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Social-Media... TLB-talk relaunch happening July 2024...

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BeforeItsNews readers Sneak-Peek (BTS/SP) at upcoming TheLibertyBeacon piece (“TLB-Talk relaunch”) dropping Sat. June 22nd 2024…

[ June 22 2024 – 1,400 words, 1 images, 2 videos – conjunction w/ CTP S2E53 ]

TLB-Talk relaunch

I have talked social-media in general before, but now is a great time to talk about it again with the relaunch of TLB Talk coming July 1st 2024… I was very upset when ReTalk (out of UK) shutdown permanently at the beginning of this year – had some great discussions with a lot of wonderful, thoughtful, logic/reason/common-sense people there. If I recall correctly, I had even referenced a couple TLB-Talk, ReTalk, GAB, and X (X conversation just a few weeks ago) that inspired TLB (in whole or in part) pieces (and cross-referenced/linked at times). So glad TLB-Talk just took a reboot/rebuild hiatus temporarily; as had and look forward to many more great discussions again there too.


[image source: (partial image)]

First, I am certainly looking forward to TLB-Talk return. Remember, though, I’ve said this over and over about any site – whether social-media, articles/news/opinion based, whatever, type of site, it is NOT necessarily the site but the folks you find there! Like I’ve said about BeforeItsNews when someone over the years (as I’ve been writing there far longer than here on/for TheLibertyBeacon) tries to Alinsky attack/dismiss a piece there. Heck, remember back when Glenn Beck was on CNN. CNN, of course, is trash, but his Shows were great and worthy of watching – held value as reality based vs the worthless other Shows on that Network Unicorn-fart-fantasy Leftist delusion spin and false-narratives based. Same holds for anything – there are good people, bad people, and sometimes outright real nut-jobs; and the latter does not diminish the “value” those in the “good people” (dealing in reality) bring/offer category. If a/any site is really a FREE SPEECH site, there will be “all kinds” (and remember “I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” (Evelyn Beatrice Hall; her words but attributed to Voltaire’s sentiments in her “Friends of Voltaire” book) doesn’t mean we have to put-up with them long-term on social-media and why the Mute/Block functions exist (as you have a right to say, not a right to demand I listen to your babblings/rantings/lunacy)) and mix of folks.

As Reagan said (well, he said a lot of great things, specifically in this case) “Trust, but Verify!” You have to find the “trustworthy” more traditional “Journalist” type folks (bother to Fact Check and actually try to cover whole story – the good, the bad, the ugly, where the facts lead) vs modern Leftist Activist “Reporters” that just “Parrot” what their favorite people say and try pretend it truth (whether is or not, almost always from Fascicrats NOT – therefore they avoid any Fact Checking) and “IF” they even pretend to bring “balance” they will counter with a Fake Republican (CINO, RINO) that will only ever “mildly” disagree (but not really) if not many times align with their LEFTIST FRIEND (CINOs, RINOs, are all part of the Leftist #DeepState – and spare me the Uni-Party thing as discussed before it is WE THE PEOPLE! There are some really good Republicans, just not enough, and ARE YOU a Delegate what are you DOING vs WHINING?!?!?).

So, welcome back TLB-Talk – I can’t wait to start stirring things up (hey, I got my “shit-stirrer” reputation to maintain) there again. LOL


[in TLB piece video is embeded at this point, can be seen there, also including here in the B4IN piece.]
VIDEO (35m 23s):
CTP (S1E13) “Social-Media Censorship” Behind-The-Scenes Sneak-Peek video of Sat. Sep. 16 2023 Show


Despite Elon and new crew, now having had some time, Twatter (aka: X) has indeed “gotten better” in some regards and in others far worse, So many complaining about various glitches that seem to pop-up here and there seemingly without rhyme or reason. But I have said this since day one that Elon did officially take over and did his first round of Leftist activists rather than real IT employees to create an efficient system. As a former IT guy myself I understand that when you’re dealing with inherited code that was likely already patch-work (and worse, landmines added through-out, duplicative code, what-not, as they had a lot of time for malarky before they were to hand over control and wanting to sabotage it all).

Often, if you’re dealing with code that has been patched, repatched, bubble gummed and duct taped, attempts to apply still more patches to “remedy” what is a perceived problem and change code overall intent from its “attacking Conservatives” intent as been the purposeful, willful, and with malice in intent, way to act (AI automation just to do, not think or certainly never give benefit of doubt to those designated as potential targets for suspensions or outright removal/perma-ban).

As I said from start Twatter/X needs a complete bottom up rewrite and Elon should have priorly announced (still should now, since he hadn’t) will happen (he should know that is what ultimately needed, he’s supposed to be a genius, right? Should know that) – meantime, while a team works on that (will take long time, to do it right) they will do their best at patching. However genius’ often lack some common-sense or lose foresight – focus so much on one Tree completely missing the overall broader picture/Forest (as I’ve covered in a few CTP Shows). And the other thing, Elon is clearly really focused on HOW QUICKLY can he monetize anything and everything in Twatter/X (pushing people to “Twatter Blue” fees); and I get that, I am a Free Market Capitalist, he deserves ROI; but that is clearly a primary focus – but, I gotta ask, if you want people to PAY YOU for a Service it outta bleeping WORK! You do not entice people to be willing to PAY for something “buggy” and “glitchy” (and I am hearing from folks about “issues” with follows, followings, disappearing of same, groups, Spaces, virtually everything “glitches” in some form for far too many) due to all the attempts to fix it all on the cheap/quick.

I mean really, constantly hearing about people who were following folks and poof (no longer following). Worse, people who all of a sudden DROP by 100 followers. What, as if 100 people all about exact same time decide “you are no longer worthy of following” and unfollow? Or 100 people all at exact same time decide to deactivate their accounts (and indeed would just vanish from the list of those they followed).

At any rate – enough about the Twatter/X saga… some would say FIASCO! Put me in the latter category. If you do not recall, I wrote on TLB before “Who All Still Being Censored On Twitter After Elon Takeover” piece. Also, this piece is getting long already so – I was going to import prior BeforeItsNews “Social-Media Never Surrender” piece, but I’ll leave it to you if you want to go down that additional concept (WHY… Would we want to limit our own reach? Self-censor?!?!? Let the Left push us out/away from anywhere, vs our need to FIGHT?). Concluded with I was on, at one time, 15 different social-media platforms; sadly a few of them either went away, had too many bugs/glitches (more these days than, OAN’s thing they seemed to have put up and do not seem to really monitor and IMO/seemingly refuse to fix anything; to the point where I gave up on them entirely) to remain there, got “perma-banned,” etc., but remain at and active at as many of them as possible – again, why would I want to limit my reach and I/we need recognize “Preaching to only the Choir” doesn’t gain us any Political ground (gotta convince those inDUHpendents you can no longer PRETEND you are somehow above it all – if you do not oppose Fascicrats you are a useful-idiot to/for them and their agenda at breaking down Western Culture (just like GIJIAS Terrorists).

[in TLB piece video is embeded at this point, can be seen there]
VIDEO (21m 34s):
CTP (S1EListenerFeedbackMar2024, 20240306) Tino on Censorship S1E13 Show Feedback BTS/SP Video:              


[TLB NOTE: This piece appeared on BeforeItsNews on Mon. May 27th (Memorial Day) as a B4IN Behind-The-Scenes early Sneak-Peek of this article with a couple of additional images embedded in order to help promote TheLibertyBeacon (and, yes, of course, obviously, my TLB fare and my CTP Show). Doing a/the BTS/SP over on B4IN sometimes too helps me “develop” and “tweak” a TLB piece for publication here as it can be “perfected” before release here, as too I did the “Mother’s Day (retrospective)” article (MDR via B4IN and MDR via TLB).]

[TLB NOTE: This piece appeared on BeforeItsNews on Mon. May 27th (Memorial Day) as a B4IN Behind-The-Scenes early Sneak-Peek of this article with a couple of additional images embedded in order to help promote TheLibertyBeacon (and, yes, of course, obviously, my TLB fare and my CTP Show). Doing a/the BTS/SP over on B4IN sometimes too helps me “develop” and “tweak” a TLB piece for publication here as it can be “perfected” before release here, as too I did the “Mother’s Day (retrospective)” article (MDR via B4IN and MDR via TLB).]


See the CTP episode when it drops transcript at/via buzzsprout for Show Notes and list of related items sub-links specific to the episode (as is case with each Show/episode related sub-links to/for each episode in each buzzsprout transcript of each regular (weekly, Saturday’s, monologue Show) drops). Below are the “repeated” each episode related sub-links…

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(several days ago)


I just came from Woodmere Cemetary (Detroit, where our Family plots are) not only to visit Family that has passed (RIP) but too to stop along the countless sections of countless rows of our countless fallen Heroes/Troops! thelibertybeacon / honoring-the-fallen-beyond-memorial-day




LOOK BACK and SNEAK-PEEK: The next several TLB pieces and correlating/corresponding CTP Shows (planned going forward from May 11th – June 22nd) already outlined, ready to go, in some cases actually already pre-recorded. Why mention such? Well, it means I can add this COMING SOON (and/or recently dropped) addition/section to the Show Notes…

  • May 11 – S1E47: Continued Left-wing Violence 
  • May 18 – S1E48: Let Them Keep Pushing, Generational Shift Occurring 
  • May 25 – S1E49: Mother’s Day retrospective  (Ex Post Facto piece, just as last year’s Memorial Day and 4th-Of-July pieces were) 
  • June 1 – S1E50: Slaves To State 
  • June 8 – S1E51: Is Prayer Alone Enough? [also note: CTP2 dropping]
  • June 15 – S1E52: Rising Tides Lift All Boats 
  • June 22 – S2E53: TLB-Talk relaunch







Rick Walker joined me on my Show awhile back – see:

2023 in review…

CTP (S1E33, 20240203 drop, BTS/SP) “Brain-Dead Folks 1 (that’s a harsh title LOL)” BehindTheScenes/SneakPeek Video

[BRIEF NOTE: There has been, continues to be AN ISSUE with BeforeItsNews of late (in certain B4IN category sections, not all) in embedding Videos that I have filed a Support ticket regarding and still awaiting resolve. Normally, I am able to add several embedded Videos within every piece. For some reason I am limited to only including one as attempting more causes entire HTML code and parts of Articles TO VANISH. So, there will be additional links to Videos. Related Videos that I had hoped to embed throughout are...
"(CTP S1E28) SneakPeek/BTS "Can One 'Generalize' About Women Voters?" (Audio Show drops 20231230)"
or Rumble:
"CTP BTS/SP (S1EDecSpecial (MidWeek 12/6/23 drop)) "Dating in these WOKE times" Politics dividing."
"CTP S1ENov2023Special BTS/SP "Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas""
"CTP S1E25 BTS/SP Video "Year in Review (part 1)" 20231209 Audio podcast drop"
"CTP BTS/SP Video (S1E26) Year in Review (part 2)"
These Videos are also available via Bitchute and Brighteon @JLenardDetroit channels.
To see my CTP Show "Soundbites" samples - see: 
Take these, and of course ANY of the ChristiTutionalist TM Politics episodes on the Road (or whatever/where-ever) with you via Buzzsprout or any of the 14 other podcast platforms it is available. ]





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    I hope RETALK out of England comes back soon too. I really liked interacting with the folks over there.

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