

Back to Shimatsu

One thing that not even Berkley scientists—who are under strict gag orders to not talk about Fukushima anyhow— nor the EPA for that matter are willing to do is what Shimatsu had the cojones to do this summer: and that is to come to California himself and do the investigative journalism and reporting of the facts with regard to the radiation levels and how Fukushima is impacting the West Coast of North America.

HANFORD: The American Fuksuhima

Shimatsu documented the deaths of seal pups at Catalina Island and near the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS). The latter has now been officially closed and expected to be totally shut down by December 2013 and by 2020 to be totally dismantled.

Shimatsu also went to Oregon and checked the situation at the Hanford Nuclear site and Washington. His report is available here. Enough to say, the entire US Northwest will be affected by the Plutonium that is leaking into the Columbia River as we speak.

The Worst-Case-Scenario is a World-Ends-Scenario

Furthermore, it behooves us to consider the grave nature of this hidden and silent radioactive nightmare. Shimatsu pondered further and mentioned a E.L.E. or Extinction Level Event scenario that could develop if this radioactive mess is not cleaned up and fast. He went on to hypothesize:

“An explosion underground like that, with that much fuel down there, is triggered by tritium—heavy water— would send a shockwave through the rock in all directions, but especially downward. That shockwave could theoretically, as it drives as far as the earth’s mantle, through the solid crust…and form basically a spike. A spike that would go like a nail that would drive right down into the more liquid part of the mantle.”

The repercussions of such an event would mean “…the end of earth as a living thing. Forget all these ‘Gaia Guys’, all these people talking about Climate Change; that [referring to the explosion] would be Total Earth Change (TECH),” he stressed.

Worse even, Shimatsu added, “We’re going back billions of years to a molten planet…if this happens… if this spike forms. The shockwave could actually do that. It could actually elongate the earth’s crust there [under Fukushima], a large sector, turning it into something like a gigantic nail or a bullet, an armored bullet, driving straight down into the earth’s mantle. If that happens, all the molten metals…—we’re not talking about volcanic, we’re not talking about molten rock, we’re not talking about lava—we’re talking about molten metal pouring out of the earth there. And basically, unstoppable, covering the whole planet.”

As it is, the Elites are already paving the way to regulate the very human right of free access to potable water, with this catastrophic scenario, they would not have to worry anymore. Shimatsu said this about what would happen to the water, the sustainer of all the biological life on the planet. “You can forget about the water. Water would just vanish…like smoke from the atmosphere. It would be all gone. There would be nothing left.”

On a more chipper and joyous note, Shimatsu, in his humorous ironic tone said that this would be a possible solution for TEPCO with the unsolvable crisis that the nuclear disaster that Fukushima Daichi has become for the energy giant. He said, “There would no one left to be accountable to and it would be all over.”

Lastly, Shimatsu sends a stark message to the nuclear scientists that dare not go that far and speculate on the worst-case scenario (WCS). Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds & Associates or Chris Harris (pseudonym) and many other activists like Helen Caldicott or Chris Busby come to mind. They should, as Shimatsu urges, deeply consider what could happen while these coriums keep advancing into the earth.

Shimatsu said, “…I hope the nuclear scientists, you know, start thinking seriously about the kind of possibility of a natural explosion down there, below the reactors, of a massive force. A force large enough… we’re talking about a wave-force. The explosion would send a shockwave that… You would feel it all around the planet. It would be felt…I’m sorry…beyond any earthquake seen.”

At the moment of finishing this report, the crisis at Fukushima is only getting worse. Emergency, nation-wide meetings are being held, talks of evacuation millions from Japan to the Asian mainland and the worst of all, the ground under the entire nuclear facility is already giving way and becoming unstable and slushy. When reactor 4 goes with its more than 1,500 nuclear MOX fuel rods (plutonium and uranium) are stored, it will also affect the more than six thousand spent fuel rods in the common fuel pool. These will most-likely reach criticality and start a massive chain reaction that no one can or will ever be able to stop. You, I, and the whole world, at least the 90% of the population of the world that lives in the Northern Hemisphere can kiss this world good-bye.

Accepting the inevitable

I am an optimist, but also a realist. The time has come to get real then. It is time to come terms with the awful reality that this is the end of us. At least the people of Japan and the Northern Hemisphere, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Scandinavia, Russia, parts of Europe, China, and the Koreas.

I highly recommend you watch a movie called On The Beach (full version on Youtube) which helps one deal with the inevitable end due to nuclear energy and weapons and its irresponsible use. Albeit On The Beach is based on a MAD scenario, Mutual Assured Destruction via worldwide thermonuclear war, it shows how families in Australia, the least radioactive continent in the world, cope with the inevitable death of all its citizens, following suit with the rest of the world. The version I watched is not this older 1959 version on Youtube with Gregory Peck but this one produced in 2000.

Now that we are at it, why not take the time this weekend and watch Final Days of Planet Earth. It is a 2006 movie starring Darryl Hannah. Full version is on Youtube here.

Shimatsu concluded, “That’s what we are facing folks. I don’t know what to say, you know? We’re facing [the] total END OF IT.”

Ecumenical Buddhist Prophecy Fulfilled?

Citing his own work and saying that the Mahayan Buddhists, an ecumenical Japanese form of Buddhism, have an eerily similar end-of-the-world prophecy that mirrors the very apocalyptic scenario echoed by Shimatsu, he added, “The earth will end at a time of ultimate corruption of man, when the earth is covered by molten iron, molten metal. So, this is strange that there is an actual possibility of an ancient prophecy being fulfilled. The end of the world could actually be fulfilled. That is very deeply disturbing theological [and] philosophical perspective. This might be a self-fulfilling prophecy by ‘these mad men’ in the nuclear establishment.”

Prophecy Fulfilled!

One of the reasons I decided to write this report was the story that appeared as on this very day that fulfills what Shimatsu said on The Rense Show about the monks and the end of the world. The molten iron that would cover the whole planet coming out from under the ground. Amazingly, Discovery News came out with a story that coincides exactly with the fulfilling prophecy by the Buddhist monks. This is the headline, I kid you not! ‘Atlantic Ocean Floor Unexpectedly Pumping Iron’

Unexpectdly? Yeah sure.

The story describes a massive plume of, guess what?, IRON being pumped out in massive quantities through the crust under the Atlantic Ocean that stems from Algeria all the way to Brazil. It is massive!

How about, due to the Fukushima problem, the Earth’s mantle is already being affected by the molten radioactive coriums. These coriums may have already reached the mantle of planet earth creating some form of reaction that has affected the planet forcing enormous amounts of molten iron to be spewed out into the Atlantic Ocean. I mean, unexpectedly means, ‘all of a sudden’. This means this happened just recently.

Geoengineering the Oceans

Also, it has been documented the intentions of the unholy alliance of the scientific establishment and private interests joining forces to curb their failed global warming theory, a theory they now call just climate change. Well, these Gaia worshippers are already doing just this. They call it ocean fertilization. Read here on how they are in the process of pumping the ocean with iron in order to help the algae population to skyrocket in an attempt to cool down the plant’s temperature. Thank you Mr. Kane for sending me this information!

When There is a Will, There is a Way

On a positive note, Shimatsu says there is a way to stop this End-of-the-World threat at Fukushima. All that is needed is that the ‘crazies’ at the IAEA and the governments of the world reach a consensus and make the Fukushima crisis a problem for all of us to solve. Shimatsu recommends the following:

 “The underground corium pockets can be detected by radiation scanners and with blast tomography, which reveals the locations of larger concentrations. Next, steam-injection pumps used at near-exhausted oil fields should be deployed to pump borax solution into those pockets. Borax unlike boric acid, crystallizes in solution, thereby partitioning the underground spaces with neutron-absorbing barriers. Subdivided into smaller cysts, the fissile materials will be deprived of critical mass.”


We are doomed unless something is done fast. The Illuminati and their supreme leader. Satan, directly benefit by seeing the mega death of people an unsaved souls on planet earth. After all, this is what they so much wanted via population reduction and it is working. By not doing anything to solve the crisis at Fukushima, the reactors are doing the work for them. How convenient.

Some Politicians have even had the nerve to say that radiation is good for us and that it should be dispersed over us. That radiation is good for our immune system that it builds up our defenses. At least that is what Art Robinson, the Chairman of the Oregon Republican party had to say recently.

Maybe it is Robinson who should inject himself with a little chemo full with plutonium on live TV and show us how good it is for the body. What a stupid idiot! He said that he recommends chemtrailing us with radioactive particles and putting the radioactive particles from San Onofre in our drinking water! This is how these psychopaths think! They truly believe they are correct on these matters. They say it to your face and society does not even care anymore.

It is people like these that control the world. Rest assured, their days are also numbered, like Satan’s, and it is only a matter of time where you and I will eventually have to meet Our Maker, Jesus Christ.

This is your last chance…

Anyway, as things keep progressing and prophecies keep fulfilling themselves, one thing is for sure, this is a 100% verifiable fact, and that is that you and everyone else will eventually leave your biological body and your soul, your spirit, which God created, will exit that body and have one eternal abode, Heaven or hell. Heaven by just accepting the one inalienable truth, that Jesus Christ came 1980 years ago to die at the Cross at Calvary and for all our sins. All you need is to accept Jesus Christ now!

Go here, watch the video and ask God for forgiveness and to save your soul now. Who knows, tomorrow it could just be too late and you could end up saved or unsaved.


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