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Obama's White Devil Sabotaged Obama

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Now that the shattered fragments of the Obama presidency will soon be scattered to the winds by the election of Donald Trump, it is time for an honest review of the last eight years of Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House.   It is time to examine how Obama’s beliefs, attitudes, opinions, and ultimately his psychology helped shape and define his character, and how a U.S. presidency that many regard as the most spectacular example of a monumental lost opportunity to permanently recast race relations, unite the nation and re-direct the course of the our Ship of State towards prosperity has been totally squandered on the altar of Political Correctness and a rigid, doctrinaire political ideology.

Despite the constant manipulation of data emerging from official government sources that repeatedly fudged figures on unemployment, labor force participation, food stamps, and other economic indicators, the objective reality is that the American economy spent a dismal eight years floundering upon a windless sea of opportunity, its sails slack for a lack of insight while its regulatory burden increased to near unbearable levels.

Further, the social aspects of Obama’s vision placed far more emphasis on social engineering of our society, such as ObamaCare, gays in the military and transgendered bathrooms, rather than basic economic fundamentals.  More energy was spent anticipating dreaded climate change than dealing with terrorism; more crocodile tears were shed over the perceived plight of millions of illegal alien invaders crossing our borders than admitting the obvious subterfuge of cultivating undocumented democrat voters who were being groomed to be harvested at a later date to insure perpetual Democrat control of both state and federal legislatures.

An honest examination of the last eight years of Obama’s presidency reveals countless missed opportunities, failed policies and a lack of vision coupled with a steely determination to avoid peering beyond the boundaries of a rigid Marxist interpretation of reality.   We would be remiss in our historical obligation to find a root cause for all the repeated failures of the Obama Presidency if we did not exam every aspect of Obama’s character to determine exactly why this President, who rode a wave of bi-partisan and bi-racial good will into the White House, so fundamentally failed in the performance and obligations of the highest elected office in the world.

The most unique aspect of the Obama presidency, as the media never failed to remind us, is that Barack Obama was America’s first Black president. Nevertheless, as most people know, and as Liberal Progressives reluctantly admit, Barack Obama is not completely Black.  Despite the fact that President Obama only identified with 50% of his biological heritage while considering himself to be America’s first “Black” President (with the exception of Bill Clinton, of course), there is no doubt that the Democrat Party and the Mainstream Media all anointed Barack Obama with the distinction of being totally, completely Black, and therefore by extension, America’s first Black President.

Nevertheless, despite the infallibility that being Black confered upon our President, Barack Obama’s eight-year tenure has been inexplicably riddled with failure.   After deriding President Bush for using the Bank of China like a credit card and declaring that a ten trillion dollar debt was unpatriotic, President Obama somehow racked up another ten trillion dollar debt on top of that, so that our new National Debt now totals close to 20 trillion dollars.  He is the only president to ever have eight years (32 consecutive quarters) of less than 3% economic growth.   Food stamps recipients have ballooned under his administration, up 58% among Black households, and the labor force participation rate among Black households has eclipsed nearly 50% of our labor force.  While part-time work has soared, full time work with decent pay and benefits has shrunk, and business formations have dwindled.

Obama’s health care plan (Obama Care) has essentially blown up, with some premiums increasing 116% over last year, while deductibles have approached $12,000 for some.   Now people find they have insurance that pays nothing when they get sick, while they pay thru the nose to keep it—assuming, of course, that they are not paying the “penalty” (tax) to the IRS for being uninsured.    And despite our young, heroic Black president’s promise that if we liked our present health care plan, we could keep it, we couldn’t.  Just another Presidential promise that if we liked our doctor, we could keep our doctor – which we found out was also another Obama lie.

In fact, Obama Care has driven thousands of doctors to leave the medical profession for other fields.   As one former MD confided to a reporter as to the reasons for his departure:   “I became a doctor to help people; not to become an accountant.”   

We also remember how Obama’s architect of this new legislation that took 1/6 of the American Economy off the books, Jonathan Gruber, candidly admitted that the administration had openly lied to the people of the United States in order to pass this law.  It was something they just had to do, laughed Gruber, because the American People are….” too stupid to understand….”.

Ironically, despite a unique opportunity to draw the races together, not only in America but even around the world, President Obama repeatedly played “the race card” and took sides with Blacks against Whites whenever possible.   He politicized the Justice Department, causing the resignation of several high level subordinates who were outraged when Eric Holder, his pick for Attorney General, failed to prosecute the Black Panthers for voter intimidation in Philadelphia outside a polling place as they stood “guard” with uniforms and black jacks.  Instead, Obama did nothing, sending a clear signal as to where his own prejudices lay, while also signaling that his regime would be one of very selective enforcement.  Or, to put it more succinctly, your rights would be enforced –  if you happened to be Black. 

Whenever there was any sort of incident regarding Black people in confrontation with law enforcement, it was a foregone assumption that our first Black president has already jumped to a conclusion regarding the guilt of the police and the innocence of the Black victim.   Obama’s racial prejudice were repeatedly interjected in such cases as the deaths of Trayvon Martin in Florida and the Gentle Giant, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri, for example.

In foreign policy, President Obama jerked our country from one disaster to another.  After precipitously withdrawing all of our soldiers from Iraq over the stated objections of his entire Security Council, the American Public watched as all the cities our troops fought, bled and died for (Mosul, Tikrit, Fallujah, etc.) were again conquered and re-occupied by a new Muslim force called ISIS, which has now come to dominate the Middle East with branches in 32 other countries including the United States and Europe.   We continued to watch as Obama and his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, cheered the takeover of the Egyptian government by the Islamic brotherhood, and we winced as Obama drew his “red line” in Syria regarding chemical weapons, and then pretended he never really did after all.

We vividly remember how effectively Obama pushed for the TARP bailouts for the “too big to fail” banks; and how Obama promised that those funds, a direct rip-off of the American tax payer, were going to pay for new business start-ups and “shovel ready jobs” to help repair America’s crumbling infrastructure.  Eight years later, we learned that less than 5% of the money earmarked for TARP had gone to new jobs or construction, and America’s infrastructure continued to crumble to Third World levels of disrepair.   Despite the evidence of yet more lies and broken promises from our first Black Executive, we watched as Obama laughed and shrugged his shoulders when he flippantly addressed a rapturous audience of castrated media hacks, while chuckling and ruefully admitting:  “Well….I guess those jobs weren’t so shovel ready after all.”  What a kidder, that Barack!!!

We also marveled as President Obama pretended he wasn’t really against the 2nd Amendment, while at the same time the operation known as Fast and Furious emerged from out of the shadows.  ATF agents went about illegally arming Mexican drug cartels with high powered semi-automatic “assault” weapons while lying to the American public and insisting that they had not.  After this clown opera was discovered, the ATF tried to justify their deception by pretending that they were just trying to “track” the weapons to see where they went.   News flash to ATF and Obama – weapons cannot be tracked without tracking devices, and none of the 2,000+ weapons the ATF illegally supplied to the Mexican drug cartels had tracking devices, which lead prescient observers of the political scene to surmise that the real purpose of this international fiasco — which resulted in the murders of hundreds of Mexican citizens as well as the killing of at least one American border agent –was to provide a pretext for the banning of these weapons in America.  No other explanation makes sense.

Not surprisingly, the Mexican Government considered this to be an Act of War by the United States against Mexico, a minor fact that our M/ass Media somehow failed to communicate to its audience here in the states.  This astounding international incident and its ramifications remained buried due to lack of media exposure and analysis; yet if Mexico had been discovered to be secretly supplying 2,000+ high-powered “assault weapons” to American drug gangs with the result that 300+ U.S. citizens had been murdered, there is no doubt there would have been more than a ripple of interest in our media.

Of course, President Obama did vow to get to the bottom of this incident (we are still waiting 5 years later) while he, inexplicably, resorted to hiding behind Executive Privilege for himself regarding this situation, and also extended the same Executive Privilege to Eric Holder and his wife.  I am sure many supporters of President Obama were quite surprised by this subterfuge, as President Obama had assured us that neither he nor anyone else in his administration knew anything about it.  If this were true, however, then such Executive Privilege restrictions on public disclosure would have been totally unnecessary.

Then we have the strange case of the IRS Commissioner Lois Lerner who told Congress that two lone agents, completely on their own, of course, decided to review and repeatedly delay the 501c3 applications of various Tea Party non-profit political groups.   All told, more than 140 groups were affected, as well as 2 “Liberal” groups, a curious ratio that is more than suspect.   But no worries — President Obama, even before the Congressional investigation into IRS malfeasance was completed, assured the American public that there was “….not a smidgen of evidence…” that the IRS had done anything wrong in this situation.   Of course, we believed him, because as the American media never failed to remind us, to doubt his word would have been racist.

Strangely, in the last year of his presidency, we learned that President Obama, despite insisting that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton not use a private Email server for government business, also used the same private Email system to communicate with her despite his own warning not to, and then he lied about doing so directly to the American People by pretending he only learned about Ms. Clinton’s private Email server when the story appeared in the press.   All the while President Obama was using that same system to communicate with Ms. Clinton under an assumed alias at least 5 years earlier.  But since President Obama was already in the habit of shamelessly lying directly to the face of the American People, the media has overlooked this curious ethical lapse.  After all, he is our first Black President.

The Obama Administration also made trans-sexual and trans-gender restroom accommodations a priority in both the military as well as civilian life, so that parents could now feel politically correct as their young girls shared toilet facilities with males of any age who just happened to feel like they were a female at that moment; and our fighting forces, no matter where they might be deployed, could bask in the glow of self-righteous virtue, knowing that they were politically correct while fighting a murderous enemy that was not only painfully gauche but non-progressive as well!

Yet there is no doubt that Barack Hussein Obama seriously considered the long term security of our country, for he addressed a graduating class of Coast Guard cadets by sharing the horror and recognition of the greatest looming catastrophe we face as a nation – the implacable threat of “climate change” — which has morphed over the past 3 decades from global cooling, to global warming, to the amazing admission that weather (climates) change over time, since that’s what “climates” do!   But thanks to Barack’s warning, we could now be prepared to deal with melting ice packs and changing jet streams rather than be concerned with unsettling distractions such as Middle East terrorists trying to sneak nuclear suitcase bombs over our border.  It was, after all, a matter of priorities; and Barack, just like his friends The Weathermen, always knew which way the wind blows!

While some might argue that the mind behind Barack Obama’s glib tongue, which suffered from stuttering paralysis whenever he was catastrophically separated from his teleprompter, hides a third rate intellect masquerading behind the brooding facade of feigned intellectual introspection, I think we must offer our handsome, young President at least the benefit of the doubt, even when he stated flatly that he has learned “Nothing…” (as he did recently when asked) during his 8 year term as President of The United States.

Undoubtedly, Obama was once more displaying his sly, subtle humor with his adoring sycophants, rather than actually revealing the inner mental workings of a rigid, doctrinaire Marxist dupe who continues to see the world thru the same psychic spectacles with which he first entered the Oval Office eight years ago.  For how can one possibly serve as the President of the United States for eight years and literally learn “Nothing” new, as Barack clearly declared, and have no new insights, ideas, inspirations, creative impulses, or revelations?   It simply boggles the mind!   Yet Barack Obama not only made this statement on October 4, 2016; he also doubled down and backed it up by insisting that every decision he has made over the course of the last eight years of his Presidency has been the right one! 

If anyone chooses to disagree with President Obama’s frank self-assessment, it is quite clear that the real problem resides in them and The American People, who are simply wrong in their assessment of Obama’s political legacy.    It is just another example of The American People being unable, intellectually incapable and even unworthy of the brilliance that our first Black President has cast forth upon our Nation from the Olympian abode of his “progressive” vision.

Undoubtedly, the underlying reason for the American electorate’s lack of appreciation for Barack Obama’s piercing perception of the real Truth is that thy continue to harbor inherent racism.   And really, what other reason could there possibly be to think otherwise, in the minds of lap dog Progressive Liberals, the sort of mentality which infests over 90% of our media?  

Therefore, President Obama will leave the Presidency with exactly the same unchallenged thoughts, insights, attitudes, perceptions and ideas he had when he first entered the Oval Office.  That is because he is perfect; and if you are too unappreciative and incapable of understanding how lucky you have been to live in an America under the reign of a perfect President, then you are obviously a racist.  

Yet is it not curious that President Obama would declare that he has learned nothing new and has made no mistakes during the eight years of his presidency when we have already examined numerous examples of his apparent policy failures?   Is there some sort of psychic disconnect in operation here, some puzzling schizophrenia, which would allow President Obama to make such statements and actually believe them? 

Perhaps the answer to how President Obama can make such patently absurd statements, while the tattered ashes of his presidency fall down upon Washington DC and the rest of this nation for all who have eyes to see, has yet another cause, less visible yet ironic in its implications.

The many lapses and failures in President Obama’s domestic policy, foreign policy, and in the fields of economics, law, justice, society and the environment are unarguable while at the same time he presides over a crumbling economy he refuses to recognize.   So why does President Obama believe every one of his decisions were correct despite evidence all around him to the contrary?   I, for one, am forced to consider only one possible hypothesis.  In fact, one of my favorite comedians, Flip Wilson, encapsulated the Obama conundrum precisely and in a manner no politically correct minion of the Progressive Liberal Left agenda could possibly argue with – The Devil Made Him Do It!

Tellingly, the only devil Barack Obama has ever recognized (being that he is a Marxist and does not believe in Heaven, Hell, or a personal God) is his White genetic inheritance!   Yes, just like Louis Farrakhan has noted many times, White people are devils; and President Obama, burdened as he has been with a suppressed alter ego that is at least 50% White, has, in my opinion, been sabotaged by his White side over and over again.   Really, how else can good Liberal Progressive PC people think otherwise? What other possible reason could there be?

It is my hypothesis that Obama’s unfortunate White side, his suppressed “Whiteness”, has sabotaged his better Black judgment repeatedly, and made him speak with a forked tongue, just as President Obama berated his grandmother’s thoughts and behavior as that of  “…a typical White person….”  That forked tongue has enabled President Obama to believe his own lies, and bask in his own BS, while remaining blind and oblivious to the obvious disasters his decisions have imposed upon America and the world at large.

Knowing that President Obama’s keen power of perception and his unblemished record of racial fairness could in no way account for his repeated failures and lies to the American people, there is only one possible reason left for President Obama’s massive failures, deceptions and hypocrisy:  it is his suppressed “White” side,

his repressed “White-ness” — that has repeatedly sabotaged this noble Black Nobel prize winner and made him a laughing stock throughout the leadership of the entire civilized world.

Therefore, in the final analysis, it was Barack Obama’s White mother, porn model and aspiring Communist sycophant Stanley Anne Dunham, who “Dunham” wrong.   It was Obama’s White genetic inheritance, inherently jealous and at war with the brilliance of Obama’s Blackness, that must have made him second guess himself, make impulsive, ignorant racial pronouncements, repeatedly lie and mislead the American Public, and unconsciously adopt the Cloward-Piven strategy of burdening the American economy with massive entitlements imposed upon the United States government thru successive waves of illegal immigration in order to hasten the economic collapse of America.

It must be so, because if it is not, then we must actually blame Obama’s repeated failures, in every aspect of his presidency, upon Obama himself!  However, it is my contention that President Obama’s overriding obsession to identify with only 50% of his genetic inheritance while being in direct conflict with the remaining 50% of his being created a psychic split in his personality.  This is the curse of racial schizophrenia at its worst, and it may be that our beloved “strapping, young Socialist” (as he once described himself during a Washington Press Club dinner) suffered silently as this psychic scourge took its toll upon his mental abilities, including his ability to perceive and admit the Truth to himself.  

As every politically correct Progressive Liberal knows, all Evil in this world has only one basis – White People – so it is clear that ANY error and deception President Obama committed while in office must be lain at the feet of his suppressed White genetic inheritance – that lurking White Devil – that Obama so valiantly fought against throughout his Presidency.

Therefore, if one wishes to discover the root cause of on any failure on the part of President Obama, it can only be laid, ultimately, at the feet of White People – the very same White People who perversely voted for him – twice — to be the President of the United States. 

Therefore, the “White Devil” hypothesis must be – has to be – the only valid explanation for Barack Obama’s monumental failure as President.   Otherwise, Liberal-Progressives might be forced to conclude that Barack Hussein Obama is actually personally responsible for all of the disappointments, lies, errors, deceptions, corruptions and unconstitutional atrocities he has visited upon this nation and our world during the last eight years. 

As any die hard Progressive Leftist will be quick to point out, to lay ANY blame at the foot of our first Black President, who not only thinks he is perfect, has learned nothing new over the past eight years, and also believes that every decision he has ever made over the last eight years is correct, proves that you are obviously a racist!

Rather than blame the failures of Barack Obama’s presidency on his inflexible Marxist educational perspective, fostered at the Communist knee of Frank Marshall Davis, which sees all conflict and discord only in terms of class struggle, racial bias or sexual antagonisms — a philosophy that is morally, ethically, socially, economically and spiritually bankrupt — the only reason anyone would personally blame Barack Hussein Obama for any responsibility his policies and decisions have fostered upon America and the world at large is racism! 

And if you personally blame President Obama, then according to current Liberal-Progressive “philosophy”, since only White people can be racists, the only “color” you can possibly be is WHITE!

Admit it!  For you to blame President Obama for ANY failures of his Presidency proves he is yet again a VICTIM of your inherent White racial prejudice.  

Therefore, no matter what “color” you may happen to be, at your core, you must be just another oppressive racist White Devil!  For buried deep in the cortex of all Liberal-Progressive “minds” resides the infallible “truth” that the only “devil” that exists in our world is White! 



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